Yocan Torch eNail Review


Attachment Dimensions

  • Fits 14mm bong
  • Fits 18mm bong

What’s in the Yocan Torch box

  • 1x Yocan Torch Portable Enail
  • 1x Quartz Dual Coil
  • 1x Dab Tool
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1x Glass Chamber

Yocan Torch eNail Review

I want to start off by saying that using the Yocan Torch bong attachment was an awesome experience, and I will probably always have one on hand after writing this review.  This is a clean attachment for nearly any bong that turns your combustion bong into a vape bong, with one simple attachment.

The Yocan Torch is basically a vape cartridge, connected to a battery with an air release valve that works kind of like a carb cap.  For those that require the real thing, Yocan has included a glass chamber that helps you achieve just that.

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Setting the unit up is pretty straight forward.  Similar to Yocan’s pen vape lines, charge the battery, remove the cap, pack your concentrate into the chamber and it’s time to shine.

The Yocan Torch eNail fit’s easily into any 14mm and 18mm bong stems.   A thick silicone cover on the male attachment piece ensures an air tight fit that won’t chip your glass when it’s inserted.

Once you’ve packed your concentrates on top of the coil, simply click the button on top of the battery start hooting.  The pull lasts 15 seconds, but pressing the button again allows you to control the length of your hoot.  This is a convenient feature and it was rare I needed the full 15 seconds.

The included quartz dual coil vaporizes at a temperature of 482° F – 563°F, and the batter will last for roughly 45 pulls as mentioned on the Yocan Canada website.

A “spring-loaded” airflow button works as a carb cap and helps clear the chamber.  It works like a shotgun on most pipes and is a nice added touch making this feel like a classic dab rig you would  hit at home.  The added glass chamber acts works a little more effectively and completes the carb cap contraption on the Yocan Torch.

The Yocan Torch is the Best Vaporizer For

You really can’t get too much easier than the Yocan Torch eNail.  It’s the perfect vaporizer for anyone new to the extract game.  Unfortunately you don’t have any movement when it comes when it comes to temperature.  This is important for those burning different types of extracts.  For those with shatter, looking for a nice, consistent, low temp hoot, eNail is ideal.

Since the Yocan Torch eNail is battery powered, it’s perfect for those who bring a little rig on holidays,  to the ski hill, or to a friends party.  We use ours around the house, but the portability is a big benefit to this unit.  The convenience and ease of refill makes the Yocan Torch a perfect gift for anyone new to concentrates or looking for a simple bong attachment to vape with.

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