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The Best Joints, Blunts and Cannagar Rollers In The World via Instagram


Custom joints, cannagars & filter art


Badass custom joints, blunts & cannagars


Perfectly creative joints & blunts


Badass big joints and creative roller


Mind blowing professional joints & smokeable art


Creative filter art & jetjetgars


Custom joints & cannagar creations


Custom joint artist

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T-rex 🦖 custom joint

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6oz custom joint bong

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Realistic AF custom joint & blunt art


Creative joint & blunt roller


Designer joint roller extraordinaire

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"Ricky Williams" Collab with @nikobhglass A mold of a @williams figure. Niko did the amazing glass helmet tip for it and it doubles as a carb cap! The toy was sitting at a shop next to my pieces and people kept asking if it was a joint. I was reluctant to turn it into one since I didnt really know anything about football and felt like it didnt fit with my other work. Over time, however, I started to learn about his activism and roll in the cannabis community and became more convinced that he's exactly the kind of person I like to support 😊 He has an interesting history with the NFL I encourage you to look into! The project was carried out bit by bit in my free time over the last month or so as Ive been practicing the molding technique. This is easily the most complicated mold Ive done but Im quite proud of it. The project became much more ambitious after @nikobhglass did such an incredible job on the helmet; its probably the best piece of glass Ive owned! Sorry for the wall of text ; I want to thank the following for their contributions! @cannabis_emporium - papers @craftresinco - bud @blakeberries88 - figure @yourboiibluue - base @mzkushqueeen420 - debut #creativerolling #jointart #weedart #nationaljointleague #rickywilliams #football #nfl #miamidolphins #jointsofig #joint #juicypapers #rawlife #cloudsovercanada #dankshots420 #kronic #cannabiscommunity #wedontrollthesame #boro #canadianboro #glassofig #glasstip #high_larry_us #highsociety #420

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Custom joint & cannagar roller


Creative roller with a mean weave


Custom blunt master roller

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I often roll things for the sake of an idea or thought that pops into my head. And often times I find myself with a grip of rollies with no intention of smoking them at that moment. So it begs the question of how to properly store them to smoke at a later time without compromising the freshness and quality of the materials? The general rule of thumb for most tobacco cigar storage is the 70/70 rule, which suggests that you maintain the conditions of your humidor at a temperature of 70F with a Relative Humidity of 70%. It can vary from factory to factory due to differences in climate in different regions as well as different methodologies between brands, but under proper conditions cigars can be stored and aged for years without question. Keep in mind that rule refers to tobacco, with Cannabis we have to take into account that we have different materials with different storage conditions. Flower storage is around 70F and below with a RH of 55 to 65%. Depending on the amount, size, shape, etc., I store things at about 65 to 70F with a RH of 62 to 65%. This is what produces the best results for my own preferences. How long I store for depends on preferences and intentions. I’ve aged things for months as well as hours so it really comes down to what you want to do with it. Humidors are great for storage and are usually made of Spanish Cedar. They are good at retaining moisture while adding a pleasant scent. Bovedas can also help to maintain RH% and are useful for long-term storage. Freshness isn’t the only benefit of aging your rolls. When you allow it to age at the appropriate conditions, it gives the oils in the flower and tobacco time to marry together to create a more complex, homogeneous flavor profile. Smoking a fresh roll versus one allowed to dry, you will taste the tobacco more sharply and independently of the flower rather than a unified blend of flavors. It also strengthens the structure of the roll, resulting in a better burn and solid ash. I suggest rolling two blunts and letting one dry for an hour and compare how they smoke, you’d be surprised at what you experience! **EACH CIGAR HAS 14g flower + 2g Rosin**

