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The Best Joints, Blunts and Cannagar Rollers In The World via Instagram


Custom joints, cannagars & filter art


Badass custom joints, blunts & cannagars


Smokeable art


Perfectly creative joints & blunts


Badass big joints and creative roller


Mind blowing professional joints & smokeable art


Creative filter art & jetjetgars


Custom joints & cannagar creations


Custom joint artist

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T-rex 🦖 custom joint

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6oz custom joint bong

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Realistic AF custom joint & blunt art


Creative joint & blunt roller


Designer joint roller extraordinaire

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"Ricky Williams" Collab with @nikobhglass A mold of a @williams figure. Niko did the amazing glass helmet tip for it and it doubles as a carb cap! The toy was sitting at a shop next to my pieces and people kept asking if it was a joint. I was reluctant to turn it into one since I didnt really know anything about football and felt like it didnt fit with my other work. Over time, however, I started to learn about his activism and roll in the cannabis community and became more convinced that he's exactly the kind of person I like to support 😊 He has an interesting history with the NFL I encourage you to look into! The project was carried out bit by bit in my free time over the last month or so as Ive been practicing the molding technique. This is easily the most complicated mold Ive done but Im quite proud of it. The project became much more ambitious after @nikobhglass did such an incredible job on the helmet; its probably the best piece of glass Ive owned! Sorry for the wall of text ; I want to thank the following for their contributions! @cannabis_emporium - papers @craftresinco - bud @blakeberries88 - figure @yourboiibluue - base @mzkushqueeen420 - debut #creativerolling #jointart #weedart #nationaljointleague #rickywilliams #football #nfl #miamidolphins #jointsofig #joint #juicypapers #rawlife #cloudsovercanada #dankshots420 #kronic #cannabiscommunity #wedontrollthesame #boro #canadianboro #glassofig #glasstip #high_larry_us #highsociety #420

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Custom joint & cannagar roller


Creative roller with a mean weave