The NomadCook, Chef Travis Peterson Brings The Infused Dining Series To Calgary


It’s a new age in team building.

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A few weeks back, the Extract Team set out on a THC infused adventure, one we won’t forget any time soon!   In search for a new style team building experience, we drop the bar scene to combine luxurious fine dining, cannabis and good times, all under one roof with the NomadCook.

Travis Peterson is a chef with a long lived interest in cooking and a history in Oil & Gas.

In 2015 Travis was the choice of Masterchef Canada Season 3.  Advancing through the top 18, he turned passion into reality, launching the Nomadcook.  Travelling across North America, the Nomadcook brings a unique, high quality dining experience to households and functions alike.

The Nomad Cook’s Infused Dining Series (#infuseddiningseries) is what we were after.  A THC or CBD infused 5 course meal with all the fixings of fine dining.  We came in a little baked and a little nervous, and came out humbled by the experience (and really baked).

Amidst Calgary’s influx of core construction we finally found a parking spot in East Village and prepared ourselves for the first of many experiences with infused cannabis cuisine with a quick joint.  

The Infused Dining Series uses a distinctive approach to hosting events.  The app AirB&B opens communication with property owners, from there, the team narrows down locations ideal for the crowd and event.

So the idea is gather people for a good time, around good food, with great conversation and new faces. 

A table of 8 sat awaiting us with nice silverware, warm decor and a beautiful view of the Bow River. 

The unique thing about the Infused Dining Series is you have the choice of a private function or an open experience with other parties.   

Extract shared a table with the team at Total Health Cannex and a few mixed martial arts athletes.

A culinary experience makes it easy to pop out of your shell and feel comfortable meeting new people.  Travis uses food and dining environment to build friendships and memories with those sitting around you in an amazing way.

The dinner begins with Travis introducing the infused dining series and the motivation behind his unique approach to fine dining. 

Going around the table to understand the cannabis preferences of each individual,  attendants are given a scale of 1-5, 5 being a high level of CBD and THC infused into your dishes.  We went with 6.

The Infused Cooking Series uses distillate as a means to add the good stuff.  Travis recommends it for it’s flavorless odorless properties and believes it’s the best extract for a quality infused meal.

Each course is prepared in full view, and the presentation was immaculate.

Using distillate means the flavor profile of the food is not compromised, and you can really see Travis’ creative side shine with the culinary creations that arrived in front of us.

The cameras came out as the food starts arriving because each plate looked smelled and tasted like a culinary masterpiece.   Travis managed to change my whole perspective on seafood with the creativity and care put into each of the 5 courses. 

Overall the experience lasted the better part of two hours.   

The time flew by as we were all having a blast all the while getting quite stoned. 

The Infused Dining Series sometimes offers alcohol in the form of beer or wine, although Travis expressed the differences in alcohol free vs alcohol encouraged experiences over the years, and really vetos for an alcohol free dinner, which was a nice touch.

The Infused Dining Series is perfect for a handful of demographics and scenarios.

I would recommend this to families looking for an elevated gathering (18+ of course), a team building activity for employees that is outside of the box, couples looking to socialize, or any small – large groups looking for a completely new and unique dining experience.

Check out the NomadCook’s website, or get in touch with Travis via Facebook to set up your private, or hosted infused function.