The Best Marijuana Website Citations 2020 (Complete Guide)

We put together a database of cannabis citations for you to grow your business.  In order for search engines to know your website is valuable and important, they require a number of indicators from around the internet.  Links pointing to your website from other higher authority sites raise your websites authority when placed correctly, and that will increase your websites organic rankings. The more important your website looks, the better chance it has to rank for important terms.  Likewise, directory listings help educate search engines with easily understood information like areas of service, business hours, contact information and more.

This is only one piece of the pie, as you need to have your website internally optimized for SEO prior to placing backlinks. We’re going to publish a guide on internal SEO, you will find that link here when it’s ready.  You can also view our complete guide to cannabis SEO when it’s ready here.

Below is a database of marijuana and cannabis citations that will help your website rank better.  We put together a list of local citations, general directories, cannabis directories, marijuana dispensary directories, cannabis coupon sites, marijuana forums, web 2.0 links, and more.  These are perfect citations for local cannabis dispensaries, bong shops, and any cannabis related companies.[

How to use cannabis citations the right way

Here’s some tips that will help you get the best return for your time invested into generating cannabis citations. We go a little more in depth in our guide on how to build citations.

  1. Directory Listings – Fill out your business profile and descriptions completely, and use all the features and fields a website offers.
  2. Enter correct information that is consistent across directories to make the job easy for crawlers.
  3. Use a variety of tags, titles and anchor text when linking back to the website.
  4. Link back to a variety of pages, and important pages with the most SEO potential.
  5. Mix in natural links that are naked url links, no anchor words.
  6. Seek out high ranking dofollow links, but also a balance of nofollow links.
  7. Forums – Don’t just spam your links.  Find places in which your content adds value, and share words of wisdom with a reference to your resources.
  8. Use a variety of directory, forum, guest blog, coupon sites and other links.
  9. Share and generate links to the pages linking back to your website on social media and bookmarking websites.
  10. Build high quality links from websites with similar themed content to the pages on your website you are linking to.


Cannabis Directories

Type of Website | Forum, Direcotory, 2.0, Coupons
420 101
Marijuana Directory
420 List
Marijuana Directory
420 Nation
Marijuana Directory
420 Portal
Marijuana Directory
Marijuana Directory
Marijuana Directory
710 Chronicle
Marijuana Directory
Marijuana Directory
All Bud
Marijuana Directory
Alternative Resource Directory
Marijuana Directory
Best Leaf CA
Marijuana Directory
Marijuana Directory
Marijuana Directory
Bong Local
Marijuana Directory
Bud Hub
Marijuana Directory
Bud Pubs
Marijuana Directory
Bud Tray
Marijuana Directory
Marijuana Directory
Canna Connection
Marijuana Directory

Local Citations

Type of Website | Forum, Directory, 2.0, Coupons
Foursquare Directory
Company Listing Directory
Business Directory Directory
Can Biz Finder Directory
Live Business Directory
City Business Listing Directory


Cannabis Coupon Sites

Type of Website | Forum, Directory, 2.0, Coupons
Cannabis Coupons
Marijuana Products
Marijuana Products
Marijuana Products
Save on Cannabis
Marijuana Products
General Coupons
Pot Promos
Marijuana Products
Leaf Buyer
Marijuana Products
Coupon Follow
General Coupons

Marijuana Forums

Type of Website | Forum, Directory, 2.0, Coupons
Roll It Up Forums
THC Farmer
Grass City
THC Talk Forums
420 Magazine Forums
Canadian Weed Forums
Check out our article with 20 more cannabis forums



Cannabis Citations

The complete list of cannabis citations 2020

Below is the complete list of cannabis citations for 2020.  This is the best list of active directories, coupon backlinks, forums and other websites to get your cannabis dispensary, or licensed producer facility noticed.


