Extract Year In Review

Below are pictures that encompass the last few months, and the launch of Extract Magazine in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

We’re looking forwards to an awesome 2019 with the Canadian cannabis community. The team at Extract Magazine would like to thank everyone who came out to the events, participated in the contests and have contacted us to become a part of the movement.

Extract Magazine launched in 2018 as cannabis media brand and has become so much more because of Calgary’s amazing cannabis community. Through the partners we’ve met this year we look forwards to bringing Calgary, and Canada amazing events, opportunities, and education in 2019.

We will also continue to connect the communities’ understanding of, and passion for cannabis with the businesses and regulators that need to hear it. We understand that the Cannabis Act didn’t necessarily bring the changes that were expected, or needed. And that’s not okay. Our battle to communicate the communities need for transparent and realistic regulations will continue in the New Year.

Please make sure to call a cab, friend or a ride share company if you are drinking, smoking, vaping or eating cannabis tonight!

Happy 2019

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