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Purple God


  • Indica: 70% |  Sativa: 30%
  • THC: 31 – 32%

Purple god is an indica dominant strain.

With the cross between Hawaiian and Skunk, Hawaiian gives energy and focus, while Purple skunk enabling a creative and content high, with a heavy body stone.  A perfect strain to leave you hungry, and stimulated.

These are very tight resinous buds.
A silver overlay of trichromes with deep purple almost black leaflets and little to no orange hairs. When busted open; light green leaves and hidden orange hairs.
The buds bust easily off stems, semi chunky and fine. It’s best for bongs more so than joints and produces plenty of kief.
The smell is a musky sweet pine, hint of lavender and berry. Supporting the aroma is the taste, a nice earthy, pine, tropical, lavender and terpene profile filled with berries.
The overall effects were very cerebral.  Purple God offer a very euphoric, creative and sedative high.   It was extremely relaxing, heavy and sleepy yet stimulating.
I would suggest this is a good strain for pain management.  It left me in an uplifting mood, enhanced my creativity, offered a hunger effect and increased my willpower.

Medical Suggestions

Great for pain management, stress, increased appetite, antiseptic, anti-nausant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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