Cannabis Gifts – The Extract Pretty Damn Dope Never Ending Gift Guide

pretty damn dope gift guide
  • Stocking Stuffers for Stoners
  • Weed Gifts for Parents
  • Weed Gifts for Fashionable Stoners
  • Weed Gifts for Seasoned Stoners
  • Weed Gifts for Dabbers
  • Weed Gifts for Men
  • Weed Gifts for Women
  • Weed Gifts for Growing Stoners
  • Weed Gifts for Rich Stoners

Disclaimer: You’re going to come across a few products below that have affiliate links. You can be sure this guide is written product first, meaning we put the products together first to ensure quality gift ideas. If a product on our list offers an affiliate program, we add a link to it, this is how we keep the lights on at Extract.


The Best Weed Gifts

Stocking Stuffers for Stoners

Extract Magazine TSHIRTS

I mean, this is self explanitory. The internets most beautiful TSHIRT will basically make anyone happy, male or female.

Extract TEES | $30

Moustache Tokers

Moustache Tokers range in size from 7”-10” long. They come in a variety of colors, and Moustache shapes. These are extended joint holders that are the perfect weed gift for any cannabis lover in your life and one of the best stocking stuffers for stoners.

Moustache Toker | $20

The Power Hitter

Turn a joint into a bong hoot with this crafty device. Hands down one of the best stocking stuffers for stoners in 2021.

Power Hitter | $25

The Classic 2021 PowerHitter by The PowerHitter Co.
MouthPeace Mini Starter Kit

Mouthpeace Mini Starter Kit

The MouthPeace Mini allows you to get the same amazing filtration you’ve come to expect from your MouthPeace, in a smaller, more discrete size. Designed to fit standard pre-rolls on one side and larger blunts and vaporizers on the other, the MouthPeace Mini is the perfect solution for the on-the-go toker.

Mouthpeace Filter Box | $6.99

World’s Smallest Wet/Dry Vacuum

Mini wet/dry vac from the pros at World’s Smallest for cleaning up the littlest messes. Perfect for keeping around your weed smoking area!

Smallest Vacuum | $19

DIY Cannabis Chocolate Kit

This is a simple DIY chocolates kit with an emphasis on incorporating medical cannabis (marijuana) into your chocolates. No THC or CBD is provided.

DIY Cannabis Chocolates | $21

Cannabis Infused Spirits

60 MG THC · 60 MG CBD · 60 MG DELTA-8

Per 750 mL | 25.3 fl oz bottle

3.5 MG THC · 3.5 MG CBD · 3.5 MG DELTA-8

Per 44 mL | 1.5 fl oz serving

Amas Era – Afterdream

Rapping Paper

Rapping paper is the perfect gift wrap for anyone. And it would be rude if your gifts weren’t wrapped in this sweet print this year.

Rapping Paper | $10 bones

NUHigh CBD Spray

NuHigh CBD Spray is an all-natural herbal mouth spray designed to complement your cannabis use by helping to reduce anxiety and enhancing your high.

With NuHigh CBD Spray you can maximize the entourage effect of any strain you happen to be enjoying with powerful anti-anxiety extracts like full spectrum hemp CBD oil and Passion Flower, plus a blend of botanicals known to reduce anxiety and calm the mind. Spray it under your tongue before smoking or vaporizing and enjoy your best high, every time.

NUHigh CBD Spray | $29 bucks

Scratch and Sniff Weed Book

Legal in all 50 states, this entertaining, informative, and whimsically illustrated guide covers 4,000 years of weed and its significance—psychoactive, cultural, medical, sexual, and more—in just 22 pages and with 20 scratch-&-sniff scents. From the science behind the munchies to the botanical link between weed and beer; from weed’s sexual upsides to its (literal) sexual downsides; from Tupac to Shakespeare to why weed makes music sound better: This book may just be the greatest-ever gift for anyone from the cannabis connoisseur to the cannabis curious.

Scratch and Sniff Book of Weed | $20 for the paper version.

Lid Lube

Lid Lube is a Canadian company that aims to keep your grinder lasting a little bit longer. This is a great sustainable gift that’s made purely with pressed hemp seed and a low cost stocking stuffer for anyone that consumes cannabis.

Lid Lube | Under $9


Puffington’s Pitch n Puff Golf Tee

The Puffington’s Pitch n Puff Golf Tee is a golf tee that turns into a one hooter, and visa versa. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for our friends that like to post up and forget a stroke or two on their scorecard.

Pitch n Puff Golf Tee | Under $10

The Knockout

The Knockout is self explanatory really. It’s a pipe, and a beer bong, at the same time. If you’re really going ham, there’s a can version too. Fortunately, this is a product that we have tried, and we are happy to report that it works as marketed.

The Knockout | Under $50

Send Club Subscription

Help support the boys by gifting someone a SENDCLUB Membership! Full Send gear is made by a group of the coolest Canadian pranksters, the NELK Boys. These guys are so cool in fact, they primarily do pranks outside of Canada due to their popularity locally. The NELK Boys started out their YouTube channel with a number of cannabis themed pranks that are timeless, and if you haven’t seen them yet, here’s a few good ones.

