Mail Order Marijuana in Canada Is Taking MASSIVE Market Share From Legal Dispensaries and We Know Why

Mail Order Marijuana (or MOM) services are nothing new to Canadians, and with brick-n-mortar dispensaries still charging outrageous amounts for Cannabis, it is apparent that these mail order services aren’t going anywhere. Hundreds if not thousands of pop up online cannabis dispensaries have been thriving in the shadows, learning and adapting to consumer needs and wants, bypassing the strict regulation imposed on Canadian business owners by the Cannabis Act.

But what are the stats behind mail order marijuana and what are some of the best online shops to buy from? Below we will go over several important statistics related to the online marijuana industry. We will also touch on our top 3 online dispensary websites that we think are worth checking out.

How Much Weed Do Canadians Smoke?

According to Stats Canada, 18% of Canadians over the age of 15 (5.3 million) have used Cannabis in the last three months, which was an increase of 4% since legalization day. This number is only expected to grow as the cannabis industry continues to boom throughout Canada.

Currently, males consume more cannabis than females with male cannabis consumption rising from 16% to 22%. Female consumption stayed stagnant at 13%, and new cannabis users have doubled since legalization.

What does this mean for mail-order marijuana services? Well, with the high prices of Brick-N’-Mortar dispensaries, consumers are looking for higher quality products with better pricing options than these stores. And at the moment, they have tons of websites to pick from.

Total medical and non-medical use
Units in ($ millions)
 Total medical and non-medical use
2014 Q31472
2014 Q41466
2015 Q11458
2015 Q21452
2015 Q31449
2015 Q41448
2016 Q11446
2016 Q21443
2016 Q31433
2016 Q41418
2017 Q11399
2017 Q21384
2017 Q31374
2017 Q41368
2018 Q11388
2018 Q21404
2018 Q31439
2018 Q41510
2019 Q11471
2019 Q21444
2019 Q31432

Note the honeymoon phase visible from the 4th quarter of 2018 – right around the date of legalization. The Honeymoon Theory states that with legalization will come a spike of interest in cannabis purchases, followed by a steady decline in regular usage. The honeymoon phase of cannabis usage in Canada is evident with a steady rise leading up to the Cannabis Act, a peak, and the steady decline of cannabis usage since legalization hit Canada.

Is Mail Order Marijuana Legal?

The RCMP and Health Canada have been raiding and shutting down illegal dispensary and grow-op locations long before legalization. But the inception of mail-order marijuana websites has made this job increasingly difficult.

Some of the officers involved have since divulged, saying there is a sort of “whack-a-mole” effect occurring here. After one website is shut down, two more appear – giving officers a run for their money.

As published by our team last week, it seems as though enforcement is focusing on the domain level, as 2020 has seen several domain suspensions across the mail order site community.

It can be seen clearly that the industry and the regulations behind it need to change if the government wants to achieve its goals they originally set at the beginning of legalization.

How Is Mail Order Marijuana Doing Beside Legal Weed?

Some of the best mail-order marijuana services available in Canada right now are illegal. These stores have bypassed Canada’s strict regulations, and have started to sell products that have yet to be regulated by officials, like edibles and concentrates.

One of the reasons for this is Canadian regulators failure to recognize or acknowledge consumer demand and target the segments using disposable income on cannabis products.

Secondly, a focus on entry level consumers and preventative measures, opposed to accurate education targeting entry level consumers, and products that cater to cannabis enthusiasts, or those who have been dosing THC for decades. These are the consumers spending in volumes and currently find few legal dispensary options to fulfill their needs.

The federal dosage for edibles is currently limited to only 10 milligrams of THC, and famed legalization activist and cannabis retailer, Dana Larsen believes:

The 10 mg limit is the equivalent of selling only in little alcohol bottles to stop people from getting too drunkDana Larson

The so called “grey area” has earned it’s name not only from between medical and recreational cannabis regulations, but dismissal of clarity when it comes to cannabis products and their concentration into the consumers hands.

Today it’s possible to personally manufacture a number of products not available on shelves of legal dispensaries, giving law enforcement the challenge of understand where the products originated from, where they were purchased or if the products were made at home with legally grown cannabis.

Canada has shown time and time again that it does not understand Cannabis and it’s users. This is why 40% of Canadians have turned to the black/grey market since legalization day despite the wide variety of options currently available. Keep in mind the 80 / 20 rule. As history states, the top 20% of your customers account for 80% of net revenue, we hypothesize that the Canadian Mail Order ecosystem is raking in far greater than 50% of total legal and illegal annual cannabis revenues across Canada.

The Best Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada

Canada Cannabis Dispensary

The Canada Cannabis Dispensary website offers a wide range of products from high-grade marijuana strains to concentrates and edibles. They also have incredible deals on the go pretty much all the time, so if you’re looking for a killer deal on some insane buds – look no further than CCD!

CCD has the popular strains you’re looking for like Death Bubba (AAAAA), Black Diamond (AAAAA), and Gorilla Glue #4 (AAAA). is one of the best online retailers for mail-order marijuana and continues to shine through its competition with some of the best deals in the business. They love to give big deals on bulk orders of 2 or more ounces of some seriously good cannabis. So if you’re looking to make that huge buy to keep yourself stocked up for months – this may be the website for you!

Some of their finest premium strains include Ace Killer OG (AAAAA), Blueberry AK (AAAA), Super Sour Skunk (AAAAA), and Cherry Kush (AAAA). is one of Canada’s top dispensary sites with a mission statement built on 4 pillars of trust: Quality products, low prices, easy-to-use website, and amazing customer service.

They carry pretty much anything that is cannabis related from flower/bud, to edibles and concentrates. They also carry tons of cannabis accessories to help you find the perfect piece or rolling papers for your collection. Did I mention their incredibly fast shipping? Well, there’s that too…

If you’re looking for stellar buds at amazingly low prices – then look no further than! Some of their inventory includes White Russian (AAA+++), Grizzly Purple (AAA+++), and Seawarp (AA++).

The future for Mail Order Weed in Canada

It is no question that Canadians love their pot. Each year we see a drastic amount of Canadians begin/admit to using marijuana to help cure different ailments or to use recreationally. Because of this, mail-order marijuana businesses are looking to capture these potential customers in any way possible.

Due to the strict regulations passed by the Canadian Federal Government, these businesses have begun bypassing the legal route to opening marijuana dispensaries and have, instead, put the power in their own hands, risking their stock and potential for fines.

Since legalization day, Canada has been met with several large challenges revolving around marijuana. MOM websites are blowing up all across Canada at a rate that is too fast for the police to keep up with, and the legal ramifications are too light to warrant anything substantial. Because of this, we will continue to see more and more MOM businesses sprout up and begin dabbling in the grey areas of the Canadian marijuana market.

It is up to you to use your due diligence to find reliable and legitimate MOM businesses.

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