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A Guide to Utilizing CBD for Mindfulness and Meditation

March 11, 2024 in Dabs

Finding moments of peace and clarity can seem like a luxury in the fast-paced world of today. Many people use mindfulness and meditation techniques to develop inner serenity and focus in the middle of the daily grind. However, did you know that cannabidiol, or CBD, can be a useful tool to improve these practices? We’ll look at how CBD can enhance mindfulness and meditation in this book, opening doors to a more profound sense of peace and present.

Table of Contents

Understanding CBD

Let’s first explore what CBD is before exploring how it can help with mindfulness and meditation. One of the compounds in the cannabis plant is called CBD. Since CBD is non-psychoactive, it doesn’t cause the “high” that is commonly associated with cannabis usage, in contrast to its cousin THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Rather, CBD is praised for its possible medicinal benefits, which include easing pain, encouraging relaxation, and lowering anxiety.

The body’s endocannabinoid system, a network of receptors that regulates a number of physiological processes like mood, appetite, sleep, and stress response, is impacted by CBD. Through regulating the function of these receptors, CBD can assist in reestablishing equilibrium and advancing general health. 

CBD and Mindfulness

Being completely present and conscious of our thoughts, feelings, and sensations in the here and now is the practice of mindfulness. By calming the mind and reducing distractions that can make it difficult for us to be present, CBD can enhance mindfulness.

Before beginning a mindfulness practice, CBD may help reduce tension and anxiety, allowing for a more intense and thorough meditation experience. CBD creates a calm state by slowing down nervous system activity, which makes it easier to observe thoughts and feelings without getting entangled.

Including CBD vape juice in your mindfulness practice is a practical and efficient way to take advantage of its advantages. Vaping CBD facilitates its quick bloodstream absorption, which helps to reduce anxiety symptoms and promote calmness.

CBD and Meditation

Training the mind to become more aware of and focused on its surroundings is the goal of meditation practice. By promoting relaxation and reducing the mental chatter that usually arises when trying to calm the mind, CBD can improve meditation.

Many meditation practitioners have noticed that CBD speeds up the process of entering a deeply relaxed state, making it easier to access higher states of awareness. Furthermore, CBD’s ability to reduce physical discomfort can make sitting for extended periods of time more comfortable, allowing practitioners to extend their meditation sessions.

Use tinctures or edibles to incorporate CBD into your meditation practice. These products offer long-lasting advantages that might enhance your meditation practice by promoting calmness and focus.

How to Use CBD for Mindfulness and Meditation

Now that we know that CBD may help with mindfulness and meditation, let’s look at some methods for incorporating it into your daily routine:

Choose the Right CBD Product: There are several different ways to consume CBD, including oils, pills, sweets, and topical applications. Try out many goods to find the one that best suits your needs and tastes.

Start with a Low Dose: If you’re not experienced with CBD, start out with a low dose and work your way up to the recommended quantity. By using this method, you may evaluate the effects of CBD on your body and mind without taxing your system excessively.

Take CBD Before Practice: Take your favorite CBD product around half an hour before beginning your mindfulness or meditation practice for best results. This duration gives the CBD enough time to get into your system and start working.

Set an Intention: Make your aims clear before you start if you want to use CBD to improve your mindfulness or meditation experience. Focus and direction can be maintained by making clear goals like reducing anxiety, enhancing focus, or encouraging deeper relaxation.

Be Mindful of Your Experience: See how CBD affects your overall mood. Observe any changes in your feelings, ideas, or physical experiences. Remember that everyone reacts to CBD differently, so while you research its effects, be patient and receptive to new ideas.

Including CBD in your mindfulness and meditation practice is a powerful way to enhance your overall well-being. As a result of its ability to reduce anxiety, encourage relaxation, and calm the mind, CBD helps people become more present and peaceful within. It’s best to begin with a low dosage, use premium CBD products, and be aware of CBD’s physiological and psychological impacts. Using the medicinal qualities of CBD can improve your mindfulness and meditation practice with commitment and time.

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Yocan Black Phaser Max Review – The Best Electric Dab Rig

February 25, 2024 in Dabs, Products, Uncategorized


The Best Electric Dab Rig

The Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig is the best electric dab rig for its cost – the perfect balance between convenience and power. The rig’s design is sleek and comfortable in your hand, with a weight that feels durable.  I’ve personally used this for the last 8 months, and I love it.  Its been everywhere with me, and it’s never failed.  These are the best portable dab rig that’s relatively cheap.  Dab rig prices can get high these day’s and Yocan holds it down on the cheap prices.  This is one of the dope dab rigs on the market.

The unit charges fast, gives big hoots, and can withstand being tossed around at a party.  It’s customizable through the digital screen and fires up fast – It literally takes about 5 seconds until you’re dabbing.  There’s no wait time, the battery lasts longer than most devices and it’s an overall wonderful device.

Yocan takes a massive W with making this portable dab rig insanely convenient and quick heating. Buy the Yocan Phaser Max at the best price here.  In fact, while writing this review we managed to drop the Yocan Phaser twice on the ground, without any damage. This thing is indestructible, even the glass globe.

Here’s our rating of the cheap dab rig, and a great portable dab rig option – the Yocan Black Phaser Max:

0 /10
0 /10
0 /10
0 /10
0 /10
0 /10

Yocan Phaser Max Review


Battery Life

The 1800mAh battery encased within the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig is not just a component; it’s the lifeblood of this device, providing users with an exceptionally long-lasting experience. In practical terms, what this means is that you’re able to enjoy session after session without the constant concern of running out of power. Whether you’re at home or out and about, the anxiety of a dying battery is virtually non-existent. The speed at which this rig charges is equally impressive. With the USB Type-C technology, you’ll find the device reaching full power in no time, ensuring that your rig is always ready for action when you are. This quick turnaround is a boon for those who value efficiency and can’t afford to be tethered to a charging cable for hours.

In my experiences with the Phaser Max mini dab rig set, the battery life has always pulled through.  It’s quick charging when it dies, and the battery lasts long enough to take out for the day.  At low temps it lasts far longer.  The battery is powerful if needed to take a massive dab which is needed often.



I’m going to keep this one simple.  The design is perfect.. almost.  There’s one improvement I would like to see since we are stoners and sometimes clumsy.  The base is a little small, it tips once in a while.  Since it’s durable it’s not a big deal, but I wish the base had a few millimeters added to it.  If this was adjusted, design would be a 9.

The shape is perfect, the buttons are in well designed spots.  Everything can be done with one hand from setting it, to taking a dab.  It’s really a portable dab rig with the ultimate convenience and Yocan put their time into making this as one handed as possible.



$160 Great Price
  • Fast Hoots
  • Set Any Temp
  • Great Battery
  • Durable


  • Annoying to Clean


The Hoots?

The Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig is a revelation when it comes to the quality and speed of its hoots. You can pick it up, and dab in seconds.  The warm up is faster than any unit I have ever tried.

Within mere seconds, less than 5 for the most part – it reaches the desired temperature you’ve set. This rapid readiness is ideal dabbing on the go under inconvenient circumstances. 

Adjusting the temperature to suit different extracts is effortless and instantaneous, allowing for a tailored dabbing experience each time. Whether you’re seeking the robust flavor profiles at lower temperatures or the intense clouds that higher temperatures can provide, the Phaser Max E-Rig responds to your preferences with precision and ease.

During my time with the rig, I’ve been consistently impressed with the smoothness and potency of each draw. The dual coil system deserves praise for its efficiency; it wastes no time in converting your concentrates into the powerful hoots that make the dabbing experience so coveted. The Glass Viewport Carb Cap not only serves as a protective measure but also as a window into the alchemy of vapor production, allowing you to witness the transformation of solid to vapor, an added visual treat that accompanies the already sensational experience.



The Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig is a fortress of a device, built to withstand the unpredictable nature of daily life. Its durability is not an empty promise but a proven reality. In my own experiences, the rig has survived a litany of drops and accidents that would spell the end for lesser devices. The robust construction absorbs the shock of impacts with grace, leaving the rig unscathed and fully operational. But its resilience isn’t limited to solid ground; the rig has also proven its mettle against the elements. An accidental drenching left me anxious for the worst, but to my surprise, the Phaser Max E-Rig emerged from its unintended bath performing as flawlessly as ever.

This level of durability is a boon for dab enthusiasts who lead dynamic lifestyles. You can carry the rig with confidence, knowing that it can endure the bumps and spills of travel and outdoor adventures. The water bubbler, which could be a point of vulnerability, is crafted with such quality that it too shares in the rig’s overall sturdiness. The Phaser Max E-Rig’s resistance to wear and tear is not just impressive; it’s essential, ensuring that your investment remains sound over time.

After 8ish months of hard usage, mine still looks brand new.



Convenience is woven into the fabric of the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig’s design, making it a standout in the realm of portable dab rigs.  You can pick this rig up, click the button in, and you are dabbing in less than 5 seconds.  I feel like it’s the device everyone’s been waiting for, new dabber or seasoned vet.

The ergonomic shape (that fits perfectly in cup holders) and decent weight distribution make handling the device a pleasure, allowing for extended sessions without any discomfort. Switching the temp for difference concentrates is easy and there is little hacks to customize basically everything.

My hands-on experience with the rig has only served to confirm its practicality. The Line of Sight Display Screen is a thoughtful addition that allows for quick and easy monitoring of temperature settings and battery life, keeping you fully in control without any guesswork. The 15-Second-Safety Shut-Off feature provides peace of mind, knowing that the rig will not overheat if left unattended. The rig’s user-friendly interface, coupled with its portable nature, means that taking a dab is as simple as reaching into your pocket, regardless of where you find yourself. The Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig is the epitome of dabbing convenience, designed for those who want their sessions to be straightforward and unencumbered.

Yocan Phaser Max Review


Cleaning the Yocan Phaser

While the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig excels in many areas, cleaning this device does require a bit more effort and attention. After extensive use, concentrates can leave residue that needs to be addressed to maintain optimal performance and flavor. While some may see this as a downside, it’s important to consider it as part of the ritual of maintaining a high-quality dab rig. The dual coil system and water bubbler are designed to be removed and cleaned separately, which is a thoughtful touch allowing for more thorough maintenance. With some isopropyl alcohol, a few cotton swabs, and a bit of patience, you can ensure that each component is restored to its pristine condition.

The real annoyance comes with the neck between the coil and glass.  It’s hard to get into, although they provide a nice pipe cleaner with the box for this exact purpose
Feature Specification
Battery Capacity 1800mAh
Charging Technology USB Type-C
Temperature Setting Precision control
Display Screen Line of Sight OLED
Safety 15-Second Shut-Off
Cap Glass Viewport Flip Cap
Water Filtration Bubbler included
Coil System Dual Coil
Chipset S1 Reactive
Size and Weight Portable, ergonomic, lightweight

Unboxing the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig

The unboxing of this unit is fun. It comes in a quality box with clean design.  And of course the best part is all the accessories the come with it.

