Keep It Greasy: Extract Magazine Talks Lubrication & Hemp Oil With Lid Lube


We’ve seen Lid Lube around for quite some time now and we have to say that logo is getting pretty familiar around Canada.  What is Lid Lube for those who don’t know?

First of all thank you for the opportunity here with Extract Mag! We really appreciate your time allowing us to share our story with you and your readers.

Lid Lube is a 100% Cold Pressed and Filtered Canadian Hemp Seed Oil lubricant for your sticky and squeaky herb grinder.

Simply apply a drop to the male edge of your grinder, attach the lid and spin. That’s it! Your grinder will spin like new, instantly. Lid Lube works on metal, plastic and wooden grinders and even grinders that are completely stuck. Finally a natural solution to this timeless problem.

How long have you guys been around, how did it start, where is Lid Lube based out of?

Lid Lube is a family run small business and we operate just outside of Vancouver BC and we have been officially in business for just about 2 years now.

I came up with the idea after herniating a disc in my neck serving in the Canadian Forces. I used to take a significant amount of pharmaceutical drugs after the incident. Seeking an alternative to the pharma cocktail I found CBD in 2017. It helped me unbelievably and led me to immediately drop the pills. Unfortunately it was all still in flower form from my LP so I ended up grinding, A LOT. My grinder would get stuck and squeaky and it would drive me nuts! I couldn’t find anything online to help fix the problem without totally stripping down and cleaning or scraping my grinder with a knife or something else I could stab myself with. I would put some hemp oil on my finger and spread it on the grinder in the early days. A friend came over and filled his vape pen with the same style bottle we currently use here at Lid Lube and that was the day it all clicked and the journey began!

Lid Lube is made with Hemp Seed Oil correct?  How does this help lubricate buster type devices and is it pure oil or is there any proprietary steps we don’t know about?

The great thing about our lube is that it is cold pressed and filtered hemp seeds and that is absolutely it. No chemicals, no dyes, nothing. Just pure and natural Canadian hemp seed oil. Lid Lube helps alleviate your sticky grinder by creating a low viscosity medium between the grinder body and lid. As your herbs get shredded up they deposit a small amount of resins and plant matter inside the grinding chamber. This plant matter gets squished and worked over and over creating a bulge or high viscosity area and that’s what makes your grinder squeaky and get stuck.

Why is Hemp oil Important or a better lubricant than other popular oils on the market?

Lid Lube is natural, effective and made in Canada. A significant feature to Lid Lube is the bottle itself. With its firm plastic and thin tip it allows a very accurate and measured application to whatever you are lubing. Many oils on the market are impure and not as effective as Lid Lube due to either high or low viscosity. Some oils are simply to runny or thick to be effective. Also, by extracting the oil from seeds already harvested we can ensure a sustainable and ecologically friendly product with less waste. We use a biodegradable label on our bottles and are working towards a hemp plastic bottle to have all aspects of Lid Lube utilizing the wonder plant that is hemp.

Is this hemp oil refined or unrefined and what is the difference between the two?

Our hemp oil is unrefined and is completely free of additives. Unrefined hemp oil is essentially a high volume of seeds that are inserted into a cold press and squeezed at an ambient temperature below 40 degrees Celsius. After the oil has been extracted from the seeds it enters a filtering system and is filtered as required. Refined hemp oils are extracted and boiled to destroy all the healthy and natural benefits present in a cold pressed and unrefined oil. After the oil is boiled and broken down other chemicals are added based on its intended application. We actually have a short video speaking about this very subject on our website at

What types of grinders will Lid Lube lubricate the best, and who should have Lid Lube handy?

Lid Lube works on any plastic, wood or metal grinders on the market. Lid Lube can be used day one on a fresh new grinder to ensure it is working the best it can right out of the box. Or take Lid Lube to a friends place to finally unlock and resurrect a sentimental old grinder. Who knows what you might find hiding in such a time capsule.

Lid Lube is the best product to lube up your stuck accessories, period.

Its effectiveness can change the whole tone of a session. There is nothing worse than trying to grind up, the lid becoming stuck and then prying it off to drop it and have the whole compartment spill onto the ground. I mean, I have been there and I don’t wish that on anyone and imagine what your friends would say! Lid Lube can be applied to all the sections of your grinder to help it open and close with ease.

This would probably also work for a number of other products outside of busters!  Have you managed to find some common household uses for Lid Lube that aren’t really marketed?

We have had some really interesting stories come about with the alternative uses of Lid Lube. We recommend that it be used externally on accessories as intended but our customers have used it on stuck game parts, bike chains, door hinges, cupboard hinges, hair clippers, downspouts, and self care just to name a few.

The other option would be cleaning your buster.  When should someone use Lid Lube and when should they be cleaning their devices?

This is such a great question and one we encounter regularly! You should always clean your grinder! Get the iso out, grab a toothbrush, and save your kief catch.

Lid Lube is to be used in conjunction with regular cleaning. But some people just don’t like to clean their grinders, especially if they’re on the economical side of things. Lid Lube helps a lot with extending the life of your grinder and one bottle goes a very long way. People with grinders of much higher valued at $150+ tend to clean their grinders a lot more regularly in my experience so Lid Lube does not have to be applied as often but does greatly increase their function.

Does Lid Lube hold industrial uses that might be practical in the larger scale cannabis extraction, production and cultivation facilities?

We have been exploring many new ideas and uses for Lid Lube. We cant go into to much detail but we are exploring some more uses for both cold pressed unrefined and refined hemp oils across many applications. Hemp is a remarkable gift of this earth and new uses are being explored everyday. Keep an eye out for some really cool stuff coming down the pipe from us here at Lid Lube.

Where can we grab Lid Lube?

Lid Lube grinder lubricant along with grinders, funny t-shirts and videos about hemp, food and hiking can be found on our website Please check it out and snoop around! Alternatively, Lid Lube can be found on Amazon Prime and we are ever expanding into more shops and wholesalers throughout the world. If any of your readers are interested in carrying Lid Lube they can reach out to me at We also offer co labelling for promotions and companion products.

We want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us thus far. It is amazing and you are making a families dreams come true. So thank you.

I noticed you accept Litecoin and Bitcoin on the site.  has anyone been using crypto for purchases lately?  We love cryptocurrencies at Extract, we’re actually in the middle of publishing a few guides – can you tell the readers why you accept crypto and what drop the decision?

I love that you noticed! I have been a follower and fan of Bitcoin and Dogecoin for about 5 years now. I truly believe Bitcoin to be a significant addition to the global financial system primarily due to the open ledger, fixed supply and cost effectiveness of transferring funds. As Bitcoin grows and global financial systems flex and adjust, it will maintain a solid globally stable commodity. A gold standard for the global digital age maybe? Unfortunately, we have not had any purchases yet with any crytocurrency but we always want to leave the option on the table for any of our fellow bag hodlers.

Can Extract readers have a coupon code?

I would be more than happy to share a coupon code with the readers here as a huge thank you for taking the time to read a bit about our beloved Lid Lube. We spend a lot of time together as a family making this product the best we can for our customers and it means the world to us that people care and are really enjoying our hard work. So let me say thanks where it counts, your wallet, and use LIDLUBE15 at checkout on our website for 15% off your entire order. BOOM.