Western Canada’s Cannabis Only Boutique Hotel Now Open

The go-to hotel for cannabis connoisseurs, and the canna-curious, is now available for private group bookings

MOSSLEIGH, ALBERTA (August 1, 2022) – MaryJane Manor, Western Canada’s only private cannabis boutique hotel, is now open for business and taking event bookings and accommodation reservations. Situated in Mossleigh, Alberta, a quaint, 420-friendly community located a half hour southeast of Calgary, this one-of-a-kind venue can accommodate 55 overnight guests and gives guests the opportunity to experience the splendor and beauty of the prairies in a cannabis-friendly space.

“MaryJane Manor is a safe, inclusive, and judgment-free zone,” Founder Serena Donovan shares. “From the unique prairie location to the onsite dispensary that will be available shortly with a wide range of curated products to the cannabis educational and exploratory opportunities, this is a hotel unlike any other.” 


The hotel’s décor is reflective of its cannabis focus, with 15 separate terpene-themed rooms tastefully decorated with a bold colour palette. The space is ideal for more intimate corporate and private retreats alike, and consumption is available everywhere onsite, from the time you enter the lobby, in whatever consumption method that guests prefer.

“If guests want to bust out a bong the minute they set foot on the property they are absolutely able to do so, which is definitely something you will not experience in other hotels,” Donovan points out. “We also have a common gathering space for guests, an outdoor lounge area, and we are in the process of installing cooking facilities for those groups who want to create edibles.”

Max Gonzalez-Lima, a category inventory analyst with Alberta retail chain Canna Cabana, recently attended an invitational soft launch of MaryJane Manor and feels like this type of dedicated cannabis-friendly space will greatly appeal to industry, and non-industry, folks alike.

“Overall, it was a great, and highly unique, experience. The hotel offers a homey and welcoming environment as soon as you walk in, and the rooms are all nicely renovated and comfortable. It was a new experience to smoke cannabis inside the hotel, but at the same time that’s what’s so appealing about it. I can definitely see myself having some fun events here with my company.”

In addition to serving as an event venue and hotel space for cannabis connoisseurs as well as the canna-curious, Donovan is also keen to broadly service the health and wellness community and provide a space where the high-impact medicinal uses of cannabis can be further explored. Donovan herself discovered cannabis later in life as she began investigating alternative medical options to deliver relief from her debilitating migraines.

“CBD was a true game-changer for me.  It opened my eyes to the incredible power of cannabis, both within the medicinal context as well as recreationally. Having come from a background in which cannabis was stigmatized, I know first-hand how important it is to have a space to experience and learn about cannabis in a welcoming environment.”

Minors and pets are not permitted at MaryJane Manor. MaryJane Manor is privately owned and operated. For more information, please visit www.maryjanemanor.ca.

About MaryJane Manor

MaryJane Manor is Western Canada’s first private cannabis boutique hotel and cannabis education and retreat centre. Able to accommodate parties of up to 55 guests, MaryJane Manor is for the cannabis connoisseur, and the canna-curious, alike. The 420-friendly community of Mossleigh, Alberta, provides the perfect idyllic prairie backdrop for this unique hotel in which cannabis consumption, in all forms, is welcomed everywhere onsite.


For media and photo inquiries, please contact:
Serena Donovan, Founder

MaryJane Manor



(403) 423-0061 

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