This Week in Weed – Weed News Wrap Up (USA)

weed news usa

DOJ’s New Testing Methods: The U.S. Department of Justice has introduced new testing methods for marijuana and hemp. These developments suggest an ongoing effort to standardize and improve the accuracy of testing in the industry, which is crucial for ensuring product safety and regulatory compliance (Marijuana Moment).

Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Proposal Fails: A Republican-led initiative to legalize medical marijuana in Wisconsin has not succeeded, showcasing the complex political landscape and the varying attitudes towards cannabis policy reform at different state levels (US News).


Nevada Consumption Lounge Approval: Nevada has given the green light to its first cannabis consumption lounge, marking a significant step for the state in cannabis social use policy. This move is expected to enhance the consumer experience and could become a model for other states considering similar measures (MJ Biz Daily US).

Cannabis Spot Index Decrease: The U.S. Cannabis Spot Index, which provides a measure of the wholesale cannabis price, has decreased by 3.0% to $1,045 per pound at the beginning of 2024. This decline reflects an ongoing downtrend in prices and may be indicative of broader market dynamics such as oversupply or changing consumer demand (Cannabis Benchmarks).

South Carolina Medical Marijuana Legislation: The state of South Carolina is once again considering legislation to legalize medical marijuana, highlighting the progressive movement towards cannabis acceptance in traditionally conservative regions of the country (ABC News).

Connecticut’s Marijuana Shortage: Connecticut is currently experiencing a marijuana shortage, while neighboring New York has an oversupply. This contrast highlights the logistical and regulatory challenges faced by states with legal cannabis markets and emphasizes the need for balanced supply chain management (US News).

New York’s Marijuana Business Licenses: New York has awarded an additional 110 adult-use marijuana business licenses, a significant expansion of its legal cannabis market. This increase in licenses is set to boost the industry and provide numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to enter the space (MJ Biz Daily Latest News).