BusinessURLType of Website | Forum, Direcotory, 2.0, Coupons
420 101 Directory
420 Listhttp://420list.coMarijuana Directory
420 Nationhttp://www.420nation.comMarijuana Directory
420 Portalhttps://www.420portal.comMarijuana Directory
420A3https://www.420a3.comMarijuana Directory
420Medicated Directory
710 Chronicle Directory
AHPA Directory
All Bud Directory
Alternative Resource Directory Directory
Best Leaf CA Directory
BestMedicalMarijuanaDoctors Directory
Biz420 Directory
Bong Local Directory
Bud Hub Directory
Bud Pubs Directory
Bud Tray Directory
Budsmap Directory
Canna Connection Directory
Canna Health Directory
Canna Pages Directory
Canna SOS Directory
Cannabis .NEThttps://cannabis.netMarijuana Directory
Cannabis Adventures Directory
Cannabis Advisor Directory
Cannabis Business Exchange Directory
Cannabis Business Executive Directory
Cannabis Industry Institutehttp://www.cannabisindustryinstitute.comMarijuana Directory
Cannabis Magazine Directory
Cannabis PagesCannabis PagesMarijuana Directory
Cannabis Pages Directory
Cannabis Stores Directory
Cannabis Visitors Bureau Directory
Cannabis.net Directory
CannaBusinessCannaBusinessMarijuana Directory
Cannalign Directory
CannaNexthttp://www.cannanext.comMarijuana Directory
CannaPagesCannaPagesMarijuana Directory
CBD Directory Directory
CBD Hemp Finder Directory
CBD Oil Sale Directory
Chronic StartupsChronic StartupsMarijuana Directory
Colorado Pot Guide Directory
Colorado Pot Guidehttps://www.coloradopotguide.comMarijuana Directory
Denver Weedhttps://denverweed.comMarijuana Directory
Dispensaries . Comhttps://www.dispensaries.comMarijuana Directory
Dispensaries Near Mehttps://dispensariesnearme.caMarijuana Directory
Dispensary Exchange Directory
Dispensary Finder Directory
Dope Directoryhttps://dopedirectory.comMarijuana Directory
Dos Green Guyshttp://www.dosgreenguys.comMarijuana Directory
Dr Med Mar Directory
Dr. Med Mar Directory
Extract Magazineextractmag.comMarijuana Directory
Find Local Dispensaries Directory
Find Marijuana Directory
Ganja 405 Directory
Ganja GPS Directory
Ganja Maps Directory
Ganjapreneur Directory
Grassy Ohio Directory
Green Pages Canada Directory
Green Pages Guide Directory
Green Tripzhttp://greentripz.comMarijuana Directory
Greenery Maphttps://greenerymap.comMarijuana Directory
Grow Bayhttps://growbay.comMarijuana Directory
Hail Mary Jane Directory
Head Shop Finder Directory
Hemp Accesshttp://www.hempaccess.comMarijuana Directory
Hempire Directory
Herb.co Directory
Herban Planet Directory
iBudTender Directory
Janes Maphttps://www.janesmap.comMarijuana Directory
Kush Tourism Directory
Leaf Reviews Directory
Leafbuyer Directory
Leafly Directory
Leafy Pageshttp://www.leafypages.comMarijuana Directory
Legal Marijuana Finder Directory
Legal Pot Dispensarieshttps://legalpotdispensaries.comMarijuana Directory
Let Freedom Grow Directory
Local MMJhttp://www.localmmj.comMarijuana Directory
Love And Marijhttp://www.loveandmarij.comMarijuana Directory
Maine Dispensarieshttps://medispensaries.comMarijuana Directory
Maps.Ganja .comhttps://maps.ganja.comMarijuana Directory
Marijuana Business DailyMarijuana Business DailyMarijuana Directory
Marijuana Dispensaries 411 Directory
Marijuana GamesMarijuana GamesMarijuana Directory
Marijuana Games Directory
Marijuana Guides Directory
Mary’s List Directory
Mass Roots Directory
Medical Jane Directory
Medical Marijuana Directory Directory
Medical Marijuana Finderhttp://medicalmarijuanafinder.comMarijuana Directory
Medical Marijuana New Jerseyhttp://medicalmarijuananj.orgMarijuana Directory
Merry Jane Directory
MJ Buddy Directory
MJ Phone Books Directory
MJBizWirehttps://mjbizwire.comMarijuana Directory
MJlink Directory
MJNewsNetwork Directory
MMJ Doctors MapMMJ Doctors MapMarijuana Directory
MMJNet Directory
MMJPR CA Directory
Mobiwana Directory
My Weedhttps://myweed.caMarijuana Directory
National Cannabis Review Directory
Nationwide dispensarieshttps://marijuanacannabisdispensary.comMarijuana Directory
Nuggy Directory
Oh Canna Directory
Pot Guide Directory
Pot Locate Directory
Pot My Directory
