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Durban Poison


  • Sativa
  • THC: 24%

The effects of Durban Poison are quite uplifting and energetic with a subtle euphoric feeling.

I was left high for about 1.5 hours and sedated as Durban Poison offers a muscle relaxing experience.  The taste is light with hints of earthly, floral terpenes.

I highly recommend smoking Durban Poison from a bong type device.  It busts fluffy and works great in a bowl more so than a joint.  A vaporizer would be a good choice as well.
As for medicinal value, Durban Poison brings an antioxidant that is sedative with mild anti-inflammatory properties.
This is a strain that would be perfect for daytime or  working out.  It keeps you clear headed, yet relaxed. Durban Poison is great for a for a light high before a meal or if you need to stay focused at the job at hand.

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