G Pen Elite Series 2 Review – The Best Herb Vape of 2022

The G Pen Elite Series 2 is a herb vape brand new to the market as of March 2022. Designed and manufactured by Grenco Science, this vape marks the 10 year anniversary of Grenco in the portable vaporizer space.  With an abundance of state of the art technologies, the fastest preheating system we’ve ever experienced in a vape, an outer case fit to serve kings and queens, and an air path designed to preserve terpene profiles and reduce the temperature of the hoot as it enters your body – this vape was a blast to review by our whole team.

Sure, the technology is cool and convenient, but it’s really in the details where the G Pen Elite II separates itself from the pack.  Innovative additions to the design and adding features and specifications that aren’t just there to exist but serve a purpose, that’s why this vape is going to lead the market as the best portable weed (dry herb) vape of 2022. 

Before we get started lets take a quick look at the main differences between two types of dry herb cannabis vapes, convection vs conduction. While conduction applies heat to your weed directly, convection circulates warm air, indirectly heating your cannabis products, and while requiring a little more space to do so, when designed correctly, convection heated vapes tend to offer a premium hoot with increased accuracy and less potential for over-heating your product on first contact.

The G Pen Elite II is a hybrid of both dry herb convection and conduction vaporizer that uses both direct and indirect heat to activate your cannabis. Now, let’s dive into this G Pen Elite II review.

G Pen Elite Series 2 Review

Unboxing The G Pen Elite Series 2

Unboxing the G Pen Elite Series II By Grenco Science is, well, a really good time.  G Pen designed a nice sleek carrying case that is rugged and made of that plant we all love so much, hemp.  Inside, a whole array of goodies including a charger, silicone case for when you’re on the go; but the main attraction of course, this beautiful vaporizer unit. 

The actual hardware case of the vaporizer unit is durable and rugged with a Magnetic Zirconia mouthpiece and a Zinc Alloy casing. This comes with a little bit of weight, but the type of weight that lets you know if this drops, it’s most likely going to survive the fall.  The mouthpiece pops on and off easily with a magnetic connection that makes it easy to pack this bowl without needing a buddy for support.

The vape unit itself is a nice shape for sliding in and out of your pocket with ease.  You’ll notice there’s no jagged edges at all, ensuring a smooth slide everytime and no edges to get caught on your threads.

So what’s in this dope little case?

  • 1x G Pen Elite II Vaporizer
  • 1x G Pen Elite II Silicone sleeve
  • 1x USB Charging Cable (USBC)
  • 1x Hemp Travel Case
  • 1 Pick Tool

G Pen Elite Series II Battery + Charger

With the G Pen Elite Series II, you always know where your battery stands with the big bright heads up display on the base of the vape unit.   This color coordinated indicator keeps you in the loop with where your battery level sits.  Of course the temperature you’re using is going to dictate how long this battery lasts, but in our near month-long trail, there were absolutely no issues with battery length.  

Fast is the keyword with the G Pen Elite Series II.  Using a USBC, it charges to full really fast.  Supported with a 2100mAH lithium ion fast charging battery, the unit has plenty of juice to power up the dual convection oven, powering your ocean to full temperature within 3-5 seconds of turning it on every time, and this is a an attribute to the vape that really makes this unit better than most on the market.  Completely eliminate your wait times and well, vape more and vape faster.

With a full charge the G Pen Elite Series II is good for a full 60 minutes of heating time, and that’s plenty of blazing to get you thru the day comfortably without the need to pack a charger, but if the unit runs out, you will be good to go with a completely full charge in 1.5 hours or less.

G Pen Elite Series II Hoot Review

This vape packs a punch, but that punch depends on how you pack the ceramic oven.  The unit is designed exclusively for flower, but fuck that, we needed to put it to the test with some moonrocks. While the ceramic oven isn’t designed to hold extracts, moonrocks offer a flower base so we figured they might work, and boy did they ever vape nicely!

The key to good hoots from this vape is not overpacking it.  The bowl was designed for 0.5g of dried herb but you need to make a game time decision based on the wetness and density of your buds. Drier herbs with a lighter bowl is going to get you those massive thick hoots, and wetter buds or tighter packed bowls, will require longer pull for a deeper hoot and longer lasting bowls.

Looking for that massive hoot that usually doesn’t exist with a hand held vaporizer unit?  Meet Convection Boost. Access the menu by clicking your power button 5 times and use the + or – to visit the “Convection Boost” tab.  Clicking the power button will activate the convection boost feature and enhance your hoots with additional heating, and overall firing more vapor into your lungs with each and every draw you take. 

Improving your hoots is a patented clean air intake that ensures FRESH hoots every single time.  You know that leftover smoke when your buddy doesn’t clear the bong?  That doesn’t exist with this vaporizer and does it ever work.  This is an underrated feature we’ve never really considered, but it really adds to the overall experience.

An added ceramic vapor tube extends the airflow throughout the unit (away from the heat element) allowing your hoot a longer travel path, access to air and overall a cooler hoot arriving to your lungs.  A challenge faced with many of these handheld vape units is proximity of the vapor path to the heating element.  Hoots that haven’t been cooled, or exposed to heat arrive in your lungs, well, hot.  This makes you cough, dries up your lungs and leads to all sorts of issues that are completely absent when you’re vaping with the G Pen Elite II.

