Top 3 Calgary Weed Delivery Services

November 12, 2022 in Weed

Calgary weed delivery is a competitive space when it comes to price, quality, same day weed delivery, promotions and signup bonuses. As Canadian provinces phase in weed delivery regulation, Alberta was a quick mover in regards to framework for delivery services and adding a layer of convenience for cannabis consumers that don’t want to leave their house, especially with winter coming up!

We tested a number of retail and legacy cannabis delivery dispensaries in Calgary and rated them for a number of areas that you’re going to love. Check out the chart below to find out which weed delivery services are leading the pack in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Here’s our top 3 cannabis delivery services in Calgary.

Supherbs –  Calgary’s best quality weed delivery service

Supherbs is a Calgary weed delivery service that delivers your weed in 90 minutes or less 7 days a week. This online dispensary focuses on delivering high quality or top shelf cannabis at fair rates for customers in Calgary, and mail order to those across Canada. Supherbs cannabis dispensary boasts a massive selection of products mainly focused on high THC indica strains, connoissuer strains, high THC edibles and a massive variety of pre rolled joints.

When we say high THC edibles, these guys have some pretty strong stuff. 1250mg of THC, 1080mg of THC and that’s in 1 package of gummies. We tried the 1250mg Ganja Leaf edible and it knocked us on our ass.

The team at Supherbs is large, educated and they are standing by during business hours to take your order by phone or text, and help with all of your product based questions. When deliveries come at an extended length the customer service is quick to respond and let you know the estimated wait times. From all our experiences, the staff here is knowledgeable, eager to help you find the best products, and more than willing to go the extra mile to help you enjoy your order to it’s max potential.

    • Signup Deal: 20% off your first order
    • Affiliate Program: Earn 15% on all affiliate sales, paid out once monthly via Paypal or Interac email transfer
    • Referral Program: Give $10, get $10 off your next order.
    • Ounces Starting at: $99 ounces +
    • Product Categories: Weed, top shelf weed, THC and CBD disposable vapes, mushrooms, edibles, extracts, moonrocks, pre rolled joints, tinctures, cannabis accessories.
    • Delivery Fee: $15 on orders under $100. Free delivery on orders over $100.
    • Same Day Delivery: Get your weed in 90 minutes or less.
    • Regular Promotions:
      1. Bulk Pricing
      2. Earn points you can redeem for discounts on your next purchase in cart
      3. Bundles to save on weed, pre rolled joints, shatter, edibles and more
      4. Free shipping on orders over $100 across Canada
      5. Free joint with every order
      6. Birthday gifts
      7. Free prizes with different levels of spending inc;luding rolling trays and papers.

    The Best Dispensary For: Supherbs is the best option in Calgary for top shelf weed delivered to you in the same day. If you are looking for a premium cannabis experience, Supherbs is bringing you the quality cannabis at reasonable rates for less than the other dispensaries we’ve tried.

    Exotic strains and a consistently changing product selection means there is something for everyone, but Supherbs defintely leans towards the seasoned stoners with their HIGH THC edibles and strains.

    Anyone who needs a high dose of THC but isn’t interested in smoking or dabbing should check out Supherbs selection of tinctures, THC capsules and potent edibles.

    Calgary Weed Delivery (CWD) – Calgary’s quickest same day weed delivery service

    Calgary Weed Delivery is one of Calgary’s newest and quickest cannabis deliver service to lunch in the city. Claiming lower delivery fees than the industry standard, Calgary Weed Delivery aka CWD offers Calgarians a chance to get their weed delivered in the same day within 1.5 hours.

    CWD offers budget buds and quality cannabis strains at some of the lowest prices in Calgary. The real kicker is their minimum for same day deliveries. Enjoy free delivery at Calgary Weed Delivery on all orders over $50, making this the perfect dispensary for those purchasing other product lines like edibles, pre rolls or shatter. Calgary Weed Delivery caters to all type of cannabis consumers offering high quality and budget buds at extremelly fair rates, with a massive selection of edibles, pre rolled joints, vapes and more.

    Customers looking to save regularly will love the points system at CWD. Free gifts and bonuses are usually rewarded through a loyalty based system for each dollar spent. Customers can trade points in for free weed ranging from an 1/8th all the way up to a free 1/2 pound of weed.

      • Signup Deal: Free 1/8th with your first order
      • Affiliate Program: Earn 15% on all affiliate sales, paid out once monthly via Paypal or Interac email transfer.
      • Referral Program: Give a free 1/8th, recieve 1500 points to exchange for a free 1/8th
      • Ounces Starting at: $79 ounces +
      • Product Categories: Lower amounts of weed (1/4s +), mushrooms, tinctures, disposable and 510 thread vapes, shatter, lots of pre rolled joints in 3 and 7 packs.
      • Delivery Fee: Free 90 minute delivery on orders over $50.
      • Same Day Delivery: Free same day 90 minute delivery in Calgary, Okotoks, Chestermere, Chochrane and other cities close to Calgary.
      • Regular Promotions:

            1. Take $25 off orders of $250+ every day
            2. Free joint with every order
            3. Earn points you can exchange for free weed up to 1/2 pound

          The Best Dispensary For: Calgary Weed Delivery is a newcomer in Calgary and one of the best dispensaries we’ve encountered for promotions and loyalty. They offer incentives for bulk purchases and customers buying smaller amounts of pre rolls or edibles are still subject to earn points.

          If you’re looking for an awesome shopping experience with an interactive point system, and new cool weekly promotions, this is the site for you. Enjoy access to smaller quantities and lower fees for delivery but still the same quick same day delivery times anywhere in Calgary. These guy were the fastest.

          My28Grams – Calgary’s weed delivery service with the best price on quality ounces

 is a Calgary original that’s been around for years servicing most Calgarians at this point. Their brand recognition within city limits is massive and they’re active in up to date inventory, promotions and a great overall shopping experience. With improved loading times and a website facelift, My28Grams is a site that helps users find and purchase cannabis easier and quicker than most websites.

          This is one of the top delivery services in Calgary for the last near decade and really a company who is leading the way for creative promotions and involvement within the Calgary cannabis community.

 was the first online dispensary to bring $59 ounces to Calgarians and offers a badass line of nearly every cannabis product you can imagine. The team at My28Grams is very focused on going the extra mile with customer service and customer relations in general, releaseing a number of annual surveys to gather feedback in exchange for big rewards. It’s nice to shop at a dispensary that cares what I think and that’s a model that works with me.

            • Signup Deal: None
            • Affiliate Program: Earn 15% on all affiliate sales, paid out once monthly via Paypal or Interac email transfer
            • Referral Program: Give $15, get $15 off your next order.
            • Ounces Starting at: $59+
            • Product Categories: $59, $79, $99, $129, $149 ounces, pre rolled joints, moonrocks, shatter, disposable vape pens, 510 thread vape pens, tinctures, magic mushrooms, THC diamonds, edibles and more.
            • Delivery Fee: $15 on orders under $100. Free deliver on orders over $100.
            • Same Day Delivery: Get your weed in 90 minutes or less.
              • Regular Promotions:

                  1. A brand new points system that offers users a variety of rewards and 5 points / $1 spent

                The Best Dispensary For: is one of our favorites for their simple website, easy to find high THC strains and their pricing structure. The price tiers really makes it easy to find what your’re looking for based on what you want to spend, and surprisingly i feel like this is one of the best ways, and most accurate to sepeate strins on a website.

       is for the more seasoned stoner as they solely sell ounces. In exchange for a volume model, My28 saves you money on higher priced buds by keeping their minimum order to ounces and above. It really is a model that works out best for those who consume daily cannabis, and at the end of the day is a serious consideration.

                The Best YouTube Alternative For Weed Content – Checking In With The Internets Best Cannabis Media Sharing Network

                October 20, 2022 in Business, Cannabis Inspired, Spotlights, Tech

                For the people that are new to your cannabis media streaming platform, give us the rundown of what WeedTube is and your mission in 2022.

                WeedTube is the video-sharing platform developed in response to the social media censorship of cannabis on major platforms, namely YouTube and Instagram. In 2018, YouTube deleted the channels of cannabis enthusiasts and influencers at an unprecedented rate, so a group of deleted creators crowdfunded from their community to create a platform that embraces cannabis. Since then, millions of people have joined WeedTube to watch, sesh, and share with their favorite cannabis content creators. The mission of WeedTube has always been to provide a safe space for cannabis content and advertisements. 

                In addition to long form content we’re also thrilled to announce that WeedTube has expanded the User Experience to include a full social media suite in an update and rebrand called Pipeline. Pipeline is a social network where users can post pictures, short videos, text updates, links or articles without the risk of deletion. Pipeline allows users to post quick updates with the ease of big platforms like Twitter and Instagram. And as Instagram continues to shut down cannabis accounts (even Berner is getting silenced!) we know that the market needs this platform now more than ever! Finally users are able to enjoy a full suite of social networking features while talking and learning about cannabis.

                The look is completely different from the last time we chatted. What are the new updates and features your team has added over the last year or two?

                In addition to offering users a full social media suite in our mobile app, we’re targeting an audience that wants to take back control of their digital footprint and time spent online. Pipeline offers a solution that makes online interactions more authentic and gives users their power back in terms of posting content. Anything from a link to your favorite products at a dispensary to showcasing the function of your glass, Pipeline can house it all!

                Cannabis and media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, YouTube are arguably worse than ever for censorship.  Why is it important to your team to get creators to come share their channels and upload cannabis content to WeedTube as well and what’s the benefit to creators spreading their wings to newer less traditional media sharing platforms?

                Well let’s take our girl Chrissy Harless for example. Chrissy is an awesome working mom who has become an influencer to destigmatize moms who utilize cannabis. She built a massive following across Instagram and YouTube, in addition to her WeedTube uploads. Her husband even quit his job so that she could focus on running her content creation empire. But unexpectedly and without warning, her accounts get flagged and deleted. Her content, which became a primary source of income for her family, was suddenly gone. But because of WeedTube, Chrissy has all her files backed up and is able to maintain her connection with her followers through us! We’re so happy to have her as we launch Pipeline, and we hope that other creators who have had their income affected in the same way will find relief when uploading content!

                I see a lot of cannabis content but also a lot of lifestyle content like music and other activities that we all like to do when we’re stoned. What would you say the ratio is for cannabis direct content vs cannabis lifestyle these days?

                Great question! It’s a pretty even split and with the subtlety of the name “Pipeline” versus our old name WeedTube, we hope to attract other users who are being censored online. Meme accounts, for example, are often deleted on Instagram, so we hope that content creators looking to make people laugh will join Pipeline. In addition to cannabis content, more and more users are sharing their experiences with other substances that have been proven to assist with mental health challenges like Psilocybin and Ketamine. As people continue to try alternative methods of healthcare, we want them to have a safe space online to share their experiences (the good and the bad!) and learn from one another. 

                How can creators earn by posting on WeedTube?

                We are a safe space for creators to share content without fear of deletions! Any brand deals or promotional content they are posting will not be flagged, deleted or demonetized. They can also link directly to a product, website or brand they are promoting- unlike YouTube!

                Does your team have any success stories with advertisers and how can companies get their ads running on WeedTube?

                We’ve worked with so many incredible companies it’s hard to highlight just one! Our friends at Alien Outfitters expanded their brand and had this to say about our advertising services:

                “Advertising with WeedTube (WT) has immensely fueled the growth of our business, with cannabis related products generally violating advertising policies on major platforms, WT has created an opportunity for our website to finally reach our target audience. Through WT advertising opportunities, we have seen a high CTR leading to conversions and return customers. Working with WeedTube is like working with family.” – The Horny Stoner

                If anyone is looking to run an advertising campaign we strongly encourage them to check out our offerings here: and reach out to with any questions! Companies can also use their WeedTube profile to market and promote their products and offerings on Pipeline for FREE. 

                The app is available on both ios and android correct?

                Correct, you can download the app on IOS or Android via their respective app stores, for free!

                Is there anything else you would like to say to cannabis businesses or creators that should consider WeedTube if they haven’t already?

