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Smoke Buddy Original Review

A personal air filter that fits your lifestyle

The Smokebuddy is the best personal air filter for cannabis and cannabis concentrate users.  Leading the North American market personal air eliminators, Smokebuddy is a brand with a number of looks and sizes, and offs consumers complete customization to their personal filters.

What’s unique about these air filter tools? Well, the Smokebuddy was first to market with a cool and useful product, they have widened their product line to fit any situation, and they’ve given you so many options, theirs really a cool color combination for anyone.

The Smokebuddy Original retails for between $20 – $30 Canadian and you can find it in any bong shop near you, or online for $25 on Amazon.

In the box:

  • A Smokebuddy Original
  • A Smokebuddy LED Keychain
  • A safecap for your device

Two thumbs up

Removes smoke

Removes odor

Environmentally friendly product

This Smokebuddy Original review gives two thumbs up for a durable, creative product. The filter itself is quite lightweight, and extremely durable. I’m a guy and I don’t carry a purse, murse, or bag. If I was carrying my laptop, I would most likely have this little guy in my bag at all times.

Since we’ve had the chance to use our Smokebuddy Original, it’s well out performed it’s 300 uses, and to be honest, it’s still working as good as the day we got it.

Smokebuddy Oriingal dimensions:

  • 2.75 x 2.75 x 4 inches

If you’ve ever made a personal air filter at home, or something we used to call a “bounty blower” you know what the main function of the Smokebuddy is; eliminate the obor that comes from smoking or vaping cannabis.  And that it does, but even better than you can imagine. Not only does the odor dispensary, the smoke is eliminated completely – visually, and that’s all in the filter, we will talk more about that below.

Types of Smokebuddys

Smokebuddy Junior

The Smokebuddy Junior is an entry level, small version of the Smokebuddy personal air filter.

  • Hoots: 150
  • Price: $16.00

Smokebuddy Original

The Smokebuddy Original is the original Smokebuddy device – the base size for their line of filters.

  • Hoots: 300
  • Price: $21.00

Smokebuddy Mega

The Smokebuddy Mega is the big filter good for 600+ hoots.

  • Hoots: 600
  • Price: $42.00

Smokebuddy Original Prints & Colors

The Smoke Buddy Original comes in any color you can imagine. The majority of units are are solid colors, but there’s a variety of over 18 colors and prints currently on the website. 6 prints, 12 colors. Here’s a look at some of their designs.

Smokebuddy prints:

The Smokebuddy Original comes in a bunch of cool prints and shapes. For instance, the grenade has a custom mold, unique to the style. If you check their website frequently, you will notice new styles and limited editions come along, so it’s worth a bookmark, or a follow if you want to grab a unique print.

All the current Smokebuddy colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Lime Green
  • Red
  • Pink
  • White
  • Teal
  • Purple
  • White glow in the dark
  • Blue glow in the dark

The Smokebuddy Filter

HEPA Filter Technology

Focusing on HEPA filter technology, these personal air filters clean the air of pollutants, toxins and undesirable odors.

Ceramic bead technology and interacting with the carbon core of these unique personal air filters ensure that smoke is literally removed from your room. Of course, these are personal air filters, so they work best with a pipe, bong, vape, or something that allows you to contain the collateral smoke or vapor.

Smoke buddy filter life span. How many hoots did we get?

The Smokebuddy website suggests the Original device will last at least 300 hoots, and that’s accurate. We’ve well exceeded 300 heavy smoke blows, and it’s still working like it was the day we got it.

The big benefit of a Smokebuddy personal air filter

The Smokebuddy personal air filter works great, and I give it two thumbs up. There is however one benefit and reason everyone should have this device in their house:

  • These actually work. While bounty blowers mask the smell, they don’t remove the smoke. The Smokebuddy actually eliminates the smoke, not just the smell.

It’s lightweight, easy to use and comes in so many color schemes, it fits the style of anyone. They are made with environmentally friendly materials, and their filters last so many hoots, it will take most smokes years to reach it’s lifespan.

The Smoke Buddy is Perfect For:

  1. Students in dorms or non smoking facilities
  2. Hotels and vacations
  3. Multi resident complexes
  4. At events without a smoking section
  5. Smoking a bong or pipe anywhere really
  6.  Anyone looking to be discrete or eliminate the smoke smell

About the Smokebuddy Company

Smoke Buddy is a brand that’s been around for roughly 12 years, established in 2008 with a goal to let people smoke what they want, when they want, and has made their presence known.  Smoke Buddy’s are distributed out of Southern California, the heart of cannabis innovation in North America.

We naturally gravitated to to the Smoke Buddy product and team through word of mouth and social media presence. One thing we like about the team behind Smoke Buddy, is the culture behind the brand and the presence around the cannabis community. You see these guys popping up at most popular events, in most popular cannabis personalities hands, and really anywhere you find cannabis enthusiasts.

According to the Smokebuddy website:

The Smokebuddy company founded in 2008 have been producing high quality personal air filters for the tobacco industry. We design and develop one of a kind products to help smokers reduce 2nd hand smoke, odor and pollutants while enjoying their tobacco product. Our warehouse and office space is located in Southern California.

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