Edibles Are Legal In Canada, And Have Been For A While


Contrary to popular media outlets, cannabis edibles are now legal in Canada, as of October 17, 2018.

A popular the GrowthOp Article published earlier this year suggests cannabis infused edibles in Canada are illegal, and that’s a little off. We wanted to share a little bit of Canadian regulation that might have gone overlooked in recent months.

Cannabis edibles are legal in Canada.

You read that correct, cannabis edibles are in-fact legal in Canada. That is, cannabis infused cooking, containing THC, and or CBD.

In Canada, cannabis edibles are legal to make (absent of organic solvents) and consume. Although the Canadian Government has been a little behind in releasing regulations, Health Canada has asked for your input on the edibles frame work.

You can add your input here through February 20, 2019.

Until the new regulations are released, we are left with the outlines published on the Government of Canada’s website. Cannabis users in Canada are permitted to:

“Make cannabis products, such as food and drinks, at home as long as organic solvents are not used to create concentrated products”


Edibles As An Alternative To Smoking In Rental Properties

The City of Calgary website outlines Calgary’s local cannabis policy’s and on site consumption alternatives for cannabis users within rental properties.

Source: http://www.calgary.ca/CSPS/ABS/Pages/Bylaws-by-topic/public-consumption-of-cannabis.aspx

According to the City of Calgary’s website:

“Although edibles such as brownies and cookies cannot be legally sold until federal and provincial regulations allow it, edible cannabis products can be made at home. If you live in a rental unit or condo that prohibits smoking or vaping cannabis, you might consider discussing with your landlord or condo board whether rules would allow for edibles to be made in your building”