DaVinci IQ2 Review – Herb & Extract Vaporizer


DaVinci is a word that’s synonymous with creativity and complex engineering.  Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the greatest painters of all time, of course famous for the Mona Lisa; but there’s something less seem to know about him, DaVinci was also a coveted engineer.  Working with the military, DaVinci was involved with massive projects with the likes of designing tanks and submarines.  Anything with a lot of internal moving parts, gears and geometric designs,  DaVinci was interested in understanding each and every working part of modern day machines.  This way he could use the knowledge to apply working parts from different projects together, forming new inventions, technological advancements and a level of creativity that was completely new to the world.

DaVinci’s legacy lives on today through his art, designs and the inspiration for pushing the boundaries in modern day technology.

We recently linked up with DaVinci Vaporizer, a true testament to beautiful design, state of the art technology and an experience for cannabis connoisseurs that has evolved into offering one of the best hand held  extract and flower vaporizers on the market in 2020.

Meet the DaVinci IQ2.

In This DaVinci IQ2 Review:

  1. What’s in the Box?
  2. Dimensions & Specs
  3. Charger & Battery
  4. Ease of Use
  5. Hoot Review
  6. Durability
  7. Main Features
  8. Perfect For / Pros & Cons / TLDR

The Davinci IQ2 is a new “dual use” hand held vaporizer, meaning that it works for dry herb and extracts.

DaVinci is focused on the high quality associated with every part of the vaporizer, and that means you get the total experience when you join the DaVinci family.   The IQ2 vaporizer unit itself is durable and all the components are built inside a sturdy aluminum casing with a weight that definitely emphasizes it’s rugged abilities.  In some contexts a heavier unit can symbolize durability, and that definitely comes to play here.

The DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer has no loose or overhanging parts.  All of the dials, mouth piece and switches are tightly tucked in, or flush with the units body, so no worries about hitting buttons or breaking anything when it’s in your pocket or purse.

Variable temperature and airflow settings are somewhat standard on most hand held vaporizers now of days, but IQ2 takes it a step further in the details than other brands seem to focus on.  DaVinici is all about innovative design and user experience, and that really shows in their latest release, the IQ2.  Let’s dive into some of their main features and specs so you can learn a little more about this device that packs a massive amount of features into a little hand held casing.

DaVinci IQ2 | Clean, Cool, Control

Device For

  • Herbs (0.5 g / bowl)
  • Concentrates (0.2 g / bow


  • Type 18650 battery
  • Replaceable & rechargable
  • 60 minutes of usage / battery
  • 6 hours full charging time
  • 30 seconds heat up tim

Main Features

  • 5 levels of airflow
  • Smart LED screen
  • Dosage app
  • Glass air tight air path
  • 10mm bong attachment
  • Easily swap from herb to extracts

Inside the DaVinci IQ2 Box:

Let’s start this unboxing with the quality and design that went into the packaging.  Unwrapping and opening this box was nothing short of opening a gift on Christmas.  Inside comes a high quality leather case that resembles opening a Rolex watch.  Inside this box is where all the goodies are revealed – a DaVinci USB stick, herb container, herb grinder, and a well designed box containing our new DaVinci IQ2 vape.

The IQ2 box itself comes all the instructions needed to easily get started using your vape, a guide to register the 10 year warranty, the vaporizer unit itself,  a dosage pod to insert concentrates and cannabis, the 10mm bong attachment, a charger that works on any USB connection, a few cleaning tools, a pick tool for restocking your pod, and a concentrate kit that allows you to interchange from buds to extracts in seconds.

  • Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer
  • USB Stick
  • Herb Grinder
  • Herb Jar
  • Herb Cartridge
  • Herb Cartridge Holder
  • Concentrate Pads
  • Dab Tool / Pick Tool
  • Instructions
  • USB Charger
  • Warranty Setup
  • 10mm Bong Adapter (Great for a mouthpiece as well)

Battery & Charger

The DaVinci IQ uses a Type 18650 battery that’s interchangable, rechargeable and uses your traditional micro b charger that plugs into most phones and vaporizer units today.  It’s far to common that handheld vaporizer units have a built in battery that can’t be replaced, and while the battery is typically covered with a manufacturers warranty, any failure can take your unit out for weeks.  This isn’t the case for the IQ2.  Type 18650 batteries are readily available on the internet ranging from $12 – $40 CAD, so in the event something happens to your battery, just pop it out and insert a new one.

The micro b charger is another benefit of this unit.  As mentioned above, this connection is standard with most rechargable devices today, so should you forget your charger somewhere, there’s most likely a cable within arms reach that you can use to charge this unit.  The USB connector to these types of cables ensures that in 2020, there’s a docking station near you at all times given that you have a computer, TV, dock to plug it into, or any device with a USB connection.

