420 Science 420 Scope Review


What’s In the 420 Scope Box?

  • 60-75x magnification scope
  • Bright, ultra-white LED light
  • Batteries included
  • Instructions

The 60-75x 420 Scope by 420 Science


  • Super tiny and convenient to carry around
  • Weighs next to nothing
  • Included light makes it easier to see through the scope
  • Zoom & focus help to steady the magnified image
  • Does it’s job well


  • Can’t take pictures with this scope
  • Hand held,  after trying to focus for a while arms can get tired
  • Limited to 75x magnification

This is the Perfect Scope for:

  • The 420 Science 60-75x 420 Scope is the perfect magnification device for any grow room.  Many use cases of this scope talk about the buds, and viewing harvested cannabis.  In my opinion the 420 Scope is even better for entry level grow rooms.  Harvest time is touchy, and this scope is ideal for monitoring your pistils journey into the curly light amber stage which is the perfect time to harvest.

The 420 Scope Breakdown

The 60 – 75x 420 scope is a lightweight, handheld microscope designed to help you get a little closer to your plants.   This is the ultimate tool for those trying their green thumb since the legalization of cannabis in Canada.

Come harvesting, it’s crucial to understand pistils and timing.  Harvest to early, we have premature plants in which the buds and cannabinoids haven’t fully matured.  The 60 – 75x hand held, portable vaporizer will help you do just that; get a closer look at the pistils shape and color in order to dial in the timing of your harvest.

How To Use the 420 Scope

The 420 Scope is easy to use.

Simply remove the battery protection and flip on the LED light.

Put your eye up to the hole and rest the scope on the actual flower or bud.  This is the confusing part, and why so many have trouble with the focus on this device.  Make sure the plastic guide on the bottom of the scope is actually resting on the plant matter you are looking at.

Now, adjust the dials beginning with zoom and ending with focus.  The far left on the zoom will be 60x and the far right will be 75x, and of course everything in between.  Once you have the desired zoom, use the focus dial to adjust the clarity of your view.

Overall, the 420 Scope (60-75x) Is A Cost effective Portable Microscope for Anyone!

Overall, the 420 Scope is ideal for anyone growing cannabis in my opinion.  Priced at around $20, you can’t rally get much cheaper for a lightweight scope that does it’s job perfectly.

The unit is small in size, weighs nearly nothing and fits in your pocket easily.  I’ve had a 420 Scope since early 2015 and the batteries are still working fine.

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