  • Central to the kit is the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig unit, a marvel of vaping technology.
  • The significant 1800mAh Battery Capacity ensures your dabbing sessions last as long as you do.
  • The USB Type-C Charging Technology stands ready to rapidly replenish the rig’s power.
  • Precision Temperature Setting is at your fingertips for the ultimate control over your dabbing experience.
  • A Line of Sight Display Screen keeps you informed and in command of every session.
  • A 15-Second-Safety Shut-Off feature for peace of mind and safety.
  • The Glass Viewport Flip Cap, an elegant touch adding convenience and style.
  • The water bubbler, an essential piece for cool, smooth hits.
  • A Dual Coil System that guarantees efficient vaporization of your preferred extracts.
  • The S1 Reactive Chipset, the brain behind the operation, ensuring responsive and reliable performance.

Yocan Phaser Max Alternatives

BrandModelHootsDurabilityConvenienceBattery LifeCleaningOverallVape Review
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Dr. DabberBoost Evo eRig      Boost Evo eRig Review
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Carta Vape RigFocus V Carta E-Nail      Focus V Carta E-Nail Review
Global SourcesMingvape LUXO      Mingvape LUXO Review
OozeElectro Barrel E-Rig      Electro Barrel E-Rig Review
ZencoZenco Duo      Zenco Duo Review

Yocan Phaser Max Review

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This Week in Weed – Weed News Wrap Up (USA)

February 18, 2024 in Business, Today In Weed

DOJ’s New Testing Methods: The U.S. Department of Justice has introduced new testing methods for marijuana and hemp. These developments suggest an ongoing effort to standardize and improve the accuracy of testing in the industry, which is crucial for ensuring product safety and regulatory compliance (Marijuana Moment).

Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Proposal Fails: A Republican-led initiative to legalize medical marijuana in Wisconsin has not succeeded, showcasing the complex political landscape and the varying attitudes towards cannabis policy reform at different state levels (US News).


Nevada Consumption Lounge Approval: Nevada has given the green light to its first cannabis consumption lounge, marking a significant step for the state in cannabis social use policy. This move is expected to enhance the consumer experience and could become a model for other states considering similar measures (MJ Biz Daily US).

Cannabis Spot Index Decrease: The U.S. Cannabis Spot Index, which provides a measure of the wholesale cannabis price, has decreased by 3.0% to $1,045 per pound at the beginning of 2024. This decline reflects an ongoing downtrend in prices and may be indicative of broader market dynamics such as oversupply or changing consumer demand (Cannabis Benchmarks).

South Carolina Medical Marijuana Legislation: The state of South Carolina is once again considering legislation to legalize medical marijuana, highlighting the progressive movement towards cannabis acceptance in traditionally conservative regions of the country (ABC News).

Connecticut’s Marijuana Shortage: Connecticut is currently experiencing a marijuana shortage, while neighboring New York has an oversupply. This contrast highlights the logistical and regulatory challenges faced by states with legal cannabis markets and emphasizes the need for balanced supply chain management (US News).

New York’s Marijuana Business Licenses: New York has awarded an additional 110 adult-use marijuana business licenses, a significant expansion of its legal cannabis market. This increase in licenses is set to boost the industry and provide numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to enter the space (MJ Biz Daily Latest News).

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This Week in Weed – News Wrap Up (Canada)

February 18, 2024 in Business, Today In Weed

Cannabis Sales Milestone: Since the legalization of cannabis in October 2018, Canadian cannabis stores have achieved substantial economic success, with sales surpassing $16 billion, highlighting the significant commercial impact and consumer demand within the country’s legal cannabis market (StratCann).

Cannabis Destruction Record: Canadian cannabis operators destroyed an unprecedented amount of legal cannabis in 2022 and 2023, totaling 3.7 million pounds. This action reflects issues with oversupply and market saturation, prompting discussions about production practices and inventory management within the industry (Ganjapreneur).

Sector Valuation and Decline: The Canadian cannabis sector saw a valuation peak of $10.8 billion in 2023 but has faced a subsequent decline. The industry is reflecting on the lessons learned and the growth achieved since legalization, considering how to adapt to the evolving market and consumer needs (Statistics Canada).

British Columbia allows promotion of outdoor cannabis consumption areas: In British Columbia, landlords and strata corporations have the legal authority to set rules regarding smoking cannabis within their properties. This includes the ability to ban smoking inside units and on balconies to protect the health and safety of residents. However, a recent announcement has indicated that British Columbia is allowing the promotion of outdoor cannabis consumption areas. This is seen as a move to improve hospitality and tourism business opportunities, suggesting a more relaxed approach to cannabis use in certain outdoor settings.  (MJ Biz Daily, Smoke-Free Housing BC).

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Maximizing Yields and Quality By Adding Blackstrap Molasses in Flowering

February 17, 2024 in Growing, Weed

You are on the quest to grow the best weed. And we might have a way to help your harvest improve in both yield and quality.

Enter blackstrap molasses. This robust byproduct of the sugar refining process is making waves among growers for its potential to enhance the flowering phase of cannabis plants. But what is the science behind this sugary supplement, and how can cultivators harness its benefits and what exactly does it do?  Below you will learn how blackstrap molasses can make your grow a little bit better, how to use molasses when growing weed and what the process behind it’s magic is.


Table of Contents

Should I Use Molasses When Growing Weed?

Blackstrap molasses is rich in essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iron, which are crucial for the healthy growth of cannabis plants. During the flowering stage, cannabis plants have an increased demand for these nutrients to support the development of buds. This is where molasses steps in, serving as a natural, cost-effective supplement or super nutrient.

The high sugar content of molasses also feeds the beneficial microbes present in the soil. These microorganisms break down complex organic matter into simpler forms that the plant roots can easily absorb. This symbiotic relationship between the microbes and the roots leads to a healthier root zone and, consequently, more robust plant growth.

Furthermore, molasses can help improve the soil’s structure, increase its water-holding capacity, and reduce the risk of nutrient lockout by lowering the soil pH slightly. This ensures that your cannabis plants can access the nutrients they need without hindrance.

Does Molasses Help You Grow Better Weed?

Growers who incorporate blackstrap molasses into their feeding regimen often report a range of tangible benefits, here’s a few recorded benefits from cultivars we trust.

Benefits To Using Molasses for Growing Weed

  • Enhanced Bud Quality: Molasses can contribute to denser, more resinous buds, potentially leading to a more potent and aromatic final product.
  • Improved Plant Health: The boost in nutrients and microbial activity helps the plants to fend off diseases and pests more effectively.
  • Increased Yield: With optimal conditions and nutrient availability, plants are likely to produce a more abundant harvest with potentially bigger and stickier buds.

How To Use Molasses For Growing Weed

To reap the benefits of blackstrap molasses in your cannabis garden, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Right Product: Ensure you’re using unsulphured blackstrap molasses, as it is the purest form without additives that could harm your plants.

  2. Mixing it Up: Dilute one to two tablespoons of molasses in a gallon of water. This will be your molasses solution.

  3. Application: Use the molasses solution to water your plants, ensuring even distribution across the soil.

  4. Monitor and Adjust: Pay close attention to your plants’ response. If they show signs of distress, adjust the concentration or frequency of molasses application.

  5. Flush Before Harvest: To ensure a clean-tasting final product, cease molasses application a couple of weeks before harvest and flush the soil with plain water.

  6. Timing is Key: Start incorporating molasses into your feeding schedule during the transition to the flowering stage and continue until one to two weeks before harvest.

When To Use Molasses When Growing Weed?

The use of blackstrap molasses in the flowering stage of cannabis cultivation is more than an old wives’ tale.  Use molasses when entering flowering to spark the benefits.  Begin to feed slowly and monitor the plants receptiveness to your new feeding mixture.

The science supports its benefits, and the results speak for themselves. By following the guidelines outlined above, you can sweeten the deal for your cannabis plants, leading to a more fruitful and flavorful harvest. Embrace the molasses magic, and watch your cannabis garden flourish.

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Super Bowl Weed Game

February 11, 2024 in Cannabis Inspired, Dabs, Sports, Today In Weed, Weed


It’s that time of year again and we know that the weed smokers are taking a bite out of the beer drinkers this year.  So without further adoo, we put together a few different drinking games for the joint smokers, bong hooters and dabbers of the football world.

For this game, you will need to have a metric shit ton of joints on deck, fresh flower to hit from a bong or pipe, and naturally a bong or pipe.  Happy Super Bowl to all you weed smokers out there. Have an amazing day.  At the bottom we made a printable table so you guys can keep track of your tallys.

Side note: WIN a prize of 1 men’s and 1 women’s EXTRACT TEES to one special group who uploads a picture of their tally list from the Super Bowl Weed Game and shares it on their Instagram story / profile feed with @extractmags tagged!  Uploads must be done by the end of the day Monday and we will choose winners via Instagram on Tuesday morning.

Here’s how to play the best Weed Super Bowl game in the world:

  • Start with everyone choosing a team
  • Start with everyone choosing the final score at halftime + the final score
  • Print a sheet / or get a piece of paper to tally up who completes the most tasks
  • Everyone must have their own sack of weed and dabs – The person with the MOST tallies at the end of the game wins – Each player will give them 1/2 of their remaining product 

Take a Hoot of a Pipe or Bong If…

  • 15+ yard run from any team
  • 15+ yard pass from any team
  • Field goal from any team
  • Any team gets a touch down
  • Your team gets a penalty
  • There’s an interception from any team

Ghost a Hoot of a Pipe or Bong..

  • Pick 6 (Interception for TD) from any team
  • Your team gets down by 14 points or more
  • The other team does a dope touchdown celly
  • A safety by any team

Pass a Joint Around The Crew if…

  • There is a celebrity endorsed commercial
  • There is a talking animal in any commercial
  • Any cannabis celebrity is interviewed or shown in the stands

Finish A Full Personal Joint If…

  • The other team scores first
  • The announcer or mic’ed up player swears
  • Your team fumbles the ball
  • Your teams quarterback gets sac’ed
  • Everyone wins a full personal joint with ANY reference in game or commercial about cannabis 
  • Their team gets a score with over 40 yards
  • Their team has a punt return for over 15 yards

Take A Dab When..

  • Your team WINS the coin toss
  • They show Taylor Swift during game play
  • Your team turns the ball over
  • Any teams coach yells at a referee
  • Any team does an Onside kick
  • Any team does a kickoff return for a touchdown
  •  The video camera guy gets mowed down by any players on the sidelines
  • A referee falls down running

Eat a Roach If…

  • Your team is down by 17 points or more at any time
  • Your team has a player leave the game due to injury
  • When your end of game score is correct – the other players need to all eat a roach

Replace the Bong Water – But Not Down The Drain, Drink It And Refill The Bong If…

  • When your half time score is correct – the other players drink the bong water
  • If your team is down by over 14 points at the end of the game

Print your sheet and keep track of the game:

Don’t forget to tag our IG (@extractmags) with a picture of your score sheet and your crew playing the game to win a pack of Extract Magazine tees fresh off the press.

