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420 Things To Do While On Quarantine

  1. Roll a joint
  2. Roll a two paper joint
  3. Roll a 3 paper joint
  4. Smoke a bong
  5. Pass around a kush-ups challenge video
  6. Start an affiliate marketing website
  7. Start a delivery business
  8. Review businesses you like on Google, Facebook or Yelp
  9. Play iSpy with my little eye
  10. Learn a language online for free
  11. Review businesses you dislike
  12. Learn to roll cool filters for your joints
  13. Donate money to help save dogs in Canada
  14. Start a petition
  15. Learn to draw
  16. Learn to cook Chinese food
  17. Learn how to program/code
  18. Start a Call of Duty regiment
  19. Clean your bong
  20. Clean your buster
  21. Clean your vape pen
  22. Clean your ashtray
  23. Clean your kitchen
  24. Invent a new beverage
  25. Rekindle an old friendship
  26. Rekindle an old love
  27. Browse the world’s most popular music, and see what people are listening to around the world
  28. Revisit an old business idea
  29. Learn about the history of your family
  30. Learn about the history of your home city
  31. Browse through city planning in your area and see what’s coming up
  32. Do an intense workout
  33. Make a dance routine
  34. Make a financial plan for your future
  35. Make a dartboard
  36. Clean under your couch
  37. Clean your couch pillows
  38. Clean your lamp shades
  39. Come up with ideas for your first/next tattoo
  40. Create a kingdom on Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord
  41. Find the perfect length songs to wash your hands too (for a complete wash)
  42. Write a poem
  43. Trim/prune your cannabis plants
  44. Modify and upgrade your home grow with automation using timed liights and app based timers to control from on the go
  45. Discover the best new and live podcasts on nearly any topic 
  46. Learn how to play darts
  47. Learn to play crib
  48. Learn to knit
  49. Hatch a Tamagunchi on your watch on Call of Duty Modern Warefare
  50. Sort and value all of your collectable cards if you have a collection
  51. Write a song, record it, and publish it on YouTube/Spotify/SoundCloud
  52. Learn to do a cartwheel
  53. Learn to do a back handspring
  54. Learn to do a backflip
  55. Start that YouTube channel you’ve been thinking about
  56. Invent a new product
  57. Clean your shoes
  58. Play the Google TREX loading game
  59. Learn to build your own website
  60. Learn how to use Photoshop
  61. Make a family photo album
  62. Organize all those files on your computer
  63. Watch the NELK Boys
  64. Learn to cook a new dish
  65. Learn how “Decarboxylation” works
  66. Make your own cannabis edibles
  67. Clean your yard
  68. Clean your fireplace
  69. Build a fire pit
  70. Follow @the_nomadcook on IG and learn how to cook quality infused creations live
  71. Find more DIY projects to complete at home
  72. Draw a picture
  73. Sing a song
  74. Learn how to freestyle/rap
  75. Learn to beatbox
  76. Write a song
  77. Have a wing night at your house with your roomates/family
  78. Refurbish/repair something that you love
  79. Go metal detecting
  80. Delete old accounts that you don’t need.  Here’s a list of where you can delete accounts from each popular website
  81. Learn to edit your own videos
  82. Test your stray battery collection
  83. Try a new social media platform like TikTok
  84. Read a fictional book
  85. Pick a new skill to learn on Udemy
  86. Read a non-fiction book
  87. Start watching a new TV series
  88. Rewatch some classic movies
  89. Browse YouTube for some cool new content – Now is the time everyone’s publishing!
  90. Watch a movie with friends on caffeine.tv
  91. Browse Twitch for some live streams that appeal to your interests
  92. Dive into some conspiracies
  93. Learn how to blow glass
  94. Feed 10 homeless people
  95. Remove all the junk off of your phone
  96. Clean up the garbage
  97. Learn more about cannabis extracts
  98. Make your own cannabis extracts
  99. Smoke some cannabis extracts
  100. Browse completely new music and find nearly every online radio station
  101. Empty the items in your closet that you don’t need
  102. Rearrange your bedroom
  103. Rearrange the  living room
  104. Rearrange the rest of your house
  105. Write a Will
  106. Write a letter to a Will
  107. Reconnect with family
  108. Make your own pasta noodles
  109. Learn about the medical benefits of cannabis
  110. Learn about terpenes
  111. Learn about cannabinoids
  112. Clean up all your old cords and wires
  113. Watch old home videos
  114. Look at old photos
  115. Find a new hobby
  116. Try out a new healthy diet
  117. Teach your roommate or family something new
  118. Build some Lego projects
  119. Write a book and put it on Amazon
  120. Fix your clothes with holes in them
  121. Replace burnt out lightbulbs
  122. Build a tree fort
  123. Build a house fort
  124. Make a Pizza
  125. Get a theme for your Google Chrome or Firefox browser
  126. Make paper mache things
  127. Make a charcuterie board
  128. Do it for the gram
  129. Join a sports pool… just kidding, sports aren’t playing right now!
  130. Buy a Space Case
  131. Make a time capsule
  132. Watch some COLDFUSION videos – https://www.youtube.com/user/coldfustion/videos
  133. Open an old time capsule
  134. Build a carbon filter for your grow op
  135. Check on your plants!
  136. Build a crazy dominos setup
  137. Teach an old dog or cat a new trick
  138. Start growing some new herb strains
  139. Optimize the lighting in your grow
  140. Build a cat tree
  141. Build a dog house
  142. Make a custom apron
  143. Learn how to French Braid
  144. Build a backyard greenhouse
  145. Complete a puzzle
  146. Beat the campaign on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  147. Find your old Tamagochi or virtual pet and revive it