                With Biden getting the ball rolling on sweeping national cannabis reform, now more than ever do we need a community to welcome and educate adult cannabis consumers, new and old. There is so much misinformation online and social stigmas that persist regarding this plant, so we want to offer people a community where they can educate and share their experiences in an organic and authentic way. We hope to see you on Pipeline!

                Visit the best YouTube alternative for weed content here.

                Uber Eats and Leafly partner to bring cannabis delivery to Torontonians

                October 17, 2022 in Business, Tech, Today In Weed, Weed

                TORONTO, Oct. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Starting tomorrow, Monday, October 17, Torontonians can order safe, legal cannabis and get it delivered straight to their homes thanks to a partnership between Uber Eats (NYSE: UBER), a global leader in ecommerce and delivery technology, and Leafly (NASDAQ: LFLY), a leading online cannabis marketplace and information resource. Torontonians 19+ can place orders from local licensed cannabis retailers in the Uber Eats app, and have it delivered to their door by the retailer’s CannSell certified staff. This is the first time cannabis delivery will be available on a major third-party delivery platform in the world.

                “We are partnering with industry leaders like Leafly to help retailers offer safe, convenient options for people in Toronto to purchase legal cannabis for delivery to their homes, which will help combat the illegal market and help reduce impaired driving,” said Lola Kassim, General Manager of Uber Eats Canada. “Over the last few years, we have invested heavily in our delivery business and selection has expanded tremendously. Uber Eats has grown quickly to become a versatile platform usable by diverse businesses large and small.”

                “Leafly has been empowering the cannabis marketplace in Canada for more than four years and we support more than 200 cannabis retailers in the GTA. We are thrilled to work with Uber Eats to help licensed retailers bring safe, legal cannabis to people across the city,” said Yoko Miyashita, CEO of Leafly.

                “Hidden Leaf has been providing safe, legal cannabis to Torontonians at three locations over the last year and a half,” said Marissa and Dale Taylor, owners of Hidden Leaf, one of three currently participating retailers in Toronto. “We are a small business and this partnership is a great way for us to expand our reach and grow our business across the city. Just like the in-store experience, our CannSell certified delivery staff understand and comply with local regulations around cannabis transactions, including checking ID.”

                How it works:

                • Head to the Uber Eats app and select the “Cannabis” category or search for one of the licensed cannabis retailers. You will see a warning that you must be of legal age to enter the virtual storefront.
                •  After this, you navigate the menu of the retailer to place an order. You must be within the delivery radius of the licensed cannabis retailer in order to be able to place an order.
                • Just like ordering takeout or other items using Uber Eats, you will be notified when the licensed retailer accepts the order and the estimated time of delivery.
                • In accordance with provincial regulations, the order will only be delivered by the licensed cannabis retailer’s own CannSell certified staff. Independent third-party delivery people will not deliver cannabis.
                • When the delivery person arrives, your age and sobriety will be verified as required by regulations.

                This partnership will help combat the underground illegal market, which still accounts for over 50% of all nonmedical cannabis sales in Ontario. Further, recent research from Public First shows that some cannabis users drive after consumption with 1 in 7 (14%) of cannabis users admitting to having driven a vehicle within 2 hours of consuming cannabis. Delivery options like those available through Uber Eats are expected to help decrease impaired driving and improve safety on the road.

                The first three cannabis retailers are:

                About Uber Eats
                Uber Eats is an on-demand app and website that helps bring millions of people around the world the things they want, at the tap of a button. We partner with over 825,000 restaurants and merchants in more than 11,000 cities across six continents. From specialty local favorites to national brand names, groceries to household essentials and more, Uber Eats has what you want when you want it.

                About Leafly
                Leafly helps millions of people learn about cannabis each year. Our powerful tools help shoppers make informed purchasing decisions and empower cannabis businesses to attract and retain loyal customers through technology services. Learn more at or download the Leafly mobile app.

                For media inquiries:

                Josh deBerge

                SOURCE Uber

                High Times – A Space Inspired Photoshop Series

                October 12, 2022 in Art

                Cannabis infused space! A photoshop series of high times photoshopped into space themed art.

                THC Castles – A Photoshop Art Series Inspired By Cannabis Infused Sandcastles

                October 12, 2022 in Art

                Sandcastle made with keif. This is a photoshopped collection of keif castles, cannabis inspired sandcastles photoshopped into cannabis busters and grinders.

                Weed In Nature – A Photoshop Series of Cannabis Inspired Landscapes and Cityscapes

                October 12, 2022 in Art

                Weed in nature is a photoshop series of landscapes and cityscapes with cannabis infused into each unique piece.

                Cannabis In Sport – A Photoshop Series

                October 12, 2022 in Art

                Here’s some cool cannabis inspired sports photo ops, photoshopped by an anonymous artist for the team at Extract!

                Not All Canoes Are Bad Canoes – A Photoshop Series of Canoeing Joints

                October 12, 2022 in Art

                Here we have a series of canoes photoshopped into joints for the team at Extract. Not all canoes are bad canoes. Artist anonymous.

                Cannabis Inspired PlayStation + XBOX Controllers

                October 12, 2022 in Art, Gaming

                Here’s a few cool cannabis inspired concepts for PlayStation and XBOX controllers.

                A New App Is On It’s Way To Help Canadians Share Cannabis Strains & Genetics: Interview With Grow & Share

                September 30, 2022 in Business, Growing, Tech, Weed

                Let’s get started with the basics – What is Grow and Share?

                This mobile-friendly web application allows cannabis enthusiasts to learn, meet like-minded individuals, and find the best prices for cannabis, cannabis accessories, and cannabis lounges. In addition, Grow and Share is the first and only free way for cannabis enthusiasts, including growers and consumers purchasing from legal dispensaries, to share and acquire strains.

                Is this a website, mobile phone app – where can Canadians download it?

                The app is currently a mobile-friendly web application, all members need to do is create a free account at  We are in the process of developing a mobile application which will be available on the IOS and Android app stores.

                I feel like if you want to share your craft today as a home grower you really need to connect with people on Instagram, maybe reddit, but there’s not really a central community.  Why do you think it’s important to provide a place where people can share their craft in Canadian cannabis?

                In addition to allowing growers to share their strains, Grow and Share allows consumers to share strains they legally purchase from dispensaries. Since growers often have a surplus of one or two strains and buyers do not wish to be locked into one strain, Grow and Share was developed so enthusiasts can try new strains for free.

                Finding cannabis enthusiasts willing to share their various strains via social media can be challenging. Additionally, it can be a daunting task to ensure the strain you receive is advertised correctly, the quantity is accurate to what is being offered, and the the person you are receiving the strain from will not keep you waiting. 

                The community review system built into Grow and Share will assist in qualifying members as reputable sharers. 

                Grow and Share is a creative twist that adds value to the cannabis connoisseur and cultivar community.  It really seems to be a good platform to connect with other cannabis lovers who are looking for a little more about their cannabis.  Tell us how long ago you got started, where the idea came from and how it came to flower into what it is today?

                Growing, acquiring, and advocating cannabis as well as being a serial entrepreneur, it became evident to me that Grow and Share platform was required.

                 I became increasingly frustrated with the difficulty and inability of finding cannabis connoisseurs through social media to share my strain and acquire the strain I desired. As all cannabis enthusiasts know, having our favorite strain is wonderful, but sometimes we need something different, and why should we be required to spend more money to acquire it? 

                With almost three years of hard work, endless hours of research, and AB tests, I realized I wasn’t the only person feeling this way. I launched my business in early September and have been promoting my business through social media, street advertising, and search engine optimization.

                This gives me the feel of a hybrid between Facebook Groups and Leafly.  Give us the breakdown of what exactly the app is and what users can do on it and it’s core value for Canadian stoners?

                Grow and Share has created a community for cannabis growers and enthusiasts to communicate, interact and perhaps even bond over their shared love of the herb.

                People who sign up for the Grow and Share community can link and share strains and knowledge with other cannabis enthusiasts and find cannabis retailers, including dispensaries, head shops, seed stores, and cannabis lounges.

                The App/website will also assist cannabis retailers in reaching their target market and share knowledge with consumers to improve their understanding of cannabis and the culture.

                very few places are wholly dedicated to discussing cannabis, fewer to providing free marketing for retailers, and none offer cannabis sharing. 

                Apart from learning about cannabis and connecting with like-minded individuals, there are plans to hold various cannabis-related events. Moreover, we have launched the first of many subsidiaries, called TokandTalk. It allows members of the community to discuss cannabis, ask questions, and form private groups.

                Which types of cannabis consumers are going to benefit the most from using Grow and Share?

                Grow and Share does not discriminate against cannabis enthusiasts as a community-based application. Whether you are a grower or a buyer, we are confident that Grow and Share will benefit you. 

                This seems like a good way to connect cultivars to exchange genetics and get access to sought after strains without paying an arm and a leg, is this a use case that’s been popular thus far?

                As a result of the recent launch, many shares have occurred, not only between cultivators but also between cultivators and buyers, as well as buyers to buyers.

                Is there an option for home cultivars or small batch growers to connect with larger growers and form relationships in which strain hunters can make some passive income licensing out new genetics?

                Without giving too much away, we have major plans for home cultivators and small-batch growers to become recognized by large licensed producers. 

                Is this more of a local exchange focused platform, or does it encourage users to share strains that might not be available in their province, and how can you see this adding value for producers trying to get a feel for demand in specific regions?

                Grow and Share is currently working on helping cannabis enthusiasts acquire strains from like-minded connoisseurs within their cities and nearby cities. Having said that, members may decide to share strains with individuals outside of their province, and this is another reason for the community review system, ensuring members are dealing with a reputable sharer. 

                Members can search within a different location to find strains that they may not be able to find locally, and have it shipped, as long as it was purchased legally or homegrown.

                Which communities are you actively expanding in or which provinces and cities can we expect to see users pop up?

                We first launched out of Toronto, Ontario but with our social media reach and help from the cannabis community, we are pushing to get the name out to all provinces. The more the community spreads the word about Grow and Share, the better it will be for all of us cannabis enthusiasts.

                Can we expect to see you at any events in the future?

                Our plan is to attend: 

                • KIND Winter Fair
                • Where: Toronto 
                • Dates: December 7th and 8th 2022
                • CannExpo
                • Where: Toronto
                • Dates: March 24th-26th, 2023 

                It is the Grow and Share team’s current endeavor to organize an event for consumers, industry professionals, and newcomers to the industry. This event will be held on an ongoing basis during the colder months, giving everyone something to look forward to. As the event progresses, we will share more details.

                Any last words for EXTRACT readers?

                Join and sign up for the forum at

                Read our articles, share your product and interact with the community. We look forward to seeing you on our platform.

                • Contact Details:
                • Business Name: Grow and Share
                • Contact Name: Michael Bryden
                • Contact Email:
                • Address: 1 King ST W Suite 4800-246
                • Country: Canada 

                Landing Page:

                Weed In Canada – Weekly News Roundup (Sept 29, 2022)

                September 29, 2022 in Business, Growing, Sports, Today In Weed

                Front companies being used to launder illicit cannabis cash in Canada, financial intelligence agency says

                The Growth Op

                Dubbed Project Legion, the report is a public-private partnership initiative led by Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD), supported by Canadian law enforcement agencies and FINTRAC. The project aims to “improve the detection of the laundering of proceeds from illicit cannabis.”

                “Through the dedicated efforts of Canada’s largest banks, in particular, and the financial transactions they report, FINTRAC is able to harness the power of financial intelligence to help identify and target the criminals and organized crime groups engaged in illicit cannabis activities and other financial crimes,” Sarah Paquet, director and chief executive officer of FINTRAC, said in a statement.

                The most frequently observed businesses used in money-laundering operations also included e-commerce businesses in the beauty and wellness industry, the food and beverage wholesale sectors and marketing, advertising and consulting businesses. Email money transfers (EMTs), cheques, bank drafts and cash deposits and withdrawals were the primary methods used to move funds derived from illicit cannabis activities, according to the report.

                Ontario made $520M from pot last year. So why do retailers say they’re struggling?


                Part of the provincial cannabis cash is coming from a mark-up of about 31 per cent that the provincial supplier, Ontario Cannabis Stores (OCS), is charging legal retailers.

                The province’s pursuit of cannabis profits is also making it tougher for legal retailers to stay in business, he said, because legal buyers are probably paying more than their neighbours who continue to get their supply from the black market.

