NewLeaf Cannabis Market Share Exceeds 20% of Open Recreational Dispensaries in Alberta



While there is no limitation to the number of retail licences a single business or entity in Alberta can own, the AGLC has provided strict guidance into the market share of open dispensaries.

According to the AGLC website:

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There is no cap on the total number of retail licences; however, no person(s) or entity can hold more than 15 per cent of retail cannabis licences in the province.

For example, if 250 retail cannabis stores open in the first year, based on the 15 per cent, no person(s) or entity could own more than 37 retail cannabis stores.

The maximum number of licences a person(s) or entity can hold will be reviewed and may be adjusted according to the actual number of existing licences in July 2019.


An overview of the AGLC Liscencee Search shows 65 licences across Canada, of which 14 are held by NewLeaf Cannabis, a National Access Cannabis brand. Of the 14, 8 are listed in Calgary.

Early Wednesday morning the Extract Magazine team got in touch with the AGLC to comment on the clarity and enforcement of the policies. We are still awaiting a response and will update this story as it unfolds.

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One thing is clear; amidst the flurry of new regulations, who is to blame here? It’s been reported that NewLeaf Cannabis originally submitted a total of 37 applications, a number that would keep them within the guidelines of less than 15% industry ownership.

Unfortunately, due to a rocky roll out, inconsistent application approvals and relatively unclear guidelines, NewLeaf Cannabis will have to await changes to the current regulation to expect more recreation dispensary approvals.