Cannabis Meets Creativity at Homines et Artis – Humans & Art Event

Humans and Art, Calgary
A creative cannabis experience

Extract Magazine was on location to check out a vision shared by some of Calgary’s extremely talented artists. The creatives will know, cannabis and art come together in harmony to deliver a unique experience, everytime.

Let us paint you the scene, an all-ages day event with an equally (if not more) exciting adults time, bringing all walks of life to the community of Bank View, Calgary.

The gallery, a South West residential property, cleaned out of everything, with the exception of art on the walls and the beautiful faces attending the show.

Appetizers and veggies complimented the occasion, as the skilled chef next door was gracious enough to share the art of infused eats with our team. We made our way through the halls absorbing all the beautiful art pieces that covered them.

Moving into the evening the scene livened up with a DJ, bar, and legal indoor consumption of cannabis, as a cannabis-friendly culture alongside the beautiful art pieces. Ash trays were dispersed, and the guests were free to light up as they please.

A beautifully decorated back yard, fire pit and art display provided an escape from inside. The vast artistry in both music, paintings, and cuisine created an extraordinary scene.

Behind the scenes of Humans and Art

We spoke with the artists that doubled as the entrepreneurs behind the Humans and Art experience. It’s inspiring to see this group bringing a fresh feel into Calgary offering places to sit, socialize, and enjoy a spliff with new faces.

The motivation behind this unique experience; to make this an event that the people of Calgary would like to visit, and engage in. Allowing viewers to feel less distant from the artwork and interact with it on a more personal level.

Humans and Art initially began with Troy, Brendan, and Wade.

The three of them planned around a simple goal. Developing an event that was unique and exciting. With help from, Ray and Alex, they set out to begin creating a synergy of art for viewers to come and enjoy.

With no specific roles but accomplished in their respective fields, they decided to curate their own show, Humans and Art. A name that actually evolved from an ominous name in Latin ” Homines et artis .” With the English variation being easier to communicate and understand, they stuck with it.

A revival of traditional ideas, that other people have tried, the concept stems from impressionist art in Paris, France.

During the 19th Century, artists would meet at Cafe shops and Clubs, both music and art pieces were enjoyed among the crowd. Even Cafes by today’s standard would have been considered a bar and there was always the chances of running into famous artists.

Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paul Cezanne, and Edward Manet were just some of the talented people that you find discussing ideas and sharing creativity. These collaborations of art helped break the barriers to over defining and overcategorizing that can be seen within society.

Offering a welcoming atmosphere, unlike a typical art gallery, which for some may mean just a quick glance at each piece. The exclusivity in typical galleries and art shows can make it seem like the pieces are caged off making for an unnatural environment.

Humans and Art provides a setting that allows people to enjoy themselves the entire night. Essentially bringing the community together in a familiar but adverse setting.

Enhancing the public experience by offering something that you wouldn’t get at an art gallery or a night club but something in between. Most importantly these events will become a platform for collaboration bringing diversity within the arts and really be a show for all of the 5 senses.

“This isn’t a typical dark lounge”Troy Lambert

Humans and Art caters to honest artwork deserving of public attention. The team behind the event aims to help expose talent and create a level playing field for artists in Calgary. Local artists may not be featured in a gallery, but have artwork worth experiencing.

With sights set on getting the community interested and participating in the art scene, these events bring fresh and seasoned artists together for a chance to showcase their work.

What kind of Artwork can we expect?

  • Abstract Art
  • Figurative Art
  • Sculptures
  • Glass
  • Ceramic work
  • Self Produced Music and DJ’s
  • Tasteful dishes
  • Visual Light Effects

We asked what can be expected at future events, more art additions? Larger events and even branching out into different cities?

“We would like to build the momentum, the sky is the limit”
Wade Sandau

Creating a branded event where viewers can expect a certain quality and consistency throughout all shows is paramount. Creating virtual reality spaces, and overlaying graphics will be the next steps. By bridging out to construction trades will allow for inventive environments and layouts, an art in itself. Currently, there is a goal to host 3 events per year with smaller throw-up events. With expansion comes larger spaces that demand an extensive setup and more logistics to manage. Once a blueprint for the events can be realized they hope to offer other cities this pleasant experience

Humans and Art Event May 11th & 12th

“Alot of mysterious things and alot of unexpected things” Brendan Fowler

Humans & Art will once again shine, this time at Junction in downtown Calgary. This event will be eliminating boundaries, and sprouting collaboration. Sculpture placements along with sound acoustics will need careful planning.

Taking into account the physical structure of the space and deciding how to create an inviting area with unique zones giving an individual vibe with changing experience.

You can be sure to find a full bar open until 2 am, and a kitchen extending throughout the night. The day portion, up until 7 pm will be chill, after the party starts, but we would like the parents to know that there is some nudity in the art pieces but that comes with lots of art.

Since everyone deserves a little art, there will be a raffle giving away original art pieces and prints by local artists, with single entries at $5 or three entries for $10 and a total of 3 draws to be held.

The bangers will be played by 12 DJs and we will see 13 artists showing over 100 Pieces of art. A 14-hour event with lots to offer.