Cooking Weed Edibles At Home – Our Curated List of YouTube’s 100 Best Weed Recipes

Cannabis infused candies, chocolates and beverages are widely available online and in retail dispensaries, but what about cooking your own weed recipes at home?

Becoming a master of cooking or baking with cannabis will help you not only save money in the long run, but also help you control a number of attributes like which cannabinoids are present, and which flavors or terpene profiles transfer from the cannabis into your culinary creations..

We’ve curated YouTube’s best weed recipes so you can explore CBD and THC infused meals, desserts, candies, beverages and breakfast items that you might like to make from your kitchen. For the complete list of weed recipes visit our Weed Recipes playlist.


THC Infused Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

Cannabis Infused Bacon

Cannabis Infused Smoked Sausage & Bacon Breakfast Biscuits

THC Energy Balls

Cannabis Infused Pancakes

Cannabis Happy Balls & Coffee

CBD Latte

Cannabis Infused Candied Bacon


THC Infused Lunch, Dinner & Sauce Recipes

Marijuana Pizza Recipe

Weed Fried Chicken Recipe

THC Taco Recipe

Cannabis Infused Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe

Cannabis Infused Jalapeno Poppers Recipe

Cannabis Infused Nacho Cheese Recipe

Cannabis Infused Sea Bass Recipe

Marijuana Marinara Sauce Recipe (Tomato Sauce)

Cannabis Infused Mayonnaise


Cannabis Butternut Cream Soup Recipe

Cannabis Infused Baked Summer Squash Casserole Recipe

Cannabis Infused Chicken Noodle Soup

How To Make Cannabis Cheese

Cannabis Infused Hot Sauce Recipe

Cannabis Pizza Pocket Recipe

Cannabis Infused BBQ Sauce Recipe

THC Turkey Recipe

Cannabis Infused Ketchup and Mustard

Weed Fries Recipe

Cannabis Infused Pasta Sauce Recipe

Cannabis Infused Queso Dip Recipe

THC Infused Beverage Recipes

Cannabis Infused Tea

Cannabis Infused Drink Recipes

THC Lean Recipe

Cannabis Kombucha Recipe

Weed Infused Beer Recipe

Cannabis Infused Milk Recipe

Marijuana Whisky Recipe

THC Infused Heavy Cream Recipe

CBD & THC Smoothie Recipes

Cannabis Kool-Aid Recipe

THC Infused Honey Recipe

Cannabis Infused Iced Tea

Cannabis Infused Vodka Recipe

Water Soluble Cannabis Powder Recipe

THC Infused Coconut Oil Cough Syrup Recipe

THC Infused Candy, Snacks & Chocolate

Weed Infused Popcorn Recipe

Weed Infused Cheesecake Bites Recipe

Most Potent THC Brownie Recipe

Marijuana Chocolate With Cannabis Infused Cocoa Butter

Weed Cookies Recipe

Cannabis Cream Recipe

Weed-Infused Coconut Mango Popsicle Recipe

How to Make Fire Cracker Edibles

Cannabis Condensed Milk for a Vietnamese Ice Cream Recipe

Super Easy Cannabis Infused Fudge Recipe

Cannabis Cupcakes Recipe

The Ultimate Weed Brownie Recipe & Infused Chocolate Ganache

THC Honey

Cannabis Infused Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe

Cannabis Infused Chocolate Ice Cream

Weed Cupcake Recipe

Infused Jolly Ranchers Recipe

Infused Maple Syrup Candy

CBD Gluten Free Chai Spiced Balls Recipe

Make Your Own Cannabis Infused Lollipops

How to Make THC-Infused Rice Crispy Squares

Cannabis Apple Pie Recipe

How to Make Cannabis Sugar

How to make Cannabis Chocolate Cake

Cannabis Infused Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe


Marijuana Cookies and Christmas Egg Nug

Perfect Cannabis Tiramisu Recipe

Cannabis Nerd Ropes Recipe

Cannabis Infused Peachy Cream Cheese Pie Recipe

Cannabis Banana Bread Recipe

Cannabis Lemon Loaf Recipe

Cannabis Infused Trail Mix Recipe


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