A full charge time of roughly 6 hours gives you a full hour of usage time – and we put this to the test and it’s true. If you are using lower temperatures,  your get far more life from one charge.  The unit goes to sleep between hoots, so you can ensure that when you take a pull and put it down, the unit isn’t wasting any power, and begins to power itself down as the SMART LED display will notify.  The IQ2 seems to have a sensor that knows when you’re taking a pull from the vape and uses the LED screen to help track the length of your inhalation.

Turning the IQ2 on and off takes a simple 5 clicks.  Once on, you are prompted to choose 1 of 4 preset temperatures, although the unit also offers a precision mode, in which you can actually choose the exact temperature you desire, we will get more into these features below.   The team at DaVinci is all about user experience, and when that comes to the battery, it works fast, heating the oven up in a mere 30 seconds, so you can have a hoot quickly and avoid the waiting times that are found with competitors.

DaVinci Makes Getting Started Easy

The DaVinci team has gone all in on the IQ2 tutorials and instructions available in and on the boxes, as well as an active video support through their YouTube channel, and that has to tell you something.  DaVinci is keen on having you try the DaVinci IQ2 and in order to make that experience better, they’ve really perfected every step of the way so you can get the most out of your vaporizer.

The DaVinci YouTube channel is a massive resource for owners of this unit.  I’m not saying it’s tough to learn how to use each feature, but it’s nice when there is a simple and quick video to help you use each feature the correct way.  DaVinci hasn’t missed a beat with this.  Everything to packing the unit with material, through cleaning, or how to get massive clouds, there’s a video for everything.

DaVinici offers a 10 year manufacturers warranty, as well great support staff that respond quickly to any questions.   We will dig a little more into the warranty below, but when you’re buying a unit for longevity, you want to know the company is there for you, and DaVinci has really made this apparent through out process.


Durability is a massive consideration when purchasing a portable vaporizer, and the DaVinci IQ2 was made with durability in mind from it’s materials through the design and warranty.  For the last 3 weeks I’ve had the DaVinci IQ2 with me the whole time and it looks as good as new.  After a few drops (as per usual), bouncing around in the change container of my car and steady daily usage, everything is working as normal and the outside casing remains flawless.

The general design of the IQ2 hides loose odds and ends, tucking them inside or flush with the unit.  While the buttons stick out slightly, they are tight and not easily pressed in a pocket or purse.  The lack of loose odds and ends sticking out of the vaporizer tends to mean the less chance of something breaking and that’s a big plus 1 here.

Hoot Review

The IQ2 was designed based on improvements from the original IQ device and it shows.  From top to bottom, this vaporizer is engineered around the perfect hoot quality, ensuring no undesirables are exposed to your vapor.  While some units on the market have failed in this area, the IQ2 directs your inhalation through an airtight air path made of ceramic walls and zirconia parts.  Removing exposure to heated metallic and plastic elements means you’re getting a cleaner vapor, you will notice this right away.

Using the adjustable airflow, adjustable temperature (to the degree), and the application that helps control temps of your device based on the herbs you are burning, the potential to get what you want out of the material you are using is nearly 100%.

If you didn’t know, each cannabinoid and each terpene is released at a specific temperature, and none of them are usually the same.  That means if you’re looking for a better tasting hoot, you might want to burn your buds a certain temperature, while getting the maximum potential of the THC inside might require using a different temperate.

DaVinci has perfected the vaporizer hoot, and i’m a true believer that the airtight air path, air flow control, and completely customizable heating temps give the user what I would define as the perfect hoot, both for extracts and flower.

When it comes to hand held vaporizers, one of the concerns for avid smokers is that it wont “hit as hard” as a standalone vape or bong.  The DaVinci team has included a handful of features to combat this, and their “boost mode” makes sure the device is giving you more than enough power at anytime to that mega hoot you needed.   Boost mode is easy, just press and hold the main control button on the side and you’re flying.

Main Features of The DaVinci IQ2

Clean. Cool. Control.

Temp Control

The DaVinci IQ2 covers all grounds when it comes to the perfect temperature control.  There’s a lot of hand held vaporizer options on the market, but not as many with a digital display of the exact temperature at all times.  As mentioned above, this is important to ensure you are vaporizing the correct terpenes and cannabinoids, and it works.

The perfect temperature is achieved with three buttons on the side that allow you to choose from 4 pre determined temperatures, or dial in the heat to a specific degree (Precision Mode) with a few clicks.  Precision mode is key for understanding the perfect temperature as each extract and herb will react to heat differently.  Each step of the way, the smart LED screen keeps you in the loop to let you know where it’s at.