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With cigars you often see larger sizes as it’s become the more favorable with smokers as a bigger is better mindset. That is why the Lancero is one of my favorite vitolas to roll and smoke. Although it has a slender gauge, it features quite the length and in combination with the thin gauge makes for a very bold and elegant appearance. I rolled this one with Pink Cookies and Og to the measurements of 7.5in x 40rg. Spanish for the word Lance, the Lancero or El Laguito No. 1 in Cuban factories first came out of the factory doors of the legendary Cohiba brand and was originally only available for Fidel Castro. It’s visually striking length complimented by its lack of girth made it a symbol only given as gifts of the Cuban government. Other factories would soon create their own versions of the Lancero. What I enjoy about this vitola besides the aesthetics is the skill level required to roll them. Although parejo shaped, it’s length and thinness make it difficult to create sufficient airflow and is usually tasked to the most trained rollers. Another thing that I enjoy with the Lancero is the influence of flavor from the wrapper being that there is a higher ratio between wrapper and filler. If you happen to find yourself with a tight draw, there are a few things that may help. Pay attention to the draw Initially and most importantly SLOW DOWN. There is usually a threshold point in the draw that once passed, will completely restrict airflow. If you find that point, stay there and you will still be able to draw sufficient smoke. Another thing is to run your fingers along the sides up the length of the body. The combination of heat and upward motion can help loosen up tight areas and open up the airflow. The need for proper airflow and skill needed for a Lancero is what really interests me about this vitola, not to mention that it just feels good in the hand!

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When it comes to the craft of rolling, you as an individual set your own limitations to what you can and cannot do. I’m sure we’ve all heard someone say “that’s too much leaf” or “that’s not how you roll a blunt” to “I can’t do that because I don’t have access to the right materials.” I’ll be the first to tell you not to listen or believe any of that nonsense Be free and open minded, roll and smoke however you want to. Rolling and Smoking is an experience NOT a chore and should be enjoyed as such. The limitations you set for yourself ultimately dictate the capacity of what you can do and how you enjoy things. If you don’t think you can get the “right” materials to roll what you want, I’m afraid you’re very mistaken You’d be surprised with what you can do with a pack of blunts and some paper products. For example, this cigar was made with a pack of blunts and some white gold guilded rolling papers. It’s only because I began to think outside of the box and stopped looking at the pack of blunts simply as a pack of blunts. I started to look at things differently and all the options and possibilities began to flood my mind That’s when I began to work freely and at my most creative mind set, using over the counter materials to produce the things that I wanted. It didn’t always work out the way I planned, but each attempt, fail or success added experience to the process making it easier and more understandable with each new try Rolling is an experience that allows me to be creative and innovative, that gives me the opportunity to think outside of the box and shines a whole new light on how I experience and enjoy things even at its simplest point. It’s a truly gratifying experience knowing you crafted something and enjoyed it exactly as you wanted to and no one can take that from you. Moral of the story, think outside of the box and do and enjoy things as YOU please. Don’t be a part of the pack, open the pack and roll that shit! #Cannabiscommunity #cannabis #cigar #weedporn #cigars #joint #joints #w420 #blunt #blunts #hightimes #highlife #highsociety #wfayo #smoke #ash #weshouldsmoke #rollbmc #rollup #losangeles

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When we Roll and Smoke, it is not uncommon to come across some form of burn issue. A few of the common issues are Runners/Canoeing, Tunneling, and Mouse Hole. Runners/Canoeing occurs when there is a divergence in the burn line creating uneven heating. Tunneling refers to the core of the filler burning faster than the wrapper creating a void in the center much like a donut. A Mouse Hole occurs when there is a pocket or gap within the filler. The hot air drawn in will travel to that area and burn away the wrapper forming a hole below the burn line that may open up to a runner Knowing that these issues may occur, there are ways to prevent and fix them if/as they arise. Besides taking the time to prep your material and properly roll it, the biggest advice I can recommend is to slow down your smoking. Take your time with it and let it breathe in between draws. However if things to take a turn and some burn issues begin to occur there are some things that can help get you back on track If a runner or canoe starts to form, try moving the slow burning side to the bottom and the fast to the top. The idea is that the heat rising from the coal displaces some of the oxygen needed to burn, slowing down the faster side. Opposite to that, from what I have read is that a majority of oxygen is pulled through the underside of the burn line which assists in the ignition needed to catch up to the topside. Purging(blowing through the cigar)helps in fixing uneven burn issues. It allows the uneven areas to heat up without affecting anything behind the burn line. And you can always go to the fried and true method of licking it down. The moisture helps to slowdown the burn allowing the other sides to catch up. Try them out and let r&d it yourselves! #Cannabiscommunity #cannabis #cigar #weedporn #cigars #joint #joints #w420 #blunt #blunts #hightimes #highlife #highsociety #wfayo #smoke #ash #weshouldsmoke #rollbmc #rollup #losangeles