My team: _________________________

Halftime score prediction: _________________________

Full game score prediction: _________________________

Category Event Action Tally
My Team Your team gets a penalty Take a Hoot of a Pipe or Bong
My Team Your team gets down by 14 points or more Ghost a Hoot of a Pipe or Bong
My Team Your team fumbles the ball Finish A Full Personal Joint
My Team Your team’s quarterback gets sacked Finish A Full Personal Joint
My Team Your team wins the coin toss Take A Dab
My Team Your team turns the ball over Take A Dab
My Team Your team is down by 17 points or more Eat a Roach
My Team Your team has a player injured and out of the game Eat a Roach
My Team Your team is down by over 14 points at the end of the game Replace the Bong Water (Drink It)
Everyone 15+ yard run from any team Take a Hoot of a Pipe or Bong
Everyone 15+ yard pass from any team Take a Hoot of a Pipe or Bong
Everyone Field goal from any team Take a Hoot of a Pipe or Bong
Everyone Any team gets a touchdown Take a Hoot of a Pipe or Bong
Everyone There’s an interception from any team Take a Hoot of a Pipe or Bong
Everyone Pick 6 from any team Ghost a Hoot of a Pipe or Bong
Everyone A safety by any team Ghost a Hoot of a Pipe or Bong
Everyone Celebrity endorsed commercial Pass a Joint Around The Crew
Everyone Talking animal in any commercial Pass a Joint Around The Crew
Everyone Any cannabis celebrity is shown Pass a Joint Around The Crew
Everyone Announcer or player swears Finish A Full Personal Joint
Everyone Any cannabis reference in game or commercial Finish A Full Personal Joint
Everyone Taylor Swift shown during gameplay Take A Dab
Everyone Any coach yells at a referee Take A Dab
Everyone Any team does an Onside kick Take A Dab
Everyone Kickoff return for a touchdown by any team Take A Dab
Everyone Camera guy gets mowed down on sidelines Take A Dab
Everyone Referee falls down running Take A Dab
Everyone Your end of game score prediction is correct Eat a Roach
Everyone Your halftime score prediction is correct Replace the Bong Water (Drink It)
Their Team The other team does a dope touchdown celly Ghost a Hoot of a Pipe or Bong
Their Team The other team scores first Finish A Full Personal Joint
Their Team Their team gets a score with over 40 yards Finish A Full Personal Joint
Their Team Their team has a punt return for over 15 yards Finish A Full Personal Joint

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Cannabis Sales Are Eating Away At Alcohol Revenue – And The Trend Isn’t Stopping Anytime Soon

February 9, 2024 in Business, Health, Today In Weed, Weed

As Canada continues to embrace the burgeoning cannabis industry, recent statistics from 2023 have painted a compelling picture of its impact on traditional substance markets, particularly alcohol. A significant growth trajectory for cannabis contrasts with the challenges faced by the alcohol sector, suggesting a shift in consumer preferences and spending habits.

The Canadian cannabis market is projected to grow by 14.15% from 2024 to 2028, potentially reaching a market volume of US$7.98 billion by 2028 (Statista). This growth trajectory has persisted despite market fluctuations, including the closure and transfer of numerous cannabis stores in 2023 (MJBizDaily).

Meanwhile, the alcohol industry is experiencing a downturn. Economic forecasts for 2023 suggest that sales of beer, wine, and spirits may struggle as Canada’s economy slows and inflation alters consumer purchasing patterns (FCC). A report highlighted a 0.9% decrease in alcohol sales from May to June, a trend that could speak volumes about the industry’s trajectory (Retail Insider).

A recent study estimated that each dollar spent on legal medical cannabis correlated with a $0.74 to $0.84 decrease in alcohol sales (ScienceDirect, PubMed). This suggests that consumers may be substituting alcohol with cannabis, a trend that could have significant implications for both industries.

If we extrapolate from this data and consider the projected growth of the cannabis market, we could see a reduction in alcohol sales by approximately US$5.98 billion to US$6.70 billion due to cannabis consumption. This projection takes into account the current correlation without considering changes in consumer behavior, economic conditions, or regulatory shifts that could further influence these markets.

With the data at hand, it is evident that since the legalization of cannabis, there has been a noticeable impact on the alcohol market. Beer sales alone saw a reduction of 0.7% to $9.1 billion in the 2021/2022 fiscal year, and overall, the adoption of medical cannabis access in Canada was associated with reductions in alcohol sales (Statistics Canada, NORML). While a total figure is challenging to determine, these statistics confirm the significant influence cannabis legalization has had on alcohol consumption in Canada.

As the economic and social backdrop of Canada continues to change, the interplay between cannabis and alcohol sales will remain a topic of interest for policymakers, businesses, and consumers alike. With the shift towards cannabis, the alcohol industry may face a continued decline in sales, marking a potential long-term trend that could redefine the substance market in Canada.


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Weed Horoscopes – Wednesday, February 8th

February 8, 2024 in Weed

Aries: Last week, you may have found yourself at a crossroads, needing to harness your inner warrior. A spirited sativa strain like Sour Diesel could have provided the energy and decisiveness needed to take bold steps forward.

Taurus: Patience was your ally as you navigated challenges with a steady hand. An indica-dominant hybrid like God’s Gift would have offered relaxation and helped maintain your calm demeanor amidst any turmoil.

Gemini: Communication was key as you juggled multiple conversations and connections. A cerebral strain like Super Silver Haze could have enhanced your already sharp wit and kept your mind agile.

Cancer: Emotional insights likely surfaced, asking you to explore the depths of your feelings. A comforting indica like Granddaddy Purple would have provided solace and a sense of emotional security.

Leo: You might have felt the urge to express your creativity and passion last week. A strain like Mimosa could have stimulated your creative juices and kept your mood buoyant as you shared your talents with the world.

Virgo: Your meticulous nature was in focus, as attention to detail was crucial. The hybrid Cinex could have helped you stay focused and alert, perfect for checking off your to-do list with precision.

Libra: Relationships may have needed extra attention. A balanced strain like Cookies and Cream would have provided harmony and helped you navigate social interactions with poise and empathy.

Scorpio: Transformative energy was at play, urging you to shed old skin. A deep and introspective strain like Skywalker OG could have helped you confront the necessary changes with courage and clarity.

Sagittarius: Your adventurous spirit likely led you down new paths of discovery. The uplifting Maui Wowie could have amplified your natural curiosity and zest for life.

Capricorn: Commitment to your goals was tested, and your perseverance was more important than ever. A motivating strain like Green Crack could have kept your energy levels up and your eyes on the prize.

Aquarius: Individuality was your focus as you sought to innovate. A creative sativa like Chocolope could have inspired unconventional thinking and breakthroughs in your personal projects.

Pisces: Your compassionate side shone through, making you a source of support for those around you. A calming hybrid like Blue Dream could have enhanced your empathetic nature while keeping you centered.

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The Best Rolling Paper Brands in 2024

February 5, 2024 in Products, Weed

So you’re looking to expand your rolling paper palate. Who’s who in the zoo of rolling papers. We’ve whipped up a few unique tables for you.  These break down the different types of rolling papers, the brands in that category, a little bit of information and a breakdown of where they are popular.

Find a table of rolling papers below.  In the future we will expand into cones and cannagar or blunt wraps but for now we will touch on the varieties of rolling papers.  Why do we need to differentiate? Because premade CONE papers are NOT rolling papers. A big piece of the culture today has lost the art of rolling – and a pack of papers is completely different than a pack of cones.  Below is a  table of rolling paper companies making papers that you need to be skilled in rolling to use.

BrandLogoCountry of OriginNotesMain Focus of PapersBuy Rolling Papers
RAWRAW LogoUnited StatesOwned by HBI InternationalOrganic, Unbleached
RizlaRizla LogoBegan in FranceNow made in Belgium for Imperial TobaccoFlavored, Regular
OCBOCB LogoFranceNow owned by Republic Tobacco, popular in Germany and SwedenOrganic, Unbleached
Zig ZagZig Zag LogoOne of the classic brandsFlavored, Regular
Juicy Jay’sJuicy Jay's LogoUnited StatesFlavored papers, owned by HBI InternationalFlavored
BuglerFranceOnce popular in U.S. jailsRegular
TopFranceOwned by Republic Tobacco (The Republic Group)Regular
BambuSpainProduction now in ArgentinaRegular, Unbleached
SmokingSpain & ArgentinaManufactured by Miquel y CostasRegular, Unbleached
Pay-PaySpainOldest rolling paper manufacturer still in operationRegular
King PalmsKnown for natural leaf rollsPalm Leaf, Natural
ShineKnown for luxury rolling papersGold, LuxuryBuy Shine Rolling Papers
Randy’sUnited StatesKnown for wired rolling papers since 1975Wired, Regular
Tally-HoAustraliaDistributed by Imperial Tobacco AustraliaRegular
HempireHemp, Unbleached
E-Z WiderOwned by Republic Tobacco (Republic Technologies)Regular, Unbleached
LaramieCigarettes and rolling systemsRegular
Sackville & Co.Regular
VibesPopular in Canada + the USA. Berner’s rolling paper brand.Regular
Z’s LifeRegular
Captain GogoRegular
Blazy SusanKnown for pink rolling papers and smoking accessories – Popular in Canada + the USAFlavored, Regular
SkatesmokeKnown for pink rolling papers and smoking accessories – Popular in Canada + the USAFlavored, Regular
Empire Rolling PapersKnown for pink rolling papers and smoking accessories – Popular in Canada + the USAFlavored, Regular
Big BarkKnown for pink rolling papers and smoking accessories – Popular in Canada + the USAFlavored, Regular

Different Types of Rolling Papers

Type of Paper Material Burn Rate Flavor Impact Features
Wood Pulp Wood Pulp Medium to Fast Slight Alteration Beginner-friendly, traditional
Rice Processed Rice Slow Neutral Thin, light, flavor-preserving
Hemp Hemp Fibers Medium Slight Taste Eco-friendly, less likely to run
Flax Flax Fibers Slow Neutral Thin, strong, flavor-neutral
Cellulose (Clear) Cellulose Slow Neutral Transparent, novelty, smooth burning
Flavored Various Varies Altered Enhances taste with chosen flavors
Bleached Various with Bleach Varies Varies Chemically processed for white color
Unbleached Natural Papers Varies Varies Free from chemical bleaching, more natural
Thin Various Varies Subtle Subtle paper taste, harder to roll
Thick Various Slow Noticeable Easier to roll, slower burn
Single Wide Various Varies Varies Standard size for small smokes
1 ¼ Size Various Varies Varies Popular moderate size
1 ½ Size Various Varies Varies Wider for larger diameter smoke
Double Wide Various Varies Varies Extra width, can lead to excess paper use
King Size Various Varies Varies Longer for larger smokes, group sessions
King Size Slim Various Varies Varies Long like King Size but slimmer
Organic Organic Materials Varies Varies Free from pesticides and chemicals
Wired Rolling Papers Various Varies Varies Includes a thin wire for stability

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The Best Cannabis Subreddits 2024

February 1, 2024 in Today In Weed, Weed

If you’re not on reddit…  Well that’s a you issue.  Reddit is a social bookmarking site and an online community that connects you with cool people and cool content.  Under the umbrella of cool content comes a variety of Subreddits that focus on certain aspects of the cannabis community. Whether you’re a grower, enthusiast, or new to the world of cannabis, there’s something for all ents to enjoy.

