A Look Inside a Neat Little 4 Plant Soil Setup: Part 1/2


Welcome to our grow room, well its not ours but over the next couple months we will get to experience first hand how to grow and cultivate cannabis. What we’ll witness over the next couple months will hopefully offer insight into a particular method of growing.

Lets set the scene, we have a room lit by an 1800-watt equivalent LED light shining among the clones, which have been meticulously chosen to be strictly feminized and descendants of healthy plants.  Located in the corner, a high-power blower and carbon filter and in the opposite corner a simple house fan.  

Finally, a screen is suspended above the plants, we’ll get to that later.

The process we’re documenting is known as scrogging, this is a method that will allow the lower leaves to catch light ultimately growing a wider canopy. The other major benefit is even budding during the flowering phase.  

Day one: The baby’s home!

The journey begins August 15th the clones have been taken from larger plants and among them we have a Vixen, Super lemon Haze, and a coupe of Hash Plants. Over the course of this grow all of these babies will be supplied with the same amount of water, light, nutrients, and love.

Three weeks have passed, and the roots have set firmly into the soil. We begin transferring what once were babies into larger pots making sure the soil is firmer on one side, this allows us to control the stems direction of growth, making sure that we can offer each plant enough room.

We can already see a health plant being formed, the consistent color and size of the leafs is a good indication. During this month keeping the branches all level picking the largest of the branches to be saturated by the light.

This is done so by bending the main branches enough to expose the lower branches to light.  We were told that “after all these are weeds, so you can bend and even break the branches without the plant being affected”

After noting temperatures and humidity levels, our numbers came back at 25°C and 39% Humidity.

This reading is on the lower side, but our grower told us “you wouldn’t want anything over 50%, higher level  can form mold ” Raising the humidity can be done with various methods, to manage the 1% our grower places a 3 Gallon bucket of water inside the tent.

Over time the water will evaporate into the surroundings.

During this month the net for the scrogging will be lowered and each stem will be braided through the net.

How to set up scrogging

This technique is fairly simple, you must search for long branches and extend them out as far as possible along the net and begin weaving them through.

Now we still have to give some other branches time to grower out otherwise we will have to make the ultimate decision to cut them loose and allow the top canopy to receive all the nutrients.

The theory behind this is you are allowing more area of the plant to be reached by the light, ultimately speeding up photosynthesis and growth.

Here we leave off, no pun intended, with the hopes that the lower leaves can eventually reach the net and allow us to finish extending the canopy .

TIP from grower: A good practice in keeping your grow contaminant free, prior to entering your garden using hand sanitizer to helps keep unwanted bacteria out will be part of grow healthy plants

Tip From Me:

Don’t wait to long to harvest could cause your plant to hermaphrodites stress can also do this!