The Best Rolling Paper Brands in 2024

So you’re looking to expand your rolling paper palate. Who’s who in the zoo of rolling papers. We’ve whipped up a few unique tables for you.  These break down the different types of rolling papers, the brands in that category, a little bit of information and a breakdown of where they are popular.

Find a table of rolling papers below.  In the future we will expand into cones and cannagar or blunt wraps but for now we will touch on the varieties of rolling papers.  Why do we need to differentiate? Because premade CONE papers are NOT rolling papers. A big piece of the culture today has lost the art of rolling – and a pack of papers is completely different than a pack of cones.  Below is a  table of rolling paper companies making papers that you need to be skilled in rolling to use.

BrandLogoCountry of OriginNotesMain Focus of PapersBuy Rolling Papers
RAWRAW LogoUnited StatesOwned by HBI InternationalOrganic, Unbleached
RizlaRizla LogoBegan in FranceNow made in Belgium for Imperial TobaccoFlavored, Regular
OCBOCB LogoFranceNow owned by Republic Tobacco, popular in Germany and SwedenOrganic, Unbleached
Zig ZagZig Zag LogoOne of the classic brandsFlavored, Regular
Juicy Jay’sJuicy Jay's LogoUnited StatesFlavored papers, owned by HBI InternationalFlavored
BuglerFranceOnce popular in U.S. jailsRegular
TopFranceOwned by Republic Tobacco (The Republic Group)Regular
BambuSpainProduction now in ArgentinaRegular, Unbleached
SmokingSpain & ArgentinaManufactured by Miquel y CostasRegular, Unbleached
Pay-PaySpainOldest rolling paper manufacturer still in operationRegular
King PalmsKnown for natural leaf rollsPalm Leaf, Natural
ShineKnown for luxury rolling papersGold, LuxuryBuy Shine Rolling Papers
Randy’sUnited StatesKnown for wired rolling papers since 1975Wired, Regular
Tally-HoAustraliaDistributed by Imperial Tobacco AustraliaRegular
HempireHemp, Unbleached
E-Z WiderOwned by Republic Tobacco (Republic Technologies)Regular, Unbleached
LaramieCigarettes and rolling systemsRegular
Sackville & Co.Regular
VibesPopular in Canada + the USA. Berner’s rolling paper brand.Regular
Z’s LifeRegular
Captain GogoRegular
Blazy SusanKnown for pink rolling papers and smoking accessories – Popular in Canada + the USAFlavored, Regular
SkatesmokeKnown for pink rolling papers and smoking accessories – Popular in Canada + the USAFlavored, Regular
Empire Rolling PapersKnown for pink rolling papers and smoking accessories – Popular in Canada + the USAFlavored, Regular
Big BarkKnown for pink rolling papers and smoking accessories – Popular in Canada + the USAFlavored, Regular

Different Types of Rolling Papers

Type of Paper Material Burn Rate Flavor Impact Features
Wood Pulp Wood Pulp Medium to Fast Slight Alteration Beginner-friendly, traditional
Rice Processed Rice Slow Neutral Thin, light, flavor-preserving
Hemp Hemp Fibers Medium Slight Taste Eco-friendly, less likely to run
Flax Flax Fibers Slow Neutral Thin, strong, flavor-neutral
Cellulose (Clear) Cellulose Slow Neutral Transparent, novelty, smooth burning
Flavored Various Varies Altered Enhances taste with chosen flavors
Bleached Various with Bleach Varies Varies Chemically processed for white color
Unbleached Natural Papers Varies Varies Free from chemical bleaching, more natural
Thin Various Varies Subtle Subtle paper taste, harder to roll
Thick Various Slow Noticeable Easier to roll, slower burn
Single Wide Various Varies Varies Standard size for small smokes
1 ¼ Size Various Varies Varies Popular moderate size
1 ½ Size Various Varies Varies Wider for larger diameter smoke
Double Wide Various Varies Varies Extra width, can lead to excess paper use
King Size Various Varies Varies Longer for larger smokes, group sessions
King Size Slim Various Varies Varies Long like King Size but slimmer
Organic Organic Materials Varies Varies Free from pesticides and chemicals
Wired Rolling Papers Various Varies Varies Includes a thin wire for stability

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