SENDCLUB Membership | $20 monthly

Business Card Weed Buster

If you’ve never owned one of these, well buy a few for your buddies stockings, but also a few for yourself. These things come in handy every time you find yourself with a bag that’s a little too moist. They’re also good for rolling joints on the go when you have allergies to dry bud. Keep your fingers clean and ready roll with this cheap and cool little innovation that fits perfect into any stocking.

Weed Grinder Cards | From $10

Raw Prerolled Unrefined Filters

Filters have evolved, and since they are small, they make the perfect stocking stuffer. Not only can you find prerolled carboard tips, companies are now offering a number of types of wooden tips, glass tips, ceramic tips and even terpene infused tips. Every stoner however always goes back to the good ole cardboard, so we recommend grabbing a stash of these RAW filters for the stoner in your life.

Raw Unrefined Filters | $1.50 or less

Preroll Joints

I have yet to meet a single person who isn’t a fan of Redecan Pre Roll Joints. These are 10 packs of joints that are long and skinny with a slightly oversized filter. We’ve tried the Shiskaberry and God Bud packs, but there’s a handful of other strains available on the market in both indica and sativa varieties.

Get these in your local dispensary | Under $25

Cannabis Seeds

Buy cannabis seeds for the perfect stocking stuffer this 2020 holiday season. What’s a better Christmas gift than the gift of life? Nothing. Visit our guide on where to buy cannabis seeds in Canada to see our reviews of a few seed shops available online. For quick shipping in Canada, check out our review of Crop King Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds | From $50


Edibles are small in size and pack a punch. THC and CBD infused treats make the perfect gift for nearly any cannabis consumer and without explanation make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas in 2020.

Edibles | From $11

Honeystick BeeBox

The Honeystick Beebox is an awesome little oil vape unit that is cheap and packs a punch when it comes to pwer. We wrote a Honeystck Beebox review a long time ago, and we haven’t changed our opinion. This unit is about half the size of your palm and it’s great for vaping on the go. The battery lasts a long time and overall this is a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone!

Honeystick Beebox | Starting at $34

420 Scope

The 420 Scope by 420 Science is a cheap mini scope for monitoring your plants as they grow, or simply to look at buds, extracts, or really anything to be honest. For such a low cost, you’re not going to find a better scope, and the 420 Scope comes along with a cold LED light that really helps illuminate whatever you’re looking at. Check out our 420 Scope review here. For the cost and size of this unit, it’s perfect for every stocking out there.

420 Scope | Starting at $26

Hash Puck Press

I know there’s a lot of you out there who have a collection of THC and you’re not too sure what to do with it. Here’s the answer, a mini hash puck press. Simply insert your THC and screw the unit together. Apply a little heat and you have your own homemade hash. These presses are the size of a big finger and make perfect stocking stuffers that take up little space!

Hash Press

Hemp Wic

Hemp wic is essentially dried hemp stems and a mix of bees wax that comes together in a tasty solution for lighting joints. This organic solution helps you eliminate the lighter fluids and butane from your hoot, giving you an organic, clean and fresh experience everytime.

Hemp Wic

Clear Eyes

Clear Eyes or Visene. Perfect for your buddy who get’s to baked to be in public, and it doesn’t really take up any stocking space. Grab a few for the stocking!

Clear Eyes | Visene

420 Wipes

420 wipes are crucial for anyone who consumes cannabis, not only extracts. Cannabis oil is bound to build up in places you need help with. These little wipes make it convenient to clean.

420 Wipes

Growing Marijuana For Beginners – From Seed to Weed

Grow your own quality marijuana the first time you try! For under $10 you can scoop this paperback for the entry level grower and help them get the gears rolling on their new grow op. If your stocking is big enough this should fit!

Growing Marijuana For Beginners

The Cannabis Business Book

Tips from 50 of the worlds top cannabis insiders on how to succeed in the business of cannabis.

The Cannabis Business Book

RAW Cone Loader

This tool helps you roll cones faster and goes perfectly with the other gifts on this list! Face it, rolling a cone with perfectly packed buds and the perfect finish takes a while. This kit has everything you need for less rolling and more hooty time.

RAW Cone Loader

Weed Gifts for Parents of Kids and Fur Babies

Canlock Sanitation Box

Canlock makes mini UX sanitization boxes that are made to sanitize your cannabis accessories like pipes, bowls, busters and more. They look cool and make a great gift for the stoner household that has little ones around.

Canlock Sanitization Box

Austin & Kat Dog Treats

Treat your furry friends to a holiday season they will never forget. Hemp oil based dog treats are all the rage for reducing your pets pain and anxiety in 2020 and make a great gift for any pup. Find CBD hip and joint foods, muscle recovery and more specialized doggy digs at Austin & Kat.

Hemp Based Dog Treats

Smoke Buddy

The Smoke Buddy is a tiny little personal air filter that eliminates the odor that comes with smoking or vaping cannabis. It doesn’t just remove the smell, it completely gets rid of the smoke with a carbon filter that lasts roughly 300 hoots and is a perfect gift for parents looking to conceal the smell.