Below is a curated list of the best cannabis subreddits updated as of Feb 1, 2024.

Subreddit Description Region Popularity (/5) Link
r/trees The go-to subreddit for anything and everything marijuana. International ★★★★☆ Link
r/Marijuana Educational and informative subreddit dedicated to policy news and discussion. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/cannabis News and information from around the world on cannabis. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/weed Dedicated to everything related to weed. International ★★★★☆ Link
r/microgrowery Focused on the cultivation of cannabis and grow discussions. International ★★★★☆ Link
r/macrogrowery For large scale cannabis cultivation discussions. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/weedbiz Business news, resources, and investment discussion for cannabis entrepreneurs. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/Cannabis_Culture Learn about cannabis use, culture, and lifestyle. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/stoner Share links and chat about stoner life and weed. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/CannabisExtracts Discussion on cannabis extracts, production techniques, and more. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/bongs Showcase and discuss glass bongs and their artistry. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/treedibles Share and discover recipes for cannabis edibles. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/CBD Discuss medical marijuana and CBD experiences. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/StonerEngineering Creative DIY smoking methods and tools. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/vaporents For discussions related to cannabis vapor and vaporizers. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/ArtOfRolling A community appreciating the art of rolling joints and blunts. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/weedstocks A place for legal marijuana industry news and stock discussion. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/MMJ The subreddit for discussing medical marijuana. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/AskTrees A place to get answers to your cannabis-related questions. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/entOIL Discuss and review cannabis oil extract pens. International ★★☆☆☆ Link
r/BlazeIt Share your daily smoke videos and experiences. International ★★☆☆☆ Link
r/rosin Community for those interested in the rosin extraction method. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/eldertrees A mature cannabis community for older enthusiasts. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/cannabiscultivation Discuss and learn about growing cannabis. International ★★★★☆ Link
r/CanadianCannabisLPs News and reviews about Canadian licensed cannabis producers. Canada ★★★☆☆ Link
r/canadients Discussions about the Canadian cannabis scene. Canada ★★★★☆ Link
r/TheOCS Discuss products and experiences with the Ontario Cannabis Store. Canada ★★★☆☆ Link
r/RecPics Show and tell of recreational cannabis products in Canada. Canada ★★★☆☆ Link
r/CanadianMOMs Discuss Mail Order Marijuana services in Canada. Canada ★★★☆☆ Link
r/CanadaMedicalCannabis Reviews and discussions for Canadian medical cannabis patients. Canada ★★☆☆☆ Link
r/entOttawa A community for Ottawa residents to discuss cannabis. Canada ★★☆☆☆ Link
r/MomPICS A community for reviewing and sharing images of legacy cannabis. Canada ★★☆☆☆ Link

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Weed bath bombs - THC and CBD Bath Bombs

How To Make Weed Bath Bombs – DIY Infused Bath Bombs With THC and CBD

January 30, 2024 in Health

Set the mood for a romantic Valentine’s Day with homemade THC and CBD bath bombs. These delightful fizzies are a perfect gift and a way to add a touch of relaxation and intimacy for you and your significant other this February the 14th.

Why Use Weed Bath Bombs?

THC and CBD in a bath bomb offer a soothing and holistic bathing experience.

The combination of warm water and the release of cannabinoids may help to relax muscles, calm the mind, and promote a sense of well-being. Bath bombs can be particularly valuable for those seeking relief from stress, body aches, and muscle pain.


Weed Bath Bomb Ingredients

  • 50mg THC oil
  • 50mg CBD oil
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup citric acid
  • 1/2 cup Epsom salt
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch
  • 2.5 tablespoons coconut oil (or carrier oil of your choice)
    10-20 drops of essential oils (romantic scents like rose or ylang-ylang)
  • Natural food coloring (red or pink for Valentine’s Day)
  • Witch hazel or water in a spray bottle
  • Bath bomb molds or silicone heart-shaped molds

The oil should be formulated to be skin-safe and designed for topical application. It’s important to use an oil that is properly diluted and mixed with a carrier oil, like coconut or almond oil, to ensure it can be safely absorbed by the skin without causing irritation.

How To Make Weed Bath Bombs

  • Dry Mixture: Sift the baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, and cornstarch into a large bowl to ensure a smooth blend.

  • Wet Mixture: Combine the THC oil, CBD oil, and carrier oil in a small bowl. Add the essential oils and food coloring until you reach the desired hue.

  • Combine: Slowly mix the wet ingredients into the dry, stirring continuously. If fizzing occurs, pour more slowly.

  • Consistency Check: The mixture should stick together when pressed. If it’s too dry, lightly spritz with witch hazel or water.

  • Molding: Pack the mix tightly into your molds, filling them completely for full heart shapes.

  • Setting: Allow the bath bombs to set in the molds for a few minutes, then gently remove them to dry on wax paper for 24 hours.

  • Storage: Store the bath bombs in an airtight container until ready to use or gift.

Do THC & CBD Bath Bombs Get You High?

A common question regarding THC & CBD bath bombs is whether they can induce a high. THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis, which is known for its ability to produce a high when ingested or inhaled. However, when used in a bath bomb and absorbed through the skin, the psychoactive effects are generally not experienced in the same way as with other consumption methods.

The amount of THC in a bath bomb is typically low and designed to provide local relaxation rather than a full-body high. Moreover, the skin acts as a barrier to the bloodstream and while some of the THC may be absorbed, it is unlikely to be enough to produce significant psychoactive effects.

CBD, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive and does not produce a high at all. It is often used for its potential therapeutic properties, such as reducing inflammation and anxiety.

It’s important to note that everyone’s body chemistry is different, and some may be more sensitive to THC’s effects. While you shouldn’t expect the same high as from other methods of THC consumption, if you are concerned about the possibility of any psychoactive effects, you may choose to use a bath bomb with a higher ratio of CBD to THC, or one that is CBD-only.

Remember that these bath bombs are designed to create a relaxing, spa-like experience, promoting calmness and well-being, rather than an intense psychoactive episode. Enjoy the serenity and potential benefits without the worry of an unwanted high, making them a suitable addition to a peaceful Valentine’s Day bath.

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The Winter Weed Playlist

January 29, 2024 in Music

Check out our Winter Weed Playlist on YouTube.  It’s open for collaboration.   Have a track that you think belongs on the Winter Weed Playlist.  Collaborate and add your music to the playlist below here.

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Sell Stock Images of Weed – How to Make Money Online Today Selling Stock Pictures of Weed

January 29, 2024 in Art, Business

The demand for quality stock cannabis photography is on the rise. Whether you’re a hobbyist, a professional photographer, or someone who’s just captured some stunning cannabis photos, there’s an opportunity for you to monetize the weed pictures on your phone.  Images you sell online are commonly reffered to as sell stock photos or sell stock images online for money.  And you can do this while you sleep, with your images of weed.

What are stock photos?

Stock photos or stock images are the images marketing teams, organizations and anyone uses when they need to buy the rights to an image.  Let’s say we wanted to publish an article about purple indica strains, but didnt have one on hand. We could buy the rights to one online.  This is where you can get paid.

How to sell stock photos online

Before you can start selling stock photos online, you need to prepare them for sale. Here’s a step-by-step process to prepare your catalog:

  • Select the best photos: Review your collection and pick the highest-quality images that showcase your photography skills and are relevant to the cannabis market – only high resolution photos without weed brands in them are accepted,
  • Edit your photos: Use photo editing software to enhance the colors, correct exposure, and remove any imperfections. Ensure your images look professional and appealing.
  • Add metadata: Provide relevant keywords, descriptions, and titles for your photos. This will make it easier for potential buyers to find your images on stock photo platforms.
  • Research the market: Typically pictures of cannabis cultivation, extracts, buds, joints and other lifestyle images are in higher demand.
  • According to Shutterstock, users typically earn between $0.25 – $0.38 / download.
  • Start to sell pictures of weed on Shutterstock here

 Sell Stock Photos


Sell pictures of weed on Shutterstock here.  

Where To Sell Stock Photos

Select stock photo platforms that cater to the cannabis market and offer favorable terms for contributors. Some popular platforms include Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, iStock, and Getty Images.  Consider the commission rates, payment frequency, and submission guidelines before choosing a platform.

Sell your stock photos

Site NameCommission RateRating for Weed ContentAverage Earnings per DownloadSignup
Shutterstock20-30%7$0.25 – $ 
Adobe Stock20-60%8$0.33 – $
Getty Images15-20%6$0.25 – $
iStock15-45%7$0.21 – $
Alamy40-50%6$10.00 – $
Dreamstime25-50%7$0.25 – $
123RF30-60%5$0.22 – $
Depositphotos34-42%7$0.26 – $
Can Stock Photo20-50%6$0.25 – $
Bigstock30%6$0.30 – $

How To Take a Picture That Will Sell?

Take Good Quality Pictures

  • Composition: Arrange elements in a visually appealing way. Experiment with different angles, perspectives, and focal points to create a striking composition.
  • Lighting: Capture the vibrant colors and intricate textures of cannabis plants with proper lighting. Natural light is often best, but artificial light sources can also be effective.
  • Focus: Ensure your subject is in sharp focus, highlighting the plant’s details. Use selective focus or depth of field techniques to draw attention to specific areas. Most sites will not accept bad quality or resolution images.
  • Background: Choose a clean, uncluttered background that complements the subject and doesn’t distract from it. Consider using props or backdrops to add context or enhance visual appeal.

Find stock images people are searching for

  1. Google Trends is a good place to see trends and search queries that are currently popular
  2. Keyword estimators – Search for tools on google that will give you insights towards trending cannabis topics like grow terms, potential grow process images, and other queries people are actually searching for
  3. Ahrefs, MOZ or other SEO tools are expensive but give the best insights into monthly keyword searches
  4. Remember the world is big place, searches in other regions might use different vocabulary, do your research!

