The Best Cannabis Subreddits 2024

If you’re not on reddit…  Well that’s a you issue.  Reddit is a social bookmarking site and an online community that connects you with cool people and cool content.  Under the umbrella of cool content comes a variety of Subreddits that focus on certain aspects of the cannabis community. Whether you’re a grower, enthusiast, or new to the world of cannabis, there’s something for all ents to enjoy.

Below is a curated list of the best cannabis subreddits updated as of Feb 1, 2024.

Subreddit Description Region Popularity (/5) Link
r/trees The go-to subreddit for anything and everything marijuana. International ★★★★☆ Link
r/Marijuana Educational and informative subreddit dedicated to policy news and discussion. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/cannabis News and information from around the world on cannabis. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/weed Dedicated to everything related to weed. International ★★★★☆ Link
r/microgrowery Focused on the cultivation of cannabis and grow discussions. International ★★★★☆ Link
r/macrogrowery For large scale cannabis cultivation discussions. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/weedbiz Business news, resources, and investment discussion for cannabis entrepreneurs. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/Cannabis_Culture Learn about cannabis use, culture, and lifestyle. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/stoner Share links and chat about stoner life and weed. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/CannabisExtracts Discussion on cannabis extracts, production techniques, and more. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/bongs Showcase and discuss glass bongs and their artistry. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/treedibles Share and discover recipes for cannabis edibles. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/CBD Discuss medical marijuana and CBD experiences. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/StonerEngineering Creative DIY smoking methods and tools. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/vaporents For discussions related to cannabis vapor and vaporizers. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/ArtOfRolling A community appreciating the art of rolling joints and blunts. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/weedstocks A place for legal marijuana industry news and stock discussion. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/MMJ The subreddit for discussing medical marijuana. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/AskTrees A place to get answers to your cannabis-related questions. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/entOIL Discuss and review cannabis oil extract pens. International ★★☆☆☆ Link
r/BlazeIt Share your daily smoke videos and experiences. International ★★☆☆☆ Link
r/rosin Community for those interested in the rosin extraction method. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/eldertrees A mature cannabis community for older enthusiasts. International ★★★☆☆ Link
r/cannabiscultivation Discuss and learn about growing cannabis. International ★★★★☆ Link
r/CanadianCannabisLPs News and reviews about Canadian licensed cannabis producers. Canada ★★★☆☆ Link
r/canadients Discussions about the Canadian cannabis scene. Canada ★★★★☆ Link
r/TheOCS Discuss products and experiences with the Ontario Cannabis Store. Canada ★★★☆☆ Link
r/RecPics Show and tell of recreational cannabis products in Canada. Canada ★★★☆☆ Link
r/CanadianMOMs Discuss Mail Order Marijuana services in Canada. Canada ★★★☆☆ Link
r/CanadaMedicalCannabis Reviews and discussions for Canadian medical cannabis patients. Canada ★★☆☆☆ Link
r/entOttawa A community for Ottawa residents to discuss cannabis. Canada ★★☆☆☆ Link
r/MomPICS A community for reviewing and sharing images of legacy cannabis. Canada ★★☆☆☆ Link

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