Canadian Authorities Continue the Attack On Mail Order Marijuana Sites

2020 has been plagued with bad news for the mail order marijuana industry in Canada. Since January, the assault on Canadian mail order marijuana services has seen a number of websites taken down, a handful of website owners facing criminal charges and some websites moving hosts and domain providers in efforts to sustain their operations servicing Canada’s demand for cannabis.

Most recent, it appears the Edmonton Police Service in partner with the CIRA managed to pressure domain hosts such as GoDaddy into action from the domain providers Digital Crimes Unit. In turn, these companies suspended domains, while giving website owners a time period to gather their assets and leave their services behind.

These accounts are eventually seized by law enforcement. Users visiting these domains will be greeted with an Edmonton Police Service badge, a description of the situation, and a file number to provide more information on the given website. These domains have been seized by the Edmonton Police Service under the Cannabis Act, and some of the domain names have already found their ways on to global black lists.

Saturday afternoon reports of Canadian mail order cannabis’ two main avenues for communication had been either seized or taken down. and are two websites that cannabis users from across Canada regularly attend to discuss cannabis deals, discounts and offerings.

We visited both websites and it appears that both are down as of Saturday April 4, 2020 at 8:00PM.

As seen in the image above, Reddit’s mail order marijuana community (r/CanadianMOMS) brings users to an suggesting content is restricted in specific countries (Canada included) due to a legal request. brings users to an IP address that cannot be found, a similar warning that has been seen on mail order marijuana websites blacklisted from the internet in 2020. has relocated to and appears to be functioning as normal.

We’ve contact moderators from both sites for comment and will update this article as we learn more.

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