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Hemp Shoes: How One Company Is Using Cannabis To Save The World With Eco Friendly Fashion – Interview With 8000Kicks

Jay Alexander
THE 8000KICKS BRAND Our team recently came across 8000Kicks, an ecofriendly, hemp-made shoe brand with a new line of kicks launching on Tuesday September 22 2020! We had the chance to sit down with the 8000Kicks team to learn a little bit more about the movement and their innovative new products, we’ll dive into that below. But first, a quick...
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Cannabis Testing Labs in Canada

Jay Alexander
Test your cannabis. Below we have made a table detailing licensed cannabis testing labs and facilities across Canada in each province that has them. These are labs that are licensed to cannabis research under the Cannabis Act. Health Canada does not offer accrediting services for processes or testing procedures. Keep in mind all of the cannabis sent in to these...
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Crop King Seeds Review 2020

Jay Alexander
Crop King Seeds We’ve been using Crop King Seeds for years mainly for their massive selection of strains and their massive inventory of unique hybrids.  Crop King Seeds ships across Canada, and offers promotions for nearly every holiday.  Their standard is free shipping on orders over $200 and they offer 10 free seeds if your cart exceeds $420. At the...
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Sierra Percy-Beauregard
For Immediate Release  Family Producer Debuts Long-Awaited Concentrates For the Chronic Salt Spring Island, BC – GOOD BUDS Company Inc., a craft cannabis producer from Salt Spring Island, BC, proudly announces the launch of top-shelf, solventless concentrates after gaining final licensing approval from Health Canada. Solventless live resin hash, dry hash and flower rosin will now join the GOOD BUDS...
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Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Canada – The Best Cannabis Seed Shops 2020

Jay Alexander
Buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada Compare online cannabis seed shops in Canada Here’s a quick guide on the best cannabis seed shops online.  The first section shares cannabis seed shops that ship across Canada.  The second part breaks down cannabis see shops online that are available to each province.  Check below to learn about the different types of cannabis seeds...
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Exploring the Roots of Canadian Cannabis with PhD and Activist Investor Dr. Earl Oliver

Jay Alexander
Meet Earl Oliver, PhD and Cannabis Activist Investor I first entered the industry as an investor in mid 2015.  I had sold my home in Waterloo, ON and moved to Silicon Valley to build a technology company.  I only consumed cannabis casually with a close friend who got chronic migraines, and didn’t follow the industry at all.  As an investor,...
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Cannabis Industry Loses 1000 Jobs: Canopy Growth Corp Joins Aurora Cannabis in Massive Canadian Lay Offs

Jay Alexander
2020 has been a rocky start for licensed cannabis producers in Canada as industry layoffs have plagued two of the worlds largest cannabis companies Aurora Cannabis, and now Canopy Growth. Since legal cannabis’ inception in Canada late 2018, logistics have posed a problem for licensed producers of all scales. Regulatory requirements, and costs associated with getting licence approval has created...

Hemp As A Bioeconomy Item

Bioeconomy is a term featuring regularly in both policy debates and academic research since the turn of the millennium. It has emerged as a concept offering a solution to several serious problems facing the contemporary human world.  Bioeconomy is a loaded term studied in different disciplines. Its meaning also changes as per the context of its usage. To understand how...

Hempcrete Brings Sustainable Building Alternatives To Alberta Housing

Maciej Otw
Hempcrete brings Alberta’s housing industry one of the most versatile uses for industrial hemp.  With ground broken on nearly 400 homes monthly in Calgary, the housing industry is just one that hempcrete aims to bring sustainability, affordability, and durability. Hempcrete suppliers are beginning to pop up worldwide, giving an indication that there is a real demand for these products. What...
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Badass 8 Room ACMPR West Coast Cannabis Facility

Jay Alexander
This weekend the Extract team was enjoying a trip BC when we met a group of ACMPR cultivators with a private operation producing 12 strains in 8 micro cultivation environments. Our visit was unexpected and short but here’s a few pictures of their scrogging setups, Gavita light configurations, a few colas, a handful of different rooms in both vegetative and...
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