DaVinci has incorporated both Fahrenheit and Celsius temps to cater this experience to everyone, no matter which region you live.  It’s easy to adjust and with a few clicks you can set the ceramic oven to any temperature you desire without doing the conversions yourself.

Smart LED Display

A smart LED display lets you know everything that’s happening on the unit at all times, it’s honestly like a little computer.  It’s a great display, and I have no complaints. Little holes in the metal casing ensure that there’s no screen to smash and your LED will keep working even after it’s in your purse or pocket rubbing up against other things.

The DaVinci LED’s cool blue lights show an abundance of device information and doubles as a screen to adjust the features offered by the IQ2.  It’s perfect for letting you know the battery life, the current temperature and if the unit is currently heating up or cooling down.   Users can adjust the light display for brightness, use it to swap between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures as mentioned above and enjoy complete control of all aspects of the IQ2 at any given time.

Flower & Extracts All At Once

Perhaps my favorite attribute of the DaVinci IQ2 is the ease of going back and forth between extracts and flower.  It’s easy, require little adjustment and even lets you combine both.  For this review we used some dense flower, shatter and terp sauce; all separately, and a nice salad mixed together.

I have to say, I’ve honestly never experienced shatter and terp sauce with the same quality as through the DaVinci IQ2.  I am an avid dabber that typically uses a bong and titanium nail combination, and the difference is immense.  I’m being honest when I say that my titanium nail is now put away, and I solely use this device in replace of my typical dab setup.  This device is made for quality of hoot and it shows with the change in taste and flavor with every pull, and it’s definitely noticeable.  If you want to taste the true flavor of your buds and concentrates, this is where you find it.

By popping open the bottom of the unit, a glass lined ceramic oven is exposed.  This is where you insert a little cartridge filled with the good stuff when you’re ready to go.  All material for vaping requires you to load the little herb cartridge and pop it into the oven.  When the unit is open, you will see the pearl that helps to compact and evenly vaporize your herbs or extracts.

To vape herbs, simply grind up your material and pack it tightly in the cartridge. Place the lid on, the cartridge in the oven and you’re ready to go.

To vape concentrates, we add a step.  Inside your box comes 9 concentrate pads and a little top rubber stopper – These will ensure your device doesn’t get too messy.  When you’re packing extracts, add the white concentrate pads to the bottom of the cartridge, or place a little bit of bud instead.  Pop the rubber stopper on top and you’re ready to go.

Adjustable Airflow With The New Air Dial

A new air dial is tucked tightly to the bottom of the DaVinci IQ2.  This is a new feature DaVinci has added and really comes in handy depending on the material you’re vaping.  Some buds come denser than others, likewise extracts can melt down in a weird way.  Allowing air flow through the unit that users can change helps you deal with stickier substances and keep the air flowing through the oven, while delivering a clean, cool hoot, one that DaVinci claims is 50% cooler than other vaporizers.

While Air Flow is important for dialing in your material, it also helps deliver a cool hoot to your lungs.  Often, hand held vaporizers deliver a strain shot from the bowl to your lungs, and this can cause discomfort, lack of vapor quality and even burn your lungs – drying them out and causing health problems over time.   These situations are all avoided with the IQ2 by adding a degree of fresh air to the process, giving your vapor the exposure it needs to cool down before entering your airway.

A number of different settings placed at the bottom of the vape allow you to play with the controls while inhaling comfortably.   There is no perfect setting, so you will have to get a feel for what works with your setup, but we guarantee this will come in handy.

10mm Bong Adapter

Bong adapters are awesome.  Everyone loves a bong hoot here and there, and with DaVinci it’s made easy with rubber adapters that let you pop pieces in and out in seconds.

By flipping open the top lid you expose the mouthpiece and battery.  Simply push the stock mouth piece inwards, and you will see that it comes out easily with a rubber seal to ensure airflow remains strong after doing this multiple times.   Inside the box is your bong adapter, and you insert it the same way the stock piece comes out.  By closing the lid you now have a bong or bubbler attachment that in my opinion doubles as a comfortable mouth piece.

I love that DaVinci incorporated this feature as the unit itself is designed so comfortably in the palm that it’s easy to give your IQ2 a power boost while taking a bong hoot and you don’t need to bend you hand or wrist in weird motions.  This is a process that had to be considered in the design process. It’s comfortable and works well for big pulls.  The Air Dial mentioned comes in handy when using this attachment.

App Control & Tracking

Dosage control is something that is non existent in the vaporizer world today unless you’re manually entering the numbers in to a spread sheet, and who wants to do that?  Believe it or not, your DaVinci IQ2 device has an app that comes with it, and it’s ready to pair via BlueTooth to help you understand more about your consumption.