  148. Make a card castle
  149. Plan a future trip
  150. Play Little Alchemy 2 – Here’s what the game is a all about https://hints.littlealchemy2.com/
  151. Watch Tiger King on Netflix
  152. Learn how to do your own taxes
  153. Find an alternative to something software based you don’t like 
  154. Try to get celebrity shout outs on social media
  155. Try brewing your own beer or wine
  156. Organize your music folders on your computer
  157. Download free open source software for your business 
  158. Organize your CD, tape, DVD and VHS collection
  159. Make your own IG filter
  160. Make a cartoon character of yourself
  161. Remake some cool cover photos for your social media profiles
  162. Think about a cause that’s close to home and needs your help
  163. Create a Fiverr or UpWork profile and offer your services
  164. Plan a birthday for your friend or family member that has the big date coming up
  165. Think of some good names for your next pet
  166. Take this time to quit smoking
  167. Upload your photography to stock photo sites and make revenue when people download your pictures
  168. Review strains you have tried on Leafly
  169. Make your cannabis into a cannagar
  170. Learn about stuff by browsing Wikipedia
  171. Update Wikipedia articles
  172. Play old Nintendo games online
  173. Play SNES games
  174. Play Gameboy games
  175. Play Sega Genesis games
  176. Join a forum to discuss something you love or care about
  177. Make your own homemade hash
  178. Learn how to cut your own hair
  179. Paint your nails
  180. Trim your moustache
  181. Make a scrogging net for your home grow
  182. Learn how hydroponic systems works
  183. Learn how aeroponics systems works
  184. Make the perfect hot box room in your house
  185. Hawaiian hotbox your bathroom
  186. Count to 420 out loud while smoking a blunt
  187. Play Crazy 8s
  188. Play War with cards
  189. Sketch your partner or roommates
  190. Sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall in its entirety
  191. Make your own custom cannabis version of 99 bottles of beer on the wall and sing it
  192. Perfect your skills with free University courses and lectures
  193. Watch the Pot Brothers at Law videos
  194. Watch Planet Earth from start to finish
  195. Lead a morning workout routine with some friends on House Party App
  196. Learn how to tie different types of knots
  197. Download all your phone images to an album
  198. Make sure your accounts haven’t been compromised due to security issues
  199. Update all your computer passwords – Put your new passwords in a password app like Keypass
  200. Make plans for 420
  201. Browse Imgur
  202. Learn Braille
  203. Learn Sign Language
  204. Make snow angels
  205. Make homemade ravioli
  206. Make joint art
  207. Learn to make your own hot sauce
  208. Learn to make your own tea
  209. Download audio books on
  210. Write a list of 42 things you are grateful for
  211. Make a picture out of M&M’s or skittles and post it for clout
  212. Make a cannabis bouquet for your roommate
  213. Practice conscious breathing
  214. Draw pictures with grinded up herb
  215. Make cannabis infused chocholate
  216. Pair types of cannabis terpenes with wine and food
  217. Learn how to blow glass
  218. Make a cool bong contraption
  219. Learn origami
  220. Do your pets hair
  221. Watch the food network, get some recipes, infuse them
  222. Watch The Wire series
  223. Watch Breaking Bad
  224. Watch the Sopranos
  225. Watch WestWorld
  226. Bake a loaf of bread
  227. Learn how to meditate
  228. Then… Meditate!
  229. Invent a board game
  230. Learn to do yoga
  231. Clean your car
  232. Learn a new language
  233. Learn morris code
  234. Make a stay at home workout plan for your family or friends
  235. Take your computer apart and clean it
  236. Beat the game Day of the Tentacle REMASTERED
  237. Beat solitaire
  238. Make your own puzzle
  239. Discover cool, creative new videos at Vimeo
  240. Make some video playlists on YouTube
  241. Join Quora and Ask.fm and answer some questions