                Sean Kady, who owns a pot dispensary west of downtown Toronto, agrees with Armstrong.

                “Our cheapest ounce is about $100 and you can get the same ounce about the same quality from these black markets for about 50 to $70,” said the owner of Cosmic Charlies at the corner of Queen Street West and Niagara Street.

                Canada’s July Cannabis Sales Numbers Are Out & They’re Juicy


                The province of Manitoba experienced the biggest monthly increase by percentage, jumping 20% to CA$17.1 million in retail sales.

                On a dollars basis, the biggest monthly increase was in Ontario, where sales rose CA$6.8 million to CA$159.5 million in July.

                Quebec’s cannabis sales grew a disappointing 1% month-over-month to about CA$50 million.

                So far this year, roughly CA$2.55 billion worth of recreational cannabis has been sold.

                In the remaining provinces, July sales totals and month-over-month sales were:

                • Alberta: CA$69.1 million (+3%).
                • British Columbia: CA$57.3 million (+6%).
                • Manitoba: CA$17.1 million (+20%).
                • Nova Scotia: CA$9.1 million (+4.3%).
                • New Brunswick: CA$7.2 million (+6.2%).
                • Newfoundland and Labrador: CA$5.7 million (+10%).
                • Saskatchewan: CA$15.8 million (+1.5%).
                • Prince Edward Island: CA$2.1 million (+14%).

                By city, Toronto continued to lead the country with CA$54.1 million in sales, up 5% over June.

                Montreal was the only city in Canada where sales fell in July: Sales in Quebec’s largest city dropped under 1% to CA$26.8 million.

                July cannabis retail sales in selected Canadian cities and monthly sales changes were:

                • Edmonton, Alberta: CA$22.8 million (+4.4%).
                • Vancouver, British Columbia: CA$18.7 million (Flat).
                • Calgary, Alberta: CA$19.5 million (+6.6%).
                • Ottawa, Ontario: CA$14.5 million (+4.7%).
                • Winnipeg, Manitoba: CA$9.7 million (+18.6%).
                • Quebec City: CA$4.7 million (+2.9%).
                • Gatineau, Quebec: CA$1.7 million (+4.1%).

                The number of pot stores in Alberta reaches a potentially unsustainable high


                An analysis of the Canadian retail cannabis market, done earlier this year by data firm Cannabis Benchmarks, concluded that Alberta has too many retail outlets based on comparable data from Colorado and Oregon, two U.S. states that legalized the sale of cannabis in 2012 and 2016 respectively.

                Het Shah, who compiled the data, says Colorado has one recreational retailer for every 9,600 residents, while in Oregon there is one store for every 6,150 people.

                Alberta has roughly one retail outlet for every 5,911 people. By comparison, the national number is pegged at one store for every 12,184, according to Shah’s research. He says there is room for expansion across the country, just not in Alberta.

                “On average, we found that Alberta had roughly 27 per cent more stores than required to serve the population,” he said.

                Cannabis Weekly Round-Up: Aurora’s Quarterly Losses Pile Up

                Investing News

                Canada’s Aurora Cannabis reported a net loss of C$618.8 million in its latest quarterly report. Meanwhile, the Canadian government officially announced a review of the country’s cannabis program.

                Aurora blamed its higher net loss on non-cash impairment charges “triggered by changes in cannabis market conditions, and in the current capital market environment including higher rates of borrowing and lower foreign exchange rates.”

                Canada on track to spend $200M per year on medical cannabis for veterans

                Global News

                Ottawa is reimbursing a record number of veterans for medical marijuana, with new figures showing the federal government shelled out more than $150 million in the last fiscal year — more than double the amount just three years ago.

                And that is only the beginning as the figures from Veterans Affairs Canada reveal the government is on track to spend nearly $200 million this year as more and more former service members ask the government to pay for their cannabis.

                While experts and advocates are uncertain about the reasons for the surge, they agree about the need for more information on the real benefits and potential harms of medical marijuana for veterans — and taxpayers paying for it.

                High Tide to Acquire Jimmy’s Cannabis Shop, Adding Two Established Retail Cannabis Stores in British Columbia

                High Tide Inc

                Calgary, AB, September 29, 2022 / CNW / − High Tide Inc. (“High Tide” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: HITI) (TSXV: HITI) (FSE: 2LYA), a leading retail-focused cannabis company with bricks-and-mortar as well as global e-commerce assets, is pleased to announce that it is taking yet another step to expand its bricks-and-mortar retail cannabis operations, by entering into a definitive agreement (the “Acquisition Agreement”) pursuant to which High Tide will acquire 100% of the equity interest of 1171882 B.C. Ltd., operating as Jimmy’s Cannabis Shop BC (“Jimmy’s”), as well as assignments of the vendors’ shareholder loans, resulting in High Tide’s acquisition of two of the five retail cannabis stores currently operated by Jimmy’s in British Columbia (the “Stores”) for $5.3 Million (the “Transaction”). The Stores are located at 1225 Cranbrook Street North, Cranbrook and 1543 Victoria Street, Prince George. 

                Weekly weed news.

                Canopy Growth Announces Divestiture of Canadian Retail Operations

                September 28, 2022 in Business, Today In Weed

                 Decision supports the Company’s strategic objectives including streamlining Canadian operations, achieving profitability, and advancing a premium brand-driven portfolio for consumers

                Smiths Falls, ON (September 27, 2022) – Canopy Growth Corporation (“Canopy Growth” or the “Company”) (TSX: WEED) (NASDAQ: CGC) announced today that the Company has entered into agreements to divest its retail business across Canada which includes the stores operating under the Tweed and Tokyo Smoke retail banners. The announcement reinforces the Company’s focus on advancing its path to profitability as a premium brand-focused cannabis and consumer packaged goods (CPG) company.

                The Company has reached an agreement (the “OEGRC Transaction”) with OEG Retail Cannabis (“OEGRC”), an existing Canopy Growth licensee partner that currently owns and operates the Company’s franchised Tokyo Smoke stores in Ontario. As part of this agreement, OEGRC has agreed to acquire all of Canopy Growth’s corporate stores outside of Alberta as well as all Tokyo Smoke-related intellectual property. The Company has also reached an agreement (the “FOUR20 Transaction”) with 420 Investments Ltd. (“FOUR20”) pursuant to which FOUR20 has agreed to acquire the ownership of five retail locations in Alberta. Closing of the OEGRC Transaction and the FOUR20 Transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions.

                “We are taking the next critical step in advancing Canopy as a leading premium brand-focused CPG cannabis company while furthering the Company’s strategy of investing in product innovation and distribution to drive revenue growth in the Canadian recreational market,’’ said David Klein, CEO, Canopy Growth. “By realizing these agreements with organizations that possess proven cannabis retail expertise, we are providing continuity for consumers and team members. Through the best-in-class retail leadership that OEGRC and FOUR20 have demonstrated, they will continue to serve Canadian consumers with the high-quality in-store experiences that are essential for success in a new industry.’’

                Operational savings realized through these transactions are expected to result in Canopy’s projected selling, general, and administrative cost savings being closer to the high end of the annualized target range expected as part of the cost reduction actions announced on April 26, 2022.

                Overview of the OEGRC Transaction:

                • Upon completion of the OEGRC Transaction, OEGRC will acquire ownership of 23 Tokyo Smoke and Tweed store locations across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland and Labrador.
                • As part of the OEGRC Transaction, the Tokyo Smoke brand will be transferred to OEGRC and any purchased stores currently branded as Tweed will be rebranded.
                • The master franchise agreement between the Company and OEGRC pursuant to which OEGRC licenses the Tokyo Smoke brand in Ontario will be terminated on the closing of the OEGRC Transaction.

                Overview of the FOUR20 Transaction:

                • FOUR20, a licensed cannabis retailer, will purchase five of the Company’s corporate stores in Alberta. Following the close of the FOUR20 Transaction, these stores will be rebranded under FOUR20’s retail banner.

                All in-store team members working in the locations being acquired will see their employment continue with OEGRC and FOUR20 pending completion of these transactions.

                In addition to the foregoing divestitures, the master license agreement between Canopy Growth and Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. with respect to the use of the Tweed brand for brick-and-mortar retail stores operating in Ontario has also been terminated.

                Canopy Growth will continue to own and operate the Tweed brand, including a vast portfolio of mainstream flower, pre-rolled, and ready-to-enjoy options, as the Company looks towards providing Canadians with new ways to engage with one of the industry’s highest impact brands.

                Media Contact:

                Investor Contacts:

                 About Canopy Growth Corporation

                Canopy Growth (TSX:WEED, NASDAQ:CGC) is a world-leading diversified cannabis and cannabinoid-based consumer product company, driven by a passion to improve lives, end prohibition, and strengthen communities by unleashing the full potential of cannabis. Leveraging consumer insights and innovation, we offer product varieties in high-quality dried flower, oil, softgel capsule, infused beverage, edible, and topical formats, as well as vaporizer devices by Canopy Growth and industry-leader Storz & Bickel. Our global medical brand, Spectrum Therapeutics, sells a range of full-spectrum products using its colour-coded classification system and is a market leader in both Canada and Germany. Canopy Growth has entered into the health and wellness consumer space in key markets including Canada, the United States, and Europe through BioSteel sports nutrition, and This Works skin and sleep solutions; and has introduced additional hemp-derived CBD products to the United States through our First & Free and Martha Stewart CBD brands. Canopy Growth has an established partnership with Fortune 500 alcohol leader Constellation Brands. For more information, visit

                Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Information

                This news release contains “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and “forward-looking information” within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities legislation. Often, but not always, forward-looking statements and information can be identified by the use of words such as “plans”, “expects” or “does not expect”, “is expected”, “estimates”, “intends”, “anticipates” or “does not anticipate”, or “believes”, or variations of such words and phrases or state that certain actions, events or results “may”, “could”, “would”, “might” or “will” be taken, occur or be achieved. Forward-looking statements or information involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company or its subsidiaries to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements or information contained in this news release. Examples of such statements and uncertainties include statements with respect to the closing of the OEGRC Transaction; the closing of the FOUR20 Transaction; the anticipated benefits and cost savings resulting from the OEGRC Transaction and the FOUR20 Transaction; and expectations for other economic, business, and/or competitive factors.

                Risks, uncertainties and other factors involved with forward-looking information could cause actual events, results, performance, prospects and opportunities to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking information, including inherent uncertainty associated with projections; the diversion of management time on issues related to the OEGRC Transaction and the FOUR20  Transaction; expectations regarding future investment, growth and expansion of operations; regulatory and licensing risks; changes in general economic, business and political conditions, including changes in the financial and stock markets and the impacts of increased rates of inflation; legal and regulatory risks inherent in the cannabis industry, including the global regulatory landscape and enforcement related to cannabis, political risks and risks relating to regulatory change; risks relating to anti-money laundering laws; compliance with extensive government regulation and the interpretation of various laws regulations and policies; public opinion and perception of the cannabis industry; and such other risks contained in the public filings of the Company filed with Canadian securities regulators and available under the Company’s profile on SEDAR at and with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission through EDGAR at, including the Company’s annual report on Form 10-K for the year ended March 31, 2022.

                In respect of the forward-looking statements and information, the Company has provided such statements and information in reliance on certain assumptions that they believe are reasonable at this time. Although the Company believes that the assumptions and factors used in preparing the forward-looking information or forward-looking statements in this news release are reasonable, undue reliance should not be placed on such information and no assurance can be given that such events will occur in the disclosed time frames or at all. Should one or more of the foregoing risks or uncertainties materialize, or should assumptions underlying the forward-looking information prove incorrect, actual results may vary materially from those described herein as intended, planned, anticipated, believed, estimated or expected. Although the Company has attempted to identify important risks, uncertainties and factors which could cause actual results to differ materially, there may be others that cause results not to be as anticipated, estimated or intended. The forward-looking information and forward-looking statements included in this news release are made as of the date of this news release and the Company does not undertake any obligation to publicly update such forward-looking information or forward-looking information to reflect new information, subsequent events or otherwise unless required by applicable securities laws.

                Submit a cannabis press release.