Pot Shops CAhttps://potshops.caMarijuana Directory
Pot Shops Directory Directory
Potsterhttps://potster.comMarijuana Directory
Public Dispensarieshttp://oregon.publicdispensaries.comMarijuana Directory
Recreational Dispensaries Directory
Safe Access Nowhttp://www.safeaccessnow.orgMarijuana Directory
ShadedCo Directory
SkunkMaps Directory
Smokeshops.com Directory
Sticky Shopshttp://www.stickyshops.comMarijuana Directory
THC Biz Directory
THC Brohttps://thcbro.comMarijuana Directory
THC Business Directory Directory
THC Finderhttp://www.thcfinder.comMarijuana Directory
The Cannabis Alliance Directory
The Cannabis Business Directoryhttps://www.thecbd.coMarijuana Directory
The Cannabis Industry Directory
The CBD Directory
The Dispensary MapThe Dispensary MapMarijuana Directory
The Dispensary Map Directory
The Healing Clinic Directory
The Marijuana Directory Directory
The Medical Cannabis Community Directory
The Medical Cannabis Directory Directory
The Medical Cannabis Directory Directory
The MJ Directory Directory
The Pot Guide Directory
The Social Weed Directory
The Sticky Guidehttps://www.stickyguide.comMarijuana Directory
The Weed Market Directory
Themjdirecoryhttp://www.themjdirectory.comMarijuana Directory
Trusted Bud Directory
USAWeed Directory
Vermont Dispensarieshttps://vtdispensaries.comMarijuana Directory
Wahsington State Cannabis Guide Directory
Washington State Cannabis guideWashington State Cannabis guideMarijuana Directory
We Cannect Directory
Weed Advisor Directory
Weed Depot Directory
Weed Diarieshttp://weeddiaries.comMarijuana Directory
Weed Guidehttps://weedguide.comMarijuana Directory
Weed Hub Directory
Weed listhttps://weedlist.caMarijuana Directory
Weed Livinghttps://directory.weedloving.caMarijuana Directory
Weed Maps Directory
Weed Readerhttp://finder.weedreader.comMarijuana Directory
Weed Store Reviews Directory
Weedmaps Directory
Weednow Directory
Weedsta Directory
Weedy Directory
Where’s Weed? Directory
Wiki Leaf Directory
Wind City Cannabis Directory
Your Local Bud Store Directory
USA Cannabis Directory Directory
Cannabiz Connection Directory
Bud Bad Directory
Careers Cannabis Directory
Cannabis Link Directory
Optimom Directory
Fyple.caww.fyple.caGeneral Directory
Smallbizpages.cawww.smallbizpages.caGeneral Directory
Hot Frogwww.hotfrog.caGeneral Directory
Contact Canada Directory
Yellowpages Directory
Profile Canada Directory
Yelpyelp.comGeneral Directory
Canadian Business Directory Directory
My Store 411 Directory
Foursquare Directory
Company Listing Directory
Business Directory Directory
Can Biz Finder Directory
Live Business Directory
City Business Listing Directory
Soundcloudwww.soundcloud.comMedia Profile
Imgurwww.imgur.comMedia Profile
WeedTubewww.weedtube.comMedia Profile Publishing
wordpress.comwww.wordpress.comPBN – Blogging
weebly.comwww.weebly.comPBN – Blogging
mystrikingly.comwww.mystrikingly.comPBN – Blogging
Quorawww.quora.comQuestion & Answers
Yahoo Answers & Answers
Alexa Site Infowww.alexa.comSEO Reporting
Slidesharewww.slideshare.comSlideshow Publishing
Folkdwww.folked.comSocial Bookmarking
Mixwww.mix.comSocial Bookmarking
Pocketwww.getpocket.comSocial Bookmarking
Scoop.itwww.scoop.itSocial Bookmarking
url.orgwww.url.orgSocial Bookmarking
Linktreewww.linktree.comSocial Bookmarking
Feesdpotwww.feedspot.comSocial Bookmarking
Anylistwww.anylist.comSocial Bookmarking
Facebook Fan PageSocial Media
Twitterwww.twitter.comSocial Media
Tumblrwww.tumblr.comSocial Media
Facebook PageSocial Media
Alignablewww.alignable.comSocial Media
Wikipedia brand pagewww.wikipedia.orgWiki
Canada One Directory
Google My Business Directory
Bing My Business Directory
Coupon Sockcouponsock.comCoupons
420 Coupon Codeshttps://420couponcodes.comCoupons
Coupon Reviewshttps://www.couponnreview.comCoupons
Coupon Birdshttps://www.couponbirds.comCoupons
We Thrift
Coupon Chiefshttps://www.couponchief.comCoupons
Coupon Nixcouponlx.comCoupons
Cannabis Couponshttps://www.cannabiscouponcodes.comCoupons
Save on Cannabis
Pot Promos
Leaf Buyer
Coupon Followhttps://couponfollow.comCoupons


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