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Experiences are everything and great experiences tend to lead to great memories, which is why smoking for me has become so much more than simply getting stoned. Over the years I’ve realized that It’s more about the experiences in that moment than it is seeking that high. It’s easy to get stoned, but difficult to allow ourselves to enjoys things the way they should be. In today’s age, there seems to be no shortage of top quality flower, so finding something to get you stoned is easy and could at times get a little boring especially with a high tolerance. So for me it slowly evolved from just getting stoned to how I could enhance and better the experience As I got more into cigar culture, I started to realize the rituals, techniques, and etiquette cigar smokers do to enhance the smoking experience from the rolling, the way you hold it, the lighting, the first puff, down to the way you snub it out, to the camaraderie formed when smoking with others. I began to take a much more calm and relaxed approach to my smoking habits, allowing myself time to pick up on the nuances the smoke has to offer such as developing a better palate for flavors to noticing the very aesthetically pleasing Burn Lines to understanding the chemical processes that take place while you smoke. The more value I put into what I am creating and smoking, the more I tend to appreciate and enjoy it. Flower is expensive and valuable so why not treat it as such? I read a quote from Michael Jordan about how he said he would smoke a cigar before every home game because he wanted that feeling of success and accomplishment going into the game. I realized that I wanted that same feeling when I smoke whether at the start of the day, end of the day after a good day of work or even just seshing with the homies. Sure you can “just smoke it” which is fine, but if you take your time with it, I promise you will start to enjoy things a little more than before and that can go for anything in life. Slow it down and enjoy the moments that pass us by ever so quickly #Cannabiscommunity #cannabis #cigar #cigars #losangeles #w420 #blunt #blunts #hightimes #highlife #highsociety #wfayo #smoke #ash #weshouldsmoke

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While it is primarily a matter of preference, the gauge and length of the roll do have an influence as to how you taste the flavor of the smoke and both thick and thin gauge each have their benefits and drawbacks. I rolled up two Tuxedo style(two toned) cigars both with the same flower but in different gauges to try to get a feel for the differences The immediate differences between thick and thin is the wrapper to filler ratio. With a bigger gauge, there is more room for the filler and blending than a thing gauge so the flavor of the smoke will be influenced more from filler than the wrapper. Larger gauges will produce a larger volume of smoke as well. On a thinner longer gauge, the ratio of wrapper to filler is much more proportionate to one another and you get an overall flavor profile of filler and wrapper. Thinner gauges sometimes tend to produce a shallow volume of smoke until it reaches a certain point of the body Both thick and thin gauges also burn differently, and not understanding how can hinder the experience. It’s widely said amongst the cigar industry that thick rolls burn cooler than thin contrary to what their size indicates. We typically draw the same amount of air regardless of the size. Drawing on a thin gauge causes air to pass through a smaller surface area creating hotter burn while drawing on a thick gauge causes air to pass through a larger surface area creating a cooler smoke. Picture it like this, take a deep breath and blow on a bed of coals and you will notice them glow brighter. Now take another deep breath and open your mouth as wide as possible and blow over the coals. Notice which got the coals hotter That being said, some drawbacks to consider between the two are that thin gauges tend to burn hot which can cause a funky taste and that thick gauges burn cool and can have a tendency to burn out. So if you take your time to smoke thin gauges, you can keep the burn cooler and retain the complexity of the balanced wrapper/filler ratio and if you smoke a thick gauge with more consistency you can produce volumes of smoke powered by the filler #Cannabiscommunity #cannabis #cigar #weedporn #cigars #blunts #hightimes #losangeles #wfayo

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