Smoke Buddy Air Filter

Scent Candles

Odor elimination can be a hassle, but not when you have an odor eliminating candle! Get rid of your weed smell quick with these awesome candles designed to mask bad scent!

Odor Eliminating Candles

CBD Flower & Oils

Avid Hemp is an American company that publishes lab tests online so you can see the purity their oils, flower and other products. Although we haven’t tested these, they offer a nice line of CBD flower and oil options branded for specific use cases such as sleep, massage, topical oils, pet supplements and keto diet hemp oils.

CBD Flower & Oils

Mary AG Grow Box

The Mary AG Grow Box is a self sustaining one-plant cannabis grow box that is completely automated, mobile controlled and looks good enough to be the focal point of any room in your house. The Mary AG grow box goes from transparent glass to completely fogged in walls with a simple click, and it all comes at a price that makes this a great Christmas gift for your friends.

Mary AG

Growbo Grow Box

Grobo makes cool grow boxes that come in cost effective and premium models. This grow box features an 8 spectrum LED light inside and a nice big window on the front so you can peep your plant without opening the door.



The LEVO Cookbook is an amazing cookbook that features all types of cannabis infused cuisine. Made by the team at LEVO this cookbook will help you infused a bunch of tasty infused meals with oils made with your machine, or at home without it. This is one of the cannabis cook books with great reviews and comes in a PDF version so it’s easy to gift your friends overseas.

LEVO Cookbook

420 Book Society Subscription Box

Every month the 420 Book Society curates some awesome cannabis inspired titles and mails them out to their members. If your loved ones are avid readers, we’ve been following these guys for a while and they share some seriously amazing books, this is a really cool holiday gift.

420 Book Society Subscriptions

Dinner With the Nomad Cook

The NOMAD Cook is a world renown chef offering unique dining experiences across Canada in private and public settings. Hosted at Air B&B’s or in your own private residence you can enjoy a 5 course cannabis infused meal from chef Travis Petersen. This is a great group gift and experience for two, you can learn more about Extract’s experienced at the Infused Dining Series here.

The Nomad Cook

RAW Dog Toy

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your friends puppy, you just found it. RAW donates a portion of the proceeds to puppies, so everyone wins here.

RAW Puppy Toy

Terpenes: The Magic Within Cannabis

This book is awesome, and it’s a real treat to learn about terpenes, as there are so many adn they each have such different properties. The Magic Within Cannabis goes into detail through 160 pages, so get ready for an in depth read that will leave you a terp expert by the time you are finished!

Terpenes: The Magic Within Cannabis

Weed Gifts for the Fashionista Stoner

The Maple Tray

The Maple Tray is a matte-glazed ceramic rolling tray moulded from a real piece of maple. The wood itself was sourced from Toronto’s High Park. We use locally-sourced clay from quarries in Alberta and Ontario and it’s made by hand in small batches in Toronto. It has a built-in grinder as well as a built-in pouring spout. So gorgeous, you’ll want to leave it out on your coffee table or bookshelf.

Maple Tray | $78

Rogue Paq Mini Ritual Gift Set

  • Solo Paq Cannabis Case in supple lambskin leather
  • Black case + black lizard skin Vianel lighter + Stainless steel gold-toned crane bud trimming scissors
  • Stainless steel gold-toned hemostats clip/packing tool
  • 2 Rogue Paq signature #SendNudes matchbooks
  • 1 UV glass cannabis storage vials
  • 1 Grease pencil in white for labeling glass storage vials
  • 1 Rogue Paq signature all natural hemp rolling papers in king slim size

Stoner Gift Set | $179

Rogue Paq Mini Ritual Gift Set

Best Buds Votive Candle Set

– Cashmere Kush Votive Candle (3 oz.): featuring notes of cannabis flower, cashmere wood, white amber, vetiver, tulip and powdery musk.

– Kush Votive Candle (3 oz.): featuring notes of cannabis, suede, white musk, tulip and amber.

– Cowboy Kush Votive Candle (3 oz.): featuring notes of suede, saffron, labdanum, cannabis, tonka, raspberry and patchouli.

– Italian Kush Votive Candle (3 oz.): featuring notes of limoncello, pomelo, black pepper, basil, oregano, cannabis leaves, patchouli and cypress.

Boy Smells Buds Candle Set

Hemp Shoes by 8000 Kicks

8000 Kicks are the first completely sustainable shoe made of hemp and other organic products. These shoes look awesome, they’re super durable and they are waterproof! The cork sole is extremely lightweight and flexible and your fashion focused friends are sure to love their new cream or black colored pair for Christmas.

10% off at 8000 Kicks | Use code extract to save 10%

Vice Rays

Vice Rays are shades for men and women that have a space to conceal a joint. The frames are high quality and these shades come in a new wave of fashion for cannabis consumers with products that don’t sacrifice looks for utility. These are some seriously nice looking frames and the perfect Christmas gift.