Top 3 Features on the G Pen Elite Series II

Double Convection Oven & Boost Feature

The double convection oven within the Elite Series II is the focal point of this vape. It’s no surprise that in the past, heating up your hand-held vape takes time.  And the more time it takes, the less time we have for hoots. 

That’s where the Elite II makes life a little bit easier.  Once your bowl is ready to go, this device heats up in mere seconds so you’re not stuck anticipating your next puff.  Just turn it on and you’re ready to start hooting.

With the Convection Boost feature engaged turn your joint into a bong. This will give you that extra power needed to really get a mind numbing haul from the G Pen Elite Series II, and it works wonderfully. It’s always nice to have a feature that adds extra juice for those times we need a moon landing a little bit faster.

Ceramic Bowl, Magnetic Mouthpiece and Clean Design

A 0.05g ceramic bowl is more than enough size to pack bowls that go around the circle a few times.  Even better yet, it’s easy to pack. 

A common theme in the portable vape market is a lack of area to place all the new tech, making features hard to access or less convenient than originally desired.  The Elite II takes design and user experience into mind, and this with the added magnetic mouthpiece means that these bowls are easy to pack with your own two hands, no legs or friends needed.

Quick Charging Long Lasting Battery

G Pen’s battery heats the convection oven in seconds, and that’s what gives us our quick access to hoots with this unit.  Without getting to technical; the battery is small enough to keep the device light, big enough to keep you vaping all day, and charges fast enough that in the event you need a re-up of battery juice, it’s done relatively quick with little down time.  That’s really all we can ask for in 2022 and G Pen came through on this one.

The G Pen Elite Series II is Perfect For

This vape is perfect for me.  Jokes aside, the whole team at Extract really loves this unit and it’s one of the reviews that we have sitting in the office getting used daily by our whole team.  The ability to tailor the heating perfectly for every density and dryness of bud really makes each bowl a unique experience.

The time from turn on to hoot is unmatched on the vaporizer market today.  The Elite II is certainly the fastest “time to hoot” we’ve tested.  In a mere 5 – 10 seconds your bowl is ready to go, and that’s impressive. It’s 2022 and we don’t have time to waste.  G Pen obviously heard us, because the fact that we can take a hoot in less than 20 seconds from packing a bowl is something we didn’t know was even possible.  The Elite II’s power and convection system kills it on this.

With all these badass features in mind, this is the ultimate weed vape for outside your house and on the go.  Road Trip? G Pen. Golfing? G Pen.  Night at the club? G Pen! Low key hoots at the office? G Pen!

G Pen Elite Series II Overall Review

The unit itself is very compact, and sleek looking; the display screen,  a very nice size, making it very easy to read and navigate the cool features and settings added to the software on the G Pen Elite Series II.   

When packing a bowl on the go, the  magnetic cap is a desirable feature, and that’s really what this cape was made for.   The magnetic mouthpiece pops right into place when you hover the cap overtop of the unit, it’s sleep, simple and easy to use with 1 person standing. I was quite impressed with the size of the ceramic oven  in the G Pen. Although the guidelines suggest 0.5g of dried bud, we found that nearly 1g of drier herbs were a perfect fit for a stronger long lasting bowl.

The real hit was how fast I could take a hoot after it was packed; the G Pen’s element heats up quick, and I mean really quick.  The full ceramic heating chamber has a temperature control between 200º – 430ºF (93º – 221ºC). I personally only go to 385, and it got there in seconds; believe it or not, the device was ready before i was.

Typically units like this alienate the big weed smokers from achieving the massive hoots they love so much, not the G Pen Elite Series II.  The convection boost feature ensures a big pull for those who wish to test the waters.  Now, with bigger hoots in a smaller device as this one, it’s fair to assume that these might hit your lungs a little hotter than desired.  Stop that sentence right there, because with the Elite Series II, that’s not an issue.  The Grenco Science team has ensured that your hoot is cooled upon arrival to your lungs whether or not the convection boost feature is engaged.

The flavor really came out in all the flower I tried in the Elite II, and I really enjoyed the complexity of flavors with the moonrocks from the G Pen.  When tailored into the perfect temperature you literally taste each terpene and flavonoid coming through each hoot and this is definitely a premium vape experience.

The G Pen Elite Series II has a  2100mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery with USB-C fast-charging.   The Elite II can be fully charged in 1.5 hours and run for an hour of vaporization time.  For me, that was 8 pots.  I was very impressed, because most vaporizers I have personally tested only get me 4-5 without needing a charge.  

With its attached packing/cleaning tool, and great design, the G Pen is super easy to clean, and maintain. Our big test was loading this unit with shatter coated moonrocks.  I was still able to get it clean with no problem. I was very hard on this unit, and it kept coming back for more with no downtime over our 2 week review. 

Overall I was very impressed with the Grenco Science G Pen Elite Series II. With its sleep and compact design, resilience, quick heating time, added hoot perfecting technologies and long lasting battery duration, I would definitely recommend this unit. 

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