Use the right equipment and settings

  • Camera: DSLR or mirrorless cameras offer more control over settings and deliver higher image quality than point-and-shoot or smartphone cameras.
  • Lenses: Macro lenses for close-up details, wide-angle lenses for expansive shots, and prime lenses for sharp, high-quality images are useful.
  • Tripod: A sturdy tripod helps ensure sharp images by minimizing camera shake, especially during long exposures or macro photography.
  • Lighting equipment: External flashes, light diffusers, and reflectors can help you achieve the desired lighting effect when natural light is insufficient.

Build a Portfolio of Cannabis Photos – Pick a Niche and Own It.

Create an impressive portfolio showcasing your best cannabis photos. Ensure your portfolio demonstrates your versatility and skill, including different types of cannabis images, such as close-ups, lifestyle shots, and garden scenes. A strong portfolio will help you attract more buyers and increase your earnings.  Find a style that is unique and run with it to build a clientele of loyal customers.

  • Versatility: Include a variety of cannabis images, such as macro shots of buds, lifestyle photos involving cannabis consumption, and wide-angle images of cannabis gardens, to demonstrate your range of skills and styles.
  • High-quality images: Ensure that all photos in your portfolio are of the highest quality, with sharp focus, proper exposure, and accurate colors.
  • Organization: Categorize your images by subject, style, or theme to make it easy for potential clients to navigate your portfolio.
  • Regular updates: Continuously update your portfolio with your latest and best work to keep it fresh and relevant.
  • Personal branding: Create a unique and consistent visual identity for your portfolio, including a logo, color scheme, and typography, to make a lasting impression on potential clients.

Marketing Stock Photography

Promote your work by leveraging social media, creating a personal website, and networking with industry professionals. Share your portfolio and engage with your target audience to generate interest in your photography.

  • SEO is key. Optimize file names before uploading with the keywords you want to show up for.
  • Link to your images.  Showing the website that you are important with other links pointing to your images is key.
  • Write guest blogs on notable websites that will directly reach your target audience (arguably weed authors / creative agencies etc) with value adding content on why good stock photos are important. 
  • Use all features provided by the stock image site.  Categorize your images correctly and use location / topic features to their maximum potential.
  • Incorporate Metadata Wisely: Fill in the metadata fields such as title, description, and tags with relevant keywords and phrases. This metadata is crucial because it helps search engines understand the content and context of your images, which can influence how they are indexed and ranked.

    Engage in Community and Forums: Participate in photography and design forums or communities related to the stock image site. This can increase your visibility, help you gain backlinks, and drive traffic to your images.

    Utilize Social Media: Share your stock images on various social media platforms with appropriate hashtags. This not only increases exposure but also creates opportunities for your images to be shared and linked back to, which can positively impact SEO.

    Monitor Your Analytics: Regularly check the performance of your images. Many stock photo sites provide analytics tools that allow you to see how often your images are viewed and downloaded. Use this data to adjust your SEO strategy and focus on taking the weed pictures with the keyword themes that work best. 

    Consistent Branding: Develop a recognizable brand for your stock photography. This includes using a consistent naming convention, style, and theme across your portfolio. A strong brand can lead to higher search engine rankings as users begin to search for your specific style or brand name.

    Update Profiles Regularly: Keep your stock photo portfolio fresh with new content. Search engines favor regularly updated content, which can lead to better rankings.

    Keyword Research To Find Trending Weed Topics: Conduct thorough keyword research to understand what potential buyers might search for. Use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to find high-volume, low-competition keywords that can attract more viewers to your images.

    Build a Personal Portfolio Website: In addition to using stock photo sites, consider building a personal website where you can showcase your work. This gives you more control over SEO and allows you to attract direct traffic to your images. It builds credibility, and can drive value based on the links you are pointing to your weed photography profiles.

    Leverage Blogging On Your Website With Topics Overlapping With Cannabis: Create a blog on your website where you can discuss your work, share insights into your photography process, and include your stock images within the content. This not only adds more content for search engines to index but also helps in establishing you as an authority in your field.

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Is White Ash an Indicator of Better Weed? Cannabis Quality and the White Ash Myth

January 26, 2024 in Health, Weed

When it comes to assessing the quality of cannabis, connoisseurs have long debated the significance of ash color. The prevailing myth in smoking circles is that a white or light gray ash indicates a higher quality product, while darker ash is a sign of inferiority. But is this belief grounded in truth, or is it just smoke and mirrors? Let’s explore the factors that affect the color of cannabis ash and whether it can genuinely be a measure of quality.

The White Ash Myth

The white ash myth suggests that cannabis that leaves a white ash has been grown and cured properly, free from contaminants. The argument is that impurities or leftover nutrients from poor growing practices result in darker ash. However, the color of cannabis ash can be influenced by many factors unrelated to the quality of the bud.

What Affects the Color of Cannabis Ash?

  • Growing Methods: The way cannabis is grown can impact ash color. Organic growing methods that avoid synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are thought to produce cleaner ash, while chemical nutrients might contribute to darker ash. However, this is not a hard and fast rule, as the flush period (when growers stop giving nutrients to plants before harvest to clear residual chemicals) can significantly affect ash color regardless of the grow method.
  • Curing Methods: Proper curing removes moisture and chlorophyll from the bud, which can lead to a lighter ash. Improperly cured cannabis might not combust as thoroughly, resulting in darker ash. However, even well-cured cannabis can leave a darker ash if the temperature at which it’s burned is not high enough to turn all carbon to ash.
  • Strains and Terpenes: Different strains can produce varying ash colors due to their unique chemical compositions. Terpenes and other organic compounds can affect how completely a bud burns. Some believe that strains with high resin content or specific terpenes might burn to a whiter ash, but no conclusive evidence supports this claim.
  • Combustion Temperature: The heat at which cannabis is burned can affect ash color. A higher temperature can create a whiter ash because it results in more complete combustion.
  • Rolling Papers and Consumption Methods: The type of rolling paper used can contribute to the color of the ash. Bleached papers might produce a whiter ash, while natural, unbleached papers might result in a darker ash.  Additionally, using a bong or pipe versus a joint can influence ash color due to differences in airflow and heat.
  • Moisture Content: Cannabis with higher moisture content tends to burn less completely, which can lead to darker ash.

Weed and Ash Color

The factors mentioned above can individually or collectively influence the color of cannabis ash. However, it’s essential to recognize that darker ash does not necessarily mean the cannabis is of poor quality. It might simply indicate differences in growing conditions, curing methods, or consumption practices.

Is Ash Color a Reliable Indicator of Weed Quality?

Given the multitude of factors influencing ash color, it’s clear that using ash color as the sole measure of cannabis quality is unreliable. While a white ash may be aesthetically pleasing and can sometimes indicate certain positive attributes, such as proper flushing or curing, it’s not a definitive measure of the purity or potency of the cannabis.

The color of cannabis ash can be influenced by a myriad of factors and is not a foolproof method of judging quality. While white ash might be indicative of certain desirable cultivation and curing practices, it’s not a guarantee of superior cannabis. Instead of relying on ash color, consumers should consider lab testing results, cannabinoid profiles, terpene content, and personal experience to determine the quality of their weed.

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The High Importance of Terpenes in Cannabis: A Stoner’s Guide

January 26, 2024 in Health, Weed

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis that gets you high. However, it doesn’t work alone. Terpenes interact with THC and other cannabinoids to create something known as the “entourage effect.” This phenomenon suggests that the various compounds in cannabis work together to produce a more significant effect than they would individually.

How Terpenes Affect High

Terpenes can influence the potency of THC by affecting how it binds to the receptors in your brain. Some terpenes may help THC to pass the blood-brain barrier more effectively, while others might alter the neurotransmitter release, which can intensify or modify your high.

Each terpene comes with its own set of benefits and effects. Below is a table listing some common terpenes found in cannabis, their effects when consumed, and the best times to use them in a lifestyle context, along with suitable activities.

Compare Terpenes, Their High and Which Strains You Will Fine Terpenes In

Terpene Aroma Effects Best Time to Use Suggested Activities Common Strains
Myrcene Earthy, musky Relaxation, sedation, enhanced THC potency Evening Meditation, Yoga, Reading Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple
Limonene Citrus Mood elevation, stress relief, antibacterial Daytime Social gatherings, Exercising Super Lemon Haze, Durban Poison
Linalool Floral Anxiety relief, sedation, antidepressant Evening/Night Bathing, Pre-sleep routine Lavender, LA Confidential
Caryophyllene Spicy, woody Stress relief, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective Anytime Work, Creative activities GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies), Sour Diesel
Pinene Pine Alertness, memory retention, counteracts some THC effects Morning/Daytime Studying, Hiking Jack Herer, Dutch Treat
Humulene Hops Appetite suppressant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial Before meals Meal planning, Dieting Skywalker OG, Headband
Terpinolene Sweet, floral Uplifting, sedative in large amounts, antioxidant Morning/Evening Relaxing, Socializing Ghost Train Haze, Chernobyl
Ocimene Sweet, herbaceous Decongestant, antifungal, antibacterial Daytime Cleaning, Outdoor activities Amnesia, Golden Goat

Keep in mind that the presence of these terpenes can vary based on the cultivation methods and the specific phenotype of the strain. It’s also important to note that different people may experience the effects of terpenes and strains differently due to individual biology. Users should start with lower doses and gradually work their way up to find the right balance for their needs.

Remember, this table is a guide and not an exhaustive list. There are hundreds of terpenes and countless strains, each with its own unique profile. Exploring the world of terpenes and their interactions with cannabinoids is part of the joy of cannabis appreciation.

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THC vs THCA – Understanding The Differences

January 26, 2024 in Dabs, Health, Munchies, Weed

Cannabis contains a myriad of compounds, each with unique properties and effects. Two of the most discussed in the realm of cannabis science are THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).   It seems often the terms THCA and THC are mis-used in the world of cannabis and this is guide that will help you learn a little bit more about the differences in THCA vs THC so you can help educate your social circle and find the products that best suit your lifestyle.

Table of Contents

Here’s a comparison table that outlines the key differences in terpenes, benefits of each terpene, strains that contain them and terpene effects: THCA is best consumed with a dab rig.

Attribute THCA THC
Psychoactivity Non-psychoactive. Does not produce a “high.” Psychoactive. Responsible for the cannabis “high.”
Chemical Structure Contains an extra carboxyl group (COOH). Loses the carboxyl group upon decarboxylation.
Occurrence Found in raw and live cannabis. Produced when cannabis is decarboxylated.
Receptor Affinity Does not readily bind to CB1 receptors in the brain. Binds well to CB1 receptors, affecting the central nervous system.
Effects – No intoxicating effects.
– Potential therapeutic benefits without the high.
– May offer anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties.
– Euphoria
– Relaxation
– Altered senses of sight, smell, and hearing
– Altered sense of time
– Potential therapeutic benefits, including pain relief and nausea reduction.
Legal Status Generally not listed as a controlled substance due to its non-psychoactive nature. Often regulated due to its psychoactive properties.
Methods of Activation Typically converted to THC through drying, curing, and heating. Activated and ready to interact with the body post-decarboxylation.
Therapeutic Uses Being researched for use in medical treatments due to its non-psychoactive effects. Widely recognized for medicinal use, especially in states/countries with legal medical cannabis programs.

