A New App Is On It’s Way To Help Canadians Share Cannabis Strains & Genetics: Interview With Grow & Share

Let’s get started with the basics – What is Grow and Share?

This mobile-friendly web application allows cannabis enthusiasts to learn, meet like-minded individuals, and find the best prices for cannabis, cannabis accessories, and cannabis lounges. In addition, Grow and Share is the first and only free way for cannabis enthusiasts, including growers and consumers purchasing from legal dispensaries, to share and acquire strains.

Is this a website, mobile phone app – where can Canadians download it?

The app is currently a mobile-friendly web application, all members need to do is create a free account at app.growandshare.ca.  We are in the process of developing a mobile application which will be available on the IOS and Android app stores.

I feel like if you want to share your craft today as a home grower you really need to connect with people on Instagram, maybe reddit, but there’s not really a central community.  Why do you think it’s important to provide a place where people can share their craft in Canadian cannabis?

In addition to allowing growers to share their strains, Grow and Share allows consumers to share strains they legally purchase from dispensaries. Since growers often have a surplus of one or two strains and buyers do not wish to be locked into one strain, Grow and Share was developed so enthusiasts can try new strains for free.

Finding cannabis enthusiasts willing to share their various strains via social media can be challenging. Additionally, it can be a daunting task to ensure the strain you receive is advertised correctly, the quantity is accurate to what is being offered, and the the person you are receiving the strain from will not keep you waiting. 

The community review system built into Grow and Share will assist in qualifying members as reputable sharers. 

Grow and Share is a creative twist that adds value to the cannabis connoisseur and cultivar community.  It really seems to be a good platform to connect with other cannabis lovers who are looking for a little more about their cannabis.  Tell us how long ago you got started, where the idea came from and how it came to flower into what it is today?

Growing, acquiring, and advocating cannabis as well as being a serial entrepreneur, it became evident to me that Grow and Share platform was required.

 I became increasingly frustrated with the difficulty and inability of finding cannabis connoisseurs through social media to share my strain and acquire the strain I desired. As all cannabis enthusiasts know, having our favorite strain is wonderful, but sometimes we need something different, and why should we be required to spend more money to acquire it? 

With almost three years of hard work, endless hours of research, and AB tests, I realized I wasn’t the only person feeling this way. I launched my business in early September and have been promoting my business through social media, street advertising, and search engine optimization.

This gives me the feel of a hybrid between Facebook Groups and Leafly.  Give us the breakdown of what exactly the app is and what users can do on it and it’s core value for Canadian stoners?

Grow and Share has created a community for cannabis growers and enthusiasts to communicate, interact and perhaps even bond over their shared love of the herb.

People who sign up for the Grow and Share community can link and share strains and knowledge with other cannabis enthusiasts and find cannabis retailers, including dispensaries, head shops, seed stores, and cannabis lounges.

The App/website will also assist cannabis retailers in reaching their target market and share knowledge with consumers to improve their understanding of cannabis and the culture.

very few places are wholly dedicated to discussing cannabis, fewer to providing free marketing for retailers, and none offer cannabis sharing. 

Apart from learning about cannabis and connecting with like-minded individuals, there are plans to hold various cannabis-related events. Moreover, we have launched the first of many subsidiaries, called TokandTalk. It allows members of the community to discuss cannabis, ask questions, and form private groups.

Which types of cannabis consumers are going to benefit the most from using Grow and Share?

Grow and Share does not discriminate against cannabis enthusiasts as a community-based application. Whether you are a grower or a buyer, we are confident that Grow and Share will benefit you. 

This seems like a good way to connect cultivars to exchange genetics and get access to sought after strains without paying an arm and a leg, is this a use case that’s been popular thus far?

As a result of the recent launch, many shares have occurred, not only between cultivators but also between cultivators and buyers, as well as buyers to buyers.

Is there an option for home cultivars or small batch growers to connect with larger growers and form relationships in which strain hunters can make some passive income licensing out new genetics?

Without giving too much away, we have major plans for home cultivators and small-batch growers to become recognized by large licensed producers. 

Is this more of a local exchange focused platform, or does it encourage users to share strains that might not be available in their province, and how can you see this adding value for producers trying to get a feel for demand in specific regions?

Grow and Share is currently working on helping cannabis enthusiasts acquire strains from like-minded connoisseurs within their cities and nearby cities. Having said that, members may decide to share strains with individuals outside of their province, and this is another reason for the community review system, ensuring members are dealing with a reputable sharer. 

Members can search within a different location to find strains that they may not be able to find locally, and have it shipped, as long as it was purchased legally or homegrown.

Which communities are you actively expanding in or which provinces and cities can we expect to see users pop up?

We first launched out of Toronto, Ontario but with our social media reach and help from the cannabis community, we are pushing to get the name out to all provinces. The more the community spreads the word about Grow and Share, the better it will be for all of us cannabis enthusiasts.

Can we expect to see you at any events in the future?

Our plan is to attend: 

  • KIND Winter Fair
  • Where: Toronto 
  • Dates: December 7th and 8th 2022
  • CannExpo
  • Where: Toronto
  • Dates: March 24th-26th, 2023 

It is the Grow and Share team’s current endeavor to organize an event for consumers, industry professionals, and newcomers to the industry. This event will be held on an ongoing basis during the colder months, giving everyone something to look forward to. As the event progresses, we will share more details.

Any last words for EXTRACT readers?

Join app.growandshare.ca and sign up for the forum at www.tokeandtalk.ca

Read our articles, share your product and interact with the community. We look forward to seeing you on our platform.

  • Contact Details:
  • Business Name: Grow and Share
  • Contact Name: Michael Bryden
  • Contact Email: michael@growandshare.ca
  • Address: 1 King ST W Suite 4800-246
  • Country: Canada 

Landing Page: www.growandshare.ca
App: app.growandshare.ca

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