XVAPE Vista Mini 2 Review – A Look at XVAPE’S Electronic Portable Vaporizer


The XVAPE Vista Mini 2 arrived two weeks ago, and let me tell you, we’ve been really baked since then.  I love this portable vaporizer.  And I’m not just saying that; Our Vista Mini 2 review tested this electronic dab rig for durability, hoot control, customization, battery power and a few other important areas.  We’ve written a handful of product reviews on mobile dab devices in the past such as the Yocan Torch, but this is a complete, all-in-one desktop vaporizer device, and it’s badass.

Let’s dive in.

In The XVAPE Vista Mini 2 Review:

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  • Dimensions
  • Charger & Battery
  • Hoot Review
  • Durability
  • Main Features
  • Perfect for
  • Overall Rating

XVAPE hit the mark on so many features we will go through below, but I really like the ease of use.  The electronics are color coated, that means the Vista Mini 2 lights up a specific color to represent the setting it’s on.

The hoots travel through a long airway as well as water, making this rig, for it’s size, one of the coolest hoots on the market for electronic vaporizers.  The limitation in heat might not meet everyone’s requirements, but 9.5 out of 10 cannabis consumers are going to find the customizations on this device meet their needs.  If you’re looking for a massive cloud, stick to your titanium nail.

Awesome features such as a visually appealing overall look, solid base, 4 adjustable heat settings, quick heat up and more make this a serious competitor to standalone electronic vaporizers similar to the PUFFCO Peak.


What’s in the Vista Mini 2 Box?

  • Smell proof carry case
  • Water glass / base
  • 2 ceramic atomizers
  • Rubber seals and connector pieces
  • Cleaning kit
  • Dab Tool
  • Glass mouth piece
  • Glass carb cap
  • USB Charger

XVAPE Vista Mini 2 Dimensions

The Vista Mini 2 is well, as it name states – it’s mini. For a quick comparison it stands a little taller than a cola can, and with the mouth piece attached it’s total height sits about 4 inches taller than a pop can.  It’s a compact device that comes pretty light weight, but heavy enough to maintain that quality feeling.

After an expensive vape device becomes too lightweight I feel like the durability is perceived to be lower, and that’s certainly not the case with the Vista Mini 2.  This has been designed with a heavier base, so it’s not going to tip over and it feels like it’s made good.

Dimensions: 12 cm x 4.8 cm x 4.8 cm with the extendable mouth piece attached.

This devices is small enough for a purse, or a muse  but not really a pocket.   This is a device that is perfect for someone who is frequently dabbing on the go in different rooms of their house. If you’re a frequent mover, this could add value to your day, as you don’t really need to carry a tray for all the parts, they naturally fit on to the device or have a connector piece.  As well, the dab tool that comes along with the portable dab rig is a key chain, so you will never find yourself needing additional hands.

Leaving the house? 

XVAPE included the perfect size smellyproof case equip with foam inserts and padding, so you don’t have to worry about the bumps and bruises when it leaves home.   The case isn’t much bigger then my hand and will fit fine in anyone’s glove-box or small messenger bag.

Another positive that comes with a dab rig that breaks down into multiple pieces?  If something breaks, it’s typically easily replaced.  The Vista Mini 2 breaks down into a number of pieces, and that works in it’s favor considerably when it comes to cleaning.  Little nooks or crannies for resin to fall into makes cleaning it so much easier; not to mention, XVAPE includes all the tools to clean yours with each Vista Mini 2.


Mini Vista 2 Battery & Charger


Another on of my favorite features is not only the fact that the XVAPE Vista Mini 2 uses a standard USB charger, it also has a wireless receiver, so you can use your wireless charger on your vape as well as your cellphone.  Using two chargers that nearly everyone has at their house is a huge benefit as someone usually has a cable to lend out, or you can grab a substitute at most gas stations.

For the wired USB charger, the actual plugin to the device is sturdy.  After two weeks ours has shown no wear and tear.   A common problem with most vape products is the quality of the battery adapter, an issue  that usually requires warranty phone calls, mailing devices across the country and it’s just not a fun process, even if it’s compensated for.  No worries with the Vista Mini 2 in this area, the connection for the charger remains strong and it hasn’t shifted on the device even the slightest bit.


A 2000mah 5V or 500mAh battery powers each bowl for 35 seconds at a time.  We found 35 seconds enough for 2 people to take 2 hoots without rushing, and that works fine, as you literally click it once again and it fires back up.

A fully charged battery lasts 60 hoots according to the website, and our tests verified that number is between the 60 and 70 range.    The battery is so powerful it only takes about 10 seconds to heat the device up and take your dab; that makes the Vista Mini 2 one of the quickest available on the market, and by far our favorite.

When the battery is low the red power button will flash giving you a heads up.  Another nice feature of this battery is the automatic turnoff feature.  After sitting undisturbed for 2 minutes your Vista Mini 2 will go to sleep itself.

Hoot review

The hoot quality on XVAPES Vista Mini 2 is a 9/10.  The only real beef is being locked into 4 settings. I know this is enough for 99% of dabbers, but there’s always going to be the group that needs that exact temperature displayed, and complete variability. With that being said, 4 settings is great for us and the hoot quality of the dabs we’ve had is amazing.

Once the glass base is filled with water and the mouthpiece is attached, the extended length and exposure to water cools the vape hoot substantially.

For those unaware, most vape rigs, and portable vape pens are sending your lungs a lot of hot vapour quick, and it dries them out – leading to heavy coughs and potentially concerning medial issues. Cooling your hoots before they reach your lungs is going to be a noticeably better experience. And that’s what the Vista Mini 2 does.  In this small device they’ve extended the airflow path to reach a cool temperature before your mouth, allowing users to really taste the product and reduce coughing and stress on your lungs.

