Shopify and Aurora a Win Win for Some Regions But Not Albertans


Shopify moves further into cannabis eCommerce by striking a deal with one of Canada’s largest cannabis producers licenced to cultivate and sell cannabis in Canada and a total of 14 countries globally.

With legalization looming, Shopify Inc, the Canadian eCommerce software provider, is securing opportunities within the industry, and fast.

This year already, contracts with the governments of BC, Ontario, and now Aurora Inc are seeing Shopify move into the space as a preferred platform for eCommerce businesses in the cannabis industry.

Serving multiple regions comes with its territory; Hiring and contracting out local support staff, language barriers, varying currencies, and regional regulations are all considerations of global cannabis producers.

Shopify simplifies the process with the option to add apps that automate and simplify selling cannabis on a global scale. The turnkey platform is a choice that typically targets startups and small businesses, but clearly sees a market opportunity in Canadian cannabis.

What’s interesting is the location of Aurora, and their clientele. Located outside of Calgary, Albertans are not permitted to use the platform for ordering recreational cannabis.

Online, ordering recreational cannabis in Alberta will be limited to one website –

The AGLC is behind Alberta Cannabis, the province’s solution to buying recreational cannabis online.

Why the restricted access to online cannabis for recreational use?  Perhaps limiting access to minors?  One thing is for certain, opening up the online markets would reduce the popularity of “mail order marijuana” shops, servicing the black market purchasers which make up a large piece of eCommerce cannabis market.