                Weed In Canada – Weekly News Roundup (Sept 22, 2022)

                September 23, 2022 in Business, Growing, Sports, Today In Weed

                Stats Canada Released a Report About Home Cannabis Cultivation In Canada


                Those most likely to do so are male, 35-55 years of age, and living in Atlantic Canada, followed by British Columbia and Ontario. Reported home cultivation was the least common in the Prairies. Home cultivation is not allowed in Manitoba and Quebec. Both provinces are facing court challenges to this prohibition.

                Although men were more likely to cultivate cannabis at home, the number of women who reported doing so increased since legalization. The number of Canadian men over the age of 55 who reported growing their own cannabis at home actually declined since legalization. 

                Home cultivators are more likely to consume cannabis for medical (or a combination of medical and non-medical) reasons on a daily or almost daily basis and report “smoking” as their primary consumption method. 

                Canadian Government to Review The Cannabis Act After 4 Years of Legalization


                OTTAWA, Sept 22 (Reuters) – Canada on Thursday launched a review of the country’s legalization of recreational cannabis use four years ago to evaluate its impact on youth, indigenous minorities and others, and analyze its effect on the economy and the illegal marijuana market.

                Canada’s health minister was required to conduct a review of the legislation, its administration, and operation three years after coming into force, so the review is coming a year later than had been planned.

                Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said it took longer than expected to begin the review because the government wanted to “make sure things were done right” and plan a review broader than what is mandated by law.

                Leafythings Launches Retailer Support Program to Help Struggling Ontario Cannabis Store Businesses


                TORONTO, Sept. 22, 2022 /CNW/ – Unfortunately due to the rise of cannabis store closures on the horizon in the Ontario cannabis marketplace, Leafythings has discovered the lack of an efficient orderly closure program existing for struggling retailers and is proposing a retailer support program.

                “We clearly saw a problem brewing,” said Jeffrey Neil, Leafything’s Director of Community Engagement. “I just knew we could find a solution to help all key stakeholders. Leafythings will begin its Retail Cannabis Store Support Program by buying all available inventory from stores who wish to wind down in a timely fashion. Store owners we have spoken to have literally cried and were so thankful that we could help them in this way.”

                Aurora Cannabis Announces Fiscal 2022 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results


                EDMONTON, AB, Sept. 20, 2022 /CNW/ – Aurora Cannabis Inc. (the “Company” or “Aurora”) (NASDAQ: ACB) (TSX: ACB), the Canadian company defining the future of cannabinoids worldwide, today announced its financial and operational results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended June 30, 2022.

                • Remains #1 Canadian LP in High Margin Global Medical Cannabis Revenues; International Medical Cannabis Net Revenue Increased 35.4% from Q4 2021 and 70.3% from Fiscal 2021
                • Reiterates Adjusted EBITDA Profitability Run Rate by December 31, 2022
                • Reaffirms $150 to $170 Million in Annualized Cost Savings by December 31, 2022
                • Strengthens Balance Sheet Through Accretive Debt Reduction Totaling $155.3 Million in Q4 2022
                • Completed Profitable Acquisition of Thrive Cannabis and Majority Investment in Bevo Farms

                Aurora Cannabis Dropped from Toronto Stock Index


                Edmonton, Alberta-based Aurora Cannabis has been deleted from the S&P/TSX Composite Index, according to the latest quarterly review announced by S&P Dow Jones Indices.

                The S&P/TSX Composite is the primary gauge for Canada-based, Toronto Stock Exchange-listed companies.

                Aurora’s stock was originally added to the index in 2018.

                A news release by S&P Dow Jones Indices – a division of S&P Global – doesn’t specify exactly why Aurora and three other companies were dropped from the benchmark index stemming from the routine review.

                Bevo Farms’ Parent Company Acquired By Aurora Cannabis for More Than $45 Million

                Terrace Standard

                Bevo Agtech, which owns and operates 63 acres of greenhouses on more than 160 acres of land across the Lower Mainland, has recently sold a controlling interest of their company to Aurora Cannabis.

                This Canadian cannabis company has operations in 25 countries around the world and has now grown their presence in Western Canada even further by purchasing 50.1 per cent of Bevo.

                Aurora bought Bevo for $45 million in cash, with an additional $12 million being paid to Bevo selling shareholders over the next three years as long as Bevo reaches certain financial milestones at their Site One centre in Langley.

                HEXO to Produce Mike Tyson’s New Cannabis Brand, TYSON 2.0, in Canada

                Global News Wire

                GATINEAU, Quebec, Aug. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HEXO Corp. (TSX: HEXO; NASDAQ: HEXO) (“HEXO” or the “Company“), a leading producer of high-quality cannabis products, is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into an exclusive partnership with TYSON 2.0,  entrepreneur and cannabis advocate Mike Tyson’s recently formed cannabis company.

                Under the agreement, HEXO will produce TYSON 2.0’s products in Canada, including TYSON 2.0’s full range of flower, pre-rolls, edibles and vapes. The HEXO-produced lines will launch across Canada in fall 2022.

                “We’re delighted that HEXO has been chosen as the exclusive Canadian producer for TYSON 2.0 brands,” said Charlie Bowman, CEO of HEXO Corp. “Our boutique cultivation capabilities and product offerings enable HEXO to elevate the consumer’s cannabis experience. With their broad product range from flower to straight edge pre-rolls to edibles, the TYSON 2.0 brand fits perfectly into HEXO’s market leading portfolio.”

                Elias Theodorou, Canadian UFC fighter and Cannabis Advocate Passes Away at 34

                Global News

                Elias Theodorou, a Canadian mixed martial artist who campaigned successfully for the right to use medical marijuana as an athlete, has died. He was 34.

                Theodorou campaigned for years to use medical marijuana in the sport, eventually securing a therapeutic use exemption for the marijuana he had been prescribed for bilateral neuropathic pain in his hands, wrists and elbows.

                Theodorou, who said cannabis allowed him “to even the playing field and fight at a baseline level,” got the exemption in February 2020 from the B.C. Athletic Commission.

                Canadian cannabis news weekly.

                NFL Legend Ricky Williams Cannabis Lifestyle Brand Opens ‘Highsman House,’ a First-of-its-kind Metaverse Experience in the Sports & Cannabis Space

                September 20, 2022 in Business, Today In Weed


                Highsman, the cannabis lifestyle brand founded by Ricky Williams, announces its entry into the metaverse with the opening of Highsman House, the first true virtual reality sports and cannabis experience powered by AltspaceVR. Accessible through Oculus or computer, users can join Ricky and the Highsman community for interactive games and live stream sporting events. Highsman House will open its doors with a special Monday NIght Football viewing party and hangout on Monday, September 26th from 5pm-8pm PST.

                “We’re building a community with Highsman House, so please bring your authentic self, energy, positive vibes, and idealism,” says Ricky Williams, President and Founder of Highsman. “Through the Metaverse, we continue driving societal evolution forward while having fun and making new friends.”

                Designed in partnership with Rocket City, Highmsan House launches with a series of free ‘pop-up’ events that aim to bring people together through games of cornhole, football, and smoke sessions among other activities. Guests will receive advanced previews of special drops, news and events. Highsman House features a full-size football stadium, swimming pool, and Highsman dispensary and merch shop, where users can express their passion for the plant through smoking virtual blunts and trying on the latest brand apparel. Staying true to its mission, Highsman will also host conversations about how cannabis continues to unlock one’s greatness.

                To enjoy the event via desktop please simply go to, create a username and password, and use in-world code SCB928; if joining via Oculus, download altspace VR, create a username and password, then type in world code SCB928 or check out Highsman’s Discord page for more information.


                About Highsman
                Highsman is the cannabis lifestyle brand created by Ricky Williams, entrepreneur, thought leader and one of the most electric NFL running backs of the century, to empower professional and everyday athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. Highsman offers premium quality cannabis and a collection of apparel and accessories designed to complement an active lifestyle on and off the field. For more information please visit: ; Instagram: @highsman ; Twitter: @highsman_

                Cannabis Shortages Coming to British Columbia as Only Legal Distribution Warehouse Strikes

                August 22, 2022 in Today In Weed

                The British Columbia General Employees’ Union (BCGEU) is entering their 2nd week of Job Action as the organization that represents over 33,000 workers across the province of British Columbia.

                With a strike beginning early last week, many workers are classified as “essential” and don’t have an option to walk off the job. But they are being called upon to refuse overtime hours to convey the message of understaffing, high turnover and excessive workloads relying on voluntary overtime hours to complete the jobs in positions lacking staff.

                How does this play into Western Canadian cannabis? Well in British Columbia, the BCGEU represents the only legal facility that plays an intermediary between producers and dispensaries, distributing wholesale from cultivars to retail shelves across the province of British Columbia.

                According to the High Times, regulators are in talks to simplify the process allowing producers to sell directly to dispensaries; however until this is settled, the province of British Columbia is likely to see inventory levels dwindle and storefronts to close shop until products are available to order.

                Marigold Cannabis in Vancouver reports they have a window of 2 weeks for the strike to settle. “If it lasts more than two weeks, then we are probably looking at closing down the store because there is nothing to sell,” reported Jacob Michalow, Assistant Manager.

                In response to the pending closures and cannabis shortages within the province, cannabis delivery sites and mail order services across Western Canada are offering massive deals to recapture some of the market that is currently fumbling an opportunity to build loyal customers.

                We spoke to the marketing team at one Calgary Weed Delivery service – Supherbs. “We’re extending our free delivery across the province of British Columbia throughout the duration of the BCGEU strike. While we like to think a lot of cannabis consumption is for enjoyment, there’s a large number of patients in the province that use cannabis for it’s medical properties and a quick, safe and cost effective avenue to get medicine is important to our team. We want to set an example for reliability where others are dropping the ball so to speak”.

                Buds Not Bullets – Cannabis Inspired Photo Ops of Weed Buds Coming Out of Guns

                August 12, 2022 in Art

                A cool collection of buds shooting from the barrels of guns, made for Extract In. and photoshopped by an anonymous artist.

                Western Canada’s Cannabis Only Boutique Hotel Now Open

                August 3, 2022 in Cannabis Inspired, Events, Spotlights

                The go-to hotel for cannabis connoisseurs, and the canna-curious, is now available for private group bookings

                MOSSLEIGH, ALBERTA (August 1, 2022) – MaryJane Manor, Western Canada’s only private cannabis boutique hotel, is now open for business and taking event bookings and accommodation reservations. Situated in Mossleigh, Alberta, a quaint, 420-friendly community located a half hour southeast of Calgary, this one-of-a-kind venue can accommodate 55 overnight guests and gives guests the opportunity to experience the splendor and beauty of the prairies in a cannabis-friendly space.

                “MaryJane Manor is a safe, inclusive, and judgment-free zone,” Founder Serena Donovan shares. “From the unique prairie location to the onsite dispensary that will be available shortly with a wide range of curated products to the cannabis educational and exploratory opportunities, this is a hotel unlike any other.” 

                The hotel’s décor is reflective of its cannabis focus, with 15 separate terpene-themed rooms tastefully decorated with a bold colour palette. The space is ideal for more intimate corporate and private retreats alike, and consumption is available everywhere onsite, from the time you enter the lobby, in whatever consumption method that guests prefer.

                “If guests want to bust out a bong the minute they set foot on the property they are absolutely able to do so, which is definitely something you will not experience in other hotels,” Donovan points out. “We also have a common gathering space for guests, an outdoor lounge area, and we are in the process of installing cooking facilities for those groups who want to create edibles.”

                Max Gonzalez-Lima, a category inventory analyst with Alberta retail chain Canna Cabana, recently attended an invitational soft launch of MaryJane Manor and feels like this type of dedicated cannabis-friendly space will greatly appeal to industry, and non-industry, folks alike.

                “Overall, it was a great, and highly unique, experience. The hotel offers a homey and welcoming environment as soon as you walk in, and the rooms are all nicely renovated and comfortable. It was a new experience to smoke cannabis inside the hotel, but at the same time that’s what’s so appealing about it. I can definitely see myself having some fun events here with my company.”

