The Best YouTube Alternative For Weed Content – Checking In With The Internets Best Cannabis Media Sharing Network

For the people that are new to your cannabis media streaming platform, give us the rundown of what WeedTube is and your mission in 2022. See a breakdown of the best social media sites and media streaming sites for weed content here.

WeedTube is the video-sharing platform developed in response to the social media censorship of cannabis on major platforms, namely YouTube and Instagram. In 2018, YouTube deleted the channels of cannabis enthusiasts and influencers at an unprecedented rate, so a group of deleted creators crowdfunded from their community to create a platform that embraces cannabis. Since then, millions of people have joined WeedTube to watch, sesh, and share with their favorite cannabis content creators. The mission of WeedTube has always been to provide a safe space for cannabis content and advertisements. 

In addition to long form content we’re also thrilled to announce that WeedTube has expanded the User Experience to include a full social media suite in an update and rebrand called Pipeline. Pipeline is a social network where users can post pictures, short videos, text updates, links or articles without the risk of deletion. Pipeline allows users to post quick updates with the ease of big platforms like Twitter and Instagram. And as Instagram continues to shut down cannabis accounts (even Berner is getting silenced!) we know that the market needs this platform now more than ever! Finally users are able to enjoy a full suite of social networking features while talking and learning about cannabis.

The look is completely different from the last time we chatted. What are the new updates and features your team has added over the last year or two?

In addition to offering users a full social media suite in our mobile app, we’re targeting an audience that wants to take back control of their digital footprint and time spent online. Pipeline offers a solution that makes online interactions more authentic and gives users their power back in terms of posting content. Anything from a link to your favorite products at a dispensary to showcasing the function of your glass, Pipeline can house it all!

Cannabis and media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, YouTube are arguably worse than ever for censorship.  Why is it important to your team to get creators to come share their channels and upload cannabis content to WeedTube as well and what’s the benefit to creators spreading their wings to newer less traditional media sharing platforms?

Well let’s take our girl Chrissy Harless for example. Chrissy is an awesome working mom who has become an influencer to destigmatize moms who utilize cannabis. She built a massive following across Instagram and YouTube, in addition to her WeedTube uploads. Her husband even quit his job so that she could focus on running her content creation empire. But unexpectedly and without warning, her accounts get flagged and deleted. Her content, which became a primary source of income for her family, was suddenly gone. But because of WeedTube, Chrissy has all her files backed up and is able to maintain her connection with her followers through us! We’re so happy to have her as we launch Pipeline, and we hope that other creators who have had their income affected in the same way will find relief when uploading content!

I see a lot of cannabis content but also a lot of lifestyle content like music and other activities that we all like to do when we’re stoned. What would you say the ratio is for cannabis direct content vs cannabis lifestyle these days?

Great question! It’s a pretty even split and with the subtlety of the name “Pipeline” versus our old name WeedTube, we hope to attract other users who are being censored online. Meme accounts, for example, are often deleted on Instagram, so we hope that content creators looking to make people laugh will join Pipeline. In addition to cannabis content, more and more users are sharing their experiences with other substances that have been proven to assist with mental health challenges like Psilocybin and Ketamine. As people continue to try alternative methods of healthcare, we want them to have a safe space online to share their experiences (the good and the bad!) and learn from one another. 

How can creators earn by posting on WeedTube?

We are a safe space for creators to share content without fear of deletions! Any brand deals or promotional content they are posting will not be flagged, deleted or demonetized. They can also link directly to a product, website or brand they are promoting- unlike YouTube!

Does your team have any success stories with advertisers and how can companies get their ads running on WeedTube?

We’ve worked with so many incredible companies it’s hard to highlight just one! Our friends at Alien Outfitters expanded their brand and had this to say about our advertising services:

“Advertising with WeedTube (WT) has immensely fueled the growth of our business, with cannabis related products generally violating advertising policies on major platforms, WT has created an opportunity for our website to finally reach our target audience. Through WT advertising opportunities, we have seen a high CTR leading to conversions and return customers. Working with WeedTube is like working with family.” – The Horny Stoner

If anyone is looking to run an advertising campaign we strongly encourage them to check out our offerings here: and reach out to with any questions! Companies can also use their WeedTube profile to market and promote their products and offerings on Pipeline for FREE. 

The app is available on both ios and android correct?

Correct, you can download the app on IOS or Android via their respective app stores, for free!

Is there anything else you would like to say to cannabis businesses or creators that should consider WeedTube if they haven’t already?

With Biden getting the ball rolling on sweeping national cannabis reform, now more than ever do we need a community to welcome and educate adult cannabis consumers, new and old. There is so much misinformation online and social stigmas that persist regarding this plant, so we want to offer people a community where they can educate and share their experiences in an organic and authentic way. We hope to see you on Pipeline!

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