The World’s First CBD Infused Mattress Company, ZBD Bed, to Launch New Products in 2020.

New Jersey— March 2, 2020 The New Jersey-based company, ZBD Bed, is making waves in the CBD and mattress industries by combining the two into the first CBD-infused mattress on the market. 

Prior to launching in November of 2019, ZBD Bed invested 3 years of research and development into perfecting their long-lasting CBD-infused mattress. The pursuit of a pain-free, great night’s sleep is what propelled ZBD Bed founder, Joe Iuliano, to create this innovative mattress. 

“A great night’s sleep is critical for all of us if we want to be productive during the day. Unfortunately, it’s something most people aren’t getting. Whether it’s the stress of daily life, aches and pains, an uncomfortable mattress, or a combination of these issues, most of us are not sleeping as well as we need to. And that’s where the ZBD mattress comes in. We started with a very comfortable mattress, then infused it with CBD using a groundbreaking technology called microencapsulation.”

CBD microencapsulation involves applying mico-capsules of CBD directly into the mattress cover. The microcapsules burst with friction, which distributes the CBD throughout the bed for a soothing and relaxing feeling. Infusion of CBD oil was another option ZBD Bed considered during their research phase but was ruled out because the oil would have to be constantly reapplied rather than being conveniently placed into the mattress cover. The microencapsulated CBD isolate within the ZBD Bed lasts for years, even with constant use and washes. 

Since the launch of their first mattress, ZBD Bed is now focusing on using the revolutionary CDB microencapsulation technology to expand their product range. The company has created two new mattresses, mattress toppers, zippered covers, and pillows, all expected to launch by mid 2020.

These next-level products, coming mid-2020, will allow ZBD Bed to be the driving force of the CBD-infused furniture industry that is sure to spread exponentially.  For more information, please visit

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