The Best Portable dab rig for thca

The Benefits and Effects of THCA and THC

While THCA and THC are closely related, their differences have significant implications for consumers and medical patients alike.

What is THCA?

THCA is found abundantly in fresh cannabis plants. It’s non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t create the high associated with THC. However, it’s believed to have a host of potential health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects, which could be useful for treating conditions like arthritis and neurodegenerative diseases.

What is THC?

THC is the most well-known compound in cannabis due to its psychoactive effects. These effects can include a sense of euphoria and well-being, relaxation, and changes in perception. Medically, THC is valued for its ability to relieve pain, reduce nausea, and stimulate appetite among patients undergoing treatments like chemotherapy.

It’s important to note that while the psychoactive properties of THC can be desirable for some users, others may seek the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the high, making THCA a compound of interest.

What is Decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation – the process of converting THCA into THC through heat – is key when preparing cannabis for consumption, especially in edibles. Without this process, the THCA remains intact, and the expected psychoactive effects will not be realized.

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed here.

The Pros and Cons of THC and THCA

THC vs THCAPractical ProsConsiderations
  • Safe around pets and children as it is non-psychoactive
  • Might reduce inflammation after intense workouts
  • Possible protective benefits for your brain health
  • Great for recipes that may be heated, as it converts to THC
  • More research needed to fully understand its benefits
  • Not as commonly available in products
  • Creates the well-known cannabis “high” for relaxation or recreation
  • Can be a form of pain management for chronic conditions
  • May help those with difficulty eating to regain appetite
  • Could provide relief for those with anxiety, when used carefully
  • Keep out of reach from pets and children to prevent unintended ingestion
  • Can affect coordination, so avoid driving or operating heavy machinery
  • Being responsible with dosage is key to avoiding potential discomfort
  • Check local laws to ensure compliance with regulations

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Weed On Instagram – The 2024 Guide To Not Getting Banned on Instagram With Weed Content

January 20, 2024 in Business, Tech, Weed

Instagram bans can be a major headache, especially if you’re in the cannabis game on social media. If you’ve run a weed-themed account, chances are you’ve felt the sting of a ban or two. It’s a fact: if you don’t play by Instagram’s rules, you’re playing with fire. Sooner or later, they’ll catch up to you, and you could see all that hard work go up in smoke with a deleted profile.

Now, there’s been a bit of a witch hunt vibe on Instagram with cannabis accounts throwing shade at each other for snitching and causing bans. But here’s a little food for thought — Instagram’s got this image detection tech that’s pretty darn slick.

When you’re scrolling or uploading, you might catch a glimpse of Instagram’s image detection doing its thing. It shows a quick text description of what’s in the image, right from the metadata, and it’s surprisingly spot-on.

Instagram’s Object & Text Detection: How It Detects Weed Posts

Getting the lowdown on Instagram’s image recognition tech isn’t exactly straightforward. But what we’ve seen is that it’s sharp. It scans images for objects and text, and it’s got a pretty impressive track record for accuracy, as far as we can tell. It tags cannabis content under categories like ‘plant’ and ‘outdoors,’ which is no small feat considering images are usually tougher to analyze than text. And remember, this is just what we’re seeing from the outside. 

You can see the description on a desktop – Stop the page loading halfway and if you get it at the right time you will se a description of each image with impressive detail.

When Instagram’s AI starts piecing together the puzzle with your hashtags, comments, post text, not to mention your username and bio, it gets a pretty clear picture of what you’re all about. And since it’s a learning machine, it’s constantly getting smarter — though it’s bound to trip up now and then.

Instagram’s Object & Text Detection: How It Detects Weed Posts

Getting the lowdown on Instagram’s image recognition tech isn’t exactly straightforward. But what we’ve seen is that it’s sharp. It scans images for objects and text, and it’s got a pretty impressive track record for accuracy, as far as we can tell. It tags cannabis content under categories like ‘plant’ and ‘outdoors,’ which is no small feat considering images are usually tougher to analyze than text. And remember, this is just what we’re seeing from the outside. 

You can see the description on a desktop – Stop the page loading halfway and if you get it at the right time you will se a description of each image with impressive detail.

When Instagram’s AI starts piecing together the puzzle with your hashtags, comments, post text, not to mention your username and bio, it gets a pretty clear picture of what you’re all about. And since it’s a learning machine, it’s constantly getting smarter — though it’s bound to trip up now and then.

Instagram’s Stance on Weed in 2024

Instagram’s current stance on weed-related content is pretty clear: no selling, no advertising, no sharing contact info like phone numbers or addresses. They won’t let dispensaries promote their biz, even with a simple ‘contact us’ button. But hey, you can totally drop a website link in your bio.

Instagram Cannabis Content: What Works and What Doesn’t

Let’s break it down to keep your account in the clear:

What’s cool with Instagram When It Comes to Weed:

  • A well-written bio that sticks to the rules.
  • A link to your website in your bio.
  • Savvy, rule-respecting posts.

What’s not cool with Instagram:

  • No sharing your digits, email, or where you’re located.
  • Skip the ‘Contact Us’ option if you’re a business account.
  • Don’t talk prices or go heavy on the sales lingo in your posts.
  • Be smart with your hashtags and avoid ones that are too on the nose about cannabis.
  • For example, using hashtags like #cannabiscommunity or #hightimes might be okay, but #buymyweed could get you flagged. When it comes to images, a picture of your grow setup might pass the test, but an image with visible product packaging or prices is a no-go.

How To Post Weed On Instagram Without Getting Deleted

Cannabis Product Category Dos Don’ts Hashtag Examples (Good) Hashtag Examples (Bad)
Edibles Post lifestyle images showing enjoyment or recipes. Avoid showing consumption or prices. #EdibleRecipes #CannabisCuisine #GetHighEdibles #WeedBrowniesForSale
Pre-Rolls Showcase the product in a neutral setting or with creative design. Don’t depict the act of smoking or use suggestive language. #PreRollArt #SativaStrains #SmokeUp #BuyPreRolls
Flowers Focus on the beauty of the plant or its natural environment. Steer clear of images with product pricing or weight. #CannabisPhotography #TrichomeTuesday #CheapWeed #OunceDeals
Concentrates Share educational content about the extraction process or safe usage. Refrain from displaying usage methods or dabbing. #ShatterDay #RosinRevolution #DabsForSale #HitThisWax
Grow Equipment Highlight the technology or growing techniques. Don’t show plants in early growth stages or imply yield sizes. #GrowTech #CultivationLife #GrowYourOwnWeed #MassiveHarvest
CBD Products Educate about benefits or share customer testimonials. Avoid medical claims or promises of effects. #CBDWellness #HempHealth #CureWithCBD #CBDMiracles
Merchandise (Branding) Feature your branded merchandise in fashionable settings. Don’t combine with images of actual cannabis products. #CannabisFashion #WeedWear #StonerShirts #PotApparel
Accessories Display artistic or innovative designs of accessories. Don’t show accessories in use or alongside illegal substances. #VapeDesign #GlassArt #SmokeSesh #BongHits

Posting cannabis images and videos on TikTok and Instagram can be a challenge.  That’s why we made a few guides to help you avoid a ban.  Click here for our guide to posting weed on TikTok.

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Holding in Weed Hoots: How Long Is Too Long?

January 20, 2024 in Dabs, Health, Weed

In the expanding world of cannabis culture, one common practice among users is holding in cannabis smoke or vapor, a phenomenon known as a “hoot”. The common belief is that the longer the smoke is held, the higher the user will get. But does this practice really intensify the high and what are the associated health risks? Let’s break down the science behind it.

The Science of Getting High

The main psychoactive compound in cannabis, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is what gives users the feeling of being high. When inhaled, THC is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs and transported to the brain. This process is quite efficient, with a majority of the THC being absorbed within the first few seconds of inhalation.

Holding in the Hoot: Myth vs. Reality

Contrary to popular belief, holding in cannabis smoke doesn’t necessarily make you higher. In a study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, researchers found that breath-holding had little impact on the intensity of the high (JAMA). The absorption of THC occurs almost instantly, and holding your breath for longer than a few seconds doesn’t significantly increase its absorption. In fact, the feeling of lightheadedness often mistaken for an intensified high is likely a result of oxygen deprivation.

When it comes to the type of cannabis product used, whether it’s flower or extracts, the absorption process remains the same. Extracts, which are concentrated forms of cannabis, often have higher levels of THC and can produce a more potent effect. However, holding in the smoke or vapor doesn’t drastically enhance the effects, regardless of the product consumed.

The Health Risks of Holding in Hoots

While holding in the smoke may not enhance the high, it can have negative health implications. When you inhale cannabis smoke, you’re also inhaling a mixture of potentially harmful gases and tiny particles. Holding your breath gives these toxins more time to deposit in the lungs, which can lead to respiratory issues over time.

Even if you’re using a vaporizer, holding in the vapor may still expose your lungs to potentially harmful substances. Although vaping is generally considered less harmful than smoking, it’s not risk-free. Some vaporizers can heat cannabis to temperatures that release toxins and carcinogens.

Moreover, frequent and prolonged breath-holding, particularly associated with cannabis use, can lead to a condition known as “bong lung,” characterized by large peripheral paraseptal lung bullae and a predisposition to spontaneous pneumothoraces.

The Bottom Line

The practice of holding in cannabis hoots is based more on myth than science. While it may seem like a way to intensify the high, research suggests that it has little impact on the effects of THC. On the contrary, it can potentially contribute to respiratory health issues.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve, it’s essential to stay informed and prioritize safety. Always listen to your body, know your limits, and consume cannabis responsibly. As with any substance, moderation is key—and so is understanding the science behind it.

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Resin vs Rosin Dabs – A Complete Guide To Cannabis Extracts

January 20, 2024 in Dabs, Products, Weed


Rosin has been gaining popularity in the cannabis industry for several reasons. Its purity, potency, and flavor profile make it a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs. If you cant tell the differences between resin vs rosin, THCA diamonds vs Diamonds in sauce, bubble hash from shatter.  It’s time we help you learn the massive differences between extracts and the different types of cannabis concentrates.    This is a guide that dives into the differences between live resin, rosin and other cannabis extracts popular today.  Learn the perfect burning temps, why they are each called the name they are and how to dab each extract for it’s best flavor and potency.

Table of Contents

What is Rosin?