For those who know what they want or need to control the amount of THC ingested at any given time, this app will help you do just that.  By plugging in the amount of herb or extracts you’re using through your phone, your IQ2 device will track and notify you when you’ve reached your desired consumption levels.

Everyone can understand the term “creeper weed”.  Cannabis that has a little delayed onset is common, and when you have future plans with your day it’s important to know where you’re at.  The IQ2 does all this for you.  This feature is unmatched by any competitor on the market with such a user friendly experience, not to mention the notifications and real time interaction between your device and it’s app.

This is a feature that is surely to come in handy for new cannabis  consumers getting a feel for just how much is too much.  With legal cannabis in Canada bringing an abundance of first comers to cannabis, it is this app and device that is going to protect you from over doing it, or help you understand the levels of THC that are perfect for you, and that comes with a pricetag that is invaluable.

Amazing 10 Year Warranty

The DaVinci IQ2 comes with a 10 year warranty that will work for the original purchaser of the unit.  Such a sought after device comes with it’s counterfeits and fakes, so DaVinci requires that you register yours when it arrives.  The process is super simple and the box comes with instructions of how to do so.  If you register within 30 days, should something go wrong, your shipping is completely covered by DaVinci.

According to Davinci’s website, the warranty works: against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of up to ten (10) years from the date of retail purchase from an authorized DAVINCI retailer. This warranty is applicable to the original purchaser and is nontransferable.

Overall the warranty applies to the regular use of everything minus accessories. This includes regular wear of the batteries and protects you against anything that shouldn’t happen or appears to be a manufacturers defect.

Overall Thoughts & Who The DaVinci IQ2 Is Perfect For

This is my favorite part of these reviews, I feel when I’m done reading most product reviews, I’m always left with the question, is this for me?  Well this one is easy, the DaVinci IQ2 offers a little something for everyone.  Why?  Let’s dive in.

I’m an avid cannabis consumer, and have been for the last 15+ years.  I have a good feel for what the connoisseur wants out of a vaporizer, and this is it.  Complete control, absolutely perfect vapor, a basic LED screen to help you understand what’s happening with the device, a bong attachment for when you have a glass piece around, and the ability to take massive hoots.   When you’re hooting clean vapor, it makes the experience that much better, and with regular users it’s far easier to gauge the impurities to your pull.  This is a device for cannabis users that have been smoking or vaping for decades.

It’s also a device for the noobs, and to be honest I would recommend this product alone for those stepping into cannabis today.  Why?  The control, and the tracking.  Of course, all the other features cater to the experience as well, but these two features will help you know and understand your personal usage, something that is new to cannabis as a whole in 2020 and what the connoisseurs had to learn by trial and error.  With the app tracking there’s no reason to over consume, or so called “green out” and you can get a feel for what works for you. I think knowing your dosage is #1 when it comes to experiencing the great effects that come with cannabis.

All of the user focused and useful features packed into the DaVinci IQ2 makes this a vaporizer perfect for anyone whether you’re kicking it in your house or on the go.  The weight to this unit makes it a little uncomfortable in tight jeans or sweats, but it works.  In my opinion, this is a vape best for someone carrying a satchel, murse, purse or for in the car.

The DaVinci IQ2 is easy to charge and has a decent lifespan to each charge so it’s perfect for on the go playing sports, attending a festival or any event really, a smooth hoot without the smell that comes with smoking herbs on breaks at work or school, really anywhere you’re on the go.

A real decision hits the consumer when you have to choose between extract and flower vaporizers.  The fact that you can mix and match or swap between herbs and concentrates so seamlessly makes the IQ2 an industry leader.   As I mentioned in the hoot review, after 15+ years of smoking and vaping I feel as though this is the first time I’ve had the true, perfect taste to a shatter hoot.  Coils, metal and plastic parts added to cheap options on the market taint the flavor of your vape pull in most occasions, but with the IQ2 this is not the case.  If you’re looking for a vaporizer that will deliver when it comes to cleanliness and hoot quality, you have your winner right here.

Visit the DaVinci shop here, or check out their YouTube channel to learn more about their vaporizers and other products here.


  • Durable aluminum case
  • Swap between extracts and herb at the same time or separately quick
  • Sleek and visually appealing
  • Comfortable mouthpiece
  • Snap in dial makes head setting stay in place nicely
  • Buttons are tight and good quality
  • Adjustable to nearly any setting you want for any type of buds
  • Dosage app makes it perfect for beginners
  • The cleanest hoot on the market
  • Great smart LED display
  • Quick turn on and heat up time
  • Water bong adapter – 10mm adapter for bongs also doubles as a very nice mouth piece
  • Warranty


  • A little on the heavier side
  • Battery life a little low on high temps
  • A little play with the pod in the oven

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