High Park Farms Ltd Voluntary Cannabis Recall April 25, 2019

High Park Farms Ltd Has Voluntarily Recalled Products April 25, 2019

High Park Farms Canaca Blend 19 pre-rolls (SKU number CNB-02000170, Lot number E0000405) cannabis is on recall by the AGLC due to incorrect labeling. The levels of THC and CBD on the product packaging are inaccurate, and it is recommended you rerun the product to the dispensary of purchase.  This recall applies to cannabis users who purchased:
  • SKU: CNB-02000170
  • LOT: E0000405

Cannabis Recall Label Error

Label With Error Correct Value
 Total THC per unit  20.5mg  102.5mg
THC per unit  0.3mg  1.4mg
Total CBD per unit  <0.1mg  0.3mg
CBD per unit  <0.1mg <0.1mg

Why is there a product recall?

One product (pre-rolled joints) is on recall from High Park Farms Ltd. (SKU CNB-02000170, Lot number E0000405) due to labelling errors. In some cases, the mg of THC detailed on packaging shows up to 5 times less THC than the consumer will be exposed to.

Retailers carrying these products, here’s what you need to do:

The AGLC will issue a return shipping authorization for retailers who are stocking lots E0000405. It is requested that you remove the products from the shelf and mark them clearly as merchandise that is not for sale.  Contact the AGLC for instructions.
Product Details Lot/SKU Number Recall End Date
High Park Farms Ltd Canaca Blend 19 Prerolls (3 x 0.5g pre-rolls) SKU number CNB-02000170 Lot number E0000405 June 23, 2019

Consumers who have bought these products, here’s what you need to do:

If you have purchased products from lot E0000405 the AGLC recommends you return the purchased product in it’s original packaging to the retailer of purchase.   If purchased from Alberta Cannabis online, please call the Alberta Cannabis Call Centre: 1-855-436-5677. View the original AGLC release.

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