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Health Canada Releases Cannabis Product Policy Framework for Feedback

Health Canada released the framework for cannabis products early Friday December 20, 2018 and it’s not pretty.  Fortunately, they have requested your input and will be revisiting the policies in two months. 

The regulation is a step in promoting safe consumption of cannabis. 

Focusing on labeling, product strength, packaging, and general areas, the outlined policies outline suggested intake of edibles, beverages, inhaled products, ingested cannabis and THC based products.

We want you to judge if the suggested limits are feasible.


A few points that stand out:

Edible Cannabis & Beverage Proposed Regulation

  • 10 mg of THC per package
  • No added vitamins, minerals 
  • Packaging must be plain
  • No health or dietary claim

Cannabis Extract (Ingested & Inhaled) Proposed Regulation

  • 1000 mg of THC per container
  • No added vitamins, minerals 
  • No sweeteners, coloring or sugars
  • No nicotine or caffeine
  • Maximum package sizeof 90 mL for liquid extracts
  • Plain packaging

Cannabis Extract (Concentrated THC) Proposed Regulation

  • 1000 mg of THC per container
  • No added vitamins, minerals 
  • No sweeteners, coloring or sugars
  • Max package size of 7.5 grams

Cannabis Topicals (Concentrated THC) Proposed Regulation

  • 1000 mg of THC per container
  • For use on skin, hair and nails
  • Limited to cosmetic grade ingredients
  • Must include appropriate warning labels

This puts a stick in the spokes of companies working to develop innovative products under the new Cannabis Act, put into effect October 17, 2018.

If we look at the market for cannabis consumables, development has focused around infused coffees products, candies, beer derived from hemp, cannabis infused beers, nicotine pens including CBD & THC and other products that would be deemed  illegal under the proposed regulations.

Health Canada’s release raises questions regarding the black market and the Canadian Governments willingness to offer a competitive solution that will cut into the market-share of companies operating outside the regulations.

But there’s a catch!

Here’s how you can share your input on Health Canada’s proposed cannabis product policies

Health Canada is looking for your input. 

Today through February 20, 2019, Canadians are permitted to leave their input on the proposed regulations by form of an online, or mail in survey.

Submit your input on the proposed cannabis product policies here.

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