Rosin is a type of cannabis concentrate that is obtained through a heat and pressure extraction method. Unlike other concentrates, rosin production doesn’t involve the use of solvents like butane or propane. Instead, it relies on heat and mechanical pressure to squeeze the resinous sap from the cannabis plant, resulting in a potent, flavorful, and solvent-free extract.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate that is made from freshly harvested and frozen cannabis plants. It is known for its potent flavor profile and high terpene content, capturing the essence of the living plant.  To create live resin, the frozen cannabis plants undergo a solvent-based extraction process to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes while preserving their original flavors and aromas. The freezing process helps to retain the delicate terpenes that can be lost in other extraction methods. Due to the preservation of terpenes and other volatile compounds, live resin is often considered to have a more flavorful and aromatic experience compared to other cannabis concentrates. Resin vs Rosin

Live Resin a Solvent Extract

Solvent-based extracts, as the name suggests, are created using solvents such as butane, propane, or CO2 to extract the active components, including THC and CBD, from the cannabis plant. While these methods are efficient, they also introduce the risk of residual solvents remaining in the final product. This not only taints the flavor, but it also raises health concerns.

Rosin a Solventless Extract

Rosin and solventless extracts like hash, on the other hand, eliminates these risks. As a solventless extract, rosin is free from potentially harmful chemical residues, offering a cleaner, safer cannabis concentrate.

What does Live Resin and Live Rosin Refer To?

Live simply refers to the plant matter before extraction.  Typically, terpenes break down fast.  In layman terms, this means that once you harvest a plant the aromas tend to expire, quick.  To preserve the beautiful and unique aromas, plants are flash frozen, and extracted in a state of preserved terpenes, giving the extract a far better aroma that resembles the strain it came from.

Rosin Flavor and Potency?

The flavor and potency of cannabis dabs depend largely on the preservation of terpenes and cannabinoids. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that give cannabis its unique scent and flavor, while cannabinoids like THC and CBD are responsible for the plant’s psychoactive and therapeutic effects.  The purity of rosin’s solventless nature tends to preserve the authentic flavor and aromas of the original cannabis plant without distortion or impact from chemicals and additives.

Cannabis Concentrates Dabbing Temperatures

Concentrate Description Best Temp for Flavor (°F/°C) Best Temp for Potency (°F/°C)
Rosin Solventless extract made by applying heat and pressure to cannabis. Optimal flavor at lower temps, while higher temps maximize potency. 500-550°F / 260-288°C 550-580°F / 288-304°C
Hash Rosin Made from pressed bubble hash – very tasty and potent – a connoisseur extract. Same temp ranges as Rosin for flavor and potency. 500-550°F / 260-288°C 550-580°F / 288-304°C
Live Rosin Solventless extract made from fresh frozen cannabis, preserving terpenes and flavor. Flavorful dabs at lower temps, higher for potency. 470-500°F / 243-260°C 500-530°F / 260-276°C
Resin (FSE) High-terpene full-spectrum extract with all compounds of the cannabis plant. Lower temps for flavor, moderate for a potent experience. 400-450°F / 204-232°C 450-500°F / 232-260°C
Live Resin Made from fresh flash-frozen cannabis to preserve flavor and terpenes. Lower temps for flavor, slightly higher to balance potency. 315-450°F / 157-232°C 450-490°F / 232-254°C
Pure THCA Diamonds Crystalline structures of pure THCA, very potent with minimal flavor. High temps needed to vaporize effectively, may sacrifice flavor. 500-550°F / 260-288°C 550-600°F / 288-315°C
Diamonds in Sauce THCA diamonds in a terpene-rich sauce, balancing high potency with flavor. Moderate temps vaporize sauce without overshadowing the diamonds. 450-500°F / 232-260°C 500-550°F / 260-288°C
Shatter Hard, translucent concentrate that shatters like glass. Moderate temps for a balance of flavor and potency. 450-500°F / 232-260°C 500-550°F / 260-288°C
Crumble Dry, crumbly form of cannabis concentrate that is easy to handle. Moderate temps for a balance of flavor and potency. 420-470°F / 216-243°C 470-500°F / 243-260°C
Wax Sticky, malleable concentrate with varying textures. Moderate temps for a balance of flavor and potency. 420-470°F / 216-243°C 470-500°F / 243-260°C
In solvent-based extraction processes, the heat and chemicals can degrade these essential compounds, leading to a loss in flavor and potency. Conversely, the rosin extraction process preserves a higher concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids, resulting in a more flavorful and potent product. This is why many users report that rosin provides a more authentic, full-bodied cannabis experience.  

Rosin vs Live Rosin vs Hash Rosin

The differences between rosin, live rosin, and live hash rosin lie mainly in the starting material and the extraction process. Rosin: This is made from dried and cured cannabis flowers. The flowers are subjected to heat and pressure to extract the resinous sap. Live Rosin: This is made from fresh, flash-frozen cannabis flowers (not dried or cured). The freezing process helps to preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids, resulting in a product with exceptional flavor and potency. Live Hash Rosin: This takes live rosin a step further. It starts with making ice water hash from fresh, frozen flowers. The bubble hash is then pressed into rosin. This two-step process results in a concentrate that is extremely rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, making live hash rosin the pinnacle of flavor and potency in cannabis concentrates. These are the best dabs! Here’s a comparative table to help you understand the differences between extracts and concentrates a little bit better:
Concentrate / ExtractStarting MaterialExtraction ProcessTerpene PreservationPotencyFlavor
RosinDried and cured cannabis flowersHeat and pressureGoodHighAuthentic cannabis flavor
Live RosinFresh, flash-frozen cannabis flowersHeat and pressureExcellentHigherMore vibrant flavor due to preserved terpenes
Live Hash RosinFresh, flash-frozen cannabis flowersIce water extraction, followed by heat and pressureSuperiorHighestMost flavorful due to maximum terpene preservation
HashDried and cured cannabis flowersMechanical separation, sometimes followed by heat and pressureGoodModerate to HighAuthentic cannabis flavor
Bubble HashFresh, flash-frozen cannabis flowersIce water extractionGoodModerate to HighAuthentic cannabis flavor
DiamondsHigh-THC cannabis extractSolvent-based extraction followed by slow crystallizationVaries, often reintroduced after extractionExtremely HighDepends on the reintroduced terpenes
ShatterDried and cured cannabis flowersSolvent-based extractionModerateHighVaries, can be quite flavorful
WaxDried and cured cannabis flowersSolvent-based extractionModerateHighVaries, can be quite flavorful
Budder/Badder/BatterDried and cured cannabis flowersSolvent-based extraction with a specific purge processModerateHighVaries, can be quite flavorful
CrumbleDried and cured cannabis flowersSolvent-based extraction with a specific purge processModerateHighVaries, can be quite flavorful
DistillateDried and cured cannabis flowersSolvent-based extraction followed by distillationLow, often reintroduced after extractionExtremely HighDepends on the reintroduced terpenes
SauceHigh-THC cannabis extractSolvent-based extraction followed by separation of terpenes and crystallizationHighHighRich in terpenes, providing a robust flavor
SugarDried and cured cannabis flowersSolvent-based extraction that’s purged to create a sugary consistencyModerateHighVaries, can be quite flavorful
CO2 OilDried and cured cannabis flowersCO2 solvent extractionModerateHighVaries, can be quite flavorful
Butane Hash Oil (BHO)Dried and cured cannabis flowersButane solvent extractionModerateHighVaries, can be quite flavorful


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The Best Cannabis Friendly Social Media and Media Sharing Websites 2024

January 16, 2024 in Cannabis Inspired, Weed

Posting weed content on social media is a challenge sometimes.  We put a table together of cannabis friendly social media sites and media sharing communities that are cannabis themed or cannabis friendly.  These are YouTube alternatives for cannabis focused content.  

In recent years Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and others have relaxed their policies on cannabis as it gets legalized around the world.  With this in mind, not all cannabis themed content is encouraged – sales related posts and content is typically shadow banned in exchange for educational content.  For an in depth look at posting weed on TikTok click here for a guide.

NameTypeDescriptionPopularity / 10ProsCons
The WeedTubeMedia Sharing SiteA video sharing platform specifically for cannabis content.6Catered to cannabis; supportive communityLess traffic compared to mainstream sites
VimeoMedia Sharing SiteHigh-quality video platform allowing cannabis content within legal limits.7High-quality content; artistic freedomSmaller audience; not cannabis-specific
DTubeMedia Sharing SiteDecentralized video platform focused on free speech.5Less censorship; blockchain-basedSmaller audience; less polished UI
RumbleMedia Sharing SiteSupports free speech with a variety of content, including potentially cannabis.6Growing audience; free speech focusNot cannabis-specific; variable content quality
BitchuteMedia Sharing SiteLess restrictive video sharing site, often hosting content removed from other platforms.5Less censorship; diverse contentNot mainstream; variable content quality
YouTubeMedia Sharing SiteLargest video platform with a variety of content, including cannabis advocacy and education.10Massive audience; high engagementStrict guidelines; demonetization risks
Weedmaps Social ClubSocial NetworkBerner’s platform designed to be a censorship-free space for cannabis culture.5No censorship; industry-focusedNewer platform; smaller user base
MassRootsSocial NetworkSocial networking app for cannabis users to connect and share.6Cannabis-centric; community engagementLimited features; smaller reach
DubySocial NetworkSimilar to Instagram, focused on the cannabis community and lifestyle.5Cannabis-friendly; social engagementSmaller platform; niche audience
Grasscity ForumCommunity ForumOne of the largest online forums for cannabis users, with a wide range of discussions.7Established community; diverse topicsTraditional forum; less multimedia content
CannaSOSSocial NetworkSocial network with strain reviews, Q&A, and user interaction.5Strain database; user-generated contentSmaller user base; limited reach
MJLinkSocial NetworkProfessional network for legal cannabis industry connections.4B2B focused; industry networkingNiche audience; limited to professionals
GrowDiariesCommunity ForumCommunity for cannabis growers to document and share experiences.6Grower-focused; detailed diariesNiche audience; specific to cultivation
WeedableSocial NetworkSocial marketplace and network for the global cannabis community.4Marketplace features; global networkNewer platform; growing user base
WeedLifeSocial NetworkComprehensive social network with news, videos, and forums for enthusiasts.5Wide range of features; active forumsLess known; smaller compared to giants
FacebookSocial Media PlatformLargest social platform with cannabis interest groups and pages, despite strict policies.10Vast audience; diverse groupsStrict advertising/sales policies
InstagramSocial Media PlatformPopular for photo/video sharing, including cannabis culture content, with tight restrictions.10High engagement; visual platformStrict content moderation; account bans
TwitterSocial Media PlatformMicroblogging platform for cannabis updates and conversation.9Quick updates; large reachLimited to short posts; less visual
RedditSocial Media PlatformNetwork of communities with subreddits dedicated to cannabis culture and industry.9Diverse discussions; large communityCan be overwhelming; varied moderation
LinkedInSocial Media PlatformProfessional networking with cannabis industry content within compliance.8Professional focus; networkingNot for general use; more formal
PinterestSocial Media PlatformVisual discovery engine for sharing cannabis-related infographics and content.8Visual content; inspiration boardsCommercial activity restricted
TumblrSocial Media PlatformMicroblogging platform for sharing cannabis-related content within niche communities.7Creative content; niche communitiesLess mainstream; not as popular as before
MomIndexCommunity ForumA forum for discussing and reviewing mail-order marijuana services in Canada.3Focused on Canadian market; user reviewsNiche market; limited to discussions of services
CanadianMOM ForumsCommunity ForumForum specifically for discussing Canadian mail-order marijuana services and products.3In-depth discussions; user recommendationsNiche audience; specific to mail-order in Canada

se are YouTube alternatives for cannabis focused content.

