Weed Gifts for Golfers (Weed Gift Guide)

weed gifts for golfers

According to Golf.com in 2020 – roughly 60 percent of the 52 players who participated indicated that weed should be legal on Tour. One in five said they had smoked or taken an ingestible form of the drug.  Lets face it.  Golfers smoke alot of weed. And if you gold and dont smoke – Maybe you should think of why your strokes are so high. 

Heres the best weed gifts for golfers this holiday season.  If you are looking for some dope kicks for the course this year check out our Weed Shoe Guide

Pitch N Puff one hitter golf tee

Get stoned on the course.  Take a hoot then smoke your ball too.  The  Pitch N Puff one hitter golf tee​ is the best one hooter golf tee on the market to gift your golfing stoner friends this year.


Electric Dab Rig - Yocan Phaser Max

The Yocan Phaser Max let your golfing stoner friends take dabs on the go in seconds.  This thing really is insane.  Anyone will love it for its convenience and versitility.  Especially on the course. Check out our review of the electric dab rig here.

The Pet Golf Ball

All dogs love stoners but not all stoners should be dog owenrs.  Heres an alternative for your stoned buddy.

The Pet Golf Ball with a walking leash. This is a funny golf party gag gift for any golfer.  Pet carry box with breathing holes so your pet golf ball can breathe . Green bedding in the box so your ball is always cozy.   It comes with a walking leash +  the leash has a strap and you can take the ball for walks.  Please name your Pet Golf Ball !


Golf & Weed Hoodies

Golf Weed hoodie, sport golf and marijuana lover, smoking weed joint Rastafarian cotton hooded, simple graphic printed tracksuit

Everyone needs a cozy go-to hoodie to curl up in, so go for one that’s soft, smooth, and stylish. Soft, smooth and stylish heavy blend hooded sweatshirt is perfect for cooler evenings and looks great on both men and women. 420 approved


Golf Ball Cigar Holder

These cigar holders make smoking a cigar during your round of golf very easy. These cigar holders take away from having to place your cigar on the ground in between shots. Simply place the cigar holder in the golf ball slot of the golf cart and go ahead and light up your cigar.

These cigar holders are the perfect gift for any dad, son, birthday, anniversary etc etc. We want you to be able to enjoy smoking a cigar on the golf course without any hassle


Extract Bucket Cap

A sweet little black bucket cap embroidered with a dope little weed brand we like.


Vintage Relpo Golf Club Planter

Awesome midcentury golf club planter by Relpo, Japan. In great vintage condition. Makes a unique gift for the special golfer in your life –  Give them a new home for a weed plant – Ias the focal point of any room!


The Golf Ball Stash Jar

The weed gift that keeps on giving.  A golf ball jar to stash your weed in.   This one is quite straight forward.


Pineapple Golf Gloves

A quality white leather glove with pineapple prints that add a tropical look to your style. The palm of the glove is yellow and contains no print.

Pineapples and weed go hand in hand


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Cannagar Mold

Cannagars are basically long lasting joints that you can customize. These things can go for hours and they are ideal for a day out on the course.

Once you smoke a cannagar on the course you will need one everytime. 

Heres a guide on how to roll a cannagar.


Vice Rays

Vice rays are literally dope sunglasses.  They hold a joint in each side so you can have quick access after that next bogey.  Everyone loves their Vice Rays and so will your stoned golfing friends.


Classic Skinny Trapsac

Every golfer has their goodies.  This is where you hold them.