The YouTube of Cannabis Has Arrived – Meet TheWeedTube, Your Cannabis Friendly Streaming Platform


If you’re a content creator, or just browsing the internet for cannabis inspired videos, you’ve probably experienced some sort of censorship. Cannabis laws around the world vary in different regions, and that means it’s tough to manage the policies that should apply to each uploader. With this, many platforms like YouTube take a harsh stance on cannabis consumption and themed content, especially when offering a platform that caters to viewers under the age of 18, or the legal consumption age of reach area.

We recently discovered a platform that offers cannabis creators a media uploading platform with an easy to use interface, a HUGE variety of uploaders posting from around the world, and quite the active userbase. One massive benefit to uploading on YouTube is the massive viewership waiting to find your content, and as a website, this is a hard statistic to maintain.  Did you know you can sell your images and videos of weed online?  Check out our guide on how to sell images online here.

Weed Friendly Video Uploading

TheWeedTube is a cannabis inspired media platform that has actually managed to maintain and grow their userbase steadily over the last few years. With a mobile app and a website, if you’re seeking cannabis education or inspired content to watch, or a platform that permits cannabis themed uploads, you’re going to want to check TheWeedTube out!

TheWeedTube has advertiser options for businesses, and opportunities for creators to monetize videos once a channel has reached over 420 subscribers. Monetized creator accounts are added to a pool and depending upon monthly views receive a portion of the monthly advertiser revenue.

We got in touch with the team at TheWeedTube for a quick interview.

What is TheWeedTube?

TheWeedTube is a video platform for the cannabis space! Since its launch TheWeedTube has evolved into a place where creators can not only have a guaranteed safe place for their content to live, but can also be compensated for their hard work. TheWeedTube is the first site to provide commercial based advertising for cannabis-related companies! 


When did you guys get started and what was the inspiration behind a YouTube for well, weed content?

We launched TheWeedTube in early 2018 when YouTube started the “cannabis purge”. An event where hundreds of cannabis related channels were removed from the platform without warning. A group of those deleted YouTubers were able to raise the initial funds needed within 72 hours to start the platform. A year later, we launched an app for iOS and Android, quickly making us the largest social media in cannabis.


How big is the website and app userbase in 2020?

We have over 90,000 videos, 4.5 million unique users since launch, and over 120k app downloads. 


I noticed a few unique features such as the drop down with popular categories and new video notifications; what other features are helping TheWeedTube stand out?

We are actually looking forward to more unique features in our upcoming update for the site and app! One of those features is a section of the site called “The Daily Sesh” where users can interact with each other virtually during their daily smoke sesh! 


How do your terms of service vary from YouTube’s and I know the name says weed, but how can we be sure our content Is safe

YouTube is VERY strict with the verbiage they use when describing acceptable content… “Content shall not encourage, condone, or tolerate the recreational use of other narcotics, prescribed or otherwise, etc”… The sheer fact that cannabis is mentioned at all on TWT already sets it apart from YouTube. The nature of it being a platform with emphasis on cannabis content generates the trust and reassurance to viewers and creators.


How many viewers / audience does TheWeedTube see each month?

On average 300,000-400,000 monthly

What types of content are you guys looking for and who is the perfect uploader for TheWeedTube?

Cannabis content is currently our primary focus, though we hope to expand further into the PG-13 and R rated user generated content arena. YouTube has become overly censored in the past few years and we need a place where people can still say a few curse words if they want to (doing so on YouTube will now get your channel demonetized). We hope to become what cable TV was to network television in the world of user generated content. 

The perfect uploader would be someone with influence outside of the cannabis space who enjoys cannabis. Someone who can create a new type of content for TheWeedTube that doesn’t exist anywhere else.


Are there any notable uploaders or influencers using TheWeedTube at the moment?

Currently we have seen a huge influx of international content creators uploading to the site (Tomazine420, NahBrisa, RaKaL4i20). They found TheWeedTube after being flagged on YouTube for cannabis content.

Other notable uploaders, (MacDizzle420, LaganjaEstranja, StonedAlone, SilkySlim416, Mr-Canucks-Grow) also run and operate YouTube channels that are either demonetized or currently have content strikes. We also have quite a few creators that upload exclusively to TheWeedTube; BambiTheBoom, BakedBeauty420 and SaladBrainProductions to name a few!


Does TheWeedTube have live streaming capabilities?

Not at this time. However, we are looking into it for future versions of the app! 


What is your team doing to grow the audience and generate content creators that are cannabis based?

We do a variety of things, but one successful outreach is our Weedkly Newsletter curated by RJ Blade. He does a wonderful job of highlighting the latest blog posts and content creator happenings on the site… all while growing a weekly recurring audience! 


Cannabis is still illegal in most parts of the world. What is your policy regarding information in the event authorities request information on a user publishing from an area cannabis is illegal?

We ask all users to follow their local laws regarding cannabis.


Which video categories tend to be the most popular for uploaders and viewership?

The most popular category is the growing/gardening section of the site. Many users utilize the connections they create on TWT to better their own growth/processes. While there is a healthy mix of novice and experienced growers, we see new users attempting their own cannabis grows daily! Alongside the growing/gardening crowd- Cooking w/Cannabis and the Education categories also see dedicated users uploading and engaging consistently!


What type of streamers are perfect for TheWeedTube and who should be checking the platform out?

The perfect streamer would be someone who enjoys and seeks out cannabis content that doesn’t exist anywhere else.


A huge issue plaguing cannabis companies across Canada and the USA is the inability to advertise nearly anywhere including facebook, youtube, Instagram.  What advertising opportunities are available for cannabis businesses and how does TheWeedTube help connect brands with the perfect consumers?

TheWeedTube excels massively when it comes to advertising abilities. We are proud to be one of the only places that a brand can utilize commercial advertising through video. With a targeted audience of cannabis enthusiasts constantly seeking out the latest innovations in the industry, TheWeedTube is the perfect place to educate consumers about your brand or product. Alongside commercial advertising we also offer on site/app banner ad placements as well as blog features and newsletter e-blasts.

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