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Cannabis Seeds for Sale in Canada

Since October 17, 2018, recreational cannabis users have been plagued with the inability to buy cannabis clones or seeds from a legal source.

That changed early in 2019 as the AGLC operated online recreational cannabis dispensary, albertacannabis.org listed two types of cannabis seeds for sale to Albertians; one THC dominant,  the other a balanced THC CBD ratio,  both Tweed exclusives.


Cannabis Seeds For Sale On Alberta Cannabis

The two strains listed by Alberta Cannabis, Tweed Argyle (CBD dominant) and Tweed Bakerstreet (Indica dominant).   Argyle and Bakerstreet are produced in Ontario Canada and come in similar packaging from Canopy Growth under the recreational Tweed brand.

MYRCENE - Earthy/Musky
MYRCENE - Earthy/Musky
LIMONENE - Citrus & TERPINOLENE - Pine/Citrus

A few questions remain

While some provinces in the west still lack availability of legal seeds, other provinces are already offering seeds along side cloned plants.

In the black market, companies such as Quebec Seeds and Crop King have been offering a far wider variety of strains for years at a comparable price.   The biggest question that remains perhaps, is the quantity of feminized seeds Albertains will receive with their order.

We cannot find anything on the website that suggests these seeds are feminized at all (required feminine plant to produce cannabis buds), which puts into question the value of the packages we are purchasing.

By government standards, 4g of dried cannabis = 4 seeds.  Essentially, we are buying 4 seeds, with a 50% chance of being female, leaving us with 2 seeds that we still have to sprout.  With 100% performance, Canadians will be lucky to have 2 useful seeds from these packages.

If you have ordered seeds from Alberta Cannabis, please get in touch with us via email at hello@extactmag.com.

You can buy Tweed Bakerstreet and Tweed Argyle from the albertacannabis.org website.


Since publishing this article, the Alberta Cannabis website has sold out of Tweed Bakerstreet seeds.   Along with Alberta Cannabis, Tweed Bakerstreet seeds can be found across Canada on a number of other provincially authorized online cannabis retailers websites.

The high THC option Tweed Bakerstreet sold out in just over 3 days of listing the cannabis seeds for sale online.

Crop King Marijuana Seeds

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Canada

With legal cannabis seed sales only permitted by licensed producers for medical patients, or business to business (recreational dispensaries), cannabis seed sales are quite limited in supply and accessibility.

Grey area options have saturated the market offering cannabis horticulturalists an illegal alternative with cheaper seeds, feminized options, and a far larger variety.

Buy cannabis seeds online in Canada

Aside from Alberta Cannabis, a few online options cater to buying cannabis seeds in Canada. These are listed for novelty use only and we recommend you take the legal option to purchasing and growing cannabis in Canada. Below you will find companies that offer wide varieties of both sativa, indica and hybrid strain seeds, as well as seeds for strains high in CBD, THC and auto-flowering varieties.

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