                In addition to serving as an event venue and hotel space for cannabis connoisseurs as well as the canna-curious, Donovan is also keen to broadly service the health and wellness community and provide a space where the high-impact medicinal uses of cannabis can be further explored. Donovan herself discovered cannabis later in life as she began investigating alternative medical options to deliver relief from her debilitating migraines.

                “CBD was a true game-changer for me.  It opened my eyes to the incredible power of cannabis, both within the medicinal context as well as recreationally. Having come from a background in which cannabis was stigmatized, I know first-hand how important it is to have a space to experience and learn about cannabis in a welcoming environment.”

                Minors and pets are not permitted at MaryJane Manor. MaryJane Manor is privately owned and operated. For more information, please visit

                About MaryJane Manor

                MaryJane Manor is Western Canada’s first private cannabis boutique hotel and cannabis education and retreat centre. Able to accommodate parties of up to 55 guests, MaryJane Manor is for the cannabis connoisseur, and the canna-curious, alike. The 420-friendly community of Mossleigh, Alberta, provides the perfect idyllic prairie backdrop for this unique hotel in which cannabis consumption, in all forms, is welcomed everywhere onsite.


                For media and photo inquiries, please contact:
                Serena Donovan, Founder

                MaryJane Manor



                (403) 423-0061 

                The World’s 1st Waterproof Hemp Backpack Just Landed On Kickstarter!

                May 26, 2022 in Fashion, Today In Weed

                Everyday life does not come without its share of baggage. But, if there’s one unbeatable hack to deal with it, it’s with a quality backpack. Hauling your everyday carry, whether that’s a work laptop, a fresh set of gym clothes, wireless headphones, should be easy and effortless. Well, with the new Everyday Backpack from 8000kicks it will be.

                The hemp company launched its new Everyday backpack through a Kickstarter campaign on the past 24th of May where backers can buy one bag for up to 45% off.

                Introducing… The 1st waterproof hemp backpack

                The company has grown its accessories range with a new waterproof backpack that can be used anytime and anywhere. The new backpack sits alongside 8000kicks casual hemp shoes and comes in a single model with 3 colors – beige & green, beige & pink, and black. The backpack was designed to offer a balance between protection against the elements, functionality, style and design.

                Why hemp?

                While hemp is closely associated with marijuana, our backpack is not for smoking and it will not get you “high”. Hemp is the “sober cousin” of marijuana. It has a minimal amount of psychoactive components, and for that reason, it is legal everywhere in the world.

                Hemp is basically nature’s purifier. It’s a unique crop that can help shape a better future for generations to come. But what’s so great about hemp?

                • The plant captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In fact, for every tonne of hemp fiber produced, 1.63 tonnes of carbon is removed from the air, making hemp a much more effective sequester of carbon dioxide than trees;
                • One acre of hemp will produce as much fiber as two acres of cotton.
                • It helps nourishing nutrient-depleted soil and reversing the effects of erosion.
                • Hemp doesn’t require herbicides or pesticides.
                • Hemp is one of nature’s strongest fibers and it was used by Henry Ford to build cars.
                • It is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial;

                “Our mission is to bring back hemp by showing everyone hemp products are way superior to other products made in other fibers. This is the green answer we have been waiting for”. Says, Bernardo the CEO and co-founder of 8000Kicks.

                Take 10% OFF Your 8000Kicks order using code EXTRACT at checkout today!

                Waterproof and Dustproof

                But there’s more than hemp to it. One of the key uniquenesses of this backpack is the fact that it is waterproof.

                Whether you’re headed to a drizzly city, about to hike a misty rainforest or preparing for a potential tropical getaway, these weatherproof backpacks will keep your valuables nice and dry.

                For over 2 years the team has been working on this bag and its waterproofing features. The outer hemp layer has been coated with a proprietary organic wax that protects the fabric from stains, liquids and dust particles. On the hemp inner side, just below the fabric there’s a waterproof membrane that guarantees maximum protection and that no liquids will come in. The zippers are also top quality and with 1-year waterproof warranty.

                Flexible Storage from 18L to 30L

                The 8000kicks everyday backpack ranges from a stylish discrete 18L workweek format to a full-size 30L sizing that you can take on a weekend trip. All these thanks to the foldable top and the wide room inside.

                Moreover, there’s one pocket at the front, where you can stash reasonably large items like a charger, a pencil case, a phone or headphones. On the back, there’s an anti-theft hidden compartment for what you can’t lose. On the backpack sides there’s also a two side pockets as well as an external usb port.

                Live on kickstarter on May 24th

                The new Everyday hemp backpacks launched on kickstarter on May 24th and they hit it’s initial goal of $10,500 in just 1 hour. They can be bought for up to 45% off, or $89, instead of the $159 which they will retail for once live. The campaign lasts for 2 months and it will take another 3 months to manufacture the backpacks, with expected delivery in October.

                Get your premium backpacks now for 45% off on kickstarter.

                Take 10% OFF Your 8000Kicks order using code EXTRACT at checkout today!

                Product Details

                Introducing the Everyday hemp backpacks by 800kicks, waterproof and durable for the weekend, stylish and minimalist for the week. Backpack game is not getting more versatile than this.

                • 💦 Waterproof (PFC free)
                • 💪 Durable
                • 🍁 100% Hemp
                • 💻 Fits a 15-inch laptop
                • 🧳 18L expandable up to 30L
                • 🔋 Embedded USB plug
                • ⚖️ Only 1.05kg | 2.31lb

                Contact Person:

                Keeping The Legacy Alive In Canada – Interview With CAKED Cannabis

                May 16, 2022 in Cannabis Inspired, Dabs, Growing, Products, Spotlights, Today In Weed, Weed

                CAKED is making a stamp in the Canadian cannabis market offering quality cannabis for cost effective prices; but at the same time, taking notes from the United States when it comes to branding and offering a total cannabis experience.

                What is total a cannabis experience? It’s what you see on social media, what you hear in the news and what you find in your joint or dab. It’s the packaging you take home, the premium buds inside of it, and the enjoyment you find every time you crack that bag open. The cannabis experience encompasses every aspect of your cannabis; the purchase through consumption. 

                We are talking seed to sale; genetics, growth, harvest, cure, packaging, and positioning in the Canadian cannabis market. CAKED Cannabis is making it known that their genetics are one of a kind and their end products aren’t to play with. Pairing up with some of the world largest hip hop artists, you can find CAKED at a festival near you weather you’re down at Rolling Loud New York or Toronto, expect to the the stamp.

                With a massive Canadian launch upcoming May 15, 2022, we wanted to get in touch with the team and find out a little more about the Western Canadian brand with the premium products.  

                Can you give us a look at the CAKED cannabis project as a whole. Who is CAKED Cannabis, and tell us a bit about how the CAKED brand developed into what it is today?

                We’re a lot different from other brands, we are not profit driven opportunists or following that type of blueprint. We’re a true designer brand that cares about every aspect of our image and products integrity, almost like a certification of high standards as far as cannabis goes. A brand isn’t a corporate logo under an umbrella of other brands designed to distinguish different white labeled or commercial products. A brand has a soul and a heartbeat, with the blood running through it as the culture. Our story is a movie….

                This game wasn’t the safe game it is now when we started. We went through the same hardships as any brand, but with the cops on our tail raiding grow spots to losing packs and having to bounce back, along with all the evils that come with the streets. It’s all a part of our story and that’s the side of cannabis that we represent and showcase. Anyone from the legacy that’s really paid their dues and went through it, is who we collab with and support.

                We’re not 3 buddies that quit their jobs and started a grow project later in life because it’s legal now and smoke weed, or named after an old war hero grandfather carrying on that story or a corporate funded mega whale looking to steal all the profits made off others hard work. There’s nothing wrong with some of that, and there’s room for everyone, but that’s not us. The cannabis culture has many different windows and roots, we can only represent and speak for the culture that has been our reality.

                If I were to take issue, it would be when those type of companies/ambassadors speak for us and try to use us to validate themselves. Or use their political influence and deep pockets to hold others back so they can thrive. Which is the sad reality of much of the legal industry today.

                Everyone has their story, but ours comes from those who really went through it and paid their dues, when the risks and consequences were much different. It’s a special love for the plant and as crazy as it sounds, the plant knows, embraces and reflects that in the end product.

                Coming from nothing to something with all odds stacked against us and losing it all and having to do it again and again. That’s a different type of dedication and builds a different resilience than a company who’s master grower has a degree in horticulture growing tomatoes or something. We can go places other brands can’t, and we pride ourselves on that. Understanding and being able to navigate those waters is the game we play that they have yet too figure out. Knowing what people want and offering the very best representation of that.

                Back then grow rooms were small because they were hidden in crawl spaces, basements, garages etc. So every square foot was important to producing the returns to justify the risks. Investing that valuable space into breeding and advancing your genetic game came at a higher price in those times. It takes a ton of time and space that you don’t see a return on for years, or at all. I’ve lost some of the best strains I’ve had or created in raids or outside bullshit, but that’s the risk for the reward in having that fire, that separates you from the rest. Some of the best brands and growers are still going through it today as they refuse to sell their soul for cheap to some big unqualified company.

                At Caked, we are very genetic driven and creators, we pride ourselves in keeping all our genetics and strains in the control of the shops we run. We turn down money all the time from other brands and companies that want us to build their menus or buy or license our genetics. Once everyone has access to it, it loses its value. Good strains end up having their reputations dragged through the mud when it’s is not done properly. But it’s not the money for us, we’re good, it’s us believing in that person or company vs pimping out what’s proprietary to us out to just anyone and for that low hanging fruit. That’s what separates us from others in this space and keeps us unique and contained.

                Your website says your team has deep roots in the legacy market and you’ve been some of the drivers of the cannabis culture for decades in the west. How are CAKED roots and history in the black marketing differentiating the end product and quality, and how did the black-market help to shape the CAKED brand as a whole?

                Not just the West but all over, even in places and countries we’re not going to get into here. Our roots stem back 20+ years through just about every facet of the black market. We always wanted to have the packs that stood out and marketed themselves, so we always have been pushing our genetic development and pheno collecting to build up our unique catalog.

                It’s all in the terps and their uniqueness to us. The thrill of smelling and tasting a new terp is one of our main drivers. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the black market, as that’s what’s put us in position today. The soul of the industry is in and from the black market, those markets are where the trends are set and buzzes begin; that won’t change.

                Have you experienced cannabis from the other side (legal market)? Where do you position CAKED’s quality in relation to a say… Tweed or one of the more craft focused cannabis brands, and what are the core differences I’m going to see when I’m smoking the product?

                I don’t want to call out anyone specific, that’s not the energy we wanna put out. They’re doing them along with a million other brands like them and we’re doing us. We’re not haters like that but their lane is more commercial cannabis and geared for commercial markets. More of quantity over quality I’ve found. Which is 90 percent of the cannabis space and consumers are right now and where all their marketing is aimed at.

                I personally haven’t had a ton those type of products, I like products from those who are trying to be great at their craft. Even at a large scale we will always be small scale very well managed and contained facilities. Quality is in the eye of the beholder and what they hope to accomplish with cannabis. If your main goal is to get wrecked, then we can do that as good or better than the rest of them. But that may not always be our customer. Not everyone is into cannabis like we are and they have just as much right to smoke and have those options available too. It’s all about the terps and how unique each strain is, and as we feel how it should be represented and showcased. It’s how the different cannabinoids pair with your body chemistry and make you feel, and opening that bag, for the whole room to turn around wondering who the fuck is holding that super dank.

                When I’m at a club I’m poppin’ bottles, I plan on gettin’ lit, but my table isn’t packed with moonshine or the cheapest options to get me there the fastest. I’m gonna get there still I’m sure, but with a nice bottle of something that I can enjoy while doin it. I’m taking the bottle of XO over the VSOP, because I can taste and appreciate the difference. I’m a fan of nice things, especially those from someone who took time and had the passion to mastering their craft and creativity. That kind of passion is what inspires me and attracts me to a brand or product. Those are the markets we aim to impress and align ourselves with.

                What are the biggest differences we would see in processes of cultivation or facility operations in CAKED vs one of the larger producers such as a Canopy brand?