  242. Ask some questions on Quora and Ask.fm
  243. Make a scavenger hunt
  244. Make and eat a kickass sandwich
  245. Count and roll your coin collection
  246. Go through your coins and find the collectible sets
  247. Technology and science related videos at VSauce’s website
  248. Make a mission impossible course
  249. Get your Christmas cards out of the way early
  250. Sing karaoke
  251. Watch Panda Bears do their thing live 
  252. Start an indoor or outdoor garden
  253. Take an online course
  254. Watch live streams at the Zoo
  255. Learn the stock market charts and indicators
  256. Open up a stock trading account
  257. Stream all the free livestreaming concerts
  258. Watch Instagram Live channels
  259. Learn about cryptocurrencies
  260. Open up a crypto currency exchange account
  261. Make some cool random pictures and designs with AutoDraw
  262. Visit reddit.com/r/purrkour
  263. Visit reddit.com/r/goatpurrkour
  264. Visit reddit.com/r/dogpurrkour
  265. Make some personal jewelry with household items
  266. Learn to do weird things
  267. Watch Snapchat live
  268. Learn about feng shui, and add feng shui to your house
  269. Browse scanners broadcast online
  270. Browse amazing looking burger ideas @jsmoothburgeradvernture
  271. Organize your tools
  272. Watch a Pug lick your computer screen
  273. Organize your makeup drawer
  274. Browse lists of books and find new ideas for reading at Good Reads
  275. Build a bounty blower
  276. Clean your ceiling
  277. Sharpen your knives
  278. Make a font based on your own handwriting
  279. Have a bubble bath
  280. Learn about Ligers and other big cats
  281. Use Google Earth to it’s full potential
  282. Shop online for cool new items
  283. Rotate the tires on your vehicle
  284. Clean your furnace filter
  285. Organize a patio party in which people speak from their decks and enjoy the outdoors at a safe distance
  286. Prank phone call some friends
  287. Make apps do cool custom things with help from IFTTT | Here’s some cool things you can do: https://ifttt.com/discover
  288. Figure out your halloween costume for 2020
  289. Play marbles
  290. Make homemade ice cream
  291. Play rock paper scissors
  292. Email someone famous you’ve always had a question to ask
  293. Write an editorial into your news paper about something you would like to improve
  294. Play tic tac toe
  295. Watch stranger things on Netflix
  296. Practice your public speaking skill, or take a course to improve them
  297. Adopt a pet
  298. Make a flipbook
  299. Watch Panda Cheese commercials
  300. Watch creative commercials
  301. Browse old SuperBowl commercials on YouTube
  302. Rewatch last years professional sports
  303. Make infused popsicles
  304. Make cheese fondue
  305. Make chocolate fondue
  306. Join the Team Extract Discord channel
  307. Change the oil on your car
  308. Drop off weed to a friend in need
  309. Decorate Eggs for Easter
  310. Order wall canvases with images from your camera and decorate your house
  311. Make a paper plane
  312. Learn how to make a bunch of paper plane varieties
  313. Have a paper plane race
  314. Watch nearly any animal live, and awesome animal videos at Animal Planet
  315. Watch the full South Park series
  316. Watch the full Trailer Park Boys series
  317. Watch the full CBC Marketplace series
  318. Turn yourself into a South Park character https://southpark.cc.com/avatar
  319. Browse Buzzfeed
  320. Browse house rentals
  321. Browse realestate properties
  322. See how cool things online are coded with CodePen
  323. Discover new TEDtalks
  324. Track dolphins in the ocean
  325. Start broadcasting your own radio station
  326. Go on a Google Maps Holiday
  327. Use Discord App to share your Google Maps screen with all of your family and friends; take them on a journy with you in voice and video chat
  328. Watch the Marvel Series (MCU)
  329. Watch the Friends series
  330. Turn a room into your house into a custom escape room game for your roommate, and try to crack each others puzzles
