Cannabis Topicals, Oils and Lotions – Welcome to the Dawn of Healthy Cannabis Alternatives


Cannabis has a variety of uses and benefits. How it is consumed or used is still rolling through an exploratory phase. The most common consumption method is often associated with smoking.

As with smoking any carcinogen, health concerns remain a consideration, and for those looking to avoid ingestion or inhalation, a new dawn is approaching. Today a variety of products exist that allow you to do just that. So, what options do we have when it comes to using cannabis products medically or recreational, besides eating or smoking cannabis products?

While topical creams and oils have been available for quite some time, the growing emergence of companies who are creating these topical infused cannabis creams is generating a new kind of buzz.

Welcome to the new era, where an assortment of cannabis infused topical creams, sprays, lotions, and oils are now available. THC and CBD absorbed through the skin offer a variety of medical properties unavailable with smoking and vaporizing. Apply lotions or oils specifically to areas of the body that require medical relief for acute and chronic pain and avoid the high that comes with THC.

A new market will dawn to scores of people who were once skeptical of using cannabis products. Though heavily unregulated by the Canadian Government, recreational users can find topicals by searching Google for mail order marijuana companies.   Health Canada suggests contacting an approved cannabis medical practitioner to order topical products the legal way.

Perhaps this will become the new miracle product for the most significant market demographic around the globe, baby boomers seeking healthier consumption alternatives.