                I can’t speak on Canopy’s cultivation processes. But we use small environments, quality organic ingredients and prune each strain a certain way that gives us the representation we chose. That’s a big one for us, because we have strains that could yield far more from, if pruned a bit differently or cut the flower times down. The prune and environment will totally shape every aspect of the final product and each plant and strain grows unique, so it’s never the same.  I feel when we hunt a strain, we have a lot more boxes to check off than many of our competitors. And although yield is important, I can’t tell you have many times I’ve overlooked a heavy yield because it was just that dank and needed to be out there.

                Our shops are happy places filled with people who are passion driven and aim to see that plants full potential. If we like it, or people like it, then we won’t stop growing it and the price will follow accordingly. We don’t have to charge twice as much, because we don’t keep the same overhead or formula many of the big corporations do. We don’t need a 30 million dollar facility with thousands of staff. Our main costs are research and development, expanding our genetic program and collabing with artists we believe in, which is where our money is far better spent for our model.

                Much of the best cannabis I’ve encountered has come from a retrofitted basement or garage. A lot of it is expensive gimmicks or set for a high turnout high profit business structure, and built buy those for those with little to no understanding of the culture, industry and what consumers really want.

                When it comes to the extracts on your site we noticed that you’re pushing solventless both in carts and magma. What’s MAGMA, and what is the difference in end product from say a BHO extraction vs a rosin which uses no chemicals just extreme colds, heats and pressure?

                Rosin uses a heat and pressure press without the aid of a solvent to refine the tricombs heads into an oil. I feel the impact of the pressure with rosin is applied a bit different and without adding a foreign solvent achieves a terpier and cleaner experience.

                For us, we try to be as clean and pure as possible. I’ve seen a lot of shit flower that was processed into a great extract with solvents, especially with technology these days. Anyone can do that with the right equipment. But with rosin it is a direct representation on the quality of the flower inputted. We feel it preserves and showcases the terps far better with a much cleaner flavor. But this does come at a much larger cost, making rosin and solvent less extracts are much more costly and labor intensive to produce.

                There are some unreal solvent extracts out there, don’t get me wrong. But again, that’s not us. We feel rosin is cleaner and does better justice to our strains than other methods.

                Magma is the line we created that showcases those extracts and how we feel it’s represented in its  highest quality and purest form.

                A topic we’ve heard a lot about is the compensation for those with the legacy experience in cannabis moving to the legal market and a lack there of. What are your thoughts on perfecting the craft, it’s value and the talent floating around trying to find positions that reflect their value in both the legacy and legal context.

                This is a strange one, I don’t know any other industry that has gone from black to white like this. I mean you have legitimate companies purchasing and investing in black market companies and products based off undocumented financials and very limited understandings of the products they sell. A bunch of those guys definitely learnt that the hard way or cashed in, depending what side of the fence they were on in that equation.

                With the barriers to entry set so high for those who actually have experience in cannabis by those in power or with deep pockets, has created a huge distrust and dislike between the 2 sides in many scenarios. But some have also used that to their advantage and hacked the system, which makes them that much more unique. For me, being offered a low paying job or letting my story be pimped out for someone else’s gain, doesn’t sit well. Guys like us are who bring all the value to the guys with money or new comers to the market. That should be embraced and amplified and respected. It’s what shapes and drives the culture. But money, greed and government has pushed guys like us out, to cash all the gains in for themselves.

                It’s insane having someone who has risked it all for years in a make shift grow, in the hardest environments and conditions and yet be able to still achieve the highest success, be then offered some lame salary or position in a company trying to do what they have succeed at for years. It sucks to see the guys who fall for the bait and sell themselves at a discount for a company to reap the benefits and then deem them disposable anyway.

                These companies should be empowering and building with the legacy. Anyone who knows their value would never take that bait, so in a lotta ways it’s just cutting out a bunch of the fat from culture that needs to be burned off anyway. That’s not every company, but a lot of the bigger publicly traded and highly funded companies would definitely fall under that umbrella in many or all ways. I hope to see that change more in the future. We currently hold our ground with many of these players in all kinds of ways and in educating the markets properly to make an educated choice.

                In the American market it seems more cultivar / “where did my weed come from” focused as opposed to convenience. Regions such as California have engrained the connoisseur culture – not only with that comes the cool branding and packaging, but distinctive brand elements that customers recognize and that represent your brand. When you see Cookies packaging, you know it’s Cookies packaging. Is this just the culture we are exposed to in the media or is this true and how does this differ from the Canadian market and is it behind or just different as a whole?

                There is definitely a lot more marketing freedom in the States but both markets will always thrive as cannabis represents different things to each individual. Canada is very behind the times and slow in regards to cannabis and regulations, it is not cannabis friendly to marketing. Which I personally like, because it allows those who really understand the landscape to be creative and stand out in their own ways.

                Cookies the brand as Berner grew it, for me, has always been very influential and ingrained in our DNA. Berner is a true representation of the culture and along with taking huge risks and hard work, was able to hit the timing and create what would be considered much of the foundation of cannabis genetics and it’s progression. Many have been doin it before, during and at the same time, but very few were able to market and bring it to the level he has. He is most definitely one of the original and large creators of designer cannabis. Shoutout to Berner !!

                Like any business that’s trail blazing and expanding fast, there will be hiccups and that usually come out in consistency and quality. Like moving too fast into commercial or the wrong type of facilities that can’t do them justice. In their case it’s a necessary evil. I also feel that’s part of their plan, and comes with taking over the market share they have been able to reach so quickly. I hope they select smaller and better partners that are able to carry that legacy on and preserve their product integrity that made them who they are.

                The 80:20 rule would suggest 20% of cannabis consumers make up for 80% of the spending power in the Canadian market. Some reports have gone as far as suggesting over 50% of the cannabis purchases are now made on the legal market. What do you believe and where do you believe the share of the spending power lies between both markets?

                I think that’s impossible to accurately say, as a large portion of the cannabis sales are off the books in the grey markets. A large percentage of the legal market sales would be first time smokers now that it’s legal, and your casual or more recreational smoker.  So if anything it would be good data on that.

                A lot of your heavy passionate smokers stay loyal to the guys whom have been sorting them out for years. The legal market overall doesn’t really cater too a lot of the OG smokers because it isn’t a representation of what they want I find much of the time. That’s starting to change with micros coming to market and as the rules change to open up for more legacy guys to enter. The ridiculous barriers to entry, over regulation and high taxes leave little motivation to incentivize those with the sauce. I’ve definitely smoked some good bud in the legal markets, but nothing I’d say is better or as consistent as knowing the right guys in the grey markets.

                Again, cannabis is a personal experience and everyone has their own preferences of what they consider good. I’m speaking more for the boutique designer side which is what drives Caked.

                What are the biggest changes you’ve seen over the years when it comes to the industry as a whole originally facing legal cannabis in 2018, and then the modernization of laws and addition of the legal market through to today?

                There has been so many. The government has absolutely no idea what they are doing or any understanding for cannabis. So they do what they do best and over regulate and enforce contradictory and inefficient rules with total bs made job titles. Their approach is that it is better to over regulate and slowly change and remove regulations as they begin to understand it more vs under regulate; lose their opportunity to monopolizing and pimp the industry for those who lobby the most for them.

                We’re on the road to a seed to sale type model which is what will start to change the industry, it puts the power more in the hands of who deserves it and allows the markets to decide what they like and at what price point.

                We can tell that hip hop is in your roots as a brand.  Can you go into a little detail on how involvement with the North American hip hop scene has helped CAKED stay grounded in an industry where brands often lose touch with their identity?

                We just collabed with Kardinal Offishall. We’re also collabing with ground breaking artists such as KTOE who is currently on a Canada Tour hitting all major cities. We stand behind artists we have long standing relationships with and new artists that we believe in. For us music has ridden shotgun and been our soundtrack through the process, telling our stories and giving us a platform when everyone else was too scared and it wasn’t a trendy buzzword. 

                Music and especially hip hop have been our allies since the beginning, for me it runs through my blood and is a part of my entire identity. This is how we can showcase and contribute to a culture that has shaped us into who we are by contributing and growing with us. We are a part of hip hop culture as much as it’s a part of us, so we support and showcase whoever we feel is dope. Like pairing a fine red wine to a nice steak. A talent incubator from the perspective of cannabis. We work with and continue to pair and cultivate weed/music through our relationships that we feel are in-line with our brands soul and integrity. We’re a flex, but also from humble beginnings. You can’t be a designer brand without a legacy or story in my opinion, and that longevity only compounds and solidifies a brand’s confidence as long as that integrity is kept intact during its evolution.

                CAKED Brings Culture Back Into Canadian Cannabis May 15, 2022

                May 10, 2022 in Today In Weed, Weed

                Toronto, ON, May 10, 2022 / Extract Magazine /CAKED Cannabis, a small batch licensed medical cannabis brand announced Monday that their online destination for Canada’s best AAAA delivery cannabis will be live May 15, 2022.  Catering to the connoisseur market, CAKED Cannabis promotes itself on the ability to produce high quality, organic cannabis setting a new par for the AAAA grade bud coming from the Kootenay’s in Canada’s province of British Columbia.

                The CAKED Cannabis menu consists of unique and exotic cannabis strains and solventless extracts. These include 510 thread cartridges and MAGMA, a term coined to describe their proprietary cold cure hash rosin, a top-of-the-line extract that sets the bar for cannabinoid purity and increased terpene profile.

                “We are very genetic driven and creators, we pride ourselves in keeping all our genetics and strains in the control of the shops we run. We turn down offers all the time from other brands seeking to build their menus or license our genetics. Once everyone has access to it, it loses its value. Good strains end up having their reputations dragged through the mud when it’s not done properly” said a spokesman for CAKED Cannabis.

                CAKED is active in the Canadian and American hip hop culture actively working with a handful of international known artists and featuring their strains along side global figures like KTOE and Kardinal Offishall at exclusive East and West Coast events.

                “Music and especially hip hop have been our allies since the beginning, for me it runs through my blood and is a part of my entire identity. This is how we can showcase and contribute to a culture that has shaped us into who we are by contributing and growing with us. We are a part of the hip hop culture as much as it’s a part of us, so we support and show case who ever we feel is dope. Like pairing a fine red wine to a nice steak. A talent incubator from the perspective of cannabis. We work with and continue to pair and cultivate weed/music through our relationships that we feel are in-line with our brands soul and integrity.”

                CAKED Cannabis is announcing it’s massive new drop contest featured on  Canadians of 19+ in every province are being given the chance to take home an exclusive CAKED prize pack chosen on May 16, 2022.  To enter, visit and drop your email for 1 entry.  Share the contest on each social platform to add an entry for each. 

                ### Media Contact ##

                • Jerry Bringham
                • For media inquiries please contact

                Top 3 Ways To Increase Your Weed Plant Yields According To Facebooks Top Cannabis Grow Group

                May 1, 2022 in Growing, Weed

                There’s certain things in life you just need to do, or experience, to get a feel for. Cannabis cultivation is one of them. The variables are endless, the strain selection can change everything and simply because one crop reacted this way, doesn’t always mean that will repeat itself – we’re dealing with sensitive living creatures here so it’s important we can understand what they’re trying to tell us at all times.

                We dove to the depths of Facebook seeking to find the most active cannabis cultivar groups with a high level of experience. I’m High and These Are Not House Plants is a group exceeding 20k cultivars actively trading industry secrets with one questions – how the hell can we improve the yields on our home grow?

                So let’s dive in, here’s the top 3 tips to achieving high yields from the members of one of Facebooks most active cannabis grow groups – I’m High and These Are Not House Plants.

                What are your top 3 tips to achieving higher yields?

                • CO2
                • Light mover
                • Nutrients

                Facebook User

                • Good lights, good nutrients, good airflow. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, really. There’s so many steps involved to seeing a plant through all growth stages to reach its full potential.
                • Any and every stress inducing mistake made reduces that potential.
                • Don’t screw up.

                Facebook User

                • Lst
                • Topping
                • A good light
                • Genetics are a major factor too.

                Facebook User

                • Don’t flip unhealthy plants.
                • Low stress training.
                • Loli pop so have more colas so the plant uses all energy on the canopy

                Facebook User

                • Banana peel tea is a good cheap way to get a lot of potassium for the bud stage. I always do it in my soil grows

                Facebook User

                • Genetics
                • Genetics
                • Genetics

                Facebook User

                • Get your husbandry on point
                • Get familiar with low and high stress training
                • Proper light and lots of medium – the bigger the roots the bigger the fruits.

