Condensed Hemp History


The first use of hemp dates back 10,000-12,000 years according to many historians. However, recent discoveries in Czechoslovakia using carbon dating methods have presented the world with rope made from hemp fiber dating back to 26,000 BC.

It is well documented that in Taiwan, hemp cords were used to create pottery. With its medicinal and material qualities, hemp gained traction as a practical, multi-purpose plant in China, India, and Iraq. Italy enjoyed widespread uses of hemp rope, and in 1606 France and Britain adopted this plant for its construction capabilities.

During the 1800’s the USA was producing industrial hemp in large scale-operations, with many plantations thriving well into 1995. Unfortunately, the road wasn’t easy and hemp’s fate lingered with pending government regulations. In 1937 the Marijuana Tax Act came into full effect, derailing hemp production. Canada joined this movement in 1938, halting production here as well.

Despite strict government regulations on the plant, a sub-culture of Canadians prevailed that was willing to risk social stigma and legal action to keep the spirit of cannabis alive. They were one of many factors contributing to the pending legalization of cannabis that will allow us to enjoy many opportunities to re-introduce this multi-purpose plant back into society.