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The Best Cannabis Forums of 2020

The Best Active Cannabis Forums in 2020

We’re looking for the best active cannabis forums in 2020, and there’s a few big communities that offer a steady flow of conversation and information.  Below is a list of the best cannabis forums from 2020.  This is a list of cannabis communities outside of reddit.  If you’re searching for Reddit, check our review of the top cannabis subreddits.

Roll it up |

Topics: General, cultivation, medical

Users: 860,000

Roll it up is one of the biggest cannabis forums online, boasting over 860,000 members as of January 2020.  While the forum offers a handful of sections as the cafe for general chat, a medical section for the cannabis science discussion, Roll It Up is the premier cannabis forums for learning to grow cannabis, sharing techniques or connecting with Canada’s true craft grow culture.


THC Farmer |

Topics: Lifestyle, cultivation, medical

Users: 74,447

Another amazing forum focused on grow discussion is THC Farmer, with a unique userbase of over 84,000 members.  THC Farmer focuses on cultivation discussion targeting the medical community, but also offers a lifestyle section for general topics and a very nice user friendly interface.


Grass City |

Topics: Lifestyle, cultivation, medical

Users: 676,000

Grass City is the cannabis lifestyle forum with something for everyone, and their active userbase promotes that.  Touching on all categories of the culture, Grass City offers a great place to meet other stoners and talk weed with other daily cannabis users.  We consider this a lifestyle forum for it’s laid back conversation about what we do best, smoke weed.  If you’re a cannabis consumer looking to talk consumption, this is your spot.

RSS: https://forum.grasscity.com/forums/-/index.rss

Extract Magazine  |  

Topics: Lifestyle, cannabis clubs, cannabis dispensaries, cultivation, medical, edibles, concentrates



420 Magazine  |

Topics: Lifestyle, cultivation, medical, networking, concentrates

Users: 155,000

The 420 Magazine forums have been one of the most active cannabis forums across Canada and the USA for nearly the last decade.  It’s common to find over 10,000 online and active members, so you will find no shortage of discussion and active topics in every category.


Canadian Weed Forum  |

Topics: Lifestyle, cultivation, medical

Users: 800

The Canadian Weed Forum is geared towards Canadian cannabis discussion, more specifically connecting cannabis cultivators with community topics focused on strains, consumption and provincial, Canadian and international cannabis law.


CanadianMOM.info  |  

Topics: Mail order marijuana

Users: 6,080

CanadianMOM.info is a relatively new forum that targets Canadian mail order marijuana discussion.  Find reviews of services, promotion from mail order dispensaries and connect with other cannabis connoisseurs that prefer purchasing cannabis from grey area websites.


Open Grow |

Topics: Growing cannabis indoor, outdoor and more

Users: 24,000

Open grow is an online forum targeting new and experienced cannabis cultivators.  Connect with others growing cannabis across North America, exchange tips, tricks and genetics information.   This is a great place to inquire about grow techniques in different settings (indoor, outdoor) and track down strains or genetics you’ve been seeking.


Free Cannabis  |

Topics: Lifestyle, cultivation, medical

Users: 430

This is a relatively new forum that seems to be focusing on seed exchanges and a marketplace of cannabis growing supplies.


Future4200  |

Topics: Cannabis extraction, concentrates

Users: 11,300

The Future4200 Forums are an awesome place to learn about extractions, cannabis concentrates and interact with other industry professionals.


Grow Weed Easy |

Topics: Growing cannabis

Users: 9,800

Grow Weed Easy forums are a great place to learn about growing cannabis, or diagnose your plants issues.  This is a forum that connects cultivators around the world and seems to attract a steady amount of troubleshooting topics.


Marijuana Growing |

Topics: Growing cannabis, breeding, genetics, types of growing

Users: 22,900

Marijuana Growing is the complete cannabis growing guide packed into a forum.  There is no aspect of marijuana cultivation that is left out of these forums.  From breeding, to strains, types of cannabis grows, techniques, tips, tricks and local regional grow discussion from around the world.


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