Vice Rays

Gold Leaf Journals

Gold Leaf journals make an amazing and trendy gift for both men and women. These come in a number of cool looking varieties including a grow journal, cannabis taster, CBD jotter, patient journal, for the cannabis taster and other templates.

15% off Gold Leaf Journals

Gold Leaf Prints

Gold Leaf prints are absolutely beautiful and great for the wall of anyone who enjoys the cannabis plant. Gold Leaf’s designs are super cool and offer educational cannabis art such as terpene profiles, cannabinoid and endocannabinoid information, the benefits of cannabis and other cool prints.

15% off Gold Leaf Prints

My Bud Vase

It’s a bong, it’s a vase, it’s both! While the brand is geared towards women, I think these are awesome for anyone to own, in any household. We live in a day where the normalization of cannabis is seeing traditional accessories transform into fashionable pieces and focal points of the room. My Bud Vase is leading the pack cannabis accessories and bongs that double as table ornaments and art, livening up your room in a handful of different ways.

My Bud Vase

Elephant Rolling Papers Cones

it’s 2020 and somehow everyone forgot how to roll a joint. Just kidding, but cones are an extremely hot item right now, and companies such as Elephant Rolling Papers have taken printed papers to the next level with stylish and branded prints. These cones are actually really cool and there’s a print for any personality which makes it a cost effective gift that’s sure to be one of the most unique under the tree this year.

Elephant Rolling Papers

Sessions Pipe

Sessions pipes are are trendy new design to the traditional pipe that comes in a cool case and has been gaining some serious momentum across Canada.

Sessions Pipe

Sessions Bong

Sessions bongs aren’t just a glass piece, they are art. These devices use their design to cool the smoke in a unique method unseen in other bong designs on the market.

Sessions Bong


Gifts for a Seasoned Stoner

The Forest Set Ashtray

The Forest Set is a two-piece, table-top set that comes with a Birch Pipe and matching Pine Rolling Tray. These ceramics are molded from real birch and pine, both sourced from Toronto’s famous High Park. We use locally-sourced clay from quarries in Alberta and Ontario. This set is made by hand in small batches in Toronto and has a built-in grinder, a resting nook and comes in five incredible colours.

The Forest Set | $98

Doja Sour Glue

Hands down the best bud we’ve tried from a dispensary. Sour Glue buds are known to be small and dense, with frosty trichomes and thick brown hairs dotted throughout. This potent hybrid is a cross of the renowned Sour Diesel and GG4, known for delicious flavours of sweet and sour, with a classic diesel finish. Though the nugs have spicy herbal and earthy notes, Doja Sour Glue has an unmistakable savoury diesel aroma above all. Only available for a limited time.

Doja Sour Glue

CAKED Cannabis

CAKED is one of the brands taking over the Canadian cannabis market with industry leading craft quality, exotic genetics ONLY FOUND AT CAKED, and next level solvent-less extracts.

CAKED Cannabis


The Debowler

The debowler is the top ashtray for you buddy who smokes a lot of bong bowls. Hands down, there are the most convenient bowls in the market.

Debowler | $8

Big Bud Buster

The days of hiding your grinder in a drawer are over. We designed Stona to be a beautiful piece of furniture that you can proudly display at home to your guests. Our emphasis on style, design and organic values merge to create an iconic piece that goes beyond functionality.


Large Herb Grinder | Golden Cherry

Bong Appetite Cookbook

Based on the popular Munchies and Viceland television series Bong App tit, this cannabis cookbook features 65 high-end recipes for sweet and savory dishes as well as cocktails.

Bong Appetite Cookbook

Cones or Papers from RAW

RAW is the industry standard for cannabis lifestyle, and they make some pretty damn good papers. RAWR Unrefined being their landmark item, you’re going to make anyone who smokes weed happy with a pack of RAWs. If you choose this as a gift item, go for the BIG ones.

Raw Papers

800 Box of Hemp Paper Cones

800 pre rolled cones for your buddy that loves their hemp papers.

800 Box of Hemp Cones

800 Indica, Sativa & Hybrid Cones

These are some pretty cool looking cones. 800 of them to be exact. Indica, sativa and hybrid filters remind you what’s inside. Great gift item.

Indica, Sativa & Hybrid Cones

Organitips Flavored Tips

Organitips makes some pretty cool products. Two of their flavors being honey and sugarcane, these wooden joint tips come in all shapes, sizes flavors and un… flavors. This is a cool gift that will impress any seasoned stoner.

Organitips | From $7.99

Stundenglass Bong

Made extremely famous by top three coolest Canadians to ever walk this SOIL, Seth Rogan, The Stundenglass Bong is unique in nature, using a little swing and gravity to fill a water pipe and deliver you a clean, fresh hoot, every time.

Studenglass Bong

Mega Toke XL

The MegaToke XL was one of the firs innovators in the space of vape pens that can handle herb and concentrates in the same unit. The MegaToke XL comes with a bong attachment with rubber stopper so you can easily take a bong hoot in exchange of a lighter and bowl.

