Buy THC Vape and CBD Vape Products Online and In Dispensary’s Early February

Following government’s review of the available evidence, data and other provinces’ positions on cannabis vaping, the sale of cannabis vapes in Alberta, will be allowed, Alberta Gaming Cannabis Liquor (AGLC)

Cannabis consumers got some good news February 9, 2020 announcing the AGLC has lifted its ban, and consumers will see cannabis THC and CBD vapes on shelves as early as February, with orders from retailers beginning this week according to news sources across the country.

In an email reported by CBC news, the AGLC commented that retailers would being placing orders for vape products as early as Monday this week, although selection and availability may be limited, inventory will improve with time. Consumers can expect vape products on shelves within the next 2 weeks.

The province had originally taken a passive approach to cannabis vape regulation following a number of health concerns and promotional discrepancies. It was decided that the AGLC (Alberta Gaming Liquor Cannabis) would review the Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act in order to write regulation that would reduce and prevent negatives associated with vaping.

According to, this week Health Canada proposed new regulations regarding the advertising and promotion of vape products. The Vaping Products Promotional Regulations and Tobacco and Vaping Products Act (TVPA) are two programs aimed at reducing the impact of vape marketing on teen users and non user consumption.

The Proposed Regulations would:

(1) prohibit the promotion of vaping products and vaping product-related brand elements by means of advertising that is done in a manner that can be seen or heard by young persons, including the display of vaping products at points of sale where they can be seen by young persons

(2) require that all vaping advertising convey a health warning about the health hazards of vaping product use.

Cannabis vape products come with the second wave of legal cannabis products along with topicals, tinctures, edibles and concentrates which became available to Alberta consumers earlier this year.

THC and CBD Vapes on the Black Market

The regulation couldn’t come sooner as cannabis vapes in all varieties have been readily available via mail order marijuana sites for nearly a decade.

An illicit market has been flooded with a variety of one time use disposable and reusable vaporizers and prefilled cartridges, pioneering the industry in Canada that uses marketing techniques closely tied to our neighbors in California and other legal American states.

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