These New Hemp Shoes Are Taking Over Kickstarter in 2024

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Hemp Fashion in 2024

8000 Kicks are hemp shoes you don’t want to sleep on.  Launching new styles through Kickstarter campaigns, 8000 Kicks has been leading the way in hemp clothing, sustainable fashion and the new age of hemp gear suitable for businesses, business casual, the golf course, or anywhere your day may take you.

8000 Kicks are dope.  Plain and simple.  They’ve become a leader in hemp fashion and sustainable clothing, advancing the frontiers of eco-friendly fashion with hemp clothing for men and women. From resilient sneakers to functional backpacks, the brand has been a beacon in showcasing the versatility and environmental benefits of hemp. 8000 Kicks offers a variety of hemp shoes for men, hemp shoes for women and hemp accessories like backpacks, wallets, bags and more.

Joining the Explorer V2, The Seeker, The Sunslide, The Crossover, Weedo Limited Edition hemp shoes, 8000 Kicks has a new line to announce with a Kickstarter campaign live right now – The Runner.  A shoe made with hemp and designed for athletic performance.


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‘The Runner’ – 8000 Kicks Latest Kickstarter Campaign

The latest stride for 8000 Kicks is their Kickstarter campaign for ‘The Runner,’ the world’s inaugural hemp knit running shoe. This innovative design aims to merge high performance with ecological responsibility. It features a speed board that enhances energy return, setting ‘The Runner’ apart as a competitive eco-friendly athletic shoe.

Early backers have the opportunity to snag ‘The Runner’ at discounts up to 50% off. This isn’t just a shoe—it’s a statement. ‘The Runner’ is designed to meet the rigorous demands of running, providing exceptional breathability, durability, and support while maintaining a commitment to ecological integrity.

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5 Styles of Hemp Shoes For Men + Women

Explorer V2: The Original Hemp Shoes For Men and Women

The ‘Explorer V2’ line by 8000 Kicks is a unisex triumph, combining elegant design aesthetics with the robust qualities of hemp. Available for both men and women, these sneakers are a testament to the versatility and unisex appeal of sustainable fashion.

The Explorer V2 sneakers are a notable example of the progress 8000 Kicks has made as a pioneer in the hemp clothing industry. By choosing hemp, they offer a shoe that’s naturally durable, water-resistant, and comfortably wearable, outperforming traditional fibers in both wear and tear and environmental impact.

‘The Seeker’: Office Casual Kicks

For the environmentally conscious professional, ‘The Seeker’ offers an everyday office casual option with a sleek hemp upper design and a recycled rubber bottom. It’s the perfect shoe for those who want to maintain a professional look while contributing to a greener planet.

‘The Sunslide’: What Toms Wish They Were

Meet ‘The Sunslide’, the ultimate slip-on for summer escapades. Whether in the city or on the beach, these super lightweight hemp slip-ons with a collapsible heel are all about convenience and style.

‘The Crossover’: Chic Meets Sustainability

Introducing the world’s first waterproof hemp Chelsea boots, ‘The Crossover’. This boot combines the classic Chelsea design with a premium hemp upper, offering a stylish yet sustainable choice for footwear enthusiasts.

‘The Weedo’: Shoes Made With Real Weed

In a bold move, 8000 Kicks released ‘The Weedo’, the first-ever shoe made with actual CBD weed. This limited edition creation, born from a partnership with Royal Queen Seeds and executed by Nisiseltor Studio, is a true collector’s item and a conversation starter.

Hemp Backpacks and Bags

8000 Kicks’ hemp backpack is an extension of their commitment to sustainability and functionality. Designed for the eco-conscious traveler, it is water-resistant, incredibly durable, and spacious enough to accommodate the demands of modern life—all while maintaining a low environmental footprint.  

8000 Kicks sent us a gift pack with one of these bags and it did not disappoint.  This bag is insanely durable – We wore this near daily for 12 months and there’s been no wear and tear.  Snowboarding, scooter, camping… We put this backpack to the test, and it’s still brand new.  This is a true testament to the versatility of hemp as a fiber in fashion.


Hemp Is The Future of Fashion – Here’s Why Hemp Clothing Is Better

Hemp fibers break new ground in sustainable fashion with impressive stats that speak to their minimal ecological impact:

  • Eco-Friendly Crop: Hemp requires roughly half the water needed for cotton cultivation, making it much more water-efficient. (Ministry of Hemp)
  • Carbon Negative: One hectare of hemp can capture 22 tonnes of CO2, demonstrating its carbon-sequestering capabilities. (Times of CBD)
  • Land Use Efficiency: Hemp yields up to 250% more fiber on the same amount of land when compared to cotton, enhancing its sustainability. (Hemp Foundation)
  • Water Conservation: Selecting a pair of 8000 Kicks hemp shoes conserves thousands of liters of water relative to traditional cotton footwear. 
  • Durability: Hemp fibers are incredibly strong and durable, leading to longer-lasting clothing. (Project CBD)
  • Biodegradable: Hemp fabric is 100% biodegradable, breaking down naturally at the end of its life cycle. (1 Million Women)
  • Comfort and Safety: Hemp clothing is comfortable, UV resistant, and has anti-bacterial properties. (Hemp Basics)

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