XVAPE Durability

Glass makes up for 3 parts of the Vista Mini 2 – The Water Base, Carb cap and the extendable mouthpiece.  The glass seems to be quite thick and strong so it’s not as fragile as some options on the market.  XVAPE definitely considered the materials when constructing the base and glass accessories on this device as everything is withstanding the elements of what we’ve thrown at it.  I’ve brought this unit out with me on multiple occasions and thus far, no dents or dings, and everything is still working in mint condition.

Main Features of the Vista Mini 2 Vape

4 Adjustable levels each with LED lighting

The adjustable element on this is part of the reason the Vista Mini 2 is such a great alternative.  There’s 4 settings to choose from:

  • Red: HOT – Temp: 400C / 752F
  • Blue: MEDIUM – 350C / 662F
  • Green: COOL – 320C / 608F
  • White: LOW TEMP – 280C / 536F

For those that haven’t used an adjustable temp device, and you’re used to a blow torch or uncontrolled temp of a vape pen, the reason this is important; different extracts, well they burn at different temperatures.  So a dab of rosin might be better at a lower temp than a dab of shatter.  A dab of RSO might come in at a lower temp than that.  And the burning temp of extracts are important.  If you want to enjoy the full flavor profile of your extracts and get the most active THC, you’re going to want to learn the perfect setting for your extracts and the terpenes within.


Wired and Wireless Charging

The XVAPE Vista Mini 2 is equip with two options for charging, while that’s an awesome feature I really like that XVAPE included it in the Mini model, as it’s kind of designed to be a mobile dab rig.  With mobile, convenience is key.  And as cannabis consumers, we’re going to forget something one time or another, and adding another option really adds to the chances there’s a compatible charger around you wherever you are.

2 Ceramic atomizers included

The Vista Mini 2 comes with 2 atomizers, one for use, and one for backup in the smelly proof XVAPE kit that comes with your vape unit.  I’ve read mixed reviews online about the choice to go ceramic, but I personally like the choice.

Extendable mouthpiece

The glass mouthpiece is the part of the Mini 2 that makes the bubbler / water bowl functional, as the device is so small it’s a hard task to keep that water from bubbling to high, but the Vista Mini 2 solves that problem perfectly.  The extendable mouth piece comes with a 45 degree angle and is curved for hoot convenience, and to take your head away from the heated element when it’s functioning.

Customization’s and accessories

The XVAPE Vista Mini 2 has a number of decently priced addons and accessories in the form of coils, mouth pieces and different attachments for variable concentrate products.  The original XVAPE took me quite a while to get assembled the first time, but the fact that each piece disassembles really makes the market endless for addons, spare parts and customizations.  In the XVAPE shop you will find additional bubblers, mouth pieces, coils, batteries, cases and more.

A carb cap is included and it’s pretty useful.  XVAPE added a shotgun on the carb cap so instead of the need to manually pull it off everytime, you just fasten it, and use the top as a shotgun and place or remove your finger as need be.

Smellproof carrying case

What’s not to love about a case that’s completely smell proof (great for herbs as well) case designed to keep your vape in perfect condition. Not to mention, equip with a complete cleaning kit and charger?  All this is barely the size of my full hand, and a great addition that will help you vape in crazy spots, and keep your Vista Mini 2 in pristine condition.

More features listed on their website

  • 4 LED indicated heat settings
  • Wireless & USB charging capabilities
  • Portable Compact Size
  • AIO Crystal Quartz Atomizer with short circuit protection
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Hand-blown Borosilicate Detachable Glass Bubbler
  • Full glass discovery carb cap
  • 60 dab average battery life
  • Lightning Fast 10 second heat-up time
  • Impact Resistant and Smell-proof Carrying Case

The XVAPE Vista Mini 2 Is Perfect For

This portable vaporizer is perfect for such a wide variety of demographics, so we’re going to give you guys a handful of situations or events we think the Vista Mini 2 is perfect for.

The XVAPE Vista Mini 2 is perfect for someone who is looking to dab in different rooms throughout their house frequently, someone who needs a hoot in the back yard or on the front porch as it’s pretty high tech and discreet looking.

It’s also perfect for on the go, or to leave in you’re car when you hit the movies, gym, a brunch or an event with friends.  This would be perfect for in your golf bag, on the beach or to bring with you to a hotel or on a holiday.

XVAPE made the perfect portable vaporizer for a hit at a music event, or when you’re out drafting your NFL pool (if sports ever start up again). I would definitely pack my Vista Mini 2 for a poker night or if you head over to a buddies to jam a few rounds of COD, and honestly; this a good vape… for pretty much any situation if you’re around a power source to give it some extra juice here and there.


Vista Mini 2 Review: Overall impressions and last words

The XVAPE Vista Mini 2 gets our stamp of approval and it’s worth a try if you’re frequently on the go.  Our Vista Mini 2 review found that the battery power of this portable vaporizer is great, and depending on the setting you’re using, a full charge will last upwards of 60 hoots.

The hoots come nice and chilled to your lungs as XVAPE has maximized the space on this device with hoot quality in mind.  Four variable settings are perfect for different types of extracts and terpene profiles, and we quite enjoyed the LED display that compliments each.

The XVAPE Vista Mini 2 is built well, with durable thick glass, and a heavy base that helps the unit stand up strong.  Quality components ensure your charger adapter remains in place, even with lots of use and the availability of wireless charging is a cool feature that remains unique to the XVAPE line of portable vaporizers.