A look inside Four20 Premium Market, Calgary’s first recreational dispensary

A few months back we had the opportunity to visit Calgary’s first recreational dispensary,  420 Premium Market

The Extract team hosted a handful of interviews with customers pre, and post purchase, as well spoke with Amber Craig, head of Marketing.

You can find the customer’s reviews on the latest Volume of Extract Potcast.  Check back in the coming weeks as we’ve put together a VLOG of the day’s events.  In the mean time,  follow our YouTube channel here.

The experience at 420 Premium Market was upbeat and an overall great time.  Among all the security and zoned off areas (that were mandatory due to regulations), the crowd was pumped and the mood was happy.  The employees were super nice and eager to talk to us.   Everyone I spoke with was educated on cannabis and seemed excited to be a part of the legalization in Calgary.

420 Premium Market was kind enough to give our team a tour of the place and describe how their operations work, which by the way, they are pretty streamline.  The crowd was massive, but the queues were moving fast and efficiently.   To be honest, they handled the floods of customers really well.

The selection of cannabis was great across the board for varieties, although most of the flower was short of a solid triple a.  Display cases allow customers to see and smell what they are getting which adds to the purchasing experience.

Unfortunately since our visit, all recreational dispensaries have been plagued with inefficient inventory levels between the AGLC and licensed producers.

420 Premium Market has made it clear that they have a team employed to battle inventory levels and obtain cannabis at it’s earliest availability through the due process instilled by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.

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