MegaToke XL | From $249

Storz & Bickel Acrylic Dry Herb Grinder

Any cannabous conoissuer knows about the Storz & Bickel herb buster. This is the original buster that comes with the legendary Volcano Vaporizer and is potentially the best buster on the market with the quickest lifespan. Grab these for under $6.

Storz & Bickel Grinder | Under $6

Canlock Stash Jar

Canlock stash jars are good for bringing buds on the go, more specifically in your car or sitting around your house when the odor is an issue. These are cost effective, air tight / smelly proof containers with a cool system used to open the lid.

Canlock Stash Jar | From $15

Genius Pipe

The Genius Pipe is a sleek pipe that’s gained popularity for it’s design. It’s slim foundation makes it sit perfectly when resting, but easy to pack in any pocket or bring with you for any occasion. A durable sliding cap pops over the bowl to stop any ash from slipping out and harness the smell of a freshly smoked bowl.

Genius Pipe | From $75

Rez Block

Rez Block is a product developed and distributed by 420 Science. I’m surprised that this product isn’t found in more households, but it’s simple. Put a few drops in your bong water and that’s it. You will noticeably see less resin form on the walls of your bong, in turn, less cleaning needed. The Next Level is a great cannabis accessories website with Rez Block stocked at $30.00.

Rez Block | $30

Dope Trays

Get your own custom wooden rolling tray from Canadian brand Dope Trays. These are hand made from start to finish and they’re a perfect idea for a personalized gift for that someone special.

Dope Trays | Custom Pricing

Glow Tray

Glow Trays are pretty new to the market and have mostly come out as branded promotional items. If you visit AliExpress or Alibaba you can actually find a supplier to make some for your company or for personal use with your logo in the middle. We haven’t seen one in person but they look pretty cool on paper.

Glow Tray | From $55

BurntBowls Ceramic Studio Art

We’ve worked with the team at BurntBowls before and they make some absolutely stunning ceramic art. For those that love their one offs, BurntBowls is a super cool gift. Everything from ash trays, plant pots, pipe mugs, bongs and more with unique prints, colors and designs your gifts recipient is qguaranteed to love.

BurntBowls Ceramic Studio

Custom Joints From Custom Smoke

One of the coolest cannabis Christmas gifts would hands down be a personalized, custom rolled joint. The picture to the left was nearly a half pound of premium cannabis into a Desert Eagle masterpiece. If you’re looking for the ultimate gift idea, you just found it.

Custom Smoke

Custom Rolling Papers

What says Merry Christmas like a box of papers with your face on them. Buy your seasoned stoner friend a box of papers with your inside joke, name, funny image or something else on them that’s personalized for the perfect gift!

Custom Rolling Papers

Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

The Storz & Bickel Plenty Vaporizer is perfect for the desktop or a mobile device. It’s super powerful, comes backed by the amazing Storz & Bickel product guarantee, and it works for concentrates and herb, something that’s almost crucial in a device these days.

The Plenty Vaporizer

The Big Book of Buds (1, 2 or 3)

The Big Book of Buds is awesome for any cannabis user, especially if they are planning to grow. This book shares a variety of strains (lots in each book) wasting no paper and packing each page with information regarding estimated yields, native region and setting, temperatures and humidity levels, growth phase durations and more. It’s really awesome for strain specific information and tips.

The Big Book of Buds 2 | The Big Book of Buds 3

Grower Reference Cards By Gold Leaf

Grower Reference Cards are a series of info cards designed to help you plan out best practices for a new grow space, optimize your existing garden, and troubleshoot existing and potential challenges. Cards include: Common symptoms of nutrient deficiencies; nutrient synergy/antagonism; beneficial and detrimental bugs; calculations for finding your electric output, cost for a grow space, and optimal CFM for airflow; pH charts for soil and soilless mediums; and EC ratings for various pH meters.

Grower Reference Card Set

Gifts for the Dabber

Puffco Peak

There are over 100 terpenes in today’s quality strains, but most are quickly destroyed through combustion. Heat your herb perfectly with the Neo and experience why so many of our customers say it’s a ‘game changer’.

Puffco Peak | $249

Hand Held Dab Press

Presses allow you better control over the temperature used to make the product, something a flat iron or other home-product doesn’t. A press will also ensure you have the leverage needed to apply the right amount of force without hurting your hand.

If you are looking for a rosin press, consider purchasing the Ju1cebox Rosin Press Master Rosin Kit. This kit has everything you need to start making your own rosin.

Ju1ce Box | $179

Flameless Combustion

There are over 100 terpenes in today’s quality strains, but most are quickly destroyed through combustion. Heat your herb perfectly with the Neo and experience why so many of our customers say it’s a ‘game changer’.


Water Free Dab Rig

The Genius Water Free Dab Rig is a super cool looking product that uses an air vortex to cool your hoot before it reaches the lungs. This unit provides a base to hold a titanium nail that’s included and would be a handy gift for any of your friends that are frequently dabbing on the go.