  331. Buy a T- REX costume on Amazon and film video with it
  332. Make a popsicle stick city
  333. Make a tiny toothpick house
  334. Draw a picture without taking your pen off the piece of paper once (in one continuous line, no overlapping lines)
  335. Make an apple pipe
  336. Make a banana pipe
  337. Make a pineapple pipe
  338. Learn how to make an app
  339. Download HouseParty and have a phone party with friends
  340. Look for money in your couch
  341. Make a QR Code at – https://www.qr-code-generator.com/
  342. Print off your QR code and knit it on to a piece of your clothes so people can scan you
  343. Play Settlers of Catan
  344. Make an igloo if there is enough snow
  345. Make a snowman to go beside your igloo
  346. Have a conversation with your new friend
  347. Buy www.(insert your name).com and make a website for yourself
  348. Excerise by planking
  349. Play Lego Games
  350. Clean your shoelaces
  351. Check out old websites you used to love at https://archive.org/web/
  352. Make something cool with old CD’s 
  353. Start a one man band
  354. Make a whistle from a tree branch 
  355. Make your own topicals
  356. Make your own cannabis tinctures
  357. Buy a fish
  358. Design an aquarium for your new fish friend
  359. Make a painting on Microsoft Paint
  360. Make a home workout plan that uses things from around the house
  361. Host an Instagram Live segment
  362. Tune in for NASA live events
  363. Upgrade your schooling online
  364. Backup the important things on your computer on memory sticks
  365. Download some new Kindle books
  366. Browse the Internet Archive – 1.4 Million Books are currently free
  367. Surf Reddit, for cool shit
  368. Make your own Subreddit
  369. Check out some conferences that have moved online like this digital marketing course 
  370. Play World of Warcraft
  371. Organize your tupperware
  372. Make sure all your flashlights have working batteries and bulbs
  373. Fix that chair that has been creeking
  374. Level out the table that has been rocking back and forth
  375. Start a Twitch channel
  376. Watch the entire Before They Were Famous YouTube Series
  377. Learn what SMART goals are
  378. Write down 10 SMART goals you want to accomplish
  379. Work on your vertical jump
  380. Decorate your bong
  381. Make a depth compression device
  382. Make a waterfall device
  383. Clean your stove
  384. Listen to World News stations
  385. Play the virtual Limbo game available on all consoles
  386. Make a mini golf course around your house. Use makeshift golf clubs and balls if you don’t have anything else
  387. Watch documentaries
  388. Play mini sticks (hockey)
  389. Clean your grow tent
  390. Clean your grow lights
  391. Find something random to make with things in your fridge
  392. Clean your grow pots
  393. Learn to twerk
  394. Play sociables
  395. Make a Bitmoji
  396. Make a nice area to store nutrients and grow supplies
  397. Make a coffee
  398. Make an infused coffee
  399. Watch First We Feast Series
  400. Clean out your coffee maker
  401. Make some sock puppets
  402. Turn your thin gloves into bunny rabbits
  403. Clean your attic out
  404. Donate to @Vucjakshelter on Instagram and save some animals
  405. Watch the people get made fun of on Comedy Channel’s Roast series
  406. Bet on Google Fight keywords
  407. Check out Last Oasis on Steam
  408. Order an alcohol or beverage you have never tried before
  409. Make a farm on Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  410. Join or create a Facebook group about something that you love
  411. Smoke a fat dab
  412. Take a bath
  413. Listen to the Cannabis Update Podcast
  414. Practice exercising using Calisthenics techniques
  415. Buy new cannabis genetics and browse new seed banks
  416. Listen to the Joint Chiefs Podcast
  417. Learn to hold a handstand
  418. Create your own Discord server
  419. Create your own Reddit thread and form a community
  420. Write a list of 420 more things to do when under quarantine

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