HONEYstick BeeBox Portable Vaporizer Review


What’s In the BeeBox Box?

  • HONEYstick BeeBox hardware
  • 1x 380mah battery
  • 1x magnetic 510 threaded adapter
  • 1x single quartz coil
  • 1x mini USB charger
  • 1x user manual

HONEYstick BeeBox Dimensions

  • Height: 2.23″ (56.8mm)
  • Width: 1.1″ (28mm)
  • Depth: 0.53″ (13.5mm)
  • Weight: 35.2g

HONEYstick BeeBox Portable Oil Pen Vaporizer Review


  • It’s tiny size and light weight makes it one of the most convenient portable vapes on the market
  • 510 thread pattern works with most preloaded cartridge brands
  • Autodraw means no wasted battery and no on off controls
  • 380mah battery works well in combination with a single coil and auto draw system for preserving battery life.  We made it through 3/4 of a gram cartridge with 1 full charge
  • Oil window built into the case design so you can see how much oil is left in the cartridge without removing it


  • Cartridge fitting inside the case means only regular one gram cartridges will work, nothing bigger
  • Limited to one temperature which isn’t really a big deal as these little guys are focusing on being compact
  • Battery is built in, so there’s not to many available mods, but once again that’s not really an issue
  • I really don’t have anything bad to say about this vape.  It’s tiny and does it’s job perfectly.  There’s no clunk additions, it’s slim and sleek and tiny enough for any pocket. It’s so tiny in fact, I’ve left it everywhere I brought it so far

The Best Oil Vaporizer For:

  • This is the best oil vaporizer pen for people who are going to be out of the house all day without a bag, vehicle or anything to keep you device in.  The HONEYstick BeeBox is smaller than a packet of ketchup and fits in your pockets easily, even with skinny jeans.
  • At work
  • The ski hill or skate park
  • Out at the club, music festival, or any event really

The BeeBox Vaporizer Is Small, Very Small

I want to start this review off by saying that after testing out this compact vaporizer, the HONEYstick BeeBox is currently my favorite portable oil vape pen on the market.  I’m a stickler for portability, design and a compact unit.  This is a market that offers a lot of mods and vape pens that aren’t that convenient to carry, and the BeeBox brings a serious competitor as it’s the smallest oil vaporizer I have ever used personally.

For comparison, the whole unit is smaller than packet of McDonalds ketchup, and it’s slim case adds little weight or bulk.  HONEYstick migrates to designs that put the battery in line with the cartridge, so knobs or parts are sticking out.  I have to say, for the portable vapes, I love this design, it’s far easier more comfortable to carry then the traditional “pen” designs.

Building the cartridge into the case means it’s also protected from the elements. I am sure a few of us out there have dropped our units only to see broken tank.  This is going to be rare with the BeeBox as it’s cartridge fits snug inside the outside case, so there isn’t an abundance area exposed to the elements.

Autodraw Saves The 380mah Battery For Hoots

HONEYstick absolutely nailed it with the battery and case size on the BeeBox.  When we got started testing this unit I didn’t think 380mah battery would keep us busy for very long.   Thankfully, the BeeBox uses an auto-draw battery, saving power when it’s not used, leaving plenty of power for a full day out with this vape.

The Extract Research Team is a group of 6 heavy cannabis smokers.  We gathered and over a 45 minute period, we enjoyed 55 full vape pulls before slightly losing battery strength.  I’m talking full lung hoots, no halfies here.  That’s nearly 10 each, even with 2 of our team members tapping out halfway through.

We unboxed all the contents, gave the battery a full charge, and loaded a “club canna” distillate cartridge on to the magnetic 510 thread adapter.

Magnetic 510 Thread

Without getting to technical, the 510 thread adapter is badass, because it not only allows you to fill the out of the box tank, it provides a tiny gold screw on piece that changes any preloaded cartridge with a 510 thread into a magnetic attachment for the BeeBox.

HONEYstick likes this thread type and we agree, most of the mail order marijuana companies catering to Southern Alberta come with preloaded cartridges that are using the 510 thread.  The BeeBox comes with an empty cartridge, so you don’t have to buy cartridges, just fill up your own and you’re set.

As mentioned above, simply screw the little gold cap on to the empty cartridge provided, or on to another brands preloaded cartridges and you’re ready to go.

Overall, The HONEYstick Beebox Is A Great Portable Vape

Overall, the HONEYstick BeeBox is my favorite portable vaporizer on the market, thus far.   I love the compactness, and my biggest worry was the battery. Fortunately, the autodraw battery ensures no wasted power when combined with a single coil.

The draws work well, and we polished about three quarters of a one gram cartridge off one fully charged battery, impressive.

The magnetic 510 thread system means you only screw the cartridge in once, then it slips in by itself.  A slim and convenient case design allows you to take a look at your oil levels at any time without taking the cartridge out.

I am super pumped on this vape.

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