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Redefining The Bong – Interview With Stündenglass Creator Of The Gravity Bong

Jay Alexander
Stündenglass is reinventing the modern day bong with an innovation that’s using gravity to deliver your lungs a nice cool and clean hoot. Not limited to a single bong, Stündenglass is also manufacturing gravity hookah devices. The American brand became a Canadian sensation when popular actor and cannabis figure head Seth Rogan shared a funny post taking a hoot with...
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Cannabis Gift Guide 2020 – Extract’s Annual Pretty Damn Dope Gift Guide

Jay Alexander
Howdy fam! With Christmas upcoming, and us behind schedule as usual, we figured it was time to put together our last minute gift guide for 2020. This years marijuana inspired gift guide has some seriously badass stuff in it it. We choose these products based strictly on our experiences with them, with the exception of 2 or 3 things that...
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The Science of Clean Dabs – Introducing the Dabtab and Interview With ILO Research

Jay Alexander
A few months ago we asked our Instagram followers this question – “what are the newest and coolest technologies in cannabis”. We got quite a few answers but there’s one innovation that we followed up with shortly after the post , and it’s a product that could come in handy for everyone; licensed extractors through legacy innovators, home vs mobile...
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The CANNAVIST Magazine Launches Second Three-Day Virtual Live Event For CBD & Medical Cannabis

Jay Alexander
From November 18-20, The CANNAVIST, the UK and Ireland’s essential guide to CBD and medical cannabis, will launch its second live online event, this time set virtually in the USA. Following the success of the debut event held online in July, this free-to-attend virtual exhibition is for patients, customers, partners, and business professionals all over the world. With an entire...
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Cooking Weed Edibles At Home – Our Curated List of YouTube’s 100 Best Weed Recipes

Jay Alexander
Cannabis infused candies, chocolates and beverages are widely available online and in retail dispensaries, but what about cooking your own weed recipes at home? Becoming a master of cooking or baking with cannabis will help you not only save money in the long run, but also help you control a number of attributes like which cannabinoids are present, and which...

Ontario Cannabis Raids Lead To The Discovery of 3 Kangaroos and 2 Zebras

Jay Alexander
Late October the York Regional Police seized 28,964 plants and 3,990 pounds of harvested cannabis valued at over $150 million in Project Green Sweep, a massive Ontario operation that led to 37 arrests and 67 charges. 15 search warrants were executed, a number of properties in the York region including Markham, King, Stouffville and East Gwillimbur; and among the items...

Ross Rebagliati Brings The Gold To Canada For a Second Time – We Sit Down To Learn The Real Story Of Ross Rebagliati

Jay Alexander
If you don’t know the story of Ross Rebagliati, you’re missing out on a truly crazy experience with roots so Canadian it will leave you smoking a spliff in a snow fort and drinking maple syrup. Reuters.com We recently got in touch with cannabis entrepreneur, family man and Olympic gold medalist, Ross Rebagliati. Ross attended the 1998 Nagano Olympics to...
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The YouTube of Cannabis Has Arrived – Meet TheWeedTube, Your Cannabis Friendly Streaming Platform

Jay Alexander
If you’re a content creator, or just browsing the internet for cannabis inspired videos, you’ve probably experienced some sort of censorship. Cannabis laws around the world vary in different regions, and that means it’s tough to manage the policies that should apply to each uploader. With this, many platforms like YouTube take a harsh stance on cannabis consumption and themed...
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The Best Grow Box of 2020 Has Arrived in Canada – We Talk Automated Grow Boxes With Mary AG

Jay Alexander
Automated Grow Boxes in 2020 Sitting Down With Mary AG It’s 2020 and Canadians are permitted to grow recreational cannabis indoors with a limit of up to 4 plants within each residence. Rental or homeowner, one thing is for sure – There is an abundance of options for everyone in the market to cultivate their own cannabis indoors, each with...