Water Free Dab Rig

Canablades Custom Dab Sword

What’s more awesome than a custom dab tool made with the same methodology as a full scale sword from a blacksmith? That’s exactly what you can get your dabbing friend, a custom sword dab tool made to your specifications with nearly any customizations and materials you desire. This is a gift that’s guaranteed to knock it’s recipients socks off.


Silicone Dab Mat

Every daily dabber needs a silicone mat. 90% of households I have been in are still using a rolling tray as their dab surface and it just gets sticky and nasty. This will come in handy for anyone who dabs.

Silicone Dab Mat

GPEN Connect eNail

The GPEN Connect eNail acts as a traditional eNail and fits on to any bong. This unit is perfect for dabbing on the go and is a surefire gift if the receiver owns a bong and frequently dabs.

The GPEN Connect eNail

Dulytek Mini Rosin Press

Mini Dab Presses are a great gift for anyone growing their own buds in 2020. Of course there are options with a number of additional features, but Dulytek makes a few good cost effective gifts. These range from low $100’s to $1000’s and are a gift that will put a smile on your loved ones face!


Cleaning Kit for Bongs

Every cannabis smoker or vaper needs to be on top of cleaning their devices, especially in the COVID era. It’s good practice to packs ome pipe cleaners or reusable brushes to keep your gear clean, and these 420 Brushes are great quality for the price. This brush kit will go perfect with the isoprpyl below.

Formula 420 Brush Kit

99% Isopropyl

Isopropyl is a handy tool for anyone interested in extract products. Not only is it the best product for cleaning stickiness off surfaces, it’s also a product used in the extraction process of certain concentrate products (It has to be 99%!). Whatever it’s use, a bottle of 99% isopropyl will always be put to good use in a stoners household.

Blow Torch

Most people who dab frequently can use an extra blow torch. This is a solid gift idea for your dabbing friend.

Best Blow Torches

XVAPE Vista Mini 2

the XVAPE Vista Mini 2 is a badass electronic portable vaporizer unit. It has 4 variable heat settings and the battery lasts pretty long and the unit charges up quick. We reviewed the Vista Mini 2 and for the price, it over serves it ‘s purpose. This is a great portable rig for any dabber and it packs enough power for big hoots. It’s designed well and makes a perfect gift that any dabber will love.

XVAPE Vista Mini 2

Terp Pen XL

These vaporizer units are awesome. With the tank bottom loaded, dabbers literally stick the device directly into the silicone jar or whatever is holding your extracts and hoot away. No need to fumble with shatter or get your hands all goopy, just apply the dab unit to the extract.

Terp Pen XL

Kush Kards Dab Card

Kush Kards is here for your dabbing friend with the $10 dab card. The cool thing is the card actually comes with a dab tool, so you’re getting your moneys worth and giving a card you dabbing freidn will love.

Kush Kards Dab Card

Gifts for the Cannabis King

Mandem Pro SE Bluntflip Sneakers

The MANDEM Pro SE Bluntflip Shoe, a collaborative effort between MANDEM Footwear and streetwear brand Bluntflip, delivers nostalgic style with essential materials and flexible cushioning. Signature MANDEM details and abstract design combine for the ultimate fusion of style and comfort.

Bluntflip Shoes | $448

MANDEM - Mandem Pro Se Bluntflip | SportSpyder

Cannabis Humidor

Like a good whiskey decanted on your bar cart, shouldn’t your cannabis be showcased in your home with pride? Our sustainably-sourced walnut humidors are made for a new generation of elevated cannabis consumers. The Cannaseur Cube is a beautiful accent piece for your coffee table, bar or mantle, adding sophistication to any room. Rest easy knowing the Cannaseur Cube comes with a lock function, making it safe to display in homes with children and pets. Plus, our patented Micropore Core™ technology keeps your cannabis at the optimal level of 55% relative humidity, providing you with function and style all in one. 

Cannabis Humidor

Manday Grooming

Manday Grooming don’t just make men’s health and beauty products, they research and manufacture them from the heart of Alberta, Calgary. Using locally sourced hemp. these guys have made an insane line of hair products, skin products and other men’s beauty products that that dude in your life is guaranteed to love. This company also promotes the phrase “tested on dudes not dogs”, that’s a massive plus.

Manday Grooming

Cookies Windbreakers

The Cookies brand hasn’t really made it’s way to Canada yet, but their clothing has, and to be honest this stuff is awesome. These are high quality threads and a lot of the designs remind me of the old RDS (Red Dragon Skate Supply) windbreakers. The Cookies brand was started by a legendary rapper under Wiz Khalifa’s label Taylor Gang. All of Berners rhymes are one way or another tied into the United States cannabis trade, and Berner has gone from black market grower and trafficker into starting one of the globes largest cannabis brands, Cookies, known for it’s high quality, legal cannabis in the USA.

Cookies Windbreaker

Upcycle Glass Bong

Upcycle Glass makes cool bongs out of traditional liquor bottles. This is a cool gift as most people have a favorite drink, give the gift of personalization this Christmas.

