Why Community Matters

Hey yo, do you smoke weed?

What’s your favourite strain? Bong Or Blunt? 

Exactly how I’ve met some of the greatest people I’ve ever met.  Friends to this day. 

Here we sit, in an amazing and unique position.  We are sitting in the infancy of the legal cannabis market. What a time to be alive.  

With this unique opportunity comes a certain level of responsibility. 

Hey look, I’m not looking for anymore work, or a crusade either, but hear me out;

If you are someone who doesn’t know anything about the music industry, and you try to position yourself as a music mogul, you are called out for standing where you don’t belong. 

Anywhere you go in this life, that I have known,  to get taken seriously in something, you need to have been a part of that thing to be considered anyone to be paid attention to.   Why is it that large corporations like Value Buds, Canna Cababa, Co-Op Cannabis and other of the same are dictating what the cannabis community “needs”. 

We, as the consumer, need to decide how we want this industry to grow. 

Do we want high yield, low quality gear dominating the retail space, or do we want the people who know, and have known about cannabis for years steering the ship?

Personally, I’m prone to the latter.  

At the end of the day large corporate entities are only going to subjugate the cannabis growers, and propagate cheap high THC weed as the industry standard. 

I love seeing the weekly drops at my local shop.  The new products coming soon.  Cannabis lovers creating new and exciting strains to tempt all Buddha heads into another epic sesh.  

In my experience, the smaller the grow, the smaller the shop, the better buds are likely to be.   

Let’s all stop moving with the herd towards the bland boring future.  We can all stand up and decide what we want as the consumer.    

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