Crop King Seeds Review 2024 (Updated)


Crop King Seeds Review

We’ve been using Crop King Seeds for years mainly for their massive selection of strains and their massive inventory of unique hybrids.  Crop King Seeds ships across Canada, and offers promotions for nearly every holiday.  Their standard is free shipping on orders over $200 and they offer 10 free seeds if your cart exceeds $420.

At the time of writing this Crop King Seeds Review 274 feminized, 92 autoflower, 8 CBD and 34 regular seed strains are available, and these come in indica seeds, sativa seeds, indica dominnat hybrid, and sativa dominant hybrid.

Seed packs are priced accordingly and come In packs to 5, 10 and 25.   Each product page is equip with all the information you’re going to need to understand the flowering period, proper climate, estimated yields and strain consumption effects.

Cannabis seeds ordered through Crop King Seeds arrive quickly in Canada, typically between 2 – 5 days depending upon the option you choose and the region you live.  Bigger cities tend to get packages quicker as they are delivery hubs for national shipping.  Crop King Seeds is native to Canada with offices in Vancouver and their brand offers 100% guarantee on germination when you buy cannabis seeds, so you can rest assured your investment is protected.

Review of Crop King Seeds:

  • Pros and Cons
  • Types of Seeds
  • Crop King Seeds Shipping
  • Pricing
  • Payments Accepts
  • Crop King Seeds Coupons
  • Crop King Seeds Affiliates
  • Overall Rating (TLDR)
  • Review Chart
  • Crop King Seeds Infographic


  • Over 400 cannabis seed variations
  • Lots of autoflower and most seeds are feminized
  • Consistent inventory
  • Tons of unique cross strains
  • Lots of seasonal sales
  • Free shipping (ships from Vancouver) on orders over $200
  • Mix and match seed packs
  • Germination guarantee
  • Local Canadian support
  • Bitcoin accepted


  • Could use a few more attributes to filter the catalog when browsing for new strains
  • Mixed reviews online.  Although we have always found good genetics behind our seeds, others have shared their displeasure with their experiences on our social media, we’ll let you be the judge as the community seems quite split on experiences.

Types of Cannabis Seeds at Crop King Seeds

Autoflower Seeds

Crop King Seeds currently has 92 autoflower seeds for sale and a big variety of notable local strains to the Western Canada regions, and a massive variety of cross strains and hybrids you’ve probably never seen.

If you’re new to autoflowering seeds, these are the varieties that transform into the flowering stage automatically, without turning the lights.  These are genetically modified strains that each have a distinct flowering period that typically range around week 6 give or take a few. Autoflowering plants are said to be genetically modified to adapt quicker, making the general growing experience better for beginners and require less maintenance.

Feminized Seeds

With feminized cannabis seeds you can be sure that you’re getting a female plant (the plant needed to produce buds) with each and every germinated seed.  If you’re looking to grow purely for the flower, feminzed seeds will not only save the bank, but it will also protect your crop from hermaphrditing as regular seed packs could contain male genetics.  A male plant will put all of your plants at risk, and this is avoided when you buy feminized seeds.

At the time of writing this article Crop King Seeds is stocking 274 different strains of feminized seeds, nearly their whole catalogue has been feminized. One cool attribute I noticed on each strain page is the percentage of ruderalis in the makeup of each strain.   Ruderalis is the type of cannabis bred with a cannabis strain to product it’s feminized reproductive characteristics.

AutoFEM Seeds

AutoFEM seeds are exactly as they are described.  These are a seed variety genetically modified to produce only feminine genetics with auto-flowering traits. That means that your seeds should all produce female plants, resulting in bud development from a flowering stage that the plant reaches automatically, regardless of natural light cycles.

CBD Seeds

CBD seeds might be the best choice if you’re growing a strain for it’s medical properties.  Authentically pure CBD strains tend to be hard to come by and Crop King Seeds is currently stocking 8 variations of CBD dominant cannabis strain seeds.

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Crop King regular seeds are just what they sound like; no autoflower or feminized properties.  You have a chance of male or female genetics and seeds will turn cycles based on your lighting preferences.

Crop King Seeds Coupons

  • Free shipping on all orders over $200
  • Mix and match seed packs
  • Save when you buy bigger quantities
  • Orders over $420 get a free 10 pack of seeds

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Shipping at Crop King Seeds

Two shipping methods are available to Canadians looking for cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds.

Regular Shipping: 2-14 Business Days | $10

Express Shipping: 2-7 | $30-$60

Free shipping applies to all orders over $200 and Express Shipping allows you to track your package every step of the way.  As mentioned on the website, seeds ship from Vancouver. so if you’re in a bigger city, it’s often that your package will arrive well before the estimated date.


The price point of Crop King Seeds is super competitive in the Canadian market.  While you’re going to pay more for autoflowering, CBD, feminized or any specialty seeds, that’s typically given as the research and development to develop these strains isn’t always cheap.

Crop King Seeds autoflower, feminized and CBD strains tend to start at around $65 for 5 seeds ($13.00 / seed), and $240 for 25 seeds ($9.60 / seed).  Regular seeds start at $40 for 5 seeds ($8.00 each)  through $140 for 25 seeds ($5.60 / seed).   Mix and match packs tend to be priced consistently with an entire pack of the similar type of seed.

Pair this up with a free 10 seeds on orders over $420 and you’re getting great value at higher quantity orders.

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Types of Payment Accepted

After reviewing a few marijuana seed sites, it seems that not all companies offer a variety of payment options.  Most offer interac, or credit or cryptocurrency. Crop King Seeds kills it in the payments department. The Canadian seed company has extended their payment processing to all major credit cards including American Express, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, Paypal, Cash, Interac and Venmo.

Crop King Seeds Affiliates

Crop King Seeds affiliates offer you a way to share their products with your social circle and earn revenue in return.  At a 20% commission level, Crop King Seeds affiliates are some of the best paying and converting seeds affiliates available to Canadians.  Users can monitor their success by clicks and conversions with live updates and an easy to navigate affiliate dashboard.

Crop King Seeds Review: TLDR

As mentioned above, we’ve been customers of Crop King Seeds for years and they’ve given us a good experience overall.   Their pricing is competitive, the inventory is consistent, and there’s always a variety to choose from.  The seed selection comes along with all the resources you need to find a strain that will work well with the climate in your region.

With a Canadian office you can ensure Canadian support and a high level of quality should issues arise.  We’ve had 1 instance in which we needed to contact support, and their email staff had our questions solved within the first 24 hours of contact.   All packages have arrived ahead of schedule and we’ve been happy with all the genetics we’ve experimented with.  Crop King Seeds guarantees 24/7 live chat support online, so if you have any questions regarding your purchases, this is generally a good place to get started.

Tracking numbers, thousands of happy customers across Canada and germination guarantees leave this Crop King Seeds review with a positive outlook and a $20 coupon for your first order.  Click the link below to get started.

In the future the only recommendation for Crop Kind Seeds would be to improve the seed attributes on the product catalog so we could easily filter seeds based on a few more factors that are already included on the product pages such as yield, hybrid percentages, medical benefits, cannabinoid levels or whatever it may be.