                Facebook User

                • STOP TOUCHING IT!
                • Fan leaves make stems grow.
                • Real Grower’s Recharge can fix 75%+ of the mistakes you make.

                Facebook User

                • Yield: hydro or coco over soil, proper VPD & DLI

                Facebook User

                • The biggest factors for us are using DWC, having quality lights and diligently monitoring pH and PPM.
                • Of course, nutrients are a big factor and we are obsessed with scrogging. It’s really helped the colas to fill out much further down the stems than when we let them grow vertically.

                Facebook User

                • Study like it’s college.
                • Spend big and get good lights.
                • Every appliance tool and scientific meter you can add to your method will improve your results.

                Facebook User

                • PH your water appropriately for your grow medium. Your plant is only able to access the nutrients if the pH is in the proper range.

                Facebook User

                • Grow hydroponically
                • Choose known large yielding commercial strains, tailor spectral output to strain.
                • Run boosters week four onwards of flower, keep nitrates low, set up good architecture in veg.
                • Veg seedlings sixty days as general rule. Light intensity directly correlates to final achievable weight.
                • Foliar feed.

                Facebook User

                • LST
                • FIM
                • Great light

                Facebook User

                The Best Weed Caramels Made With FECO / RSO

                April 23, 2022 in Munchies

                How To Make The Best Weed Caramels With FECO / RSO


                • 1 cup sugar
                • 1/4 cup light corn syrup
                • 3 tbs water
                • 1/2 cup heavy cream
                • 1/2 cup butter
                • 2 tsp FECO / RSO + coconut oil mixture


                1. Oil a pan (I use a loaf pan), then cover it with parchment paper and oil it as well.
                2. Heat the first three ingredients (sugar, corn syrup, and water) over medium heat until they reach 320F, then check with a candy thermometer.
                3. Microwave the heavy cream and butter until the butter melts, stirring every 30 seconds, while the sugar cooks.
                4. Add your infused oil to the cream. If you’re using infused butter, skip this step.
                5. Add roughly a quarter of the cream/butter combination to the sugar when it reaches 320F and stir it with your candy thermometer. Because it will bubble, add it a little at a time. The temperature will reduce once everything has been blended.
                6. Cook, stirring constantly, until the caramel reaches 255 degrees Fahrenheit (this takes about 10 minutes.)
                7. Fill your greased pan halfway with liquid caramel.
                8. Wait 10 minutes before sprinkling coarse sea salt on top. Your caramel will be ready to cut and eat after two hours. If you want the caramel to be a little firmer, chill it.

                Canada’s Best 420 Party – Calgary, Alberta Canada 2022

                April 22, 2022 in Events, Today In Weed

                Notorious Cannabis Brand Dominates Market, Expands Operations – Proving There’s Light At The End of The Tunnel

                April 20, 2022 in Business, Events, Products, Today In Weed

                Twelve months ago, Ghost Drops was in the shadows of the legacy market. Now, the most popular brand in Canada is taking centre-stage on Toronto’s trendy Queen Street West.

                TORONTO, ON [April 19] – Ghost Drops opens a new flagship retail store in the heart of Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood, as it capitalizes on its market dominance. 

                The brand’s rise from the legacy market is unprecedented. Since its launch in Ontario, Ghost Drops is the most-searched cannabis brand on the OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store) website and has the two top-selling premium cannabis products in the market. 

                And the brand continues to rise, with the grand opening of its first store, a hub for cannabis connoisseurs, this past April 16 at 1184 Queen West Street.

                Ghost Drops president and co-founder John Dean Durante says the store opening is monumental for the company and its followers. 

                “We are not launching this store just to have a store,” Durante says. “Our community has been with us since the early days and the goal has always been to provide them the ultimate consumer experience. This store is a place we can connect with our loyal fan base in a very tangible way. Our ambition is clear: we will continue to raise the bar in this space.”

                The flagship store will carry Ghost Drops’ award-winning cannabis in all formats, alongside ultra-select curated craft flower from other brands, including never-experienced-before cannabis from partners Ghost Drops is helping to launch. 

                Travis Fleetwood, aka Organik, Ghost Drops creative director and co-founder, says visitors will experience something special.

                “What we’ve created is unique, aesthetically bold, with expert staff and hand-picked craft products. This store will become a destination for cannabis connoisseurs and a new home for our community. We’re excited to continue curating culture in the heart of the city.”

                Another unique retail element is a defining collab with 6ix Donutz in the adjoining space. 6ix Donutz is known for its sought-out customizable mini donuts that have become a Toronto favourite. This strategic move allows 6ix Donutz to capitalize on its expansion to brick-and-mortar locations.

                Ghost Drops’ rapid rise from the legacy market to the top of the legal market is no accident. The brand house does things differently – charting a different course for growth within an industry experiencing well-documented growing pains. 

                While illicit market sales still account for about half of all cannabis in Ontario, and with several high-profile legal market companies recently laying off staff, closing facilities, and merging, Ghost Drops has proven its brand house partnership approach is the way forward.

                “I believe we’ve broken the mold,” says Ghost Drops CEO Gene Bernaudo. “We are a local Ontario cannabis company that partners with the best breeders and growers. We’re committed to growing this market by converting legacy consumers into legal consumers and by helping elevate other legacy brands into the legal market alongside us. The blueprint we’ve created is working.”

                Media members are welcome to attend the Ghost Drops 4/20 party at Ultraviolet Nightclub at 1096 Queen Street West, Toronto from 9PM – 11PM. Please email Chrissy Newton at to RSVP. Space is limited.

                About Ghost Drops

                Ghost Drops is redefining cannabis in Canada. Through exclusive partnerships with award-winning legacy market breeders and cultivators, the Ghost Drops model delivers to the legal market the very best in homegrown, small batch, craft cannabis. Established in the legacy market to disrupt the status quo, Ghost Drops built a loyal cult following by setting the standard of cannabis excellence. Now in the legal market, the Ghost Drops business model combines branded cannabis products and retail with the new frontier of crypto to deliver the most unique play the industry has ever seen. 

                Sign up to the mailing list at to receive Ghost Drops news and notifications.

                The Best Cannabis Forums of 2022

                April 20, 2022 in Dabs, Weed

                The Best Active Cannabis Forums in 2022

                We’re looking for the best active cannabis forums in 2022, and there’s a few big communities that offer a steady flow of conversation and information.  Below is a list of the best weed forums from 2022.  This is a list of cannabis communities outside of reddit.  If you’re searching for Reddit, check our review of the top cannabis subreddits.

                Weed Forums

                Roll it up |

                Topics: General, cultivation, medical

                Users: 860,000

                Roll it up is one of the biggest cannabis forums online, boasting over 860,000 members as of January 2020.  While the forum offers a handful of sections as the cafe for general chat, a medical section for the cannabis science discussion, Roll It Up is the premier cannabis forums for learning to grow cannabis, sharing techniques or connecting with Canada’s true craft grow culture.


                THC Farmer |

                Topics: Lifestyle, cultivation, medical

                Users: 74,447

                Another amazing forum focused on grow discussion is THC Farmer, with a unique userbase of over 84,000 members.  THC Farmer focuses on cultivation discussion targeting the medical community, but also offers a lifestyle section for general topics and a very nice user friendly interface.


                Grass City |

                Topics: Lifestyle, cultivation, medical

                Users: 676,000

                Grass City is the cannabis lifestyle forum with something for everyone, and their active userbase promotes that.  Touching on all categories of the culture, Grass City offers a great place to meet other stoners and talk weed with other daily cannabis users.  We consider this a lifestyle forum for it’s laid back conversation about what we do best, smoke weed.  If you’re a cannabis consumer looking to talk consumption, this is your spot.


                THC Talk Forums |  

                Topics: Lifestyle, stoner chat, cultivation, smoking, smoking accessories,

                Users: 2000+


                420 Magazine  |

                Topics: Lifestyle, cultivation, medical, networking, concentrates

                Users: 155,000

                The 420 Magazine forums have been one of the most active cannabis forums across Canada and the USA for nearly the last decade.  It’s common to find over 10,000 online and active members, so you will find no shortage of discussion and active topics in every category.


                Canadian Weed Forum  |

                Topics: Lifestyle, cultivation, medical

                Users: 800

                The Canadian Weed Forum is geared towards Canadian cannabis discussion, more specifically connecting cannabis cultivators with community topics focused on strains, consumption and provincial, Canadian and international cannabis law.



                Topics: Mail order marijuana

                Users: 6,080

       is a relatively new forum that targets Canadian mail order marijuana discussion.  Find reviews of services, promotion from mail order dispensaries and connect with other cannabis connoisseurs that prefer purchasing cannabis from grey area websites.


                Open Grow |

                Topics: Growing cannabis indoor, outdoor and more

                Users: 24,000

                Open grow is an online forum targeting new and experienced cannabis cultivators.  Connect with others growing cannabis across North America, exchange tips, tricks and genetics information.   This is a great place to inquire about grow techniques in different settings (indoor, outdoor) and track down strains or genetics you’ve been seeking.


                Free Cannabis  |

                Topics: Lifestyle, cultivation, medical

                Users: 430

                This is a relatively new forum that seems to be focusing on seed exchanges and a marketplace of cannabis growing supplies.


                Future4200  |

                Topics: Cannabis extraction, concentrates

                Users: 11,300

                The Future4200 Forums are an awesome place to learn about extractions, cannabis concentrates and interact with other industry professionals.


                Grow Weed Easy |

                Topics: Growing cannabis

                Users: 9,800

                Grow Weed Easy forums are a great place to learn about growing cannabis, or diagnose your plants issues.  This is a forum that connects cultivators around the world and seems to attract a steady amount of troubleshooting topics.


                Marijuana Growing |

                Topics: Growing cannabis, breeding, genetics, types of growing

                Users: 22,900

                Marijuana Growing is the complete cannabis growing guide packed into a forum.  There is no aspect of marijuana cultivation that is left out of these forums.  From breeding, to strains, types of cannabis grows, techniques, tips, tricks and local regional grow discussion from around the world.



                Marijuana Passion |

                Topics: Cultivation, advanced cultivation, seeds, CBD, general cannabis compassion

                Users: 14,629



                My Ganja Planet |

                Topics: Cultivation, seeds, activism, concentrates, edibles

                Users: 1,586



                Cannabis Drug Forums |

                Topics: Mainly entry level, beginner cannabis, basic discussion

                Users: 275,000

                Marijuana Growing is the complete cannabis growing guide packed into a forum.  There is no aspect of marijuana cultivation that is left out of these forums.  From breeding, to strains, types of cannabis grows, techniques, tips, tricks and local regional grow discussion from around the world.



                Marijuana Hip Forums |

                Topics: Basic cannabis discussion, younger audience

                Users: 3,500



                Sensi Social Medical Marijuana Forums |

                Topics: Strain discussion, ailment discussion,  medical marijuana discussion, growing, healthy cooking, medical marijuana forums for every medical use, regional forums

                Users: 20,400



                Ganja Mamas Forums |

                Topics: This forum is comprised mainly of women based on the name.  Topics are great for any women or mothers looking for parenting discussion, cannabis use while parenting, pregnancy discussions and anything regarding women in cannabis.  

                Users: 21,200



                Strain Hunters Forums |

                Topics: Topics that cover strain hunting, growing, genetics, seeds, and regional discussion on cannabis strains

                Users: Numbers are not public but it’s a fairly active forum


                Extract Magazine Forums |




                New Hemp Shoes Are Landing On 420 And Nope, They’re Not For Smoking!

                April 13, 2022 in Fashion, Products

                It all started in 2018 when Bernardo challenged her Grandma, with over 50 years of experience in textiles, to start a hemp shoe brand. An idea that first originated in a friend’s night out and ended up in a super successful Kickstarter campaign where the team raised a total of $250.000, 25x the original goal.

                Since launch, the project has been constantly selling out because of shortages of raw materials and also because of the increasing demand for the shoes. The 8000Kicks shoes are among the top-rated shoes in the world with 4.8/5 on Trustpilot, the independent review source.