In recent years Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and others have relaxed their policies on cannabis as it gets legalized around the world.  With this in mind, not all cannabis themed content is encouraged – sales related posts and content is typically shadow banned in exchange for educational content.  For an in depth look at posting weed on TikTok click here for a guide.

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Cannabis on TikTok – How to Post Weed Content on TikTok Without Getting Banned

January 16, 2024 in Cannabis Inspired, Weed

TikTok weed influencer?  Weed reviewer? Posting cannabis content on TikTok?  Tired of getting banned and content deleted?  We know the struggle.  So we put together a guide to help you post cannabis content on TikTok.  

Understanding TikTok’s Guidelines

Before posting any cannabis-related content, you should familiarize yourself with TikTok’s Community Guidelines, especially those pertaining to illegal activities and regulated goods. TikTok prohibits the depiction, promotion, or trade of drugs, including cannabis, even in locations where it is legal.

What is Okay and Not Okay for Cannabis Posts on TikTok

Category Image Guidance Hashtags to Avoid Hashtags to Use Terms to Avoid Alternative Terms
Joints/Blunts Avoid images of products ready for use. #blunt, #joint #cannabiseducation Weed, Blunt Pre-rolls, Cannabis
Buds/Flowers Avoid close-ups of buds. #weed, #nug #cannabiscommunity Nug, Weed Flower, Buds
Edibles Images okay if not depicting consumption. #edibles, #420eats #cannabisinfusion Edibles Infused treats
Concentrates Avoid images of use or preparation. #dabs, #wax #cannabisconcentrates Dabs, Wax Extracts, Oil
Vapes Avoid showing vaporizers in use. #vape, #vapelife #vaporization Vape Vaporizers
CBD Products Images usually okay; focus on wellness. #cbd, #cbdoil #hempderived CBD oil CBD wellness
Grow Equipment Images okay; focus on the agricultural side. #growop, #weedgrow #cannabiscultivation Grow op Cultivation gear
Paraphernalia Avoid images implying use. #bong, #pipe #cannabisaccessories Bong, Pipe Glassware, Tools

TikTok Hashtags

Hashtags are a powerful tool for increasing the reach of your content on TikTok. However, they can also attract unwanted attention from content moderators if they’re associated with promoting cannabis use or sales. To mitigate this risk, it’s essential to choose your hashtags carefully.

Bad Hashtags/Examples to Avoid:

  • #420, #stoner, #blazeit, #gethigh, #smokeweed, #stoned, #highlife, #cannabiscommunity (if associated with consumption), #kush, #ganja, #weedstagram

These hashtags are commonly used within cannabis culture for recreational use and are likely to be monitored and restricted by TikTok’s content moderation algorithms.

Good Hashtags/Examples to Use:

  • #cannabiseducation, #hemphealth, #plantmedicine, #cannabisculture (if associated with legal/educational content), #mmj (medical marijuana), #cannabinoidscience, #endocannabinoidsystem, #cannabisadvocacy, #cannabisresearch, #hempindustry

These alternative hashtags focus on the educational, medicinal, scientific, and legal aspects of cannabis. They’re less likely to draw scrutiny from moderators and can help your content reach audiences interested in these topics.


TikTok Post Language

The language you use in your TikTok captions, comments, and video text overlays can also influence how your content is perceived by both the platform and your audience.

Words and Phrases to Avoid:

  • Weed, pot, dope, getting baked, toking up, recreational terms (e.g., “hit this,” “light up”), any language that suggests or encourages illegal activity or consumption

Using street slang or colloquial terms for cannabis can be a red flag for TikTok’s moderation system, potentially leading to content removal or shadowbanning.

Alternative Terms and Phrases to Use:

  • Cannabis, medicinal cannabis, adult-use cannabis (if legal in your area), therapeutic use, responsible consumption, hemp-derived, CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids

These terms are more clinical or industry-focused and are less likely to be associated with recreational use or illegal activity. They can help frame your content as informational and educational rather than promotional.


Contextualizing Your Post Text and Content

Beyond hashtags and individual words, the context in which you present your content is crucial. Always ensure that your videos, captions, and comments clearly indicate that your content is meant for educational, legal, or advocacy purposes. For example, if you’re discussing the benefits of CBD, clarify that you’re sharing research findings or personal testimonials for educational purposes.

Effectively using hashtags and language on TikTok for cannabis-related content requires a balance between reaching a broad audience and adhering to community standards. By focusing on education, legality, and professionalism, and by avoiding slang and recreational terminology, you can create a space for informed discussion and advocacy while minimizing the risk of content removal.

Posting cannabis images and videos on TikTok and Instagram can be a challenge.  That’s why we made a few guides to help you avoid a ban.  Click here for our guide to posting weed on Instagram.

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Weed Gifts for Golfers (Weed Gift Guide)

December 11, 2023 in Art, Fashion, Products

According to in 2020 – roughly 60 percent of the 52 players who participated indicated that weed should be legal on Tour. One in five said they had smoked or taken an ingestible form of the drug.  Lets face it.  Golfers smoke alot of weed. And if you gold and dont smoke – Maybe you should think of why your strokes are so high. 

Heres the best weed gifts for golfers this holiday season.  If you are looking for some dope kicks for the course this year check out our Weed Shoe Guide

Pitch N Puff one hitter golf tee

Get stoned on the course.  Take a hoot then smoke your ball too.  The  Pitch N Puff one hitter golf tee​ is the best one hooter golf tee on the market to gift your golfing stoner friends this year.


Electric Dab Rig - Yocan Phaser Max

The Yocan Phaser Max let your golfing stoner friends take dabs on the go in seconds.  This thing really is insane.  Anyone will love it for its convenience and versitility.  Especially on the course. Check out our review of the electric dab rig here.

The Pet Golf Ball

All dogs love stoners but not all stoners should be dog owenrs.  Heres an alternative for your stoned buddy.

The Pet Golf Ball with a walking leash. This is a funny golf party gag gift for any golfer.  Pet carry box with breathing holes so your pet golf ball can breathe . Green bedding in the box so your ball is always cozy.   It comes with a walking leash +  the leash has a strap and you can take the ball for walks.  Please name your Pet Golf Ball !


Golf & Weed Hoodies

Golf Weed hoodie, sport golf and marijuana lover, smoking weed joint Rastafarian cotton hooded, simple graphic printed tracksuit

Everyone needs a cozy go-to hoodie to curl up in, so go for one that’s soft, smooth, and stylish. Soft, smooth and stylish heavy blend hooded sweatshirt is perfect for cooler evenings and looks great on both men and women. 420 approved


Golf Ball Cigar Holder

These cigar holders make smoking a cigar during your round of golf very easy. These cigar holders take away from having to place your cigar on the ground in between shots. Simply place the cigar holder in the golf ball slot of the golf cart and go ahead and light up your cigar.

These cigar holders are the perfect gift for any dad, son, birthday, anniversary etc etc. We want you to be able to enjoy smoking a cigar on the golf course without any hassle


Extract Bucket Cap

A sweet little black bucket cap embroidered with a dope little weed brand we like.


Vintage Relpo Golf Club Planter

Awesome midcentury golf club planter by Relpo, Japan. In great vintage condition. Makes a unique gift for the special golfer in your life –  Give them a new home for a weed plant – Ias the focal point of any room!


The Golf Ball Stash Jar

The weed gift that keeps on giving.  A golf ball jar to stash your weed in.   This one is quite straight forward.


Pineapple Golf Gloves

A quality white leather glove with pineapple prints that add a tropical look to your style. The palm of the glove is yellow and contains no print.

Pineapples and weed go hand in hand


Take 15% off with code EXTRACT or just click the button.

Cannagar Mold

Cannagars are basically long lasting joints that you can customize. These things can go for hours and they are ideal for a day out on the course.

Once you smoke a cannagar on the course you will need one everytime. 

Heres a guide on how to roll a cannagar.


Vice Rays

Vice rays are literally dope sunglasses.  They hold a joint in each side so you can have quick access after that next bogey.  Everyone loves their Vice Rays and so will your stoned golfing friends.


Classic Skinny Trapsac

Every golfer has their goodies.  This is where you hold them.


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Dope Kicks – Weed Shoes From The Top Sneaker Brands (Weed Gift Guide)

November 7, 2023 in Art, Fashion, Products

Adidas Campus 80s - South Park Towelie

The adidas Campus 80s South Park Towelie showcases a plush purple terry cloth upper complemented by white leather overlays and a matching purple leather lining.

Towelie’s distinctive eyes make an appearance on the tongue, and under sunlight, they undergo a transformation from a serene white to a vibrant crimson. Concealed within the tongue is a cleverly designed stash pocket, generously sized to accommodate the Towelie keychains that come bundled with the shoes.

Additionally, Towelie’s iconic quotes, “Don’t Forget To Bring A Towel” and “I Have No Idea What’s Going On,” are featured on the interior of the tongue. The look is rounded off by a clean white sole and prominent adidas branding on the heel tab, marking a unique addition to the South Park collection.

Adidas Campus 80s - Crop

With the outer layer resembling light nude leather akin to wrapping paper, while the inner construction features a rich leafy green nubuck material.

Psychedelic prints in vibrant colors adorn the inner lining, insoles, and eyestay sections, with laces donning a creamy lime-tinted hue. Completing the ensemble are textured white gum sole units, adding an extra touch of smokiness to the design.

Adidas Samba 420

Adidas - The Bait x Stan Smith Vulc 'Happy 420'

The Bait x Stan Smith Vulc ‘Happy 420’ unmistakably belongs to the latter category, boasting a design inspired by cannabis. The upper is crafted from hemp, a departure from the typical leather material.

Drawing further inspiration from cannabis, the tongue showcases distinctive branding, and a fuzzy green suede texture cradles the heel trefoil logo.

Buzz Boots by Extract

If you are getting stoned better have your buzz boots on.  We made these!