Cannabis on TikTok – How to Post Weed Content on TikTok Without Getting Banned

TikTok weed influencer?  Weed reviewer? Posting cannabis content on TikTok?  Tired of getting banned and content deleted?  We know the struggle.  So we put together a guide to help you post cannabis content on TikTok.  

Understanding TikTok’s Guidelines

Before posting any cannabis-related content, you should familiarize yourself with TikTok’s Community Guidelines, especially those pertaining to illegal activities and regulated goods. TikTok prohibits the depiction, promotion, or trade of drugs, including cannabis, even in locations where it is legal.

What is Okay and Not Okay for Cannabis Posts on TikTok

Category Image Guidance Hashtags to Avoid Hashtags to Use Terms to Avoid Alternative Terms
Joints/Blunts Avoid images of products ready for use. #blunt, #joint #cannabiseducation Weed, Blunt Pre-rolls, Cannabis
Buds/Flowers Avoid close-ups of buds. #weed, #nug #cannabiscommunity Nug, Weed Flower, Buds
Edibles Images okay if not depicting consumption. #edibles, #420eats #cannabisinfusion Edibles Infused treats
Concentrates Avoid images of use or preparation. #dabs, #wax #cannabisconcentrates Dabs, Wax Extracts, Oil
Vapes Avoid showing vaporizers in use. #vape, #vapelife #vaporization Vape Vaporizers
CBD Products Images usually okay; focus on wellness. #cbd, #cbdoil #hempderived CBD oil CBD wellness
Grow Equipment Images okay; focus on the agricultural side. #growop, #weedgrow #cannabiscultivation Grow op Cultivation gear
Paraphernalia Avoid images implying use. #bong, #pipe #cannabisaccessories Bong, Pipe Glassware, Tools

TikTok Hashtags

Hashtags are a powerful tool for increasing the reach of your content on TikTok. However, they can also attract unwanted attention from content moderators if they’re associated with promoting cannabis use or sales. To mitigate this risk, it’s essential to choose your hashtags carefully.

Bad Hashtags/Examples to Avoid:

  • #420, #stoner, #blazeit, #gethigh, #smokeweed, #stoned, #highlife, #cannabiscommunity (if associated with consumption), #kush, #ganja, #weedstagram

These hashtags are commonly used within cannabis culture for recreational use and are likely to be monitored and restricted by TikTok’s content moderation algorithms.

Good Hashtags/Examples to Use:

  • #cannabiseducation, #hemphealth, #plantmedicine, #cannabisculture (if associated with legal/educational content), #mmj (medical marijuana), #cannabinoidscience, #endocannabinoidsystem, #cannabisadvocacy, #cannabisresearch, #hempindustry

These alternative hashtags focus on the educational, medicinal, scientific, and legal aspects of cannabis. They’re less likely to draw scrutiny from moderators and can help your content reach audiences interested in these topics.


TikTok Post Language

The language you use in your TikTok captions, comments, and video text overlays can also influence how your content is perceived by both the platform and your audience.

Words and Phrases to Avoid:

  • Weed, pot, dope, getting baked, toking up, recreational terms (e.g., “hit this,” “light up”), any language that suggests or encourages illegal activity or consumption

Using street slang or colloquial terms for cannabis can be a red flag for TikTok’s moderation system, potentially leading to content removal or shadowbanning.

Alternative Terms and Phrases to Use:

  • Cannabis, medicinal cannabis, adult-use cannabis (if legal in your area), therapeutic use, responsible consumption, hemp-derived, CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids

These terms are more clinical or industry-focused and are less likely to be associated with recreational use or illegal activity. They can help frame your content as informational and educational rather than promotional.


Contextualizing Your Post Text and Content

Beyond hashtags and individual words, the context in which you present your content is crucial. Always ensure that your videos, captions, and comments clearly indicate that your content is meant for educational, legal, or advocacy purposes. For example, if you’re discussing the benefits of CBD, clarify that you’re sharing research findings or personal testimonials for educational purposes.

Effectively using hashtags and language on TikTok for cannabis-related content requires a balance between reaching a broad audience and adhering to community standards. By focusing on education, legality, and professionalism, and by avoiding slang and recreational terminology, you can create a space for informed discussion and advocacy while minimizing the risk of content removal.

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