Upcycle Glass

420 Card for Guys

420 Cards are guaranteed to impress the man in your life. Nothing says I love you more than a joint that has already rolled itself.

420 Cards | Use code: extract for 20% off

THC & CBD Seasoning & Spices

@high_er_quality on Instagram is hooking Canadians up with the good good infused into seasonings. Cheese, veg, dill, garlic pepper and a whole bunch of awesome flavors for the grill this year. These are perfect for any chef in your family and a great gift.

THC & CBD Seasoning

Empire Rolling Papers “Benny” Papers

Empire Rolling Papers make the Benny – the original money print papers and pre-roll cones. Burn money for real when you wrap your buds with these cool signature papers. These are all natural no flavor papers.

Empire Rolling Papers

Dude Themed Cones By Elephant Papers

Elephant Papers pop up in this list a few times, because they are awesome. These make smoking weed even more trendy than it already is. There’s a whole bunch of prints that you can find online,

Elephant Rolling Papers for Dudes

Sour Diesel Bag of Weed Pillowcase

What we have here is a huge bag of Sour Diesel weed that is actually not weed, it’s a pillowcase. Everybody loves pillows, and most people love weed, but after all this is a cannabis gift guide so the person you’re thinking of probably wants this.

Bad of Weed Pillowcase


Backwoods are awesome for rolling blunts. That is, cannabis rolled up in a Backwoods leaf. Backwoods uses natural unrefined tobacco leaf, making them a hot commodity in the blunt rolling community. Now, if the king in your life is a tobacco smoker, there’s a good chance that he’s game for the ole wood. Hook him up with some russian creams, berry, honey or vanilla.


Soul Flower Hemp Shirts

Soul flower makes beautiful hemp clothing for men and women. These threads are durable, last long and save the environment when you wear them. The designs are just a plus, and they are amazing.

Soul Flower Hemp Clothing

Cookies Jersey

Same cool cannabis company, just a jersey this time. And I love it.

Cookies Jersey

Raw Hands Free Smoker

This thing is dope. If you have friends who game, you’re going to hands down save their lives. Hell, nearly everyone is working from home. The hands free joint smoker by RAW lets you blaze while working or gaming, without your hands. I know, crazy right? The design has been revamped so you don’t blow the ash out by accident, and it now has nice finger grips. This. Is. Dope.

RAW Hands Free Smoker

Gifts for the Cannabis Queen

PATCHOLOGY MoodPatch<sup>™</sup> Chill Mode 5-Pack Eye Gels, Main, color, NO COLOR

MoodPatch Chill Mode 5-Pack Eye Gels

These patches feature cannabis seed oil and anti-inflammatory gamma-linoleic acid to speed cell turnover, and the perfect balance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which nourish and protect those brand new skin cells. These eye gels are further boosted with redness-reducing allantoin, a botanical blend of antioxidant rhodiola root extract, anti-photoaging reishi mushroom extract and powerfully hydrating hyaluronic acid snow mushroom extract. Add them together, and these eye gels are basically a superfood that will keep your under eyes super chill.

Mood Patches | $15

Birch Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray

The Birch Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray features an innovative design with small compartments for all different types of smoking accessories and supplies including lighters, pre rolls, bangers, your cell phone, and more. This tray was built from the ground up through consumer feedback and has more functionality than any other rolling tray on the market. The Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray is truly revolutionary, and was built by smokers for smokers. Give it a spin – your coffee table will never be the same! The Blazy Susan is 15.5” in diameter and is constructed from high quality birch. It is hand finished with a fine Italian varnish to ensure a sleek and smooth rolling experience. Blazys make a perfect gift for any smoker, from casual to connoisseur.

Blazy Susan Rolling Tray | $89

Birch Spinning Rolling Tray with Green Silicone Inserts
Lord jones CBD bath salts

High CBD Formula Bath Salts

Transform your bath into a nurturing spa experience. Blooming with botanicals, this blend of arnica and calendula flowers plus Epsom and Himalayan pink salts are infused with 240mg of the finest CBD. With fragrant notes of evergreen and citrus, it’s a bath experience crafted to restore balance, relax the body and soothe your soul.

CBD Bath Salts | $65

Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions Palette

8 individually cultivated dank shades in matte and metallic textures. inspired by our love for cannabis and the anatomy of the plant, from the lush stems and leaves to the dimensional buds and trichomes.

Smoke Sessions Palette | $40

Stoner Scrub

This all natural, organic, sugar scrub gently exfoliates and will have you soft, smooth and smelling good enough to eat. Made with Coarse Sugar, Mineral Oil, Sunflower Oil, Safflower Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A. Perfect addition to your shower routine to have you looking and feeling your best. Green grass and cannabis flower are carefully blended with white floral notes of jasmine and gardenia while amber, cedarwood, and rhubarb complete the fragrance.

