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Cannabinoid Absorption Onset & Duration

Jay Alexander
InhaleEatOromucosalTopicalOnsetSeconds – minutes0.5 – 1.5 hours3 – 30 minutesVariableDurationUp to 5 hoursUp to 12 hoursUp to 12 hoursVariableFormSmoking, vaporizingEdibles, pill form–Only local effectsProsQuick onset, works great for nausea / painLess smell, concenient & discreetRapid but not immediete onsetVariableConsPrice, lung healthDelayed onsetSpotty availablity, bad tasteOnly local effectsBest forAccute or episodic symptomsChronic disease / symptomsAccute symptomsLocalized symptomsHealth Canada Consumer Information – Cannabis...
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Hemp Shoes: How One Company Is Using Cannabis To Save The World With Eco Friendly Fashion – Interview With 8000Kicks

Jay Alexander
THE 8000KICKS BRAND Our team recently came across 8000Kicks, an ecofriendly, hemp-made shoe brand with a new line of kicks launching on Tuesday September 22 2020! We had the chance to sit down with the 8000Kicks team to learn a little bit more about the movement and their innovative new products, we’ll dive into that below. But first, a quick...
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Chef Travis Peterson Infused Dining Series Interview With Extract Media (Flashback to 2018)

Jay Alexander
In early 2018 (prelegalization), the Extract Media team was invited to attend a private THC infused culinary experience in Calgary Alberta, Canada hosted by Masterchef contestant Chef Travis Petersen. The Infused Dining Series is a high quality, 5 course meal at exclusive Air B&B locations across Canada. Travis hosts events, and gives you the opportunity to pick your own location...
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Cannabis Testing Labs in Canada

Jay Alexander
Test your cannabis. Below we have made a table detailing licensed cannabis testing labs and facilities across Canada in each province that has them. These are labs that are licensed to cannabis research under the Cannabis Act. Health Canada does not offer accrediting services for processes or testing procedures. Keep in mind all of the cannabis sent in to these...
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DaVinci IQ2 Review – Herb & Extract Vaporizer

Jay Alexander
DaVinci is a word that’s synonymous with creativity and complex engineering.  Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the greatest painters of all time, of course famous for the Mona Lisa; but there’s something less seem to know about him, DaVinci was also a coveted engineer.  Working with the military, DaVinci was involved with massive projects with the likes of designing...
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Weed On Instagram. Here’s What You Need To Do To Stop Getting Banned

Jay Alexander
Instagram bans are the worst, and if you’re running a cannabis themed account, you’ve probably experienced them.  At Extract we’ve been through our fair share, and it’s not worth wasting your time with a profile that doesn’t follow Instagram’s terms of service, because they will get you eventually, and sometimes, the ban becomes a deleted profile, which means good bye...
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Keep It Greasy: Extract Magazine Talks Lubrication & Hemp Oil With Lid Lube

Jay Alexander
We’ve seen Lid Lube around for quite some time now and we have to say that logo is getting pretty familiar around Canada.  What is Lid Lube for those who don’t know? First of all thank you for the opportunity here with Extract Mag! We really appreciate your time allowing us to share our story with you and your readers....
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Email Services That Work for Cannabis Businesses in Canada 🔐

Jay Alexander
If you’ve ran an email campaign for a Canadian cannabis brand, you understand the struggle.  If you’re just getting started with your first email strategy,  welcome to a world bound by terms of service.  Cannabis focused companies and organizations are extremely limited when it comes to who will offer them services, and that includes email service companies like Mailchimp, Benchmark Email,...
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How To Use Citations and Blacklinks To Grow Your Cannabis Business Online

Jay Alexander
What are Citations Citations help Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go and other search engines index business information for customers. In order for search engines to learn about your business accurately, they scrape the internet for consistent information about your business, and bring it all together to influence search results when a consumer is using a search engine. Citation websites refer...
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Ad Networks For Canadian Cannabis Businesses

Jay Alexander
Advertising a cannabis company in Canada or the USA is a touchy subject.  Most large scale advertiser networks have been public with their anti-cannabis publishing terms, removing the grey area and limiting brands associated with cannabis in their entirety.  Two advertiser networks that have limited cannabis include Google and Facebook, unfortunately these ad networks extend further than these two websites...
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