HPLC Analyzer For Cannabis Testing Launches in Canada

CTInstruments Ltd. is a Calgary-based company launching its affordable high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analyzer for testing cannabinoids.

The analyzer is compact and has been designed for use by anyone without prior experience with analytical instruments and at $14,790.00 USD is priced for growers, entrepreneurs looking to get into cannabis testing business, testing labs looking to increase their cannabis testing capacity or expand testing portfolio. It is also suitable for government testing and law enforcement.

CTInsruments is also finalizing the development of a high throughput version with autosampler.

The cannabis HPLC analyzer is now available for sale and priced at $14,790.00 USD.

For more information visit: https://cannabistestingsimplified.com/

CTInstruments Ltd.

  • 100-111 5th AVE SW, STE 396
  • Calgary, AB, T2P 3Y6
  • support@cannabistestingsimplified.com

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