The Best Grow Box of 2020 Has Arrived in Canada – We Talk Automated Grow Boxes With Mary AG


Automated Grow Boxes in 2020

Sitting Down With Mary AG

It’s 2020 and Canadians are permitted to grow recreational cannabis indoors with a limit of up to 4 plants within each residence. Rental or homeowner, one thing is for sure – There is an abundance of options for everyone in the market to cultivate their own cannabis indoors, each with a different price tag, offering unique benefits depending upon what you need.

Maintaining the atmosphere is going to help you to achieve a number of things, but most important; prevent unwanted pests from entering your space, containing your light so every lumen is absorbed, climate control, odor emissions, humidity and all the essentials to keep your plants thriving without unexpected deviations.

Enter grow boxes. Also referred to as an automated grow tent, grow cabinet, indoor grow box, weed or cannabis grow box, the automated versions are a relatively new way to grow cannabis indoors, in any space, while maintaining your interior appeal, not sacrificing anything when it comes to looks and style.

While the worlds early rounds of automated grow boxes offered a way for user to automate their grow process in a contained space with relatively no setup, this new wave of grow boxes comes with an upgraded level of visual appeal, no longer hiding in the shadows, but used as a piece of art places anywhere, in any room.

We spoke to Mary AG to learn more about why grow boxes are becoming so popular and why in 2020, automation has become an option accessible to anyone in any living situation.

Mary AG has recently launched a super affordable, visually appealing hydroponic grow box designed to enhance the look of any room, in fact this thing looks so cool, it could end up being the focal point. With a single click the grow box glass goes from completely transparent to fully covered up. That’s right, your Mary AG glass fogs up completely on command.

The Mary AG automated grow box system is built and designed in Canada and the team has made it easy to try yours for the total price of $1099 CAD – reserve your spot on the list with $149 down as these things are already on backorder because of their popularity.

Mary AG uses an in-house pod system to refill your nutrients so you don’t have to worry about mixing your own, and they come strain specific so you be sure your feeding your little ones the right food at all times.

The hydroponic system has a built in air conditioning unit and is completely enclosed in a 35cm x 45cm x 135cm space. The dual eglass ensures you get the most out of every lumen the multidirectional LED lighting setup. All of this comes in an efficient design that uses less energy than a 70″ LED screen each month,.

David, thanks for sitting down with us! We’re excited about the new products you’re bringing to Canadian cultivars. Let us in on a few reasons why automated grow boxes have become a preferred option for households across Canada.

Can 2020 get any more unpredictable? At this point, probably not. Access to Cannabis is one of those little things in life you can control. And, for people who rely on Cannabis for medical or therapeutic reasons, predictable and reliable access to Cannabis is even more essential. 
Growing at home is one way to ensure you will have access and control over your own supply; at least in some part.

The process of growing also teaches you different aspects of different strains, and is a great way to really dig in to what phenotypes work best for you. On top of that, with more people working from home, an easy home grow can be a nice stress-relieving hobby. Unlike a traditional outdoor grow, the Mary grow box makes all of this accessible to anyone regardless of the size of the their living space, a lack of outdoor access, or absence of growing knowledge.

Is there a way to automate indoor growing completely?

There is no such thing as complete automation in growing, nor should there be! Some aspects of plant care are best done by human touch because it will result in better bud, and a much more rewarding experience for the grower. 

Mary takes a little different approach than other grow box offerings in that we don’t automate every step completely. Rather, the companion app offers reminders and guides for better plant care, as well as live support that allows you to chat directly with our experienced team. After all, truly empowering people to grow their own means educating new growers on the fundamentals of plant health and proper growing practises. 

What are three things that new cultivars should consider before getting started?

Strain selection: It is important, especially for new growers, to select a strain that is well suited to your growing environment. As you become a more experienced grower, you can venture out into different strains that might require a little more training for a fun challenge. Also, you should be selecting the strain that offers the ideal cannabinoids and attributes for consumption. 

Genetics source: Where are you getting your seeds and/or clones? Are they reliable and trustworthy? 

Timing and patience: It is a good idea to have a sense of when you want your harvest to be ready, and a little bit of patience with the process. Plants are living things and not all grows go exactly to a set schedule. Also, keep in mind that proper drying and curing of your harvest can make for more enjoyable consumption.

Buying local products. Why are Canadian made cannabis products the way to go?

We’re just built different! We’re so lucky to be living in a country with clear policy on a federal level. While we might not all agree with every bit of legislation, overall we can take a post-prohibition approach to Cannabis products by making them mainstream with all of the thoughtful quality controls that come with the territory.

Moving from soil to hydroponics. What’s different with a hydro grow box and what do we need to know?

Nothing is easier than throwing seeds on fertile soil and letting mother nature take over. However, we like to think that Mary is the next best thing if that option is not available.

In short, you don’t really need to know anything – just read the direction in the app and we’ll guide you through.  If you have experience growing in soil, you might find Deep Water Culture (hydroponics) a little different. The vegetative phase of growth can be shorter allowing for quicker growing times. Unlike soil, the nutrients to support growth aren’t present naturally in water. That’s where feeding and monitoring come in and our app will show you how and remind you when. 

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Automated Grow Box

Meet Mary, an automated, hydroponic, indoor grow box

Mary is a new hydroponic grow box that is completely automated from top to bottom. If you’re looking for a stealth grow box, this might be a good consideration for you. The unique shape, LED features, and 2 way glass gives the Mary Box the appeal needed for any room in your house, all for a cost effective price of $1099 CAD.

Designed and made in Canada, the Mary AG automatic hydroponic grow system is a serious competitor and an option for anyone looking to jazz up a room with a live cannabis plant, or automate a single plant atmosphere. If you’re a frequent traveler or run a busy schedule, this box will keep your plant alive while your own the road but also ensure your space doesn’t smell like bud.

Mary AG Automated Grow Box Specs

Mary AG Main Features

2 Way eGlass & LED Lighting

2 way (dual) eGlass allows you to hop between transparent and covered glass with 1 simple click. This can be a great idea for those in a sunny areas, or simply when you want to check your plants or share your progress without alot of additional work.

The exterior lighting gives the Mary AG box a cool appeal and it’s exterior is one of the nicest units available anywhere in the world in 2020.

Hydroponic Nutrients Made Easy

For the user that is new to growing, or simply doesn’t have time to upkeep, mix and track nutrients, Mary AG will do that for you.

Nutrients are premixed for specific strains, so you can feed your plants the correct nutrients without the need to research or mix your own.

Multidirectional Lighting & Energy Effective

At maximum output, the Mary AG automated grow box will cost you less than running your 70 inch LED on a monthly basis,.

Multi directional lighting within the box ensures that light is actively reaching your plant from all sides, not simply the top. No energy is wasted, and the box is equip with spectrums to resemble every season.

Totally Automated Grow Box

This automated grow box is a benchmark for automation when it comes to odor control, lighting, nutrients and reporting on everything that’s happening in real time. Control everything from one interface on your mobile phone while dozens of sensors monitor everything important including odor emissions.

That means you don’t even need to be at home, control your grow box and see what’s happening from anywhere in the world.

Designed & Built in Canada

The Mary AG automated indoor grow system is designed, built and shipped from Canada. This makes their 1 year warranty easy to fulfil, and helps ensure quality support for Canadians.

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