                Introducing the new Seeker

                420 is around the corner, and 8000kicks is ready to throw some “spice in the bud”. The Seeker is the newest model, adding to the store’s flagship model, the Explorer, which already sells in 8 colors.

                The Seeker comes in 2 colors, all beige, and black and white. Both of these colors come with a very stylish anti-slip recycled rubber outsole. The shoes are pretty distinguishable because of those recycled colorful garbage speckles inside, that help with grip and also make the shoes look less dirty.

                So, why cannabis hemp fibers?

                8000Kicks shoes are not for smoking, and the team makes sure to add that note in every product to scare away any crazy ideas.

                Hemp is the “sober cousin” of marijuana. It has a minimal amount of psychoactive components, and for that reason, it is legal everywhere in the world. Hemp has a very long history of being used as a fiber and it has been cultivated by George Washington himself to produce ropes, ship sails, and others. Cannabis is so strong Henry Ford once built a car with it.

                But there’s more, Hemp is also super sustainable:

                • Unlike cotton, it needs no fertilizers;
                • Unlike cotton, it needs almost no water to grow;
                • It naturally captures CO2 from the atmosphere;
                • It restaurants nutrients on the soil (it is even used in Chernobyl to clean the soils from radiation).

                “We have been sourcing hemp from every corner of the world. It is super interesting that every country we visited had some sort of connection with the plant. Before being banned for over 50y, hemp was the go-to fiber for everything. Because of my grandmother’s old age, her experience was essential to bring the products to life, she is a kind of a CTO (chief textile officer) for us.” Says Bernardo the CEO, with a big smile.

                The brand has been leading in hemp textile innovation (socks, masks, wallets, etc.) on the back of this “hemp grandmother”. One of the brand’s greatest achievements was the proprietary hemp insole. The hemp footbeds, which are also a 1st of its kind., have awarded the brand great reviews since its inception because of their comfort and because of their anti-bacterial and odor free properties.


                Another great feature of the seeker is that the shoes come in with weatherproof protection. 8000Kicks has developed a proprietary wax coating that protects the fabric and its properties from stains, liquids and dust particles. This will make the fabric very easy to clean as well.

                But there’s more, each shoe comes in with a waterproof membrane that keeps liquids out while allowing feet to breathe.

                100% Vegan and sustainable

                The brand has a strong ethos against animal by-products. Because of that, all its components are vegan and as biodegradable as possible (the seeker is 99% compostable).

                The Seeker is all-natural and recycled materials that help the brand close the full circle in terms of sustainability. Because of that, the estimated footprint per pair is only 5.3kg of CO2. Manufacturing a pair of running shoes emits around 14kg of CO2 into the atmosphere, while a pair of leather shoes can reach up to 100Kg, that’s like flying across the US. Despite the low footprint, the team is also committed to offsetting the 5.3Kg per shoe by planting trees around the world.

                The new 8000Kicks Seeker is launching on April 20th and can be acquired for 125€ or $135, with free fast shipping and free returns/exchanges in the EU/USA.

                420 is calling for Hemp shoes, and you can do that while supporting this small family business from Portugal.

                Product details

                The Seeker is the everyday office casual model by 8000Kicks. It features a mix of a recycled rubber bottom with a sleek designed hemp upper. It comes with the proprietary hemp insole that adapts to your feet while being anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

                • ⚖️ Only 300g | 0.60lb
                • 💪 Durable Hemp fibers
                • 💦 Water Repellent (PFC Free)
                • 🍁 World’s 1st Hemp Insoles
                • ♻️ Recycled rubber soles
                • 🌱 100% vegan
                • 🏃 Sleek design

                Contact Person:

                Final Shoe page link when live:

                THC Hard Candy Recipe

                April 13, 2022 in Munchies

                Here’s one of my favorite weed recipes I use for home made THC hard candy.  I use cannabis extracts – typically shatter but you can use anything you wish from cannabis oil, to rosin, shatter, distillate or whichever your heart desires.   Each cannabis concentrate is going to give you a unique flavor and high.  Here’s how to make weed hard candy at home:


                • 1 cup corn syrup
                • 1/2 cup water
                • 2 cups sugar
                • 1 t spoon of lecithin
                • 1 t spoon of your flavoring
                • 3.5 drops of food coloring
                • 2500 mg of high THC extract (70% ~)


                • Combine sugar and corn syrup in a sauce pan
                • Slowly bring heat to medium / high and do not stir until heat reaches 305 degrees.
                • Remove from heat and cool to 250 degrees.
                • Add flavoring, food coloring, lecithin and your cannabis extract, mix.
                • Pour into mold
                • Leave to harden

                The Journey to Find The Worlds Most Creative Joint, Blunt and Cannagar Rollers – 2022 Part 1

                April 11, 2022 in Art, Products, Weed

                What defines the perfect joint?

                Everyone has their own definition, but in my opinion; the perfect joint is creative, it smokes to perfection, it’s rolled with bomb buds and tasty papers. The joint burns evenly, slowly, tastes delicious, flakes white, and well you reach the moon half way through. Although the perfect joint might be a subjective topic, one thing isn’t. The fact that the joints below are rolled by absolute artists, they all smoke, use herbs fit for gods, and they’re absolutely one of a kind, topping the list for the worlds most creative smokable artists and cannabis rollers.

                Today we start our journey to find the most creative joint rollers, blunt rollers and cannagar rollers across the world. Each and every artist with their own approach to the design and creation of these beasts. Join us as we feature the first 6 smokeable artists Extract deems the most creative joint rollers in the world.

                Join our Instagram to vote for your favorites today.


                Perfectly realistic joints & blunts


                Custom joints, cannagars & filter art


                Badass custom joints, blunts & cannagars


                Perfectly creative joints & blunts


                Mind blowing professional joints & smokeable art


                Custom joints & cannagar creations



                The Best Cannabis Subreddits of 2022 UPDATED

                April 5, 2022 in Business, Dabs, Products, Tech, Today In Weed, Weed

                The Best Cannabis Subreddits list was updated September 23, 2022.

                Lets talk cannabis subreddits in 2022!  Here’s a list of the best weed, marijuana and cannabis subreddits that are active.

                If you haven’t been around the online community Reddit, you’re missing out on a lot of unique, original content, right from the source.

                Divided into “subs” or “subreddits”, Reddit is a social bookmarking site that allows users to create communities focused on specific interests. These subs have found a focus on cannabis, but not under just cannabis, you will have to search the best weed subs, marijuana subs, ent subs, 420 subs, stoner subs and more. These communities cater to all areas of the cannabis community and you will find a sub for cultivation, edibles, pics, videos, tutorials, recreational cannabis markets, mail order marijuana, and more.

                Cannabis communities have always been an active culture on Reddit. Here’s a break down of the top cannabis subreddits for your browsing pleasure.

                Cannabis Subreddits

                The go-to subreddit for anything and everything marijuana. From MMJ to munchies, from nugs to news, and everything between! The casual cannabis community.

                An educational and informative subreddit for Marijuana, dedicated to policy news, advocacy, opinion, health, and discussion.

                Cannabis news and information from around the world.

                A subreddit dedicated to everything weed.

                Dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis. We love pictures of your plants & harvest, discussing growing methods, and helping with grow problems.

                This subreddit is dedicated to large scale grows of Cannabis; too large to consider ‘Micro’.

                Business news, resources, and investment discussion for medical marijuana entrepreneurs and investors.

                A place to learn about cannabis use and culture.

                A place for stoners to share links and chat weed.

                A subreddit to collect articles concerning production techniques and other information pertaining to cannabis (marijuana) extracts such as hashish (hash), hash oil, tinctures, canna rosin, honeycomb, shatter, ear wax, moon rocks and canna budder.

                All things bongs. The main focus of many members is to show off their glass bongs that many consider art, as well as the functionality of their pieces.

                This is a place open to all, ents or not. Post any good recipes that you have heard of, or have made first hand. Edibles, drinks, its all good! Remember, this is not a place to post good food to eat when your high, but a place to post good food to GET you high.

                It’s time that this subject was given more internet exposure. We are here to discuss topics related to medical marijuana and our experiences using CBD.

                Smoking tips and tricks.

                Hello and welcome to the r/ArtOfRolling community! Rolling up is an art form, and we appreciate it. Please share pictures of your finest, or not so fine, hand rolled joints, blunts, cigarettes, leafs, or anything else. Even if you aren’t the best, every hand crafted roll is beautiful in its own way and we would love to see your progress.

                This subreddit is for news, discussion and collaboration between current and future employees and entrepreneurs in the legal marijuana industry.

                The subreddit for medical marijuana\cannabis information.

                Need a marijuana myth busted? How about finding that perfect strain? Want advice on your next piece or vaporizer? Need a recipe or want to know what to do with your stems and trim? r/AskTrees is the place to get answers from fellow Ents.

                A forum for sharing information about the cultivation of cannabis.

                Ent product reviews. A place for ents to share cannabis strain and cannabis product reviews.

                A place for ents to talk about anything related to cannabis vapor and vaporizers. Please enjoy your stay.

                You give a few pot heads a bunch of weed and nothing to smoke out of and they suddenly become engineers. It’s amazing.

                A sub for reviews and discussion of cannabis oil extract pens.

                A place to post your daily smoke videos. Show us your daily driver! Or favorite method of smoking. Money shots of your current smoke are also very welcome! We want to see how you BLAZE daily!

                A positive community for those interested in Rosin ?

                A place for ents that are 18+

                This sub-reddit is devoted to cannabis and the worldwide cannabis culture … For connoisseurs, farmers, smokers, all those that appreciate the herb and those that want to learn more about cannabis and cannabis culture.

                Canadian Cannabis Subreddits

                Great food, good beer and better weed. This is a sub for everything cannabis in Canada.

                This is a subreddit for all things related to Mail Order Marijuana in Canada. It’s all about ordering weed online these days, delivery pot is the best.

                News and Reviews about legal, licensed producers of cannabis in Canada

                A community of Canadian cannabis enthusiast sharing pictures and discussion about Mail order dispensaries, Medical and legal recreational cannabis as well as promoting home growing all across Canada.

                The Ontario Cannabis Store.

                This subreddit is for pictures & discussion of products from all the Canadian Provinces Rec-Legal Cannabis systems.

                This sub is for reviews of medical marijuana by card carrying patients.

                A safe space for residence of Ottawa to talk cannabis.

                Did we miss your subreddit? Let us know in the comments below and we will get you updated!


                Rapper and Entrepreneur Berner Drops VIBES Spring ‘22 Apparel Collection

                March 21, 2022 in Fashion, Today In Weed

                BOCA RATON, FL; March 21, 2022 – VIBES, the rolling paper brand cocreated by Bay Area
                rapper and entrepreneur Berner, announces the launch of the Spring 22’ apparel collection,
                dropping April 1 online at

                The spring capsule collection offers transition pieces as well as Spring essentials. A quilted
                puffer makes a statement in blue with stitched stars. Lightweight outerwear includes a
                color-blocked track jacket that gives a nod to the 90s, hoodies and t-shirts feature the Vibes
                motto “Every Great Moment Starts With A Vibe” in black, white, blue, beige, and orange.

                Paint-splattered tees and shorts ring in the warm weather with a splash. Releasing alongside
                the apparel collection are lifestyle accessories including custom VIBES basketballs, pennant
                flags, and retro lunchboxes. VIBES brings art and cannabis to its Spring ’22 merch drop.
                VIBES drop 004 will be available on March 18 at

                VIBES™ — a collection of premium rolling papers — is the brainchild of Berner, bay-area
                rapper and Co-Founder & CEO of Cookies. After spending the last two decades building his
                Cookies empire through a combination of globally recognized premium genetics, popular
                culture resonance, and social media influence, Berner, expanded his empire with the launch of
                VIBES™ Fine Rolling Papers in 2019 in an effort to address the need for a paper brand built for
                today’s consumer and lifestyle. Sitting at the intersection of art, music, and cannabis, VIBES™
                solidifies lasting connections because they transcend the culture through their product
                authenticity, thoughtful marketing and dynamic brand collaborations.

                For Media Inquiries
                Rio PR
                Georgia Mack
                MarcAnthony Cubero

                Extract, cannabis press network.