Stoner Scrub | $21

420 Card for Girls

420 Cards are perfect for everyone. Give the gift of a Christmas card that has a preroll joint inside. The designs are super creative and the cards are well priced. 420 Cards are a great idea to compliment every gift you give this year

420 Cards | Use code: extract for 20% off

Genius Mini Backpack

Genius makes a dope little smell proof and water proof bag with all the fixings and pouches needed to be a functional mobile blaze station. This is the perfect little bag to carry bongs and pipes without smoking everyone out.

Genius Backpack

Lit & Luxury Jewelry

Lit & Luxury is offering women around the world a line of 420 inspired accessoreis and jewelery in the form of earing, necklasces, bracelets and more. Everything on their shelves is unique and geared towards the girl who is loud and proud of her love for cannabis.

Lit & Luxury Jewelry

Buy Weed From Women Gear

Buy Weed From Women or BWFW is a movement empowering women in the cannabis space. The message is clear and you can find a frequently updated catalog of bags, shirts, hoodies and jackets on their website.

Buy Weed From Women

THC Teas

CBD and THC tea are a popular item in many of Canada’s dispensaries and mail order marijuana sites. I personally haven’t tried it! For these to work you will need some sort of solvent for the canabinoids to bind to, so make sure you add milk or butter or soemthing fatty when you drink them. Leafly did a great review of Canadas best cannabsi teas so check it out at the link below.

Cannabis Tea (THC & CBD)

Pirate Girl Shop

A female owned and operated bong shop and cannabis inspired fashion. With a curated selection of pipes, rolling supplies and accessories, houseware, home and body products and unique gifts, you’re bound to find a gift that peaks your interest in this catalog of treats!

Pirate Girl Shop

RAW Papers Baking Sheets

RAW Baking Sheets are cool. Why? Because, they look like a big roll of RAW papers. They are sure to be put to good use in your kitchen and grab everyone’s attention who comes through, not to mention they are a very cost effective gift item!

Raw Baking Paper

OG Kush Pillow

Not too much explaining to do on this one. Weed pillow sheets, lots of patterns. Comfy, cool.

Weed Pillows

Lit & Luxury Threads

Lit & Luxury has a whole bunch of unique cannabis inspired clothing for women, everything from branded caps, jackets and shirts through marijuana print socks and tea towels. All of this stuff has a super fashionable look to it and there’s lots of gold and glittery designs!

Lit & Luxury Threads for Women


Blazn Beauty Box

I just came across this product today and it looks awesome. It’s a cannabis inspired subscription box for women From their website: Blazn Beauty Boxes are curated with you in mind. An all-in-one experience of elevated essentials, beauty and accessories for newbies and experienced smokers alike. Products are carefully selected and perfectly packaged with an assortment of items which includes women owned brands offered in one box.

Blazn Beauty Box

Little Bunn Accessories

The Little Bunn makes cannabis accessories, stickers and little creative branded items with a unique theme I can only describe as cute. Explore The Little Bunn Etsy shop to find the cutest rolling trays, phone cases, lanyards, hoodies and more. This brand is quickly coming an Instagram sensation with it’s creative design and relatable lifestyle.

The Little Bunn


Baddies makes cannabis inspired and somewhat rebellious clothing for women! Explore endless 420 inspired designs, vintage threads, cute onesies and other fashionable woman’s clothing items and accessories,


Ritual & Rose

Ritual & Rose makes beaituifu custom hand made ceramic ashtrays, pipes and cannabis accessories. If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little more cultured and crafty, don’t miss Ritual & Rose ceramics.

Ritual & Rose

LEVO Oil Machine

The LEVO Oil machine is an industry leader in cannabis oil extraction and a perfect product for the cannabis chef in your life. This machine is one of the most popular on the market and has a positive reputation for quality customer service. With the LEVO oil machine you can make your own infused honey, milk, oils, beeswax and more!

LEVO Oil Machine

Mary Jane – The Cannabis Handbook For Women Book

A full examination of the marijuana plant, for women. I have this book and it is fantastic. It’s also one of those pieces that everyone who visits will grab to take a read. Mary Jane has received very high ratings on every book website and it’s a very good price at the link below. This is a thoughtful gift for any woman in your life.

Mary Jane – The Cannabis Handbook For Women

Snug Nug Pillow

Snug Nug pillows all look different depending upon which strain you grab. These pillows are actually the shape and print of each strain. Cool.

Snug Nug Pillows

Custom Booty Bong

Booty Bongs are a cool line of custom bongs designed for the bad and bougie. This brand turned cannabis community decorates glass into custom masterpieces. Each unique custom bong is made based on the specifications of the buyer and beautified with the creative signature style of Booty Bongs. If the woman in your life is a glitter lover, this is a guaranteed perfect gift.

Booty Bongs

Lit & Luxury Accessories

Lit & Luxury has an awesome collection of cannabis accessories geared towards the woman in your life including rolling trays, cannabis art, and a whole bunch of little goodies sure to find their way into a happy gift box.

Sativa Diva Rolling Tray

Tiffany & Co Cones

Everyone loves Tiffany & Co. Well, it goes further than fine jewelry – now you can smoke Tiffany & Co with your own pack of Tiffany branded papers from Elephant Rolling Papers.

Tiffany Cones